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Plus: "One hour delay after boarding due to loosing our “slot”"
Minus: "Timing!!!"
Minus: "Buses to and from the plane. One driver left us in a full bus waiting for 20 minutes. When we arrived in Vienna, there was no bus to pick us up. We had to wait in the plane until one showed up."
Minus: "40 minutes waiting clearance for boarding and then for departure, for a flight 45 minutes in duration..."
Minus: "Made me go through security twice, 2nd time was right before boarding. Reason: randomly selected. And, they lost my luggage. No valid explanation given. Apparently, will get delivered on next day’s flight. A disappointing experience."
Minus: "Nothing. The plane was clean, everything was on time, and everyone was polite and professional."
Plus: "Will never purchase tickets through kayak ever again"
Minus: "The 34 minute flight was delayed by almost 2 hours."
Minus: "Äta en muffins"
Plus: "The crew was not very unhelpful & hardly accommodating, not helpful at all. I have never met such a cold hearted airline crew, so unthankful & not trying to help customer. They kept rolling their eyes & speaking like I was a dirt. I will NEVER fly this airline & I will make sure everyone knows."
Minus: "Came early to counter & my passport expires August 9th, so they refuse to help me & did not let me go on board even though I had approval from Jordanian country to fly there. Austerian ticket crew & supervisor did not want even to check the pass through to board with permission. The WORSE airline!!!"
Plus: "-maintenance had to fix an issue that the team was not transparent about for 2.5 hours. 0at least boarding happened swiftly -the male crew member was GREAT but the female crew members two of them were very short, rude, and not there to bring comfort to customers -chicken meal was tasty, but made both me and my father sick. Muffin for breakfast was mediocre as well -tv was good, but touch screen sometimes doesn't work."
Plus: "Clean, safe short flights"
Minus: "The 30 minute layover was close"
Plus: "From start to finish, Sevdije was in great hands. She had to be in a wheelchair, and there were three connecting flights in countries where she doesn't speak the language. It could have been so complicated, and everyone made it SO EASY. She was all smiles when she arrived in Boston. THANK YOU!!!!!!"
Minus: "Nothing!"
Minus: "Missed the flight from Houston to Fankfurt and the airline canceled the whole round trip. I did not know I had to call the airline to let them know not the cancel my trip. I would've appreciated a notice of that."
Plus: "Fligth attemdance atention"
Minus: "Delay in the departure (40 min)"
Plus: "On time, nice breakfast"
Minus: "Not enough leg room, same as everyone"
Plus: "Nothing at all."
Minus: "Couldn’t get on the flight due to two cancellations of prior connecting flights. Utterly, totally unacceptable - and no explanation of why."
Plus: "Decent amount of space between seats"
Plus: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew, easy flight, on time arrival"
Minus: "Seats are very small. Plane was cramped. Snack was not very good. Need healthy options."
Plus: "Polite crew. The food was much better that on any airline these days. The boarding process was organized fine."
Minus: "As on any airline these days the leg space in economy class is very limited. The movie selection was OK but not great."
Minus: "Delayed longer than the flight time"
Plus: "new plane, half empty, good and friendly service"
Minus: "the entertainment was broken, they didn't offer WIFI. the crew was very rude and crabby."
Minus: "May bags didn't make the transfer and were sent on to me the following day."
Minus: "Flight significantly delayed so as to almost miss my onward flight to SFO."
Minus: "Flyght was terible"
Minus: "My Swiss flight from Stuttgar via Zurich to JFK was cancelled before 24 hours without explaining the reason. They should explain the reason at least. I had to take an another flight and arrived at JFK after 6 hours from the original flight. My trip was totally messed up, so I was not happy at all."
Minus: "They cancel the flight without letting me know!"
Plus: "Flight crew & overall experience was positive. Meal & entertainment were good."
Minus: "We paid for extra leg room seats & were told we'd have exit row. We ended up in the middle section, which made it very uncomfortable for the overnight flight."
Plus: "The air crew service"
Minus: "1. No option to pay for a second luggage; the company website very unclear about the luggage policy; no contact information as well as no web payment service; days before my flight, spent a lot of time and efforts to know that I could pay for a second luggage at the airport on my departure; 2. Paid $120 or so for the second luggage!!!??? After decades flying Austrian I will try switching to your competitors."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Friendly staff"
Minus: "Flight get cancelled and they needed 4 hours to tell me you are going with another airline with multiple steps for next day. I missed two very important meetings."
