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DeltaGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 31824 recensioner
8,1Gå ombord

Check-in was good, except that the window that was open after putting in passport information. That did not give you a button to move to the next step. There was an X to close it, but my get was it would close the entire app. Flight meal - can’t we get a wrap rather than biscuits or chips? Flight Refreshment - water should be standard. We all need hydration during flight.

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Check-in was good, except that the window that was open after putting in passport information. That did not give you a button to move to the next step. There was an X to close it, but my get was it would close the entire app. Flight meal - can’t we get a wrap rather than biscuits or chips? Flight Refreshment - water should be standard. We all need hydration during flight.

Can’t think of anything

Flying with Delta is always a relatively smooth experience.

Worst trip ever! Not to mention the 3 1/2 hour delay. Flight attendants were unprofessional and even though I was seated in comfort class only offered to move me further to the rear of the plane to enjoy the onboard movies. Will never fly Delta again!😫😖😤

To pay extra for first class for no noticeable change in service whatsoever, no beverage service, a woman who talks so fast she couldn’t even understand what she was saying, microphone extremely loud… This is a disgrace and I won’t do it again

Late departure. No food service Flight was full of turbulence

25 minute flight. Crew was friendly and competent.

Everything was great until landed and had to wait 25 minutes to get into our gate! Can’t think of a good excuse for that on such a late, cross-country flight. Plenty of prep time!

Plus: "Great crew."
Minus: "Nothing!"
Minus: "The social distancing, the cdc is recommending 6 ft but there are passengers directly behind and in grinning us and only one passenger seat empty between 2 people. With covid on the rise, how are you actually doing your party to take care of your customers."
Plus: "Good"
Plus: "short flight"
Minus: "noisy plane. seems like Delta does not maintain their planes very well. flight was delayed, which made it stressful to catch connecting flight at LGA. when we were all on the plane, the pilot states that he apologizes for the wait, since we were waiting a while for take off. he said there was something wrong with the fuel system that had to get fixed but it is ok now. wow, that wasn't the right thing to say. as soon as he said that, the passengers started talking among themselves saying,,,,,,,,,,,,well, i hope it is ok now, because if it is not, we may not get to our destination! he should have rephrased that and simply said that;;;;; sorry for the delay, we were simply going through some maintenance on the plane to make sure everything is all-right, which it is, and we look forward to getting you to your destination in a few minutes! keep it simple without getting into all the details! geeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssccccccccccchhhhhhhhh!!!!! :("
Plus: "The crew was polite and pleasant unlike the crew from KC to Boston."
Minus: "Telling us to check bags before we get to our seat and find out there is no more room."
Minus: "The flight scheduled was 1 hour 30 minutes late"
Minus: "4 hour delay"
Plus: "Food was excellent. I had the pasta. Loved watching movies."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "They might have had a pilot so the flight didn’t take off 6 hours late. Missed all my connections. Trying it again today."
Minus: "No charging outlet."
Minus: "The seats were incredibly hard and uncomfortable."
Plus: "The flight was smooth and the crew was very professional"
Minus: "Have wifi available"
Minus: "Being on time"
Minus: "Just not very pleasant, I guess you get what you pay for"
Minus: "Sent flyg, sen fastnade vi även på avstigningsbanan för mer än 30 minuter. Besättningen försökte inte ens erbjuda något att kompensera med och jag fick fråga efter snacks och hörlurar (som ska vara kostnadsfritt). Besviken på hur de kunde gottgöra sina kunder när flyget blir 2h sen."
Plus: "Excellent"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "Crew was good, plane was clean."
Minus: "Don't like the Comfort plus seats that have the dividers vs basic arm rests."
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "There really needs to be a way the airlines can better make seating assignments. I was in a window seat and the woman in the middle seat was so large that her arms took all of the arm rest and some of my seat area. Even crossing my arms I was unable to not have her arm up against me."
