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  • På jakt efter billiga flygbiljetter till Barcelona? 25 % av våra användare hittade biljetter till Barcelona för följande priser eller lägre: Från Linköping 2 548 kr tur och retur, från Luleå 2 600 kr tur och retur, från Östersund 3 656 kr enkelresa – 3 460 kr tur- och returresa
  • Boka minst 3 veckor före avgång för att få ett pris under medel.
  • Högsäsong anses vara juni, juli och augusti. Den billigaste månaden att flyga från Sverige är januari.
  • Ange önskad avgångsflygplats och resdatum i sökfältet ovan för att låsa upp Barcelona erbjudanden på flyg.
  • Då en flygresa till Barcelona endast tar drygt 3 timmar är det möjligt att göra en lång weekendresa till staden för en kort storstadssemester.
  • Barcelonas flygplats, El Prat, är en av kontinentens större och inne på flygplatsen hittar du därför många bekvämligheter som restauranger och valutaväxling samt skötrum och lekplats om du reser med barn.
  • För att ta dig in till ditt hotell från flygplatsen kan du ta tunnelbanan. Linje L9 går direkt från flygplatsen in till centrum. Snabbast färdmedel in till centrum är dock med flygbussen som stannar vid El Prats båda terminaler.
  • Om du behöver ta dig mellan El Prats terminaler finns en gratis buss som går i skytteltrafik mellan terminal 1 och 2.
  • När du bokar din flygresa till Barcelona kan du välja mellan billigare flygklasser som economy eller mer bekväma klasser som premium economy och business class. Eftersom resan inte är särskilt lång kan du spara pengar på att boka i economy. Många billiga flyg till Barcelona erbjuder dessutom inte något business class alternativ.
  • Flera billiga flyg till Barcelona avgår från Stockholms Skavsta flygplats varifrån bland annat lågprisbolaget Ryanair har sina avgångar. Tänk dock på att resan tar längre tid då transporten till Skavsta flygplats från Stockholms centrum tar cirka 80 minuter.
  • Även Vueling, Spaniens lågprisbolag, har billiga flyg till Barcelona och dessa avgår från Arlanda flygplats utanför Stockholm eller från Landvetter flygplats i Göteborg.

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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
SWISSGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 8935 recensioner
8,2Gå ombord
Plus: "Great crew. I had 3 seats for myself."
Minus: "Selection of music entertainment."
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Plus: "Great crew. I had 3 seats for myself."
Minus: "Selection of music entertainment."
Plus: "The crew were friendly, helpful, and attentive. I'd love to fly with them all the time"
Minus: "The business class seat felt a bit claustrophobic when in lie flat mode"
Minus: "Swiss perfect as always, Barcelona ground worker disaster, as always...."
Minus: "Nada, I slept through this leg and the staff let me be."
Plus: "Everything from the crew being super accomodating and friendly to the comfort and taste of the food was delicious."
Minus: "Punctuality"
Plus: "Lost the luggage"
Plus: "The boarding process was much easier and faster. No delayed flights."
Minus: "I used the laboratory before takeoff as I was one of the first people on the plane and I forgot to go before I boarded. The hand soap container was empty and I had to tell one of the crew. Shouldn’t that have been taken care of before boarding passengers?"
Plus: "Friendly crew"
Minus: "Very good overall"
Minus: "The flight was delayed by more than two hours leaving from Delhi to Zurich and by more than an hour leaving Zurich to Chicago. The service on the Delhi Zurich flight was minimal, inflight entertainment did not work in spite of the crew trying to reset, the bathrooms were AWFUL!"
Plus: "Very short flight so pretty standard."
Minus: "The flight attendants and employees at the airport seemed completely miserable. I heard flight attendants telling passengers on multiple occasions that because the flight was short they couldn’t help them."
Minus: "This flight was poorly advertised as Economy Light. I had to pay $500 in baggage fees to being one checked ski bag round trip - more than the cost of my entire fare!"
Minus: "Seats and leg space were uncomfortable, staff could have been friendlier and more presentable (cleaner appearance)"
Plus: "Nothing, flight was cancelled after I electronically checked in"
Minus: "Flight was cancelled"
Plus: "Great staff and air flight attendants"
Plus: "Good crew and despite the short flight we even got a sandwich which was great after a long day"
Minus: "No entertainment but short flight"
Plus: "the crew was great."
