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  • Letar du efter billiga flygningar till New York? 25 % av våra användare har hittat tur- & returbiljetter till New York för följande priser eller lägre: Från Linköping 6 739 kr enkelresa – 5 682 kr tur- och returresa, från Malmö 10 232 kr enkelresa – 8 414 kr tur- och returresa, från Umeå 13 681 kr enkelresa – 9 874 kr tur- och returresa
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  • Högsäsongen anses vara juni och juli. Den billigaste månaden att flyga till New York är mars.
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  • På grund av långflygningen på nära 9 timmar är det svårt att göra en weekendresa till New York och bättre att spendera några extra dagar i staden för att kunna utnyttja storstadssemestern.
  • Då det är en lång flygning kan det vara värt att lägga till lite extra för att resa i economy premium eller business class så att flygresan bli bekväm.
  • När du reser till New York behöver du ha med dig ditt pass. Du behöver också ansöka om ett så kallat ESTA-tillstånd, vilket du gör online senast 72 timmar innan flyget avgår. Kolla alltid de senaste reglerna hos ambassaden innan du ska resa.
  • Billiga flyg till New York hittar du bland annat med Norwegian som flyger direkt från Stockholm.
  • Resor med SAS landar på Newarks flygplats utanför New York. Därifrån tar du dig lättast in till Manhattan med tåg som stannar på Penn Station varifrån du kan resa vidare med tunnelbana eller taxi.
  • Resor med Norwegian landar på flygplatsen JFK. Därifrån kan du resa vidare med tunnelbana, vilket är det billigaste alternativet, eller med taxi som är allra smidigast.
  • När du landar i USA behöver du gå igenom tullen vilket ofta tar lång tid. Tänk på att fylla i de dokument som flygplatspersonalen ger dig redan under flygresan för att spara tid på flygplatsen.
  • Inne på flygplatserna finns valutaväxling om du behöver kontanter vilket är en god idé då många affärer och restauranger i staden föredrar kontantbetalning. Det går dock bra att ta sig från flygplatsen endast med kortbetalning, vare sig du tar tunnelbana, tåg eller taxi.