Plus: "Staff’s attention and patience with customers was great. They knew many were frustrated with the delay but they met our needs with a smile"
Minus: "Weather delay was a real bummer but I liked the app wanted to help reconnect people with other flights. The app should also tell us the reason for the delay, if allowable, especially if it weather. I almost hoed on another flight through Minneapolis but would have been stuck in Minneapolis cause I didn’t know the delay was due to weather an hour later."
Plus: "The crew both going and coming from San Jose, Costa Rica were incredible."
Minus: "The long waits on the tarmac waiting on other planes to leave. Which was a big problem because it caused a lot of us to either barely miss our flight or miss our flight."
Plus: "Ease of check in and friendly people"
Minus: "Marta"
Plus: "Everything"
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Hard landing"
Plus: "The crew was gracious and accommodating."
Minus: "The plane showed wear and tear. We paid for delta+ premium economy and an exit row. The seating map online was misleading and we ended up next to the bathroom. The exit row food tray was broken and was hard to even sit a good tray on. The emergency exit door isn’t well insulated and we were absolutely freezing cold the entire flight. The seats were hard and uncomfortable. The food was not good for international travel. Overall I was very disappointed in this flight. I travel the world and on long hauls the planes need to be cleaned well and seats in working order."
Plus: "The crew are very friendly, positive and have good sense of humor."
Minus: "The flight got delayed badly"
Minus: "delays after delays"
Minus: "Flight was delayed longer than the actual flight time. Smallest plane I have ever been in in my life."
Plus: "Coldest flight I’ve ever taken. Not sure why I paid $60 to fly in comfort when I had to endure the arctic temperatures. Free WiFi never worked once either."
Minus: "That I was going to be charged $125 for oversized luggage unti"
Plus: "Great selection of movies"
Plus: "ATL based crew was great. Exit row extra room as promised"
Minus: "Cheese snack purchased was not up to par. Grapes soft, almonds mealy and cheese dried out. Disappointing. New faster Wi-Fi was intermittent at best. Down for long stretches."
Plus: "What can I say...I love Delta!"
Plus: "short flight not much to say all was smooth crew was efficent"
Minus: "not a delta thing but passengers drag all these pieces of luggage on making boarding longer clogging up aisles ect. gate agents need to be more strict with people past the allowed limit"
Minus: "Was in seat 16A and got bumped to 12E. If you know Delta aircraft, that's exit row window, for the EC (more legroom) but middle. The problem is that nothing can compete with the exit row for leg room and being crammed between two guys isn't an upgrade either. Plus, due to proximity, got sick. And the flight was delayed leaving - due to the late arrival from ATL (Delta HQ) which had a power outage. And no video entertainment. No meals."
Plus: "Staff are nice, and helpful"
Minus: "Take far too long, efficiency is extremely poor, missed flight due to luggages being lost, requested vegetarian meal, when booking, confirmed at gate but didn't have me on the list for special meal. ECONOMY class has nooo room for a long flight...and no entertainment only 3 choices for western."
Plus: "Humor"
Minus: "Pasta on board is heavy, lighter meal option is preferred"
Plus: "I LOVED the 2 seater plane, so comfortable traveling with a companion and not having the third person."
Minus: "Boarding. It seems that it would be smarter to board from the back forward. I didn't have any food so I rated that wrong. Maybe add an N/A to the survey."
Plus: "Food was best in a long time. Steak salad was excellent, as was the little chocolate mousse."
Plus: "Friendly staff. Very accommodating."
Minus: "Wifi never works. I wanted to charge my phone, but my outlets weren't working, either (my neighbor had no issues). Kinda sucked considering I was planning on working on my flight to New York. The AC was blasting humid air, so it was extremely uncomfortable."
Plus: "Wifi for entertainment worked well"
Minus: "No longer have entertainment on back of seats"
Minus: "I don't know why delta's service has deteriorated so much in the last few years. Last two times that I flew the service and attitude at the gate has been horrible. Seat assignment has become a dread. Upgrade options are over priced. I guess I will be looking for a new airline."
Plus: "Great Service and amenities for a great price!"
Minus: "Nothing"