Plus: "The crew was very very nice and flight was very quick."
Minus: "No entertainment at all, music nor tv :/"
Minus: "Our home was damaged, and we were without power for 6 days due to Hurricane Irma. We called the airlines repeatedly in an effort to cancel the ticket before the flight. They refused to cancel the tickets. Heartless"
Plus: "arrived early"
Plus: "The plane was clean, fresh looking. Flight attendants were helpful and courteous."
Minus: "Check in at Vienna airport was awful! Chaotic, no help! Kiosk software was horrible. Touch screens didn't work. No back button so, if you made a mistake you had to start from the beginning. Passport reader was not working properly. Machines were slow and delayed in responding. Not enough staff available for assistance. Arrival at LAX was even worse. Plane had to taxi for 30 minutes all about the airport runways. Finally got to a gate -almost on the beach! Then had to bus everyone to main terminal. Slow in getting bags to the passenger pickup. It took us 2 hours post touchdown to get out of the airport! Almost missed the airport shuttle,"
Plus: "see above"
Minus: "see above"
Minus: "Boarded via stairs, requiring going down stairs to the tarmac, then up the boarding stairs, carrying our bags."
Minus: "My flight was cancelled! ended up flying to Athens the next day"
Plus: "Was on partner airline Austrian Air. Very good service."
Minus: "At Vienna gate G31 it was difficult to hear announcements."
Plus: "Punctuality and amenities on boatd"
Plus: "Na"
Minus: "Initial flight was late taking off for no reason except they scheduled too many incoming flights. Made my second flight but my bag did not and had to wait over a day for it while missing a day of work."
Plus: "When you travel with an infant it's already a difficult trip but it's really fraustrating when you find out that they didn't assign you to the seats with the baby bassanet, and when I went to the counter to fix the problem instead they change our window seats to an isle seats without even asking or notifying us with the changes, and they when I asked how come you don't automatically assign infant reservations to infant seats their excuse was what if there were more infants than available infant seats and they already gave out those seats with extended leg space to others who already had paid for it, and surprisingly there were multiple of infants on board none of them in those seats but rather the other passengers who paid for it, so basically they got paid extra and you will only suffer for almost 10 hrs so they can make extra profit. NEVER AGAIN AUSTRIAN AIRLINES!!!"
Minus: "Entertainment on board was useful"

Avgång i rätt tid

Jag kunde inte köpa fast track, väldigt långt telefonsamtal kö hos flygbolaget.

One of best budget airlines Nordic perspective. But the luggage limit in the aircraft must be limited to seat number and not just one person occupying the cabin as he liked. And also the onboarding of passenger will be wise if they do it batch by batch (like first class first, then zone A and zone B next next and so on.

Gaten var mycket liten och det var packat med många människor som var tvungna att stå tätt tätt intill varandra i över 45 min. Mycket varmt och dåligt luft samt ingen AC. Inte alls coronaanpassat. Personalen var irriterad och ovänlig.

Plus: "Staff was friendly and helpful- finding the proper terminal was fairly easy even without assistance got the tickets for a great price ( need to use an actual credit card as your bank card WILL NOT work for booking although the bank card will work in the shops with in the airport which made life nice as I was able to get a coffee shortly after exiting the plane"
Minus: "My only complaints are beyond the position and abilities of the air line or staff - although a few of the flight attendants seemed a bit tired"
Plus: "WOW went out of business before our flight, and Kiwi handled our transfer very poorly, promising things they never delivered. Agents in Prague were infinitely more helpful and straight forward."
Plus: "Will never fly Norwegian again. They are price gaugers"
Minus: "A little more flexibility with luggage - I was 1.5 kilos overabv they forced me to pay $100 for a whole new checked luggage."
Plus: "Sätet var ok, men jag satt ju på första raden så det var väntat. Besättningen var trevliga."
Minus: "Jag flyger väldigt ofta och har sistone vart med om mycket förseningar. Tycker ni som flygbolag kunde bjuda resenärerna på en dricka eller något eftersom vi får vänta. Tycker det är rimligt när man inte levererar sin tjänst på utsatt tid."