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SWISSGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 9440 recensioner
8,2Gå ombord
Plus: "Good AC - very important, calm and nice atmosphere. Very friendly staff."
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Plus: "Good AC - very important, calm and nice atmosphere. Very friendly staff."
Minus: "Need more leg room. Cramped for 8 hours is not a good thing"
Minus: "Food could be better"
Plus: "I loved that every seat had a pillow, blanket and head-phones waiting. The movie selection was great, too.The service was excellent. Love having metal utensils, and not plastic."
Minus: "No fault of the airline, but when passengers recline their seat backs all the way, it's very difficult for the person behind. Two vegetarians meals were offered - which is ok, but I was unsure if either had sufficient protein; plus the side dishes were all starches."
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Very hot on board"
Plus: "The movie"
Minus: "More space! The crew could have been nicer"
Minus: "There was only one agent checking in business class passengers until a bunch of us complained. The Swiss business lounge is too small with not enough seats"
Minus: "entertainment sound"
Plus: "Crew was attentive and overall I enjoyed the flight"
Minus: "Food could have been better"
Plus: "We have been flying Swiss for years and they are the most reliable and best organized airline, we have ever experienced."
Minus: "I didn't notice that I had booked some sort of new economy light category where checked baggage is no longer included and to check baggage when booked into this class cost $60 per bag per flight. So overall on the trip I paid $240 extra for luggage alone."
Plus: "Responsive excellent crew."
Minus: "Long waits to get to the bathroom. Plane dated."
Plus: "The food and service."
Plus: "The food was actually really great and the attendants were super responsive/friendly! Even in coach, the seats were comfortable."
Plus: "Professional courteous staff"
Minus: "Tray table slid downward whenever it was opened. Headphones quit after the first hour and got scratchy. So little room..tiny video screen. I could not get advance seating because of a code share flight."
Plus: "Crew great service"
Minus: "Boarding was slow —delayed takeoff for nearly an hour"
Plus: "Entertainment"
Minus: "I would have liked a better selection of movies and TV series and games"
Plus: "I got a surprise upgrade to Business Class where the service, food, and comfort were all excellent."
Minus: "Flight was delayed for almost an hour while we were on board. (ultimately not the airline's fault), If I hadn't been in Business class, it would have been very uncomfortable."
Plus: "We did not get on any flight to NY!!!!"
Plus: "Not applicable"
Minus: "See above."
Plus: "Flight was fine"
Minus: "Check in at Nuremberg terrible"
Plus: "Excellent organization, food and entertainment. Impeccable service."
Plus: "I was fed food and drinks varios times during the flight and that makes me happy! I never went hungry!"
Plus: "When checking in, I was upgraded to business without knowing it until I looked at my boarding passes. This was a good surprise of course."
Minus: "Bathroom not clean"
Plus: "Swiss is already a great company and yesterday it just got better : I got upgraded on business class between Geneva and New York and it was a very nice treat, the service was perfect, the food excellent, the seat was very comfortable. Thank you SWISS !"
Plus: "The crew were very attentive, kind and professional on their ways through the cabin. I appreciated the hot towels near the end of the flight."
Minus: "There were headphones (as well as pillows and blankets, much appreciated), but the jacks for the headphones only fit the SwissAir headphones, so if passengers brought their own headphones, they could only get a mono output. It was difficult to hear the entertainment through only one ear."
Plus: "The crew was amazing, also the service given since it was a long flight."
Plus: "When we landed"
Minus: "Everything else..."
Plus: "The plane was comfortable. The headrest was great and the seat pitch and recline were decent. I was able to sleep better with Swiss than with other airlines like Lufthansa or Delta. They are much better overall for sure. The food and staff were excellent! The food quality is very good compared to the other airlines. The cabin crew are always passing around water and chocolates throughout the flight. They were friendly and helpful as well. The pilots were also very good. We had no rough turbulence and their landing skills were amazing."
Minus: "The boarding procedures could be improved. They don't have zones and everybody just line up. Families with small children are not accomodated first."
Plus: "Great complimentary chocolate."
Minus: "You would think that after spending 1100 on a ticket that a passenger could chose their own seat within 24 hours of their flight. Nope. They wanted me to pay for my seat after already spending 1100. Then they said I was randomly selected for a TSA check in Zurich. Seriously. And there was no TSA agent in sight doing the check. It was a Swiss Airline Employee. Never had that happen even in the USA."
Plus: "Short flight.."
Minus: "They gave me and the 2 other black people who were flying, the seats all the way in the back. I'm never telling the people at check in "just give me any seat" ever again! It was so obvious I almost complained to all the attendants! I just tried to keep my cool... HORRIBLE FIRST EXPERIENCE TO EUROPE!"
Plus: "I had a super-short connection from Stockholm at Zurich (going to JFK), and I just assumed I'd have to be rebooted, but they held the plane for all of us! Entertainment was excellent, service was great - I really like the food, although I don't eat well on flights. Comfortable - I slept for a few hours. Really great experience (until I hit customs in JFK, but SwissAir has no influence on that :) )"
Minus: "entertainment machine in my seat did not worked"
Plus: "It was an uneventful trip, which is what you want in a trip by air. Boarding was easy, seats are pretty comfortable, staff friendly and helpful."