Bättre frukost och fler filmer översatta till svenska. Men överlag bra.

Ingen av skärmarna fungerade på flyget, vilket är väldigt dåligt när det är en så lång resa

Food could have been better and second meal pretty bad.

Checkade in golfklubbor och Finnairs personal såg till så att vi fick betala 2 gånger. Helt oackseptabelt!

La comida 🍱

The plane was clean and comfortable. The crew were very pleasant. The food was the best plane food I’ve ever had.

Ingen mat och TV

We arrived early to our destination which was nice. I didn’t like how I was pushed to a British airlines flight and how they were going to charge me for my bag last minute. It held up the line and wasted time. I should know in advance if I need to pay for a bag.

Ice cream, seat comfort economy plus, plane 787, Could be better if we are able to pick seats online.

Food was horrible

Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with the person ( women ) who checked my passport. Extremely rude and unprofessional.

Finnair crew is always polite and professional. Food was fine beautifully presented. Champagne is plentiful and the blueberry juice is delicious

Provide snacks

Jag upplever att de gånger jag flugit Göteborg-Helsingfors, Helsingfors-Göteborg är det ofta förseningar. Har flugit ca 10 gånger feb-maj

We thought that we needed to be at the airport 3 hours early because we were returning to the US. It turns out that since we were flying to Helsinki first we only needed to be there 2 hours in advance. Check-in in Stockholm was confusing b

Ända bättring skulle vara att kunna ge rätt gate på bordningen vid byte i Helsingfors ( var fel/ ändrat) både gånger 😉😊 (kanske inget med er att göra…) Annars jätte nöjd med alla fyra flyg med Finnair, trevlig och hjälpsam personal.

Bra Bolag! Ordning o reda

My flight was cancalled how can I give recension ?

Vi gick och ankom innan tidtabell. Fick ett glas blåbärssoppa ombord. Trevlig bestättning.


Denied at check-in even though I met all the requirement. This happened due to supervisor at AA(American Airlines) having lack of knowledge in international travel restriction. I tried to show the website that lists the traveling rules but he insisted he knew all the rules and denied my check-in. This also happened to another person in the same flight as well. I think the AA crew needs to hire more knowledgeable supervisor.

En av de bästa långresorna jag gjort fantastisk personal åker oftast 2-3 långresor per år och finnair delar första platsen med Emirates. Bra med slopad starksprit inget stök.