Minus: "they asked us to check in our carry-on because the plane was full.I had important papers so I had to explain my situation. I hate confrontation so I felt anxious and I'm already an anxious flier. I feel that this should only pertain to people with larger carry-on. my was below the average size."
Plus: "Tasty lunch with good service in business class. Modern comfortable plane."
Minus: "Flight delayed by a few minutes."
Plus: "Efficient, excellent staff and service, beautiful plane"
Minus: "There was a nearly impossible connection time in Zurich."
Plus: "Great services and the staffs. Very comfortable flight and plane"
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "Excellent service all around and great flight timing with delays and awaiting for transfer flights to land"
Minus: "I travel a least 5 times a year and Kayak is always my option."
Plus: "The buttered pretzel was nice, and different."
Minus: "The plane seats are closely spaced. I'm not heavy but am tall, so the row spacing isn't the best. The cattle call boarding is not desirable. Would prefer zone boarding."
Plus: "The TVs we’re newer and had a great entertainment selection available for a 12 hour flight"
Minus: "The seats were a very old style. Not very comfortable. Alcohol was required to be purchase which is not typical in international flights of this length."
Plus: "All good with this 1:20 min flight."
Minus: "Everything was good. Seats much better and bigger comparing with international flight what should have been opposite - on longer flight - more comfortable seats than for the five times shorter flight."
Plus: "Basically the worst flight ever"
Minus: "Delays, tiny seats, terrible food, dirty bathrooms, no preparations"
Plus: "The flight attendants qere very nice and friendly. Spoke great English. They came by often with drinks and snacks. All the food was actually good! The seats were fairly comfy and there was actually room! Even when the person in front of me leaned back, my legs still didn't touch the back of the seat (I'm 5-10 with long legs). Very happy with swiss!"
Minus: "Despite its reputation, Swiss is always late. Their Sunday evening flights always from Stockholm always depart 20-45m late."
Plus: "Crew was courteous."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "From the beginning to end the trip was a delight. Crew always on hand and smiling. You really felt welcomed. Lots of food and drinks were on hand throughout the whole trip. It was just wonderful. Cheers to Swiss for providing us with great service."
Minus: "My only complaint is that it took me this long to find this great airline. They will be my to go airline for Europe in the future."
Plus: "The food was surprisingly good and the onboard crew was very nice and friendly. The seats seemed slightly more apart than on Lufthansa."
Minus: "The entertainment unit at my seat was really hard to hear, and from what I heard around me it seems like it's a problem at many if not most seats."
Plus: "Fastest and most thorough service I've ever received!"
Plus: "The staff was very attentive."
Minus: "Provided headphones are horrible and headphone jack only puts out mono when used with a regular set of headphones."
Plus: "Thank you for the sandwich!"
Minus: "Nothing!"
Minus: "There was no wifi available, the airline did not have a record of my request for a vegan meal even though I submitted one when I booked my tickets, and they claimed I did not pay for/reserve a seat (even though I had for the flight over, which I booked at the same time as the return flight), so I was stuck in a cramped middle seat for 8 hours trying to write a paper without the internet."
Minus: "No Wi-Fi on board."
Plus: "I had a super-short connection from Stockholm at Zurich (going to JFK), and I just assumed I'd have to be rebooted, but they held the plane for all of us! Entertainment was excellent, service was great - I really like the food, although I don't eat well on flights. Comfortable - I slept for a few hours. Really great experience (until I hit customs in JFK, but SwissAir has no influence on that :) )"
Plus: "Good crew and clean plane"
Plus: "easy check-in, fast boarding, one of the few airlines still offers free refreshments on board"
Minus: "not sure of where to queue for boarding for many people"
Plus: "Vegetarian curry lunch/dinner was good. Cabin temperature was good. Bathroom was clean."
Minus: "flight crew were snippy. Had to ask for tea in between meals. Was assigned a middle seat when there were so many empty seats. The idea that we had to pay for seat assignments."
Minus: "flight was delayed half and hour and i missed my connecting w"
Plus: "Once boarded we took off pretty quickly, crew were extremely nice, food was great"
Minus: "no entertainment at all."
Minus: "Boarding was chaotic Crew was friendly but rarely came through Offering water during a 12 hr flight Also did not enforce "shades down" during the The night And did not respond to call lights"
Plus: "The crew was very friendly, everything was on time and extremely efficient. I don't have kids but I did notice how great the flight attendants were with the kids around me. Great job! Already recommended SWISS to friends and family"
Minus: "Nothing."