Plus: "We had two flights with Swiss and the first one left half an hour late, meaning we only had about 10 minutes to connect to the next one. Instead of sprinting through the airport, a man was waiting for us immediately outside the plane. He got our luggage right from the cargo, drove us to another man who stamped our passports, and then drove us to the plan just in time for takeoff. It was incredible service and everyone was super friendly. We so appreciated them making sure we caught our connecting flight!"
Plus: "Food and entertainment"
Minus: "Service was poor - several of the staff seemed to be inexperienced and not very customer service oriented. The boarding process was chaotic at the gate - customs were there to check in but quite a few people were unaware (not many announcements). Also, the Economy boarding process wasn't clear and chaotic (i.e., not by row and you also didn't know when you could board. Also, the person in front of me kept reclining her seat and it went back too far. I didn't want to do the same to the person behind me so it was quite uncomfortable."
Plus: "crew was great"
Minus: "my entertainment controller did not work and my daughters head phone plug would only half work."
Plus: "I really enjoyed the flight overall. Made a long flight seem not so bad."
Plus: "All on-board crew members were pleasant and helpful. The variety of movies and tv shows was sufficient to keep me occupied for the 9+ hour flight."
Minus: "For a 5' 4" person like myself, arm and leg room were barely minimal, Economy seats were crammed together and were not ergonomically designed for comfort or support. I was fortunate to be able to move from my center seat to an aisle seat once the flight was in progress. As soon as I did, the air around me was cooler and made for more comfortable breathing. In the center seat, the air was still and close—very uncomfortable. Poor communication regarding passport control protocol at the departure gate: A temporary station was set up, labeled Passport Control, but no SWISS agent announced what was happening. I had just gone through a passport control line on a lower level so I didn't think I had to go through a similar process at the gate. Most people around me also didn't know whether they had to go through the process at the gate. Once agents had been questioned on the subject several times, they should have made a general announcement to inform everyone at the gate. They did not. The food on the plane was the usual poor quality fare for economy class—either highly processed or overcooked and much too salty. Ugh."
Plus: "Comfort of the flight ,very friendly staff"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "The crew on Swiss Air is very welcoming. The food was pretty good and there was frequent beverage service, so you don't get dehydrated like on other airlines."
Minus: "The seats decline fairly far back into the next seat. As a result, some of the passengers got agitated if they do not go with the flow and decline like dominoes. Both legs of the flight we had the people seated behind us kicking and shoving our seats. One gentleman was kicking my seat for a couple hours and made a scene on the outgoing flight. The stewardess addressed the gentleman and explained that I had to decline my seat because the seat in front of me was declined. My knees were jammed into the seat in front of me, so every time the gentleman kicked me, it not only hurt my back, but my knees. The couple behind us on the return flight jumped the line to get onto the flight, kept kicking our seats and then pretended they did not understand when we asked that they stop. I think the pilot should address the issue upfront so this toddler like behavior does not go on. I am not sure if it is common behavior, but not something I have experienced on an American carrier."
Plus: "Nothing distinguishes itself for better or worse than usual in coach."
Plus: "The children had easy entertainment at their hands. The planes were clean and comfortable. The food had a Swiss touch and the chocolates are always welcome in my family."
Plus: "The service , the hospitality and kindness"
Plus: "Personal och Kapten var lugna och trevliga"
Minus: "Allt annat. Fick vänta 2 timmar ombord flyg utan AC (35 grader varmt?) innan besked kom att planet ej var flygdugligt. Sen fick vi vänta ytterligare 1 timme ombord i värmen helt ohyggligt när folk börjar oroa sig för konsekvenserna etc det var ju uppenbart ingen skulle komma ut amma kväll (efter midnatt). När väl ute fanns bara 1 service desk till hela planet, jag kunde åka hem och sova och skita i vouchers men de som behövde hotell lär ha väntat halva natten. Det enda som var ok var att de svarade snabbt på telefon följande morgon - men meddelade inte som man sagt den nya bokningen via sms eller mail!"
Plus: "service personnel were excellent. Espresso is great."
Minus: "Business class main meal was disappointing."
Plus: "As mentioned in my previous review about Edelweiss, I couldn't be any happier with the experience. I always fly back home (Zurich to NY) with Swiss airlines. I love the flight, crew and their performance. They make sure that you're comfortable and accommodate you to your every need. SWISS and Edelweiss will always be preferred by myself and I'll make sure to always recommend you to family and friends. Thank you for your outstanding and remarkable service."
Plus: "The crew’s positive energy and great service were truly amazing. Kudos Delta!"
Plus: "The crew was very friendly and it was a day fast flight."
Minus: "No back of seat entertainment."
Minus: "Turn on the lights before landing graduallyb- noone likes bright fast - too nasty;"
Minus: "Seats are tight"
Minus: "The boarding process was awful. The gate agent was extremely rude - was shocked she was representing Delta. There was police on board arresting two passengers and crew was not saying anything."
Plus: "Friendly crew"
Plus: "On time, comfortable flight. Great crew and service."
Minus: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Minus: "Late"
Plus: "short flight"