Plus: "Economical premium class with some nice benefits (airport lounge access, larger seats, etc."
Minus: "Disorganized check in and boarding process. Two gate changes occurred which meant lots of people trudging around the airport."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Plus: "boarding was easy as the airplane had three rows of three seats and the attendant showed us were to go."
Minus: "Entertainment. I was not aware that i would have to purchase headphones to enjoy the in flight entertainment. i ordered a meal months before when i booked my ticket. During the flight, i didnt receive my meal nor was made aware how to receive it once on the plane."
Plus: "Helt okej allt var bra förutom det angiva i det dållga"
Minus: "Trycket dålig hantering av trycket"
Plus: "I am a over weigth and is ok for slim people"
Minus: "Few space for wide"
Minus: "Kiwi.com doesn't work with Norwegian seat assignment issue could not f"
Plus: "Excellent, first time."
Plus: "Fast"
Minus: "Nothing in particular. I've had long delays with Norwegian but not this time."
Plus: "Needed to check in bags 24 hrs before the flight and do it online otherwise you have to pay $100 at the airport instead of the normal $35. It was extremely difficult to even tell if I needed to pay for checked luggage at all, when I tried to login to checkin I got an error that said "A technical error has occured""
Minus: "Baggage fees are a total scam. $35 over 24 hours ahead of the flight paid online or $100 at the airport. No where does the ticket tell you this."
Plus: "Movies were free and food. Food was fine."
Minus: "The flight was delayed, but no information came from Norwegian. They changed the gate 3 times with a marching of hundreds of people including the flight attendants. Still no information. Three hours after the flight was to take off, we heard that we would be "next", whatever that means. Finally, a plane came to the original gate and we boarded. Then we were told that there was a technical problem with the aircraft. We waited 45 minutes on the plane at the gate. Then we were told to exit the aircraft so that they could "change a flat tire on the aircraft." I kid you not, a flat tire. So as we were exiting, they told us to STAY on the aircraft as they fix the flat tire. We waited another TWO HOURS (three hours in total on the aircraft, seven hours in total late). We arrived nearly EIGHT HOURS LATE in Copenhagen. I understand that things go wrong, but the LACK OF COMMUNICATION by Norwegian Airlines to the hundreds of confused customers is UNACCEPTABLE."
Plus: "Modernt flygplan och WiFi på planet. Snabbt ombordstigning."
Minus: "Sätet var inte bekvämt alls. Flygplanet var smutsigt."
Plus: "On time departure and arrival. Friendly staff."
Minus: "Even water is for sale, but to be expected for a budget airline."
Plus: "Super nice clean plane Friendly accommodating attendance"
Minus: "Norwegian did not offer information about which terminal the flight was departing from."
Plus: "Allt funkade riktigt bra i det stora hela Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Ont om plats för handbagaget då det är fullbokat Framgörallt vart planet 30 minuter försenat"
Plus: "Check in was prompt, and easy. Boarding was quick and on time. Staff was pleasant. I don't know why they get bad reviews, their guidelines are easy to follow, and I've been lucky enough to have no problems with them yet."
Minus: "The seats are a bit crammed, but manageable"
Minus: "Bara vatten,"
Minus: "I would definitively avoid using this airline again. Multiple fctors. One kf them is the poor attending by the crew. Really bad service, water..3$?? Blanket 5$?? If you dont pay for food before your flight, crew totally ignores you when the deliver. They should offer a cup of water as minimum"
Plus: "Short flight."
Minus: "No entertainment. No services provided."
Plus: "the flight itself"
Minus: "the people"
Plus: "Good staff. Clean aircraft."
Minus: "austerity style seats with a stick for an armrest."
Plus: "TVs for each person, good reclining seats, comfortable, nice crew"
Minus: "Ran out of some food options"
Plus: "Almost nothing"
Minus: "Flight late by 3 + hours"
Plus: "Flying in a Boeing 787, flight was on time, crew was very professional, more comfortable than legacy airlines."