Plus: "Plane was clean, plenty of leg room, cabin crew was friendly, flight was on time."
Minus: "Checking in was a nightmare of inefficiency. I couldn't use self-check-in for my bad because I was flying to America and for some reason, this meant I had to hand my suitcase to someone rather than just putting it on the conveyor belt. There were about 8 people ahead of me, and yet it took a solid hour of standing in line waiting to get to the counter. How it could possibly have been so insanely slow is beyond me. When it was finally my turn to submit my bag it literally took 30 seconds. And yet I had to wait an hour. Grade: F-"
Plus: "The crew and service were welcoming, caring and attentive"
Minus: "Many people bring the own headphones these days, but I didn't and provided phones were so-so, volume on touch screen was jumpy too,"
Plus: "It was the best flight I’ve ever had. Friendly, polite and very careful crew. It was very pleasant to be on board. Clean, nice climate control, no any smell. The food was tasty and on time, the beverages were widely presented from juices to red and white wine or beer...so The time passed quickly"
Minus: "Only the other trip by air with Finair"
Minus: "Entertainment system very slow and did reset itself several times."
Minus: "The only reason this flight was not excellent is my bag was left in Helsinki and not transferred with final flight leg to Manchester"
Plus: "Clean plane, comfy seat"
Minus: "Chaotic boarding"
Plus: "Clean, relative new plane"
Minus: "More than 90 min late "due to late incoming plane" which caused me trouble when swapping to an other flight on arrival"
Minus: "Just det här flyget var varmt och det saknades möjlighet att sätta på fläkt. Maten smakade ganska kemikaliskt."
Minus: "The transfer was a disaster. We had to go through the security check (even though the transfer was in the Schengen area) and almost missed our connecting flight."
Plus: "blueberry juice, service and friendliness"
Minus: "no choice of food, little space between the seats, touchscreen and headphones didn't work, for over 8 hours flight this was significant set back"
Plus: "There was room available."
Minus: "This was not business class!"
Plus: "I got there"
Minus: "Endless waiting and lost luggage. Excuse was unpredicted weather conditions. It was snowing in Finland so they had to clear the Ice from the planes.. Snowing in Finland? How uncommon is that during December? I actually think most of this is poor ground handling In Helsinki."
Plus: "Finnair cabin/seats, clean, quiet and comfortable airport in Helsinki"
Minus: "Not only the first flight got delayed for over 2 hours. I had to re-book the second - connecting - flight because of that. Now it made my layover instead of 1 h 45 m - 5 hours! Then the second flight got delayed!! So instead of 5 hours layover it was over 7 hours!!! Very inconvenient and upsetting experience. The only reason I booked these particular flights is because they were advertized as "the shortest trip" time on your website..."
Plus: "Very enjoyable"
Minus: "I have no complaints"
Plus: "Boarding was ok in Dublin, even though they habitually use one of the poor gates with inadequate seating and entry to the plane from the tarmac, not via a bridge. queing and check in were well managed however."
Minus: "Disembarked at Helsinki unto a bus. Despite landing roughly on time, this antiquated procedure effectively made the flight 20 mins late, as that’s when the passengers got to the terminal."
Minus: "Inget att äta."
Plus: "Simple morning flight. Not at all full. Left on time, arrived early. Plane was new. Crew was happy. What more does one need? They were beta testing a new WiFi service. Free, but not yet ready for prime time."
Plus: "Crew was nice and helpful"
Plus: "I really enjoyed the whole flight - Finnair is definitely one of the best airlines."
Minus: "I wish there was a bigger choice of classical music in the entertainment program."
Plus: "The staff was professional and friendly. The waits were short on boarding."
Minus: "The flight was over an hour late. The baggage reclaim belt broke down, which delayed our arrival at the target even more."
Plus: "The service, the comfort of the plane. Great communication about turbulence."
Plus: "The cabin crew were veey vwey friendly and nice to the passengers."
Minus: "The entertainment system was little outdated( ie. lacks HD screens) and the seats were uncomfortable for night flights."
Plus: "Was great on the way to Helsinki and extremely poor on the return trip."
Minus: "Seat pitch was horrible! Almost as bad as United and American. Very uncomfortable!"
Plus: "The original flight was canceled, the stroller was taken away when boarded the airplane, and not seen until final destination. With a 1-year-old and 2 and a half year old, this was the worst ever flight. Take us 35 hours total travel time to get home with 2 small kids, it is a nightmare."
Minus: "The flight was cancelled and changed to 2 stops from one. We purchased a 1 stop flight because of the kids. In mid season a week before departure, we were notified about the change and it was impossible to get a same priced ticket so close to departure. We bought insurance but even with that was impossible. Looks like a scam. Very upsetting, messed up the whole thing."
Minus: "Economy seat with Centre seat left empty"
Minus: "On a 4 hour flight, food had to be purchased on board or (as I later learned) purchased and ordered in advance and this option was not offered to me in check in process."
Plus: "Like that you served Finnish food! many choices of films to watch was great too!"
Plus: "I liked very much that Finnair was waiting for the delayed plan from Stockholm. The stewardesses were nicely dressed."