Minus: "noisy plane. seems like Delta does not maintain their planes very well. flight was delayed, which made it stressful to catch connecting flight at LGA. when we were all on the plane, the pilot states that he apologizes for the wait, since we were waiting a while for take off. he said there was something wrong with the fuel system that had to get fixed but it is ok now. wow, that wasn't the right thing to say. as soon as he said that, the passengers started talking among themselves saying,,,,,,,,,,,,well, i hope it is ok now, because if it is not, we may not get to our destination! he should have rephrased that and simply said that;;;;; sorry for the delay, we were simply going through some maintenance on the plane to make sure everything is all-right, which it is, and we look forward to getting you to your destination in a few minutes! keep it simple without getting into all the details! geeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssccccccccccchhhhhhhhh!!!!! :("
Minus: "Not cancelling our flight"
Plus: "The free movie/entertainment system"
Minus: "Leg room limited, but seats were ok"
Minus: "food options"
Plus: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
Minus: "Well, if our plane had been leaving on time it would've been superb."
Plus: "Crew was friendly, cabin was clean."
Minus: "No Tvs"
Minus: "Choice of healthier snack"
Plus: "Flight attendant in first class was amazing."
Minus: "Too much delay - departure was planned on March 15 @ 7 pm and take off happened on March 16 @ 12pm - a complete failure!!!!"
Minus: "The flight was 2 hours delayed.. this cause a lot of inconvienece.."
Plus: "Arrived on time and smooth flight though it was completely full"
Plus: "Great service!"
Minus: "N/A"
Minus: "Rude to passengers and then went to the back and loudly complained about other passengers. Very unprofessional."
Minus: "Sent flyg, sen fastnade vi även på avstigningsbanan för mer än 30 minuter. Besättningen försökte inte ens erbjuda något att kompensera med och jag fick fråga efter snacks och hörlurar (som ska vara kostnadsfritt). Besviken på hur de kunde gottgöra sina kunder när flyget blir 2h sen."
Minus: "The crew was terrible & rude."
Plus: "The flight itself was fine, boarded on time and arrived on time."
Minus: "A pet peeve of mine is having to check my carry on. They said the overhead bins were all completely full, so I checked my bag at the gate. Come to find out, there were a few spaces left and it wasn't necessary. Really annoying."
Plus: "Boarding was on time; flight departures on time and arrived earlier than expected! Pilot told us exactly what was the status and gave us updates; cabin was well air conditioned; flight attendants were friendly; bags came out very quick! Very nice flight"
Plus: "I arrived safely."
Minus: "Space on board was horrible. Diffenately not enough room and I'm an average guys."
Plus: "It's a fast flight and boarding was quick."
Minus: "The terminal at LGA airlines is terrible."
Minus: "Hour late"
Minus: "insufficient overhead luggage space"
Plus: "Flight attendants were excellent!"
Minus: "That's the flight is clean"
Plus: "Customer service"
Plus: "We were treated very well and it was a short, sweet flight. Nothing to complain about."
Plus: "Flight was on time, boarded quickly and efficiently. Staff were nice enough but all business."
Plus: "Seats were comfortable, choose your own entertainment has new and classic films. Snack selection and quantity were low compared to JetBlue."
Minus: "Took too long to board the plane. Wifi never connected."
Plus: "Very clean plane and comfortable. Great friendly crew and very good service."
Minus: "Wifi service was slow but acceptable. Not a big issue."
Plus: "Arriving in 2 hrs from Orlando to laguardia!"
Minus: "no tv .. I didn't like that we had to use our own electronic device to access the entertainment system."
Plus: "The Gogo Inflight wifi and entertainment did not work for even a minute. I choose flights based on their amenities and this one had offered full WIFI service which swayed me to choose to fly with Delta. I'm not sure who is to blame about this issue but I'm pretty frustrated that it was completely dysfunctional."
Plus: "We were traveling with a 4 month old lap infant, and the crew went out of their way to warm bottles and be friendly in general. The plane was clean and comfortable, and on this leg of our trip the entertainment system actually worked!"
Minus: "The only bad things were those that were totally out of Delta's control: weather delays and absolutely nasty and rude TSA agents who seemed to understand neither the concept of their Pre-Check system (no dedicated lines and no priority) nor the fun of traveling with an infant."
Plus: "No fee to get on an earlier flught"
Minus: "When I tried to rebook online this flight was not an option"
Plus: "Got lucky, and got an upgrade!"
Minus: "Good staff on the plane very sweet like. Actually arrived early. Thought we would get breakfast on the flight from Madison Wisconsin to New York City."
Plus: "the plane crew were nice"
Minus: "ok wont fly delta if i can avoid it"
Plus: "Smooth flight"
Minus: "The entertainment on the app, bring back the good old tv's on the flight"
Minus: "Delayed and crews attitude. Also being seated next to someone when the plain is half empty"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I did not like the fact that I have been with Delta for years and their response to me about booking my flight and using the payment method was they are working on it and there is nothing they can do. They would not even offer to hold my flight for 24 hours in case they fixed the issue within that time frame. It was very disappointing."
Plus: "service. Thank you."
Minus: "comfort seats were uncomfortable"
Plus: "I liked the airplane, , service, food, JFK and the airtrain!"
Minus: "We were delayed 2,5 hours and of course that is not fun!"
Minus: "No in flight entertainment"
Plus: "The customer service of the middle aged White frmale FA"
Minus: "The seats were small"
Plus: "Clean, modern plane, friendly crew, great service"
Minus: "I liked it all!"

