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24 jun — 1 jul1
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Plus: "Seat was very comfortable. Crew was great."
Plus: "Nice crew"
Minus: "You give no room for passengers to sit comfortably. We are crammed in the airplane like sardines in a can. No legroom, small seats, etc."
Plus: "In The Austria my flight was terrible couse the official people didn’t help me I was with my baby I needed help for stroller for suitcase or something else just the guys watched me with they sad face , they didn’t was nice with me !!!"
Minus: "I don’t know I was nervous in Austria just I need to tell you for Washington it was the nice trip to Washington from Washington I had just better thiothere"
Minus: "Everything"
Minus: "The 34 minute flight was delayed by almost 2 hours."
Minus: "Äta en muffins"
Plus: "Staff and the service"
Minus: "Dinner was so bad"
Plus: "Lost my luggage"
Minus: "Not loosing my suitcase!"
Plus: "I had to pay 75 USD for 3.6 KG extra. Very annal"
Minus: "Missed the flight from Houston to Fankfurt and the airline canceled the whole round trip. I did not know I had to call the airline to let them know not the cancel my trip. I would've appreciated a notice of that."
Plus: "Fligth attemdance atention"
Minus: "Delay in the departure (40 min)"
Plus: "The crew and the service was excellent. Dinner was excellent. The hot breakfast never came. We were served a roll and one small cup of coffee with no refills. That was my only complaint. On a long overseas flight I think a hot breakfast would have been better than a roll."
Plus: "On time take off"
Plus: "Almost every thing was very good"
Minus: "My selection in pasta... was not bad but it was bit dry other than that no complains....thanks for save trip."
Minus: "My parents were traveling, they dont speak english and I verified with Austrian airlines that they would be assisted at the gates and that they had the correct visas for each airport they had a layover in. I was assured there would be no problems. Upon boarding they were not able to get on their flight. I have never had so many communication issues and frustrations in the middle of the night with an airline. disappointed."
Minus: "We are late only 25 min (50% of flight - 50 min)"
Plus: "Great service on board the plane."
Plus: "On future flights to Europe, I always will choose Austrian Air. Very courteous service. Thanks!"
Plus: "Easy boarding. Using a smaller Dadh 8 on this flight meant we had a lovely view of Alps."
Minus: "Poor announcements."
Minus: "All good!"
Plus: "Very pleasant staff on the plane and in the airport. Economy Seats are more comfortable than some other airlines. Food is good."
Plus: "Crew were amazing"
Minus: "Delayed at boarding Delayed inside plane No entertainment No room for my long legs - no option"
Minus: "food"
Plus: "Great food. Exceptional service. Clean airplane and toilets. The whole flight was smooth and comfortable. And we were in coach!!!"
Minus: "All was great."
Minus: "the entertainment was broken, they didn't offer WIFI. the crew was very rude and crabby."
Plus: "Highly efficient transfer (45 minutes between flights)"
Minus: "too short a time to transfer between flights as a very long distance between gates,"
Minus: "Long delay."
Plus: "A bit more leg and knee room."
Minus: "The food was dreadful. We flew Austrian last month and the food was good. We try to stay hydrated on the flights and when I asked for water at the back of the plane, I was kindly given the water and another attendant grabbed the curtain and closed it making it plain I was not to be there. (I've never had that happen on any other flight.)"
Plus: "It was a very safe trip"
Minus: "Small space in Economy class"
Minus: "Firstly . The crew were rude ! They did not even response when were calling them from the seat . The only way to talk to them is to find them at the end of the plane ( where they been chating with each other ) Secondly . The amount of snacks was limited where’s in Turkish airlines it’s unlimited and you can choose different sandwiches whereas in Austrian airilines can offer biscuits and Cookies ;( Thirdly . We are living in 21 century and most transatlantic airlines have WiFi ! Where’s Austrian did not have it!"
Plus: "all was good"
Plus: "Organized orderly boarding. Food was snack only. Flight crew was pleasant and helpful."
Plus: "The flight was nowhere near full, which was terrific. The crew were excellent, polite and attentive. Everything was on time."
Minus: "I don't remember anything about the food."
Plus: "The crew were so kind!"
Plus: "I like the food , service and clean airplane."
Plus: "Emergency exit row leg room. Good stuff."
Minus: "Flight time, slightly delayed departure."
Plus: "6 hours delay, first deplaning due to mechanical failure, 2nd deplaning due to electrical storm. Missed my connection to Asia requiring total new bookings and expense. Never flying AA again."
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "got to my destination on time."
Minus: "uncomfortable chairs. zero entertainment for a non EU flight (over 3 hours), missed the meal, nothing was offered...."
Minus: "economy class eats sold as business class !!! very poor and cheap strategy --"
Minus: "Behavior of AA"
Minus: "Oversold the tickets on my flight and put me on standby. Needed to change the flight and all my plans."
Minus: "small planes, no screens, no enertaminet. the flight was delayed in like two hors, some of crew members became too nevous."
Minus: "Vi sitter i planer och ser våra väskor på en vagn, redo att lastas. Helt plötsligt så kör de iväg vagnen, vi ser att de kör mot terminalen. När vi frågar personalen vad som händer så säger de att väskorna skall lastas framtill i planet. DE LJUGER!! planet stänger dörrarna, vi startar och flyger. När vi landar så berättar de att bagaget inte kom med. utan väskor så åker vår grupp till hotellet. Det hemska var att besättningen ljög istället för att berätta och informera på ett bra sätt. Väskorna kördes ut och kom efter midnatt."
Plus: "The service on board was fantastic. The flight was very smooth."
Plus: "Excellent personnel. Will use Austrian Airlines again!"
Plus: "It was a nice surprise that they don't charge for alcohol, even I didn't order any. Just the fact that they aren't greedy!!! Second is that the staff is really friendly, the seats are comfy... Many choices of tv and movies"
Minus: "Nothing!!! Everything was great!!! And specially the Vienna airport!!! Supper compy"