The plane was delayed and the seats squeezed and tight. The airport didn’t provide with any good food options

Good food and snacks available. Could use more leg room Could use newer movies for entertainment

Bonjour vous pouvez faire mieux pour les repas à bord. Merci air France je suis satisfait.

Bonjour vous pouvez faire mieux pour les repas à bord. Merci

The gate crew in Paris was HORRIBLE. I purchased a Premium Economy seat and was "involuntarily downgraded" to regular economy, splitting up my family. There was no apology and they were very rude. And then they subjected me to an additional security check. When I asked about a refund for the difference, they simply said, "check with the ticket agent in LA when you get there." But due to flight delays, we didn't get to the ticket counter until 11 p.m. and they couldn't help me. The flight crew was astonished this had happened, and they tried to be helpful. But the whole experience was pretty lousy.

Boarding and online chkin was very good, food was not to the expectations.

Minus: "There was no amenities pack given in Premium economy. The food was ok. It would have been nice to have been offered another bread roll. Seat comfort was fine, but I kept getting hit by the separating curtain as the flight attendants went back and forth from economy."
Plus: "Nothing, the flight was delayed, the plane too small for passengers to store their carry-on luggage, the ground staff did not upload all the luggage and left some behind in Nairobi on the tarmac, the crew lied about the luggage being uploaded. Terrible experience! Kenya Airways is becoming worst and worst."
Minus: "Everything, the flight was delayed, the plane too small for passengers to store their carry-on luggage, the ground staff did not upload all the luggage and left some behind in Nairobi on the tarmac, the crew lied about the luggage being uploaded. Terrible experience! Kenya Airways is becoming worst and worst."
Minus: "Short and sweet"
Plus: "The rest area"
Minus: "The airport was cold and it should be warmer"
Minus: "I not get to go my flight, I couldn't get reimbursement"
Plus: "Crew was great but at the airport they had us weight our carry on and then made us check it for 90 euro."
Minus: "I was almost forced to stow my luggage in the hold despite me telling the check-in people tjat I had my meds and cpap in the carryon. I spoke to multiple people. Not sensitive."
Plus: "Spacious business class seats, excellent meals"
Minus: "Lack of ventilation in cabin, and staff refusal to turn heaters down (in September), very limited entertainment options."
Plus: "Åkte buissness class och allt var perfekt!"
Minus: "Gillar inte att man inte fick ta med sig kabinväska där jag hade datorn och annat värdefullt och ingen information om detta innan så man hade kunnat ta ut grejer ur väskan. Trångt på sittplatsen, helt enkelt ett skruttig flygplan"
Plus: "The crew was very friendly."
Minus: "No wifi on a 9 hour flight. Takes a long time to get another round of coffee."
Plus: "The whole crew is so kind"
Minus: "Delta made my whole first flying experience the best."
Plus: "Great crews, excellent customer service"
Plus: "The schedule and timing"
Minus: "The airport, some of the crew, the aircraft seats, the entertainment system"
Minus: "See above."
Plus: "Great crew and prompt boarding."
Minus: "Airline food and close main cabin seating. Should offer upgraded meals, just like the extra seating space."
Plus: "Crew was really good, polite, efficient. The aircraft was relatively new and clean (rare for an airline to provide a new craft on an Africa segment). Food was good, seats comfortable. Will definitely make them my airline of choice to the extent that I can cost wise."
Plus: "Flight was in time"
Plus: "The transfer times were excellent"
Minus: "Booked with my partner. Ended up sitting apart. Not good"
Plus: "Food and entertainment was awesome"
Minus: "It's awfull to sleep. Very unconfortable."
Minus: "Air France delayed our JFK to CDG flight. That caused us to miss our connection flight afterwards from CDG to MUC. We got a later flight luckily but one of our bags got lost and is still currently lost!!!"
Minus: "I was treated like I am not supposed to ask for food and they had one choice of meal for me while they had 2 for the rest."
Plus: "Efficient and smooth flight. Service was great and flight attendants were friendly"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Good size plane. It didn’t end up being full so there was plenty of room to move around. Quick flight and easy."
Minus: "Nothing to complain about."
Minus: "Entertainment screen did not work; in neighboring seat it could not be switched off when we wanted to sleep; sourly employees everywhere (re-booking counter an exception); food close not being edible and cold; I forgot my watch on when going through security in the Air France terminal; when I started to say "sorry" I was yelled at by the screener who said that she will do the talking; she sent me back through the scanner twice without my watch, then once more with the carry-on and made sure that I went to the end of a very long line to wait for another screening rather than having me just go through the scanner without my watch. Needless to say, there was nothing else suspicious about me once the watch was removed. Eager to exercise her power, the security person did not seem to consider that she slowed down a long line of people waiting to be screened. I should add that I am 73 yrs old grey haired female who has traveled a lot both for pleasure and business during my entire life, often to some difficult places and that I do not argue with or provoke those in power in a situation like this. The yelling and the sending me repeatedly through the scanner, which did not beep once the watch was removed, was beyond anything I had experienced anywhere else. The sending me to the very end of the line seemed outright spiteful. (I did miss the plane connection.)"
Plus: "Food was good and again, staff were friendly and professional. Flight was on time and efficient dis-embark mentioned."
Minus: "Slight issue with headphone connection, was not the only passenger."
Plus: ". Budget airline with no legroom or extras"
Minus: "See above. Nothing specific to like."
Plus: "Bra med lite att äta."
Minus: "Försenat flyg, fullt så att de tog handbagage och skickade ner."
Plus: "Very good male crew member. Pilot genuinely apologetic for the delay."
Minus: "After running due to a 1 hr 10 min change over between flights boarding didn't prioritise anyone but I got on fine. Only to be told at the departure time that there was a problem with the baggage hold and we were delayed. In total 50 minutes late leaving. Breakfast a simple brioche with nothing to add to it."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Plane left 45 minutes late. No reason given either when waiting or after late boarding. I didn't eat as I tried to sleep byt narrow seats meant being woken constantly by fidgety neighbour. Fortunately the plane made up most of the lost time and I got my next Air France flight. This one was 50 minutes late departing."