I liked the crews & services. This flight I comfortable leg space but flight from EWR to Istambul was very narrow

I booked this flight months in advance and to be placed in the second row from the back of the plane was very disappointing.

Trevligt 👍

Staff was very nice. Seats were comfortable. We had to wait in line 30 min for boarding. Otherwise everything else was excellent.

Thy är alltid bäst

Att gå ombord var kaos och en del förändringar med att gå ombord. Det som ni har kunnat att göra är att komma ut med tydliga information och tydliga instruktioner till resenärer så att de inte agerar på egna händer tex när de står i kön kunde de som var vid disken att tala om i högtalaren till resenärer att sätta sig ner och ropar endast på dem som har sittplatser längst in i flyget och var noga med att kontrollera sittplatser vid på stigning så att de underlättar senare steget när resenärerna är på flyget. Det finns en del som man kunde ha gjort men jag har tyvärr inte tid att skriva allt här. Lycka till

Very tight seats and spaces, almost impossible to watch the screen or eat a meal if the seat in front of you is pushed back. Attendants were not accommodating. Two meal options were offered, pasta & beef. Ordered pasta, I was told there is no more pasta. Ordered beef meal instead, received salmon meal. Later during flight I saw attendant sitting down in their station eating pasta meals. The list goes on....

Ewr staffing had us waiting on the tarmac for 30 min dor a marshaller and someone to get the jetway to the door. Not Turkish Airlines fault on that one. Seating in economy was tighter than previous flights. An older A-330 was our plan. 6’1” with long legs, had to put my feet in the aisle for most of the flight due to lack of space

Rude customer service. Felt some type of prejudice

Pasta tog slut. Mer mat

Mycket bra

Allt bra tack

Very poor customer service Airport staff has no compassion Hotel stay was worst ever in my life Very rude hotel staff No food provided during hotel stay Flight connected delayed for 6 hours on outbound flight and missed connection due to flight delay on inbound flight


Everything good, Thanks so much

Everything was great with Turkish Airlines.