Lite för varmt i flyget

Jätte bra flyg

Ingen åsikt om mat eller underhållning eftersom det inte fanns.

Allt fungerade som det skulle

Väldigt stel och tråkig vänthall. Väldigt trångt i planet men fin personal.

Väldigt trevlig flygpersonal.

Plus: "Professional crew"
Minus: "I think for the price I paid for the flight there should at least be a free snack to go with the free drink."
Plus: "To reach the goal."
Minus: "Food. Time."
Plus: "Competent crew"
Minus: "Flight was badly delayed."
Minus: "They seats were cramped and didn’t have a lot of cushion. The BBQ chicken lunch was not good. There needed to be more frequent water available"
Minus: "Det fanns bara ett alternativ för måltiden (om man inte förbeställde). De tidigare gånger jag har åkt med SAS (dock från JFK) har det alltid varit två alternativ för måltid (kött eller vegetarisk) , utan att förbeställa. Denna gång var det bara kött så slutade med att jag bara åt potatismos."
Plus: "Quick efficient boarding."
Minus: "A typical SAS flight. Coffee and water for free, food expensive. Rather limited leg room. No entertainment and wifi for pay."
Minus: "För kallt i kabinen. Ingen andra måltid."
Plus: "Easy, efficient"
Minus: "Entertainment, food, comfort"
Plus: "Amazing crew"
Plus: "Bekväma stolar, mycket plats för SAS GO, god mat, trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen omstigning och inte jätte mycket att välja mellan filmerna. De borde sätta fler arbetare vid passkontroll innan man stiger på plan från Sverige till USA. Majoriteten av passagerarna var sena till planet vilket resulterade till ett senare flygavgång, 1) för att de öppnade passkontrollen sent och 2) för att det var inte tillräckligt med arbetare för att checka passen."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen avgång, små stolar,"
Plus: "Trevlig personal och smidig ombordstigning etc"
Minus: "Gammal underhållning som knappt gick att använda Gick inte ens att använda vanliga hörlurar"
Plus: "Ok flight"
Minus: "Över 1h sen. Laos vid incheckning. När man vet att man är sen, fler i personal. SAS måste jobba med Swedavia vid ankommande. Ramper, passkontrollen, bagage, etc. Är en del av hela resan. Inget fungerade, inte ens taxi."
Minus: "Typical mediocre SAS quality. No bagage drop facility in Dublin -> tedious check-in Disorganised boarding -> slow Arrival more than 1 hour behind schedule Bagage delivery in CPH after 45 min -> additional delay"
Plus: "Det mesta var bra trevlig personal, hyfsat med benplats i de nya kärnorna och frukosten var bra den med."
Minus: "Avsaknad av underhållning, inget av vikt dock."
Plus: "Trevlig crew på planet. Vi landade i tid"
Minus: "Trånga säten på SAS gamla plan."
Minus: "the staff constantly refused to help when they could and provided wrong information that caused me to miss my flight. i will never book through kayak because of this experience."
Plus: "Legroom was sufficient on this leg because I paid an extra $80 for an exit row."
Minus: "Having to pay extra for normal legroom"
Plus: "Very friendly crew. Landed on time. The plane was full but it was no panic during disembarkation - everyone was silent. I have never seen anything quite like this before!"
Minus: "Placering av resesällskapet"
Minus: "Försening 1,5 timme"
Plus: "The food and entertainment on board is great. I was very pleased with how they organized the checking of bags and the fact I picked it up at my final destination without any issues and right on time."
Minus: "Some of the staff at the check in desks can be very rude. Also, on my initial flight, they closed the check-in early and left many of us stranded without knowing who to talk to and how to manage to get on the plane. When someone from SAS finally came, I was told I would be escorted through security and most into the plane but then the "manager" or whoever was in charge denied it. The plane did not leave for another our and instead of arguing with the costumers they could have just helped us get on the plane. It was unfair of them to close the check in desks early and on top of that to catch a plane the next day they wanted to charge and exorbitant fee. I Wii never fly SAS again."
Plus: "on time polite staff comfortable flights with free coffee"
Minus: "charging for bags"
Plus: "Aisle seat"
Minus: "Nothing was complimentary"
Plus: "Good food and a good entertainment system that comes with plenty of options. I really like that SAS doesn’t go for your wallet for every bag like jus about EVERY AMERICAN CARRIER!"