Minus: "see above"
Plus: "The Crew was wonderful."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Video screens didn't work. Seats were terrible and some broken. Flight crew was useless."
Plus: "Service. The food was good. Entertainment was good."
Minus: "As a person of color I didn't feel that I received the same warm welcome from some of the attendants. For example the expression on their faces were blank when I said hello. I picked up my food tray and gave it to the attendants very politely. She just took it out of my hand. When the passenger next to me did the same she said thank you very politely. He was Caucasian. Some were very friendly and polite."
Plus: "So far so good."
Plus: "Personal och Kapten var lugna och trevliga"
Minus: "Allt annat. Fick vänta 2 timmar ombord flyg utan AC (35 grader varmt?) innan besked kom att planet ej var flygdugligt. Sen fick vi vänta ytterligare 1 timme ombord i värmen helt ohyggligt när folk börjar oroa sig för konsekvenserna etc det var ju uppenbart ingen skulle komma ut amma kväll (efter midnatt). När väl ute fanns bara 1 service desk till hela planet, jag kunde åka hem och sova och skita i vouchers men de som behövde hotell lär ha väntat halva natten. Det enda som var ok var att de svarade snabbt på telefon följande morgon - men meddelade inte som man sagt den nya bokningen via sms eller mail!"

Mycket trångt i och mellan stolarna

Ingen åsikt om mat eller underhållning eftersom det inte fanns.

Allt fungerade som det skulle

Minus: "Terrible to have to pay 70 Euros when you are an elite gold status member. And no mention of this during booking process and checkin unless you dig in deep via links. Not used to this with other airline partners and likely last time I am flying SAS"
Plus: "The attendants were constantly providing services to the passengers."
Minus: "Det fanns bara ett alternativ för måltiden (om man inte förbeställde). De tidigare gånger jag har åkt med SAS (dock från JFK) har det alltid varit två alternativ för måltid (kött eller vegetarisk) , utan att förbeställa. Denna gång var det bara kött så slutade med att jag bara åt potatismos."
Plus: "Quick efficient boarding."
Minus: "A typical SAS flight. Coffee and water for free, food expensive. Rather limited leg room. No entertainment and wifi for pay."
Minus: "För kallt i kabinen. Ingen andra måltid."
Plus: "Bekväma stolar, mycket plats för SAS GO, god mat, trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen omstigning och inte jätte mycket att välja mellan filmerna. De borde sätta fler arbetare vid passkontroll innan man stiger på plan från Sverige till USA. Majoriteten av passagerarna var sena till planet vilket resulterade till ett senare flygavgång, 1) för att de öppnade passkontrollen sent och 2) för att det var inte tillräckligt med arbetare för att checka passen."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen avgång, små stolar,"
Minus: "Late departure. No roof during queuing for loading and rain..."
Plus: "Trevlig personal och smidig ombordstigning etc"
Minus: "Gammal underhållning som knappt gick att använda Gick inte ens att använda vanliga hörlurar"
Plus: "Ok flight"
Minus: "Över 1h sen. Laos vid incheckning. När man vet att man är sen, fler i personal. SAS måste jobba med Swedavia vid ankommande. Ramper, passkontrollen, bagage, etc. Är en del av hela resan. Inget fungerade, inte ens taxi."
Plus: "Good value for money. Just about on time, 8 minutes late only. Boarding was very fast. Coffee serves for free."
Minus: "Obviously, no food or water in Economy."
Minus: "Typical mediocre SAS quality. No bagage drop facility in Dublin -> tedious check-in Disorganised boarding -> slow Arrival more than 1 hour behind schedule Bagage delivery in CPH after 45 min -> additional delay"
Plus: "Det mesta var bra trevlig personal, hyfsat med benplats i de nya kärnorna och frukosten var bra den med."
Minus: "Avsaknad av underhållning, inget av vikt dock."
Plus: "Trevlig crew på planet. Vi landade i tid"
Minus: "Trånga säten på SAS gamla plan."
Plus: "Plane seemed new and modern. Friendly staff, attentive."
Minus: "Only one side of my headphones worked, seats not very comfortable."
Plus: "The staff were ok"
Minus: "It’s the first time i try these low cost airlines, which sometimes they are not that cheap compared to others, no entertainment whatsoever, i wasn’t allowed for any check in luggage and the prices for ever peace was literally expensive ticket price was not that competitive"
Plus: "On time."
Minus: "The cabin crew was detached, and curt."