Minus: "Turkish Airlines are doing great job for customer satisfaction services and timing"
Plus: "our seats were bulkhead seat due to my mother cannot walk so we were told to move back and that was seriously horrible we had paid extra for the bulk seat and it was neglected."
Minus: "our seats were bulkhead seat due to my mother cannot walk so we were told to move back and that was seriously horrible we had paid extra for the bulk seat and it was neglected."
Plus: "Overall flight was good. The flight was on time, the boarding was smooth, the entertainment was excellent. I would like to thank crew for their work"
Minus: "As a family it was a big disappointment that we got seated in a different row. The check in person didn’t even made an effort to put us together just suggested that we can ask to switch on a plane. Another big disappointment was food Please bring the food quality back"
Plus: "The crew is phenomenal"
Minus: "They had a deported person sitting next to me. The person was in jail and he showed me the court order That made me very uncomfortable."
Plus: "Service, flight and landing, exceptional!!!"
Minus: "No cons..."
Plus: "Crew was very good."
Minus: "I wasn’t able to get a simple luggage name tag after asking several staff employees. That’s crazy."
Plus: "Food was decent and the crew was great."
Minus: "The air conditioning did not work in the front part of the cabin. I asked about it but nothing changed. It was very uncomfortable for everyone in that part of the plane. The back was cool front was miserable."
Plus: "Food, staff attitude, service. Good communications from captain during lateness period at JFK."
Minus: "In Istanbul the line for boarding was badly mismanaged, something unusual for them."
Plus: "Everything"
Plus: "Our flight from CAIRO was delayed for 3 and half hours. We missed our flight to Chicago. The Staff at Istanbul airport were very very unhelpful and rude. They did not try at all to find an alternative route for us. The lack of empathy and understanding was astounding. NEVER TURKISH AIRLINES AGAIN!"
Plus: "Crew in both flights were friendly. The service boarding etc was great. Flight was very turbulent."
Minus: "Passenger next to me wanted water constantly. The passenger on left of me constantly wanted wine. One got very little attention while the other treated like royalty. Unfortunately the African passenger who wanted water went thirsty a lot."
Plus: "On-time departure. very polite and friendly staff and we got there fast!"
Minus: "Entertainment console was small and options were not great. Food was not so great. Breakfast was good."
Plus: "I'm happy and will continue to fly Turkish."
Minus: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."
Plus: "Planes are very clean, food is excellent, there is plenty of alcohol, and the crew treats economy passengers as if they were royalty. Flying attendants clean toilette each hour, There is also a flower pasted on the mirror in the toilette. All details of the flight have been take care of."
Minus: "1) The safety record is not superb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Airlines#Incidents_and_accidents 2) Political situation in Turkey is unstable. 3) Most of Europe is west of Istanbul - the flights to Europe are longer. BUT ANYWAY: THE AIRLINES ARE WORKING HARD TO OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES AND PRICES ARE GREAT."
Plus: "Turkish airlines is better than all airlines I have used."
Minus: "The entertainment system could be more user friendly. Navigating the movies could be better. I'm not complaining, however. All in all, Tk is very good."
Plus: "The foood and service from flight staff were great! Definitely made my 13 hr trip comfortable"
Minus: "The cabin got a little warm at times ! The movie selection wasn't the best"
Plus: "Very impressed! So impressed that actually called home to tell others to make sure they booked through Turkish airline for their travel next month!"
Plus: "Flight was on time and landed safely. Great food even in economy -- but they ran out of coffee."
Minus: "Check-in was very slow."
Plus: "Much nicer crew and attendants. Generous service and alcohol... Helped with the sleep"
Minus: "Food wasn't as good"
Minus: "I had an isle seat and the isles were so tiny that everytime someone walked by to use the restroom, they would wind up bumping or brushing against me..... So that woke me up about 20 times as well as the crew hitting me with the drink cart."
Minus: "It was so uncomfortable to mrest on the old chair the tray table won't fold in the arm rest."
Minus: "The flight was delayed for 47 minutes and the boarding was a mess because they changed the plane at the last minute and everybody's seats were mixed. Then it was understood that there's over booking on the flight then they again lost time for searching for volunteers to drop their flight and take a further flight."
Plus: "Food is bad.no other word is fitted. All the rest is good."
Minus: "We were flown by AnadoluJet which is a fully owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. We were notified of that change until checking in time. The seats weren't comfortable and leg space was too small. The food was poor. A chess sandwich and nothing else."
Plus: "The flight crew on my side was great!"
Minus: "There was one stewardist not on my row but on another row that I witnessed getting very frustrated and was rude with a few customers. It was uncomfortable to watch her be that way. I'm glad it wasn't me but I feel bad for her and the others."
Plus: "Not trying to be flattering here but it really is a good airline."
Plus: "Great service. On time. Friendly personnel."
Plus: "Everything. The crew was very accommodating as well as helpful."
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "Overall great airline"
Minus: "They no longer serve Turkish Delight which was a wonderful Turkish touch. Very disappointed. Also fresh orange juice. These small differences make it a lot of unique experience. Also the crew this trip were MIA on a 12 hr trip."
Minus: "Announce too early boarding time, 50 minutes late for boarding."
Plus: "The movies and the gift to the kids were good."
Minus: "The attendant should make more rounds in such a long flight."
Minus: "Excellent service"

Flight was okay when we got on it eventually after 4 hour delay. Spent another 45 minutes on the plane waiting for a gate. All quite tiring

Good value

Everything went wrong

Flight attendants were courteous, efficient and friendly Entertainment had lots of selection Seats were fairly comfortable Food was almost inedible

Crew is amazing food was great and movies are top notch

It was far too cold. Had to wear my coat and use the blanket. Very unpleasant.

Comfortable flight. Lots of space.

Clean and comfortable short flight. Arrived on time.

The new business class configuration isn't the best. Knees keep bumping. The seat area wasn't the cleanest either. There was an orange peel on the floor. Meal - mediocre.