Minus: "Leg room could be more generous but then again I’m 6’3” so it is what it is."
Plus: "Comfortable flight, pilot was very clear and gave good information throughout the flight. Boarding was slow to begin but wasn't annoying. Good magazine with good articles."
Minus: "Cabin crew member was yelling on the phone to another crew member at the gate at a mistake they made. It was very uncomfortable, only could hear it as we were walking past on flight to our seats, not super disruptive but still weird."
Plus: "On time flight"
Plus: "Pleasant crew"
Minus: "Boarding was shambolic and the 737 is not as nice as the new A320 in terms of comfort or amenity. Boarding was all over the place - and the gate agents clearly need extra people around for a full flight. One person for 170 ppl didn't feel right."
Plus: "För många spanjorer"
Plus: "Personalen var väldigt trevlig och professionell som vanligt.boardingen gick bra ."
Minus: "Sätena och avsaknaden av både underhållning och vifi."
Minus: "And no video either, power point also did not work. Had booked an aidle, but change of aircraft left me in tje middle :("
Minus: "I had requested an aisle seat and on both flights to and from Stockholm and Chicago had to sit on the very last row in the middle seat between 2 people who seemed to exceed the "weight allowance" that seem so important now when you flight unless you spend a lot a money on the ticket and it then becomes irrelevant !!"
Plus: "Crew were pleasant."
Minus: "'Fluctuating' baggage fees, no free snacks on a four hour flight, no in-flight entertainment, no wifi, 30 minutes late without updates on monitor due to previous delay."
Plus: "There was absolutely nothing I liked."
Minus: "We didn't have a flight. Our flight was canceled at the airport. We were told 10-15 minutes after our boarding time that there would be a delay, but we should check back in 45 minutes. So, we never made it to Stockholm to take that flight back home."
Plus: "Entertainment options"
Minus: "Super hot throughout flight. Had a 9 hour layover and the flight arrived after the gates closed so the only options for 12am-5am were wooden benches in random sketchy areas. Had to wait in line to wait to get in line to finally board the plane The food was two rolls ups three hours apart"
Plus: "Lika trevlig personal som alltid"
Minus: "Deras wifi är helt obrukbart jag kunde inte ens ladda ner mina mail."
Minus: "Unable to select seat/baggage until 22 hours before flight because not booked through SAS. Thought bagged was checked in online and had to pay More than the cost of the flight. Flight was delayed due to mechanical problem. Cabin very warm throughout flight."
Plus: "In-flight entertainment had a good variety of options to choose from. Passport control was timely. Food service was also timely and efficient."
Minus: "As with most airplanes, the air was quite cold, but the SAS blanket adequately made things a bit warmer. I'm always puzzled by the fact that once business class and SAS plus passengers board that SAS Go passengers can all then board. It would make more sense to have people board from the back during this time so that people don't block aisles and it makes arranging overhead baggage a bit easier."
Plus: "The flight crews were great. The entertainment on the long flight was good. The food was abundant."
Minus: "While in Stockholm we had a flight delay and multiple gate changes. The lack of communication was frustrating. The food was too spicy for my taste as well as my 2 yr olds. No options were offered on the menu."
Plus: "Went to help desk in Stockholm on arrival to change seats. Earlier flight with better seats at no additional charge was offered and taken. Easy boarding and nice short hop to Oslo."
Plus: "Easy kiosk check in, baggage drop off, good service."
Minus: "No advance discussion about emergency exit row seating requirements, and we were not allowed to even have a paperback book to read in this row. The flight was full and boarded, so not able to change seats."
Plus: "Direktflyg, trevlig besättning"
Minus: "Luktade illa från toaletterna. Stökiga barn som tyvärr sparkade in i stolsryggen (inte SAS fel men det bidrog till att den långa flygresan inte blev avkopplande) Minus att endast en dryck - ej alkohol - ingick under en 11-timmars flygresa"
Plus: "On time...and the staff was great"
Minus: "Seat cushions"
Plus: "Waited for us when flight showed up late"
Minus: "Cramped cabin"