Minus: "Placering av resesällskapet"
Plus: "Crew was considerate, friendly and accommodating . Meals were quite nice as flight fare goes. And the variety of films to watch were great. Two thumbs up, SAS !"
Minus: "Försening 1,5 timme"
Minus: "I would like more checked baggage allowance."
Plus: "Excellent staff!"
Minus: "All airplanes are 2 Noisy. (Of course this is not the fault of SAS). I use noise canceling headphones that helps a lot. EBut the background noise level always strikes me as too much!"
Plus: "För många spanjorer"
Plus: "Personalen var väldigt trevlig och professionell som vanligt.boardingen gick bra ."
Minus: "Sätena och avsaknaden av både underhållning och vifi."
Plus: "The food and service were great!"
Plus: "Lika trevlig personal som alltid"
Minus: "Deras wifi är helt obrukbart jag kunde inte ens ladda ner mina mail."
Minus: "The flight was cancelled the morning of."
Plus: "Direktflyg, trevlig besättning"
Minus: "Luktade illa från toaletterna. Stökiga barn som tyvärr sparkade in i stolsryggen (inte SAS fel men det bidrog till att den långa flygresan inte blev avkopplande) Minus att endast en dryck - ej alkohol - ingick under en 11-timmars flygresa"
Plus: "I chose SAS since I have used this airline on most of my travels to Norway. It has been without any problems and I highly recommend it. The staff all try to make you comfortable and do not hesitate to get whatever you ask for. I have no plan to change plane. Thank you."
Minus: "I do not like the way they conduct their business from the office. I know they are very busy like any other airlines but please return our calls and answer questions as we are fully entitled to their attention using their airline. . Thank you."
Minus: "Almost 1hr delayed. The least SAS could do was to give a meal or something to eat for free."
Minus: "Flight delayed 5 hours."
Plus: "It was a clean plane and entertainment was good."
Minus: "Crew wasn't nice unless you were Scandinavian. I asked questions about going into Stockholm for our long layover. How easy it was, etc. they were less than helpful. My daughter and I figured it out ourselves. Won't fly them on next trip. Air France or BA r better"
Plus: "Up and down. Crew was great!"
Plus: "Was able to selct my seat"
Minus: "Had to pay €70 to check in luggage - most expensive ive ever seen! No beverages other than coffee and tea abailable, water could be appreciated"
Plus: "Besättningen var fantastisk på denna resa. Alla vi som flög i SAS plus blev ordentligt ompysslade"
Minus: "Stolarna är något trånga."
Plus: "It was a shorter ride with few frills but we arrived safely. The two young employees who rendered wheelchair assistance were very gracious and attentive to every detail."
Minus: "The noise factor was very high."
Plus: "hela upplevelsen var väldigt trevlig. allt från trevlig personal som pysslar om en, till sköna säten / "sängar""
Minus: "Den ena maträtten visade sig vara mera populär än den andra vilket resulterade i att den tog slut"
Minus: "They changed departure gate, we sat at wrong gate for most time"
Plus: "Everything was great! At check-in I upgraded to SAS plus. Will choose that again.comfortable, crew was so nice and friendly. Food was amazing. Made my 10 hour flight great. ."
Plus: "Flight was fine, service good, and our seat choice excellent."
Minus: "We left an iPad on board in Copenhagen and found that there was no way to inform SAS!"
Plus: "Food good; nice drinks selection; no food available on demand"
Minus: "Inattentive service; few entertainment options"
Plus: "Easy embarkation, helpful staff."
Minus: "Shock to discover that suitcases were not included in price of tickets purchased online. We had to pay the equivalent of $100 (australian) per case. My seat was extremely u comfortable as the cusihion was misshapen. The male passengers seated behind us were drinking alcohol and became loud and garrulous, making the trip most uncomfortable and unpleasant."
Minus: "Miserable cramped seating ."
Plus: "Flight was cancelled but i didn't receive email notification from SAS Moreover i was able to check-in on SAS website and print boarding pass 10 ours before flight (and after Kayak sent me notification that flight "may be cancelled"), and they sent me confirmation and everything. When i arrived in airport i realized flight was actually cancelled. And i tried to call and nobody picked up the pphone. I was travelling from Moscow."
Plus: "On time bags made connection"
Plus: "Checking was simple . The waiting area was comfortable. The flight seats were convenient, and we arrived early."