Plus: "The crew was friendly, the food delicious, and the plane itself in highest quality and state-of-the-art."
Plus: "Amazing !"
Minus: "Nothing all good really"
Plus: "Fräscht plan, mycket bra personal, god mat, information på rätt nivå"
Minus: "Lite för trångt i ekononomiklass för långflyg om man är lång"
Plus: "Crew was generally nice and caring."
Minus: "Of course coach seat was not super comfortable. And speaker and screen at my seat did not work."
Plus: "Crew was nice"
Minus: "Screens have poor color quality Seat too small Legroom cut into by electronics box Row 45 next to bathroom and no windows"
Plus: "Premium economy was perfect, smaller cabin with less people, great flight."
Minus: "Seats were really old and outdated"
Minus: "Nyare plan, 31år är lite gamnalt"
Minus: "Getting home 5 hrs later than planned"
Plus: "Meals were excellent and plane was very clean. Economy delight is definitely an upgrade worth considering with extra leg room and space in front of you in general."
Minus: "Boarding can get crowded so don't be in a rush"
Plus: "Provides the service you'd expect from an international carrier. Boarded on time, seat actually reclines, meals, baggage, seat assignments are included in the price. Staff treat you well and the price isn't bad."
Minus: "Virgin website is slow and not intuitive. Couldn't get seat assignment until i was at the gate. No explanation why. Boarding announcements delivered via ESP. Half of the passengers were still in the boarding area because no one heard announcements. Arrived 30 min early but had to wait on the tarmac for 45 min for a parking gate. Baggage delivery at JFK took forever."
Plus: "Service, pilot updates, and seating were all great!"
Plus: "The flight crew was phenomenal, especially Daniella. Somehow we wound up with seats right next to the bathroom door, which would have been a pretty uncomfortable situation for a variety of reasons, but the flight wasn't full, and she helped us find a suitable place to sit. Also, my wife and I usually take our tea with honey vs. milk and sugar. Even though honey is usually one of the options for tea, she found a way to accommodate our request. The lunch meals were the best I can remember in a long time on an airline flight. They might have been the best I've ever had. The chicken curry was authentic, flavorful and spicy. Frankly my outbound flight had problems. My luggage got damaged. The transfer experience in Manchester left a LOT to be desired. I wasn't planning to use Virgin Atlantic again, but this flight crew (Daniella especially) redeemed Virgin Atlantic. They were attentive, pleasant, diligent."
Minus: "Only thing I didn't like about this flight was the boarding area. Once you get into that the area, you don't really have access to appetizing food (only vending machines) or even restrooms. That's one thing that could be improved."
Plus: "Friendly staff, so much food/snacks were offered. Good movies available."
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Queue at boarding gate for upper class ticket holders Bus transfer to plane - Virgin is not a LoCo airline! Upper Class Service was slow - understaffed?"
Plus: "Service, meals, friendly and attentive FAs"
Plus: "The crew were friendly."
Minus: "The food was okay. There were more tasty options traveling to Heathrow versus from Heathrow to the NYC. The boarding process was a mess. We had to wait in an enormous line and then take a bus to the flight."
Plus: "The cabin crew were excellent!"
Minus: "I paid extra for Economy Delight seats for me and my wife. Shortly after take-off, our calm and comfortable more or less empty section of the aircraft was colonised by an extended family of Orthodox Jews in a kind of airborne West Bank situation. They weren’t in our section of the cabin at all to start with, and I don’t know why they were apparently able to get a free upgrade that I had to pay £100 for. We went from being in an almost empty cabin to being basically sat in the middle of an Orthodox Jewish kindergarten. It was awful! They were noisy, messy, were constantly getting in and out of their seats, the back of my seat kept getting kicked, and there was even a baby crawling around the aisle. We were surrounded. I have no idea whether this is characteristic of Orthodox Jewish family life, or just a completely inconsiderate family. They didn’t exactly ruin my flight, but they didn’t make it enjoyable either. I asked to be moved. The cabin crew were great and acknowledged the difficulty of the situation. My wife lost her window seat but at least we still had the legroom and peace and quiet."
Plus: "The service, the drinks, the crew were friendly and professional. Entertainment choices were excellent.0"
Minus: "The space was a bit cramped and the poxket in front of the chair to jeep things was broken."
Plus: "Legroom, lovely staff and all round good flight"
Minus: "Older media entertainment screen with hard to use touch interface."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I had to run for almost 2 miles every time I had to change the flight. On the way to India they lost my one bag, and on the way back to US they lost my both begs."
Plus: "Quite a big choice of movies and TV shows to watch, more than enough for an eight hour flight. Normal headphone plugs so you can use your own."
Minus: "I booked together with my wife, yet we were allocated seats apart and were not able to be reassigned together. The leg room was so tight that I could not pick up things off the floor without putting my head in the next persons lap. Though the cabin crew were smiley and friendly, it was hard to get their attention when needed. The PA system is much louder than the entertainment, so announcements were ear bursting. The dinner selections ran out early, so a good proportion did not get their choice."
Plus: "Everything went very fast and smooth. I didn't have to queue for the boarding. The Sita were very comfortable, the crew very friendly and halepful and the selection of the movies A+."
Plus: "Choice of movies was good, but told the flight over was better. I flew another airline. Had no issue checking one bag in for free, but I think that is standard on an international flight."
Minus: "Entertainment systems take up foot/bag space underneath the seats. Was not able to get more than one glass of wine, even though I missed the first beverage service, that is my fault though, but I don't recall it being an issue getting a drink between services. Entertainment systems had contrast issues and it seemed like a lot of people 8 - 10 had issues since they were using iPads instead of the built in monitors. A lot of wear showing on the entertainment systems remotes."
Plus: "The speed of boarding, then the frequency of service. Cabin crew were very dedicated. All in all, a very smooth flight. Ps. my first Virgin was called Carole. ;)"
Minus: "The food left a lot to be desired, but apart from my flight on Emirates to Auckland, Airoplne food does tend to be somewhat......mmmm not sure what the word is, but room for improvement describes it."
Plus: "Efficient service"
Minus: "Entertainment screens were of poor quality"
Plus: "The staff was so helpful and upbeat and somehow they stayed that way the whole 8 hour flight. This was economy btw! More good things: Comfy seat, personal entertainment screen, really nice food. One free checked bag, bathroom was bigger, (it may have been a handicapped bathroom)."
Minus: "Nothing was a problem at all. (I saved "excellent" for the things I really wanted to emphasize)"
Plus: "Food was great, plenty of it also"
Minus: "I'm 6'4" and there was no acknowledgement by the crew that I was squashed into a tight seat."
Plus: "Staff was friendly and welcoming."
Minus: "There was nothing not to like."
Plus: "Easy check in and boarding."
Minus: "Uncomfortable seats and poor food."
Plus: "Virgin Atlantic had a very attractive decor.Food was great& staff as well. Polite and professional ."
Minus: "The seat I had was a bit snug leg wise and recline wise. Could not get comfortable at all."
Plus: "I liked the entertainment system, free adult beverages and boarding process"
Minus: "I don't like that they have you pay extra for picking seats that have no extras. No preboarding. No extra legroom."
Plus: "Service, food, etched all fine"
Minus: "Fees to assign seats in advance are very high. Sat on the Tarmac a while before takeoff and after landing."
Plus: "Food and beverage choices excellent"
Minus: "Cold draft at all times."
Plus: "The crew was very good with the passengers and attentive"
Minus: "The leg space is very tight, it was very hard to sit specially for longer flights it's not that comfortable"
Plus: "free wine, good food, and friendly cabin crew? what more could you want? oh, a good variety of entertainment. I watched two documentaries and "The Lobster" a great choice, never would have seen it otherwise."
Minus: "The seat cushions are really hard and not very comfortable to sit on for a long flight. If you could get a higher density foam that would be great. my bum was a bit sore/uncomfortable."
Minus: "45 minute delay on runway after landing was very very frustrating."
Plus: "Staff were friendly and flight was clean. Lots of movies to watch."
Minus: "The seats gets smaller each year. For a seven hour flight, the seats are very uncomfortable, no space to move. The flight with the hand held remote control TV had poor visual quality. It was hard to watch movies with dark background."
Plus: "Good was decent."
Minus: "This VS25 flight, whatever airplane it was felt old and the v poorly designed "seat back pocket" sat so low and protruded out so much that it pushed against your knees. V uncomfortable."