Jag upplever att de gånger jag flugit Göteborg-Helsingfors, Helsingfors-Göteborg är det ofta förseningar. Har flugit ca 10 gånger feb-maj

Ända bättring skulle vara att kunna ge rätt gate på bordningen vid byte i Helsingfors ( var fel/ ändrat) både gånger 😉😊 (kanske inget med er att göra…) Annars jätte nöjd med alla fyra flyg med Finnair, trevlig och hjälpsam personal.

Bra Bolag! Ordning o reda

My flight was cancalled how can I give recension ?

Vi gick och ankom innan tidtabell. Fick ett glas blåbärssoppa ombord. Trevlig bestättning.

En av de bästa långresorna jag gjort fantastisk personal åker oftast 2-3 långresor per år och finnair delar första platsen med Emirates. Bra med slopad starksprit inget stök.

As I said, very nice and pleasant flight, neatly perfect. I will consider Finnair for sure again when I travel to Europe next time.

Very nice experience with Finnair, especially transatlantic flights. Professional crew, excellent service, scheduled on time, headache free environment, very clean and looks like new airplane. Only positive emotions. However, the aircrafts on domestic or short range flights look outdated, and definitely there is room for service improvement.

Minus: "- Leave in time - Working onboard entertainment system"
Minus: "Entertainment system very slow and did reset itself several times."
Plus: "The flight attendants were excellent; seat was about what you would expect in economy; the boarding process was extremely confusing"
Plus: "Clean plane, comfy seat"
Minus: "Chaotic boarding"
Plus: "Clean, relative new plane"
Minus: "More than 90 min late "due to late incoming plane" which caused me trouble when swapping to an other flight on arrival"
Minus: "Just det här flyget var varmt och det saknades möjlighet att sätta på fläkt. Maten smakade ganska kemikaliskt."
Plus: "New plane, good food choices."
Minus: "Plane could use a deep clean. Entertainment choices were limited in terms of latest blockbusters."
Plus: "Helsinki is a convenient connection to fly to the U.S. One of Finnair planes was damaged earlier in Chicago and they used AirItaly to operate this flight. I was traveling with a recent wrist fracture and I was lucky I had an empty seat next to me that allowed me to move my arm a lot to avoid swelling."
Minus: "Our boarding was an hour and a half delayed"
Minus: "Inget att äta."
Plus: "The crew is excellent. Very friendly, professional, and helpful. Both on board and at the desk inside the airport. They listen to your needs and respond the best they can. Seats are comfortable enough for Economy. Good selection of movies to watch. The flight was on time and arrived even a little earlier than expected."
Minus: "The food was filling, but not particularly tasty. For those seated toward the back, there was no choice. Although maybe there was no choice to begin with. Normally, on international flights, for the first (bigger) meal at least, you are given two choices, such as meat or vegetarian, beef or chicken. The food itself wasn't great. The salad was below average on both flight, from and to Chicago. So was the desert. Drinks are offered once with each meal in very small glasses. Although there is a bottle of water from the start."
Plus: "Entrees were great and we appreciated receiving two meals. Like the bottle of water, blanket and pillow."
Minus: "Seating is tight in coach. Desserts need help. The movie selection was OK but not great."
Minus: "Plane was late taking off and almost missed my next connection. Due to landing late my luggage did not make it on make it on my flight. However the airline delivered to my place the following morning. It was not an inconvenience to me as the baggage was delivered in a timely fashion. Thank you Finnair!"
Plus: "Crew was very friendly and efficient"
Minus: "Food menu from Finland to Chicago could use a few more choices"
Plus: "the food provided under gluten-free food"
Plus: "Airport was very comfortable to be at, Flight Crew was nice and helpful. Great movie selection to my taste. Plane landed"