Minus: "Crew not only lacked sensibility to understand the purpose of an emotional support dog but kept harassing me about the dog being tied to my seat. At some point a flight attendant even tried to touch my dog, invading my personal space. When the dog rightfully acted defensive trying to protect me, the crew member started threatening me that he would have the dog sent to cargo, the last thing a person with an emotional support pet wants to hear. Extreme lack of professionalism."
Plus: "The crew was Nice onboard But in the AirPort No Good at all.."
Minus: "People in CDG AirPort Seen so Rude or stressfull, Well also a flight almost 3 hours with out entreteiment .. boring .."
Plus: "Nice food Right in time Police and customs formalities easy"
Minus: "Poor comfort in business class No entertainment at all"
Plus: "Personal tydlig med vika regler som gällde när "Belt On" är tänd."
Minus: "Många passagerare visar dålig hänsyn och står upp i passager utan att släppa fram personal eller medpssagerare"
Minus: "Ineffektivt och rörigt. Godtycklig hantering av vilket handbagage som fick tas med eller ej"
Plus: "Priority boarding"
Minus: "Premium economy seats do not recline, only slouch. One of our 2 seats wouldn't slouch more than half way. The entertainment options are extremely sparse and the screens are 4:3 ratio, tiny, and of such poor quality that they look like laptop monitors from 1999."
Plus: "Missed connection and it was airport not Delta that was the problem. Not a good way to start a vacation. Rating is for the Paris Airport, not the flight crew or Air France employees. Still sitting in the airport when we should be at our destination."
Minus: "Hundreds of people missed their flights. Delta had us into Paris with an hour and a half to get to connecting flight. Missed flight due to huge delay in passport approval. They seemed completely unprepared."
Minus: "Clean. Courtesy of staff on plane."
Plus: "Nothing..worst experience ever. Simply apologising for delayed doesn't help"
Minus: "Flight into and out of indiapolis was delayed by 2 hours. Missed my connection flight to LHR because of the delay. never had such a flying experience. Flight was operated by Delta. I won't be flying them again."
Plus: "Flight arrived safely."
Minus: "Air France offered no help rebooking missed connection at JFK due to delay of more than 2 hours in arrival."
Plus: "Cabin Crew and food selections were top notch"
Minus: "Seat configuration as a first class ticket was awful. Same configuration as economy class but by leaving the middle seat empty constituted first class. I'm 6'-1" and missed the legroom...."
Plus: "Boeing 777 had a lot of space. Good legroom. Timely departure and arrival, hassle free, safe trip all the way. Enjoyed the red wine; very delicious!"
Minus: "Seat didn't recline. The entertainment unit was very difficult to dislodge and raise to use (We were in the front). Movies were kind of older ones but I had reading to do so entertainment wasn't that important."
Plus: "There were 4 of us flying from Atlanta, there was a great amount of leg room, tvs were nice, remote control for the tv fit into the seat, the way the plane was laid out, the 4 of us sat in a middle row, which meant no window seat (which my sister was disappointed), dinner options were great, wine was complementary"
Minus: "My only problem was that there wasn't any air flow and until someone told them how hot they think it is, it was a very sweaty situation. I couldn't sleep because of how hot it was and I didn't think to tell the crew because I didn't know they would care."
Plus: "Comfortable flight, friendly staff"
Plus: "Entertainment"
Minus: "You misled people not telling I have to pay for luggage"
Plus: "Mediocre flight and service"
Minus: "Check-in was terrible, boarding also very disorganized. Crew on board was ok; very few flight attendants spoke English."
Plus: "New plane, nice crew, good entertainment, good food."
Minus: "The flight was delayed by 4 1/2 hours and it was handled horribly. First, I had to wait at check-in for 1 hour despite having checked in online. Next, we were told hourly-wise to check-in at the gate to find out when our flight would leave. This was a hassle and caused me a lot of stress since I had to make new plans with a new itinerary for my arrival in Chile where I was supposed to meet my elderly parents. The staff kept telling me they didn't know when we'd leave asking me to check back four times before they were able to give me a definite time. Aweful experience that caused me a lot of stress and inconvenience."
Minus: "No problems during the flight"
Plus: "Business Class, seat 1L. Comfortable flight. Arrived well rested."
Plus: "Forced me to check my carry on even though it was perfectly legal"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Very friendly and attentive crew; very efficient and timely boarding; surprisingly good meals"
Plus: "The flight itself was fine. The flight attendants were friendly and solicitous. The food was good on the long haul leg of my trip. The trip itself was nice."
Minus: "It seems LATAM changed the way they charge fees in July. The ticket for my return trip included no allowance for checked bags, and that detail wasn't obvious on my reservation information. Imagine my surprise when I check-in for an international flight and I'm told I can't check any luggage because it isn't included on my ticket. I ended up paying $210 to check two bags. Also expect to pay a bit more for decent seat assignments. My default seat assignment was at the very back of the plane, right against the rear bulkhead where seats often can't recline. So, another $60 to move elsewhere."
Plus: "Food was good and healthy."
Minus: "Online entertainment didn't work. Crew was rude and unhelpful."
Plus: "The seat was ok."
Minus: "I have a delay for 24hs."
Plus: "The crew was amazing in business class - very friendly and helpful. Best flight I've ever been on!!"
Minus: "There was no wifi on the plane but I know LATAM is working on getting that. Other than that, it was perfect."
Plus: "The seat was very comfortable and the service friendly."
Minus: "The flight was four hours late! Inefficient boarding process, no information given about delay."
Plus: "Leg room and seat spacing were great"
Minus: "Flight could’ve been on time and luggage delivered to passengers in a timely manner."
Plus: "The crew was nice enough"
Minus: "Departure time. Vessel was really old. Uncomfortable seats"
Plus: "Travel time"