Vara i tid

en väldigt dålig ombordstigning. Alla skulle vänta på alla och en som organiserade ombordstigningen som inte kunde använda mikrofonen. Var väldigt mycket otydligheter och alla grymtade bak i kön.

ombordstigningen är ju väldigt komplicerad och inte speciellt effektivt. Har de gott om tid är det ok men inte annars

Minus: "Food, entertainment program, pillows and blankets would have been nice,"
Plus: "Bra anslutning"
Minus: "Försrnad start från Arlanda gjorde att man knappt han med nästa flyg. Det som inte funkar då är att bagaget kom inte med andra flyg. Sitter man här i Prague utan ombyte och vinterjacka som checkades in med väskan eftersom man blev ombed at på grund av fullsatt plan checka in sitt handbagage vid gaten innan man skulle kliva ombord. Ingen direkt ursäkt och inte det minsta fundering om att erbjudas möjlighet att anskaffa någon vinter jacka. Inte bra."
Plus: "Trevlig och proffsig besättning"
Minus: "En timmes försening."
Plus: "Inte mycket"
Minus: "Hårda stolar, riktigt dålig mat, torra bröd, dålig ombordstigning"
Plus: "The crew"
Minus: "The seat space and food"
Minus: "People in economy who have no common sense and put their seat all the way back into the personal space of the person sitting behind them. They should not be able to recline that far. If they need that much room take first class."
Minus: "Dem måste ändra tiden"
Minus: "Flyg stå still gör an och half timma I Frankfurt"
Plus: "All great except my seat."
Minus: "Window seat was completely obstructed by wing!! Seat uncomfortable but sat on pillow provided which helped a lot."
Plus: "United/ LH first called it a mechanical delay....we waited....then the weather caused this mini plane not to take off....long story short...we had to stay in a hotel...nobody gave us a voucher...our helped us with anything....very poor service"
Plus: "Comfortable with good food, drink, entertainment and service. Flight left on time."
Minus: "NA"
Plus: "The welcome drink was excellent! The food was fabulous...especially the warm bread! And the seat was so comfortable! Lufthansa has become my favorite airline! It was well worth every penny!"
Plus: "Great aircraft"
Minus: "Waiting for arrival gate"
Plus: "Comfortable plane, food good, flight attendants professional. No complaints"
Plus: "Everything went off without a hitch. Love how organized Lufthansa is."
Plus: "The Asian man speaking English (had a badge with the Korean flag as well as the one representing Hong Hong - HE is First Class!!!"
Minus: "The passengers from China behaving like animals"
Plus: "Large comfortable seats, excellent crew and service, frequent food and beverage offers"
Plus: "everything was great. Service and pilots are at the top level of the proffessionalism."
Plus: "One of the crew members, a male, was very nice."
Minus: "•We boarded and consequently landed late, which caused my cousin to miss his connecting flight, coupled with the long customs process upon landing. There was no accommodation given to my cousin so I have to take him back home with me and then drive 2 hours tomorrow morning to bring him back for his new flight. •The charger ports for our seats were not working, which means we were 8 hours + without a phone. •One female flight attendant had a bad attitude and dropped pretzels in my lap after I turned to quickly ask my cousin a question regarding what drink he wanted. •The plane landing was one of the most reckless I’d ever witnessed."
Minus: "2 hours delay on a 1 hour flight."
Minus: "We sat at a very very bad seats. No space for the legs. And when we wanted to go to the rest room it was so narow we couldn't get out or up."
Plus: "I liked having the option to upgrade to a Premium Economy seat for this long flight. It made a big difference in my comfort during the flight."
Plus: "Its easy to switch planes. If u have connecting flight . Good entertainment. Good crew"
Minus: "The food is horrble and leg space"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Xxxxxxx"
Plus: "While seat did give more leg room, we were still squashed. the guy next to me was a little on the heavy side and he could barely fit in the seat. We had no place to put our arms."
Minus: "we had to go down stairs to gain access to plane; they waited forever to board. supper selections were mediocre at best."
Plus: "It was ok"
Minus: "Two flights were both late Had to run to gate Luggage delayed"
Plus: "Prem Econ was good. Space, crew, etc."
Minus: "Could have had additional snacks or drinks during the flight."
Plus: "food and drink very good, flight crew was very nice"
Minus: "boarding was very cramped ,flight was delayed , I lost my luggage"
Plus: "Convenient connections, fantastic airport, new aircraft with many large toilets in lower deck, super professional crew, really make a big difference when travelling 9 hours with 3 young kids."
Plus: "Efficient and pleasant service."
Plus: "Very nice staff, lovely meal with wine and beer included. Overall experience very nice!"
Minus: "We were late about 30 minutes at boarding. Late to connecting flight but didn't miss it!"
Plus: "The professionalism and warmth of the staff, the food, the wet towels before a meal. We appreciated the constant supply of beverages to keep us hydrated."
Minus: "The disjointed announcements which kept disrupting the movie we were watching. It would be helpful to have one single announcement instead of breaking it up into several smaller units. We had a serious issue with a passenger in front of us who kept jamming his seat back into our knees. The flight staff did a great job of trying to resolve the issue. But the bottom line is that the seats are way too close together for such a long flight."
Plus: "The services provided by United were good, although we were delayed due to mechanical issues. However, we were kept informed and made comfortable."
Minus: "I did not know when I booked through Lufthansa that it was a United flight, so I could not check in online and I was not able to order my gluten-free meal. Also, since it was Lufthansa, I was not able to download the entertainment system onto my portable device because I did not know I needed to."
Plus: "Top notch in-flight entertainment. Chicken meal was not bad. Friendly crew"
Minus: "These flights in and out of Newark have the tightest leg room I've been on. I feel bad for tall passengers. The boarding gate from Düsseldorf was way too crowded."
Plus: "crew, food, seat location, service."
Minus: "Entertainment selections were limited."
Plus: "The most professional and helpful crew"
Plus: "Ground crew very helpful to get connecting flight on time"
Minus: "Run to get in on a plane"
Plus: "Everything was good."
Minus: "everthing was good!"
Minus: "My entertainment screen was barely functional. Also, I was in a window seat and the space under the seat in front of me had a white metal box taking up part of my legroom. Not anything I would have seen on a seating diagram."
Plus: "Love crew & very clean"
Minus: "Need better food options for vegans"
Plus: "In Los Angeles, excelent service in counter, and all flight on time and confort, good service on board."
Plus: "Having power at the seat is great. The movie player is a nice bonus for sure. Flight attendants are nice, helpful and professional! Had a nice flight!"
Minus: "Nothing really. I had a very positive experience on this flight!"
Plus: "Entertainment options were good and varied."
Minus: "We were significantly delayed on take-off, landing, and taxi to our gate, and the staff was very rude about the whole ordeal. One flight attended shouted at us over the intercom several times. I won't be flying Lufthansa again. The food was inedible and the seats were horrible."
Plus: "The flight from Frankfurt to Newark, NJ was good. Flight crew was courteous and movies made the time go quickly. Food and drinks were also plentiful. I have no complaints other than having to pay extra for seat assignments."

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