Minus: "The temperature during the flight made my experience very uncomfortable. It was way too cold. I know that it could get chilly at the board and do take warm clothes with me just in case, but this was way too cold. Neither blanket nor my stuff helped. Another thing - I was sitting in the raw 50, and at the 49th raw crew ran out of chicken with only pasta left. ))) This happens, I get it. I've had it actually happened to me before on British Airways flights too couple of times. So it's not too big of a deal. I just wish that pasta tasted better)))"
Minus: "good morning aircraft flew late 1 hour. arrived in Finland late. our aircraft departed. now sit 3 hours and waiting for other aircraft. plane crashes in 12.45 the bottom and arrives in Riga in 2.00 days."
Plus: "We were kept informed about the delay"
Minus: "Has to wait 14 hours in Helsinki for a 25 minute connecting flight"
Minus: "The 40 min layover between SVO-HEL and HEL-JFK required security check and walking approx. 30-gate distance. It was well organized, but still straining."
Plus: "was on time. Small airport, convenient transit without passport control,"
Minus: "Small flight, longer flying time. Almost no service."
Minus: "Missed connection so didn't get second flight"
Plus: "Typical service and level of attention you'd expect in business class. Great food and wine selection. The amenity kit has exactly what's needed and not more."
Minus: "Only 1 hour of Wi-fi included - seems strange for business class."
Minus: "Btw you have cancelled my flight!!!!!!!! And sent me just an email."
Plus: "Great crew and service"
Minus: "Uncomfortable seats. Not only no space to get comfortable but the seats themselves are not comfortable. We had better constructed seats on the hopper from Edinburgh to London. It is unconscionable that long flights are so uncomfortable!"
Plus: "Spacious plane"
Minus: "Could not select convenient seats with companion, food and entertainment very mediocre"
Minus: "announcement in English hard to understand"
Plus: "The Airbus 330 is an improvement over the Boeing 737 that took me to Europe (via Milan) on this trip. Unlike that flight, this plane is equipped with an updated on demand entertainment system. I attribute the upgraded airplane to the fact that this was a direct flight from HEL to JFK. Still no wifi though... Their magazine says it's coming. Upgrading to Economy Comfort is worth the fee especially if you get a bulkhead seat. Otherwise you are still pretty crammed in with maybe 6" more leg room. But the bulkhead seats are set well back from the wall to give my long legs plenty of room to stretch and get in and out of my seat. My friends in Economy looked miserable :( The chili con carne with rice was an improvement over other airline meals but still room for improvement - mostly in presentation I guess. Lingonberry 'salad' though a bit sour for me, was a nice Finnish dish to sample. Like the cheese and crackers. Departed and arrived on time. Liked the flight tracking that showed you very detailed what you were passing over and even gave us a bit of info and photos about highlights of each region flown over. Nice touch."
Minus: "This plane was such an improvement over the "bucket" that flew me to Europe that it has restored my faith in Finnair as a valid carrier for my yearly trip to Europe - like I said, probably because it is a direct flight to New York rather than connecting to another European (not Scandanavian) city like Milan. I would probably not use Finnair to access other parts of Europe for this reason. (On the departure end, the regional Finnair flight from Milan to Helsinki was also sub-standard.) I do think the check-in procedure is still cumbersome - self check in with bag check, though started at kiosks, still results in a long line just to hand off your bag to a counter agent. A few more agents would likely solve that problem... But it was better than going the other way - JFK was a nightmare! Helsinki only slightly better."
Plus: "Blueberry juice. And best coffee I ever had on an airplane."
Minus: "Can't think of anything."
Plus: "It is misleading to review this as finnair flight. Not relevant"