Plus: "Mycket behaglig och bekväm resa. Vad mera kan man begära. Underhållningen fick vi dock stå själva för :))"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "For a long flight . Your entertainment SUCKS. Never again will I fly with you guys . Ever ever ever"
Plus: "The crew on board was helpful, but they can hardly make up for company’s atrocious policies."
Minus: "They made me pay $70 for my carry on luggage - the very same one that I didn’t have to check in on my way to Zurich. The company has obscure luggage policies that could easily qualify as hidden charges. I will do everything I can to avoid flying with Air Serbia in the future."
Minus: "Check in was slow but not crowded and they lost my and other 20 passengers’ suitcases! No information was given about why and we still don’t have any information. AirSerbia does not respond do emails or calls."
Plus: "Crew was good, short flight on an older aircraft, everything was fine"
Minus: "Bags got left in Belgrade transferring from Helsinki despite this flight being delayed 30 mins, unsure how that happens..."
Minus: "This flight is apparently consistently late"
Minus: "My bag making it to my destination not broken."
Minus: "My booking reference code was delivered too late so I missed the check-in time and therefore missed the flight"
Plus: "Crew was very polite and helpful, seat pitch was acceptable for my height (1.92 cm)"
Minus: "I know this was a short flight but one tiny bag of pretzels is just not acceptable!"
Plus: "Fast service, kindness."
Minus: "They should finally get rid of these old ATR-72 and replace them with some newer aircraft."
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "Seats"
Minus: "Snacks on the plane, comfort"
Plus: "The air Serbia staff were top class"
Plus: "Pleasant staff, wonderful food, very pleasant flight"
Minus: "Nothing, everything was very good"
Minus: "Paid the ticket and check in luggage at Opodo but was informed at the counter that luggage has not been paid for. Denied checking in luggage despite having a printout saying it has been paid for. “The luggage is not in our system” was the only response."
Plus: "Air Serbia did the best they could to keep passengers comfortable and send all of us to hotel during the day w food and comfortable accommodation"
Plus: "Quick and short flight. Plane was clean and comfortable"
Minus: "The way they nickel and dime their customers. Their baggage fees are ridiculous! Paid $224 for round trip ticket.... paid about $132 round trip for my luggage!!! Will never fly with them again."
Minus: "Old outdated planes. Very little in flight entertainment- tiny selection of movies and tv shows. No ability to charge mobile devices."
Minus: "Arms rest are pretty small"
Plus: "Planen verkade hyfsat nya och det var rent och fint på planet."
Minus: "Första avgången var 1,5h försenad, andra avgången var 20 min försenad."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Unable to check in online. Didn't accept credit cards forced to wait in serval lines to pay for luggage. Long waiting lines. Don't offer water on plane. No information given about luggage and being forced to pay for a seat fee. No information on connecting flights. Most uncomfortable plane and horrible experience."
Plus: "Seating was excellent good leg room for a tall person like myself. Service on flight wad great. Boarding and checkin were a bit of a mess but were quickly resolved"
Plus: "Quick and no fuss"
Minus: "No food and entertainment didn't work"
Plus: "Timeliness, cleanliness and comfort."
Minus: "Inflight duty free closed too early."
Minus: "My suitcase dodnt arrive because they decide to leave it in skopje till the next day . I did not have any of my personal things woth me ."
Plus: "Comfortable aircraft"
Plus: "No complaints"
Minus: "Everything was OK"
Plus: "Nothing. Rude staff. Horrible food and service."
Minus: "Everything"
Minus: "Not possible for online check-in"
Minus: "Not possible for online check-in"
Plus: "Gave us food when they weren't required."
Minus: "They saying it's internet connection during the flight,when you pay for the internet the only option what you can choose is to watch how's your MB goes away and you are not able to open anything.Very good job Air Serbia,never again with you!!!"
Minus: "Very very bad landing in split and i didn't find my luggage Mina"
Minus: "I tried to cancel my flight about a week before it took place. Wasn't given a chance to do so, since you didn't bother to advertise a clear email or available contact info to which I could speak. Now you're asking me for online check in and a review? Well, your customer service is terrible, that's for sure..."
Minus: "The fact that I tried for nearly a week to CANCEL the flight. Yet was given no help, after sending email after email, making sure that I covered whatever was possible on my side. And of course, no response. Ended up forced to simply not attend the flight. Thanks a lot for a GREAT customer support, AirSerbia... (being cynical here, just making sure I do what I can so you get this)"
Plus: "crew was great , very friendly"
Minus: "tv sound didn't work"
Plus: "Very friendly staff"
Plus: "Very responsive and real meal for short flight!"