Plus: "The crew really was amazing and very kind"
Minus: "The boarding was too slow and it delayed the departure"
Minus: "The same. It was the same plain"
Plus: "Nice friendly crew"
Minus: "Very cramped seating. My knees were jammed against seat in front of me. I am 6' 2""
Plus: "The food was really good. You can tell they have made an effort improving this subject. The plane is a beauty, silent, smooth, but when you flight in tight seat, with a minimal reclination, it all goes to the trash. Good entertainment service, modern, but the missed a few movies they should have."
Minus: "The uncomfortable seat. It doesn't recline much, very small space between them."
Minus: "Delayed more than 4 hours and I couldn’t get to my next connections. And they didn’t give us a good solution and they gaved me wrong advice and at the end they wasn’t successful on assisting any request that you did"
Plus: "Aircraft was superb."
Minus: "Communication arr as y was too busy. Too much going on around me."
Plus: "entertainment and flight attendant"
Minus: "food"
Plus: "better food and service, more space between seats"
Minus: "poor space for legs, food was really poor. no entertainment.."
Plus: "The planes were modern and up to date. Good food and friendly service"
Minus: "I loved it all!"
Minus: "Extremely uncomfortable flight, extremely tight seats, kids running around during most of the flight. Terrible experience seating next to bathrooms, flight attendant keep trowing some sort of air freshener to mask the bathroom disgusting smell, and it didn’t not work well. Ended up breathing the most disgusting smell for hours, arrived to destination with an upside down stomach and nausea."
Plus: "Fairly cheap"
Minus: "No food or drink. Ridiculously small baggage allowed on plane"
Plus: "Having to download an app to have access to the entertainment was a big inconvenience."
Minus: "Luggage lost"
Plus: "Left on time the next day."
Minus: "Flight was canceled after I had gone through security and was waiting to board. I received an e-mail from Kayak, but no notification from LATAM. No one was at the gate; waited a long time to speak with a representative. They booked me on the next morning flight from JFK, but sent me to a hotel in Long Island - 1 1/2 by bus that was jammed and overheated. Hotel was old, not kept up and food and service bad. Bus driver could not tell me for sure what time we were going to be picked up in the morning - maybe 6:30 AM? I was told. No one at the gate gave me this information either. I was ready at 6:15 AM and the bus was full. I waited for second bus. No breakfast at the hotel. Flight to Santiago was uneventful and crew during the flight were polite."
Plus: "There was nothing special"
Minus: "Staff attitude food"
Plus: "Great short flight and they got us to Santiago early since everyone was at the gate"
Minus: "They changed my seat without notice nor great explanation."
Plus: "I love this airline! Service, planes, food."
Minus: "Na"
Plus: "Despite being closed out of my flight, LATAM made it relatively inexpensive to change my flight to the next day. But, flying on other airlines out of Santiago, there is really no need to close the flight one hour before flight time. This is a LATAM policy only. I should have been on that flight. My return flight was delayed 3 hours. Go figure."
Minus: "Arrived 50 min before flight, but it was closed and was forced to pay a change fee and arrive 2 days later to Easter Island. There was still plenty of time for me to make that flight, but LATAM's policy of closing flights 1 hr before flight time really screwed me."
Plus: "I like the fact that LATAM is part of the One World alliance"
Minus: "The check-in process was chaotic and they have lost my luggage even though it was a direct flight."
Plus: "The fact I never have to fly this airline again after today"
Minus: "Without a doubt worst flight experience I've ever had. I'm still in Miami airport after the flight was delayed 14hrs. This is the riot cene from the gate last night https://twitter.com/scrollinondubs/status/851640677595271168 airline never apologized nor explained situation. Sent cops to the gate instead to control the angry mob. Awful awful experience. Will never fly again"
Minus: "Food was rubbish!"
Plus: "The stewardesses were great. Great service. Both trips we thought the service was the best we have seen."
Minus: "They had difficulty getting the bags on the turnstile but I think that was more an airport problem in santiago. Check in in Punta Arenas was very slow. Sky airlines processed twice the number of people in the same time"
Minus: "My original flight was supposed to land at 8:55pm but I was notified that it had been changed to land closer to midnight which was a problem because my hotel closed at midnight. After talking to the customer service agent at the airport he told me the reason my flight had changed was because my original airplane was flying out of another airport and the only way to make the flight that I had booked was to take a cab ride to the other airport. What he didn't explain was that its a 45+ minute drive between the two airports and I only had about 1.5 hours to get my bag, get on the taxi, check in at the other airport, clear security AND customs. Somehow by the grace of god it all came together but it was certainly a harrowing experience, not to mention the $45 I lost in cab fares. I cannot recommend LAN/LATAM."
Minus: "Both flights were delayed and there were no meteorological problems, I finally arrived in LAX more than 2.5 hours late"
Minus: "Delayed"
Minus: "Staff not helpful, announcement's only in spanish despite many English speaking tourists."
Plus: "Friendly staff"
Minus: "Delayed disembarking"
Plus: "Good service"
Minus: "I lost my luggage (bag). I had to wait about 1 hour to go to the counter. Airport staff told me to go to gate 11 then gate 1 then finally to Latam counter."
Minus: "Could not select my seat"
Plus: "The LATAN costumee service was very kind and professional."
Minus: "I went to Argentina to spend 4 days with my family, wich I didn't see for 2 years. I arrived to Mendoza. I wait until the last suitcase shows. Any of my suitcases arrived. I spent another hour making the complain. I had to come back to the airport in the evening and spent another hour for my baggages. Unfortunate i waist my first day in the airport and only spent 3 days with my family. Also the day that I had to return to USA the LATAN fly was late 1 and a half hour."
Plus: "Space between seats"
Plus: "While my flight attendants were all fine and everything was very good, my daughter flew w/ LATAM 3 days later than us and her experience was good on all flights except from Lima to Rio de Janeiro."
Minus: "It was all very good on the flight TO Lima. No problems."
Minus: "Lost my luggage. Could've taken an earlier flight.."