Minus: "Cabin was cold, drinks, meals, services were bare minimum"
Minus: "My baggage was lost"
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Vi köpte economy plus för att få mat, bagage och att bestämma plats. Vi fick ingen mat (förstår nu att man inte får det på kortresor, men det framgick inte alls under bokningen). Vi fick heller inte de platser vi bokade. Istället fick vi på både hem och ditvägen sitta längst bak vid toaletter som dessutom luktade urin till en grad jag inte varit med om på några andra flighter."
Plus: "Free Wifi"
Minus: "Full plane"
Plus: "Self check-in and boarding procedures Seat spacing"
Minus: "Mobile App could be better Amenities"
Plus: "Delayed flights from US to Copenhagen, missed connection bt minutes and it took me THIRTY additional hours to get to my destination from original anticipated arrival time."
Minus: "Well, due to a delay from Bergen to Copenhagen, I barely made my Copenhagen to Boston connector flight. The crew did their part to make sure I didn't miss my connecting flight which was terrific, but my check-in baggage did not make it (I hope it is still in Copenhagen). Normally I wouldn't grade so hard, but my check-in luggage was also mishandled on my connecting flight two weeks ago from Copenhagen to Oslo, causing me to miss my initial Oslo to Tromsø flight and settle for a later one. So two mishandled check-in bags out of six flights over a three-week period is not a good ratio. To be honest, if my baggage appears tomorrow I will be annoyed but not too angry. If not and it's lost, well, I love Norway and Norwegian patience, but conscientiousness is a good thing, and Norwegian or not, carelessness is a bad thing. I hope my luggage arrives tomorrow so I can forgive and forget."
Plus: "787 dreamliner was ok"
Minus: "$260 dollars to check 2 carryon bags that weighed 11kilos and would have been allowed on any other airline for free...."
Plus: "Nothing. They have ruined our vacation."
Minus: "They would not allow my friends onto the flight because they were delayed getting in from a connection due to weather. Our flight on Norwegian was delayed 2 hours and had open seats, so i don't know why they wouldn't give them tickets. We tried calling customer service many times and spoke to the people at the check in desks, and they were very rude and told us "too bad." My friends missed the flight and had to rebook a new flight to Europe at an extremely high cost. I will never use this airline again. This was the worst flying experience I've ever had."
Plus: "It's low budget so nothing comes with your ticket. Everything is extra. But good entertainment options and overall comfortable flight."
Minus: "Plane was very cold. Overnight made sleeping difficult. Felt like it was a gimmick to get people to buy blankets on board."
Plus: "The airplane itself is lovely."
Minus: "The entertainment selection. More Norwegian and Scandinavian choices would be nice."
Plus: "That I had a whole row to myself...thanks for not overbooking?"
Minus: "Baggage fees No complementary meal(s) No instruction on having to recheck baggage at layover airport SERIOUSLY!?"
Plus: "Friendly attendants, comfortable seats, individual entertainment consoles at every seat."
Plus: "Inget. Allt är svindyrt. Kaffet smakade illa."
Minus: "Nonchalant besättning."
Plus: "Boarding was more than an hour late!!!! Worst thing that on the flight board it says "on time", Terminal was almost impossible to find, stuck in the middle of nowhere, we all went on the plane together- no organization whatsoever! Right before landing the crew was messi g up with each other in the back and the passangers asked them to keep it down cause it was very disturbing! Very unorganized! I hope that the operation of the safty system wasnt the same, but I wouldn't wanna test it for the next time..."
Minus: "Boarding was more than an hour late!!!! Worst thing that on the flight board it says "on time", Terminal was almost impossible to find, stuck in the middle of nowhere, we all went on the plane together- no organization whatsoever! Right before landing the crew was messi g up with each other in the back and the passangers asked them to keep it down cause it was very disturbing! Very unorganized! I hope that the operation of the safty system wasnt the same, but I wouldn't wanna test it for the next time..."
Minus: "I'm trying to solve that issue but their is no help . I was going to the airport before 3 hours but my car start acting weird and I got over heated . I called taxi and I went to the front disc airport at 9:55 pm and their is no one at the front disck to help me . I called Norwegian air line but they said .they cannot put me on another flight . And I have to call kayak . Can you please call me at 3215574277"
Plus: "The 2 board system, one from the front one from the back"
Minus: "Too tight quarters"
Plus: "I loved the flight"
Minus: "Paying for water is somewhat strange"
Plus: "Priset"
Minus: "Punktligheten."

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