Plus: "The seat, flexibility were great..and food are tasty and delicious"
Minus: "The crew was not friendly for the flight to Belgrade"
Minus: "I had a kid sitting on the seat behind me and kept kicking my seat. :("
Plus: "Flight crew are nice, reasonable service during flight"
Minus: "The flight was delayed twice and while boarding was delayed an hour. This plug transfer our luggage for the flight from Belgrade to Tel Aviv."
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "Long Layovers"
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "Layovers"
Plus: "Good food, skillful pilot"
Plus: "Nearly all, but inadequate organisation a fuel leaking problem at AbuDabi airport on 10/02/2016."
Minus: "Passengers were kept 3 hours in the plane during the impairment."
Plus: "Huge legs space for economy class, great service!!!"
Plus: "Luggage allowance"
Minus: "Too few movie selections"
Plus: "Service was great on both legs of the trip"
Minus: "Not on time departing from Rome"
Plus: "Food and comfort was good for the price."
Minus: "Had a horrible experience when my checked baggage was delayed on both my outward and return flights! And I got them after 2 day for the outward flight and after 3 days for the return flight. So that ruined my vacation. Very disappointed! :("
Minus: "The landing was very hard."
Plus: "the only thing that stands out was the agent who checked me in at Entebbe. She was pleasant and helpful. Most things were ok, but not special."
Minus: "Because I require oxygen onboard, I was not allowed to check in on line. consequently, my wife and I got middle seats that were very tight. At least one of them was an aisle."
Minus: "Brussels Airlines skruvar upp värmen på bastu-nivå... varje gång. Helt galet :("
Minus: "Free coffee"
Plus: "Yes"
Minus: "Maybe the entertainment choices"
Minus: "Hårda nersuttna stolar som inte heller gick att fälla bakåt"
Plus: "Brussels Airlines crew"
Plus: "One of the crew member who served our food seemed in a rush and just dropped our food on our trays :( There was a lack of communication at the counter for travelers like us who was making this connecting flight. We were there four two hours and nobody bother to tell us we needed to check-in again."
Minus: "Better communication for people making a connection. Not to wait until you are showing your boarding pass and then telling us we needed to check-in again,"
Minus: "My luggage was lost for almost 2 weeks."
Minus: "To be given a blanket. And better choice in music"
Plus: "The crew was very cool"
Minus: "The food was ok"
Plus: "The flight itself was smooth and the crew kept passengers well informed. Beyond that, not much to report it serviced as a mode of transportation but not an experience."
Minus: "The seats were super cramped, hardly any leg room or elbow room which made it quite difficult to get comfortable for any length of time. The food was unpleasant. The flight attendants seemed very green."
Plus: "The crew at the gate as well as in the plane were tu nice and helpful."
Minus: "Juste the toilet were not so clean and smelled very bad."
Plus: "At least it was a flight"
Minus: "Noisy, no complimentary snacks nor drinks, no legroom"
Minus: "There is not much variety of what to watch- movies/tv. For a long flight it is a nightmare"
Plus: "Food was better than average."
Minus: "Boarding could be done more efficiently."
Plus: "I found that the meal served was of particularly good quality and tasty"
Plus: "One positive point. The boarding went well. The flight took off before schedule and arrived ahead of schedule."
Minus: "Cramped seating. Flight attendants hardly seen (they are busy trying to sell stuff). Not a glass of water, if you get thirsty it's 3 euros for a small bottle. You get what you pay for..."
Plus: "Everything about the flight."
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "."
Minus: "."
Plus: "Inget"
Minus: "Planet gick sönder fastnde i Milano"
Minus: "no free food, beverage or entertainment"
Plus: "Love that there's space for the economy and the seats are comfortable"
Minus: "There was nothing to do and would be nice if it had wifi"
Plus: "Everything was perfect, highly recommended"
Minus: "3€ coffee, no space, flight overbooked."
Minus: "The flight was late. I was late for all my possible transport"
Minus: "Gate was only announced 25 min before boarding"
Plus: "Staff was ok."
Minus: "Very poor service at brussels airport. It took 15 minutes to connect the bridge and evenually we had to go down the stairs to take a bus that also took 15 min to start. We also left late frm malpensa due to late check-in but i thin rhe plane actually camw in late too."