Eliminate the use of mask during the fligth

787 9 Dreamliner is wonderful in Business!

Not cancel flights and do not notify the passengers. It was a great inconvenience.

Check in was a nightmare. Waited in line fir two hours. Check in earlier did not made any difference. Had to stand in line and go though the the process.

Plus: "Excellent selection of movies and the dinner was very good."
Minus: "Breakfast eggs and mashed potatoes were wet and too watery."
Plus: "Crew was good, food was good."
Minus: "The entertainment, I saw the Wifi stuff when I bought the ticket, but there was no internet connection there. Besides, no movies, no screen... boring."
Minus: "My baggage got destroyed and they did not wanted to refund it. (I am not sure if it was the correct flight). I submitted a claim but thet rejected it."
Minus: "All es excellent."
Minus: "Flight was delayed 1he from Guatemala and flight from Mexico was canceled."
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Smelly WC and crew"
Minus: "Aeromexico over booked the flight and people including myself were removed from the flight. They never asked for volunteers or no compensation was offered. I got stranded in Mexico."
Plus: "Movie was good."
Minus: "WiFi and friendly staff. Staff at Guadalajara were inpatient and unfriendly so was the staff in Fresno"
Plus: "Seats could have been more comfortable"
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Seat space is miserable"
Minus: "Price is OK"
Minus: "24hrs in advance, the flight was delayed over 6hrs"
Plus: "Everything was ok except the audio"
Minus: "I could not use my earphones because the entry was blocked. You should get it fixed. Seat 23D"
Plus: "Comfortable, prompt, clean."
Plus: "Perfect timing, pilots throttled up to catch up on a delayed departure, absolutely bang on. Cabin crew were great. Comfortable seats with recline."
Minus: "Inside could do with a clean, but it was an older 737 workhorse, typical wear & tear. I paid more than expected but I did get a good reliable service."
Plus: "The cabin was kept quiet, dark and orderly for the night flight."
Minus: "Same as above. The seat in economy is truly an endurance test. No way to go to sleep."
Plus: "Loved staff and food!!"
Plus: "Overall, my flights with Aeromexico were smooth and comfortable. I especially appreciated the airport staff allowing me to load a zone ahead of my assigned zone so that I could easily get my viola in an overhead compartment on the plane. Lots of points earned there, thank you!"
Minus: "Ground crew is inept. 1. They keep separate lanes for passengers who checked-in via web and who had not checked-in yet. However they did not prioritized one over the other. So people who arrived 10 minutes after me and had not checked-in dropped their luggage before me. 2. They did not ask questions to figure out how to best help passengers. 3. Provided incorrect boarding time 4. provided incorrect information to pickup luggage in CDMX"
Plus: "I liked that Aeromexico offers a direct flight from my city to CDMX."
Minus: "I'm fairly tall, so I spend the extra for Economy+ for a few extra inches of leg room. It's still not adequate, but it's better than nothing. However, the seats on Aeromexico's E+ are more uncomfortable than any other E+ seats I've sat it. Truly awful to sit in for even a short period of time. Also, the planes are not clean. There was a half eaten lollipop stuck to the floor in front of my seat on our outbound flight, and on our return flight there was some sort of dried spill (I HOPE it was a spill, and not some sort of bodily fluid) on the wall under the window. If you want your drink to be cold you need to ask for ice - otherwise expect room temperature water/soda/juice, and only a tiny cup of it - there are no full cans of soda here. This wasn't a huge deal to me, but on our return flight I was quite parched and never could quench my thirst with the little amount of water I was given. All this said, I'd probably still suffer through a direct Aeromexico flight than deal with a layover on another airline."
Plus: "Choice of beverages was good, flight attendants impeccable."
Minus: "I was in Classe Premier. My seat was extremely hard to recline and my let rest wouldn’t extend. Very uncomfortable 2 and a half hours."
Plus: "Good flights. Good prices."
Plus: "Comfortable and arrived on time"
Minus: "México has wonderful food, their airline should highlight that"
Plus: "The available entertainment, the amenities, there was no upcharge for things like the ear buds. Bilingual staff that was able to communicate with all guests."
Minus: "Nothing to comment"
Plus: "Todo muy bien"
Minus: "Nada"
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Had to pay extra for baggage at airport"
Minus: "The gate wasn't posted on any screens (which I realize may be the airport's issue, not the airline), the plane were on had very old, worn, and uncomfortable cotton seats (there was a permanent dip where people had been sitting, and my husband's seat cushion wasn't held down in any way - as in, he could remove it completely). On our flight down, we all had our own TVs allowing us to watch whatever, but on this flight there was only the drop down TVs, and there were a lot of crying children (which I also realize is completely out of your control, but didn't help in adding to our experience)."
Plus: "my bag came back to me without many of my belongings. thanks for hiring such standup folks, aeromexico."
Plus: "Plane was new so that was nice! Clean and elegant, i do like AM domestic business/first class product (but only on the new aircraft, with a footrest), especially in comparison to the US domestict first class. What i like is the footrest and a good inflight entertainment system"
Minus: "Food is below average, as it is unhealthy- option of a bacon sandwich on white bread with heavy mayo, or a turkey sandwich, also heavy on mayo and cheese, it included a sugary milk rice (it was tasty)"
Plus: "Good attitude"
Plus: "Immigration into US was a breeze as compared to in and out of Chile Luggage arrived fairly promptly"
Minus: "Not being able to get checked in onn a more timely basis. The long and slow line when you were finally able to check in."
Plus: "Una mierda aeromexico"
Minus: "My flight was changed..."
Plus: "Everything. The plane 787! Cuauhtémoc beautiful plane inside and out. Great service. Impeccable landing as usual with Aeromexico pilots! Thank you."
Plus: "Foods and refreshers were good"
Minus: "The wait time when boarding"
Plus: "I was able to watch free movies. It was a 4-hour flight and usually, I cannot sleep the whole flight. I definitely loved that I was able to watch a movie at no charge. I made my flight feel a lot shorter than my other flights."
Plus: "I like that there are USB charging ports under the tv for every seat."
Minus: "There was a 5 hour delay which caused me to miss my connection. After standing in line for 3 hours, They did not get me the same day flight and put me on a Latam air flight and asked me to take the bus to terminal 1. When I spoke to the person on Latam air they said they don’t have a ticket for me and sent me back to terminal 2 via a bus where Aeromexico desks were. I stood in another line for 3 hours! Then they told me there is no flight and they will put me on the next day flight. However they did not provide any help or accommodation for the night I had to stay in Mexico which felt very very unsafe to me."
Plus: "Entertainment, food, service, it was awesome!!"
Plus: "Service was good, airplane was comfortable, and each seat has a TV with a good selection of complimentary entertainment."
Minus: "$25 checked bag fee on a flight from USA to Mexico."
Plus: "Nothing. We’re not there yet"
Minus: "Everything. AM customer service is beyond horrible and unhelpful."
Plus: "The best seats I have ever had in coach. I am 6’3” and had plenty of legroom. Wonderful seating!"
Minus: "Main meal very bad, tasteless pasta with a dry bun, no butter, no salt and pepper and pudding for a side. Pudding? Really? Probably the worst airline meal I’ve ever had."
Plus: "Excellent flight. Flight attendants were friendly and helpful, For airplane food it was on point. Smooth flight and no delays. Clean plane."
Minus: "There wasn't anything I didn't like about this flight."
Plus: "Nothing."
Minus: "Delayed flight from FAT to GDL. No clear explanation or answers here in the US regarding what solutions would be put into place for missing my connecting flight, had to navigate myself when I arrived in Mexico! Completely unacceptable!"
Plus: "same"
Minus: "same"

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