Plus: "Smooth flight Pleasant staff Smooth boarding process"
Minus: "Super late due to poor management of runway construction in Brussels No entertainment in the cabin"
Plus: "Very nice service economy privilege, friendly crews, good food, water service at flight start, room around knees, blankets, all very good"
Minus: "the headset plug in needs maintenance. it had to be plugged in and re-positioned several times to get it to work"
Minus: "The special meal that I had requested was not available. In fact the only meals on the Brussels to Washington leg were chicken/fish. No vegetarian meal was provided."
Plus: "They remembered my special meal requested."
Minus: "Not a very informative crew, service seemed rushed - I only got 2 small cups of choice of beverage offered on a 6.5 hour flight, which was disappointing as I was unable to purchase a bottle of water in the airport terminal prior to boarding as I was just there for a layover and did not have euros to buy one from the machine."
Minus: "The gates were way too far apart. Had to run all across the huge airport and go through too many security lines."
Minus: "Didn't get to find out gate number until 30 minutes before flight took off! Not good, too much stress and running.too"
Minus: "The plane was changed and I was given a new seat on the last row without a window. When I complained I was told to move to a middle seat somewhere. In terms of service SN is like a low cost carrier. None."
Minus: "The same: food at extra cost"
Minus: "This is a low cost airline. No food, no entertainment, At least the crew was polite."
Minus: "Entertainment was weak. Not enough choices. There was a mixup with my food preference. it was not passed on to the flight and they did not have any vegetarian options. Not even fruits. I was even ready to pay, yet nothing."
Plus: "The chocolate was delicious!"
Minus: "The food was not that good but edible."
Minus: "Unfriendly support at the airport when reporting my lost bag. No trace of the bag what so ever."
Minus: "I would like a survey about my experience flying FROM JFK TO MONROVIA on Dec. 5 & 6! I have decided that this was my last voluntary flying experience with Brussels Airlines!"
Plus: "Good seats."
Minus: "No infotainment screen."
Plus: "Alles goed"
Minus: "The delay (due to weather) that caused me to miss the connection."
Plus: "pleasant fight..."
Minus: "long flight (it was far through no fault of Brussels Airline"
Plus: "great flight... great experience"
Minus: "...the girl in my row threw up in secret during landing"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Babies crying everywhere One couple fighting No food or drinks"
Minus: "No water/fluid offered -- everything was pay-to-play."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "All of it. Missed an event because of their delay. An event I paid for."
Minus: "Lousy treatment to passengers/customers"
Minus: "There wasn't enough entertainment and there is no wifi on board of the flight"
Plus: "Flight was comfortable. There was no food offered, only water or orange. The flight was so short -- less than an hour, one wouldn't expect more so for food and entertainment there should have been a n/a column."
Plus: "I did not fly"
Plus: "The food options were amazing and the wine was very nice!"
Plus: "Fast and smoothy check in"
Minus: "After arrival to budapest not platformy ready and waiting over 10minutes"
Minus: "You must check in few hours before the flight. Checking in at the airport will cost you 35€. Besides that, the boarding took almost 40min and the seats are not comfy at all. That said, i would rather pay extra $50 and fly with normal company."
Plus: "Friendly crew"
Minus: "Gate announcement was only a few minutes before cut off!!"
Minus: "The food"
Plus: "I was at the gate. Before the door to enter the airplane. The Hungarian crew wasn’t telling me that they are closing the gate or going to close it. They completely ignore me and let me stand there and at the end I see the door close in front of me, 2 meter from me and they told me I mised flight."
Minus: "I lost my money and I had to buy new flight with other company. Wizzair crew at budapest was very rude and didn’t take responsibility for the mistake they did. They could just say they are closing the door but nobody did. 2 meters from me and after I passed all security they ignored me completely."
Plus: "crew and boarding was nice"
Minus: "don't stop the airplane 5 miles from the terminal in a pouring rain making everyone have to walk to the gate and getting soaked."
Minus: "Flight was late abolutnie 1 hour"
Plus: "Friendly crew"
Minus: "Long check-in lines Seats uncomfortable"
Minus: "Delay on departure and no bus at arrival"
Plus: "Once boarding started it was very fast and flight left shortly after"
Minus: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Plus: "Flight left on time and arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule, staff was polite"
Plus: "Service, smiling and attention to details."
Minus: "No kosher food."
Minus: "Did not fly. They wanted $100 to check my bag. I flew another airline."
Plus: "All and all great value for the money"
Plus: "The Check in was nice and polite"
Minus: "1. There was a delay in the flight. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The boarding was delayed. 4. The plane was not comfortable ."
Minus: "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."
Plus: "The crew was very nice. The flight was ok"
Minus: "Not much of a food choice.."
Plus: "Staff was nice and felt bad for their company’s policy."
Minus: "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! I’m used to only being able to check in 24 hours before my flight. I found out that I cannot print my boarding pass within 48 hours of my flight. I was monitarily RAPED and will be disputing these charges! Boo on you Wizz Air....aka f*ckwads."
Plus: "De gjorde absolut inget rätt"
Minus: "Det var total koas på incheckningen och efter 2h väntade så kom vi inte ens med flyget. De behandlade oss riktigt illa utan att vi hade gjort nått fel. Värst var att vi reste med barn."
Minus: "Flight delayed by more than 2 hours, additional 40 minutes in the plain before departure. At least 30 minutes until doors opened. Overall huge delay that totally killed my business day."
Minus: "Horrible web/check in experience, 2hour delay. Inexistence of entertainment or comfort. What else can be said ?"
Plus: "So many crying children"
Minus: "It a good option, a good price, i will fly again"
Minus: "Very long queues at boating in Charleroi airport"
Plus: "Flight was on schedule"
Minus: "No free drinking water"
Plus: "The people are very rude no cooperation"
Minus: "The crew was very rude"
Plus: "Super easy online check-in, comfortable plane, lovely crew"
Minus: "Waited a bit in a long hallway waiting for the last flightload of passengers to deplane."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The airline does not have kiosk check-in. You are checked in automatically, and if you buy through a third party, your boarding pass is emailed to you. Never having flown this 'unique' airline before, we did not know the process. At the check-in desk, the clerk told us that if we couldn't show him our boarding pass, he would charge us 30GBP to print them. He was a complete jerk. After no help from him, I was able to figure out that we did have them as attachments. Never again."
Plus: "cheap, on time"
Minus: "no reclining chairs, no free water"
Plus: "cheap, on time"
Minus: "no reclining chairs, no water free"
Plus: "Staff aboard the aircraft were very nice and so was the passengers."
Minus: "Bought a ticket two weeks ago to travel to Romania. Didn't have internet to check in, so I went to the airport to check in. When I got there because I was within 3 hours of boarding they had given away my ticket and made me a last priority boarder. I happened to get really lucky otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to fly on a flight I had previously paid for and was on time to."
Plus: "Non stop"
Minus: "Very late. Disorganized boarding. Seating and shortage of luggage stowegev"
Plus: "Flight attendance service was great and smiley"
Minus: "Nothing much"
Plus: "I will never take flight with this company again!!!!! The worst ever shame on you"
Minus: "Layers"
Minus: "Basic flight. Rude crew and late flight"
Minus: "The application doesn't allow to add carrier bag check in and we paid high fee in the airport"
Plus: "Ombordstigning gick smidigt och trevlig personal."
Minus: "Alldeles för trångt och budgetsäten."
Plus: "Magazine was pretty good. Staff were smiley and nice."
Minus: "Boarding was announced as last call 5 minutes after the gate was announced. Seats were uncomfortable with little legroom. Even for a value airline."
Plus: "It was simple, every thing was fast in the airport."
Minus: "Small airplane it was a bit choked."
Plus: "Nothing at all... They were unfriendly and I missed my flight because of them. Lot money and time is gone"
Minus: "How they organized everything in this day!!!! 4th of July 2017 TERRIBLY Terrible"
Plus: "Crew were average"
Minus: "Everything was a disaster. Late and very uncomfortable"
Minus: "Boarding and getting off the plane via bus"
Plus: "They charged me for not checking in 3 hrs prior and didn't really make that clear before when I purchased the ticket. Even if they did, I never seen a airline do that. It's a borderline scam. Then the flight attendant continued to swipe my card when it was declining since I had restrictions on it. In which in return had my card shut off. Never will I fly Wizz Air again."
Plus: "The seats are big enough even though they do not lay back BETTER than British Airways it really is !"
Minus: "The flight attendant needs to be more friendly and clear speaking in English language"
Plus: "Luggage restrictions make people be more aware of space, which turns into less fighting for overhead space and faster boarding."
Minus: "I still struggle with any airline that doesn't give water for free. I also sat in an exit row and no one from the crew even talked to me at all to see if I understood my duties."
Plus: "Horrible. Website won't take payment for baggage. Charge over twice as much at airport. Black list this company."
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Preview print passwords"

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