Plus: "On time."
Minus: "Seats are uncomfortable."
Plus: "Spacious, on time and smooth"
Minus: "There were no vegetarian options and I was unsure where to select a meal preference. This means that I did not eat anything for the duration of the flight....."
Plus: "They moved my boyfriend and I from the back two seats on the plane up to the front with four seats across the middle! This was amazing for the long flight and allowed us to be very comfortable throughout the flight. Great service as well with three food servings and constant trash pickup."
Minus: "Woman in front talked endlessly"
Plus: "Food and crew"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "I loved the service. The flight attendants were attentive and courteous. They walked through the cabin periodically to offer water in the 6 hours or so between meal services, and also had self-service drinks and snacks in the galley during that time. Flight attendants asked passengers to put their seats forward during meal times, which very few airlines do. It was the same level of service I have come to expect from the Asian carriers that I usually fly (ANA, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore). The meals were fine, and so was the entertainment. There was a decent choice of movies."
Minus: "The economy seats were narrow and cramped on the A340. I was in the first row of economy that wasn't premium economy. Even though the person in front of me had loads more legroom than me, he had his seat all the way back for almost the entire flight and hit me in the head while I was reaching for my bag under the seat in front of me. In order to get to anything in my bag, I had to put my head into the aisle because there wasn't enough room to bend down. Because of the angle of the seats, it was nearly impossible to get into and out of the row (and I was on the aisle)."
Plus: "Nothing!!"
Plus: "The onground staff at CDG was nice. The bus ride to the planes was not."
Minus: "Entertainment system does not work. Since this is a technical aspect about the airplane that I CAN judge, I wonder about the parts that are invisible to me. Are these planes actually air worthy?"
Plus: "I did get to move away from complaining passengers but "lost my coat" in the process. People are awful and obnoxious"
Minus: "Who doesn't turn off the plane lights at night inside the cabin? Especially when you're feeling late at night? Didn't post gate until very last minute…LHR..Then it said boarding immediately. Nowhere to get water. Hurriedly Boarded plane to find out we have the sit there an hour. Girl next to me was so childish Loud mouth complaining because she couldn't sit next to her bf."
Plus: "Loved the flight attendance!! They were friendly, witty and flexible."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Wonderful service from the crew, especially given that we were traveling with a toddler and an infant on such a long flight. Everything went smoothly."
Plus: "Friendly staff"
Minus: "Very cramped"
Plus: "Crew, boarding, cleanliness of the plan, and all other aspects other than food were good/excellent."
Minus: "The vegetables in the meal / salad were still frozen….inedible. In the morning in the asian vegetarian meal it was simply fruit…that was it. No protein source. I have been on many BA flights and the food has not been this poor, so not sure if the carrier who services food source has changed."
Minus: "In-flight entertainment was not working. Made and 11hr flight seem light 20 hrs."
Plus: "Friendly crew"
Minus: "Miserable, ancient entertainment system that had to be restarted 3 times"

Flight to Florence delayed. All passengers took a bus to Pisa (1.5 hours away) to fly Pisa to Paris. We missed our connection and flew next day. All information regarding the delay online was incorrect ("system not yet updated") . So calling Air France was useless as they could not assist. Not all flight delays can be avoided but many improvements are needed throughout this process.

Poor communication from boarding staff, airport staff not a clue. Communication on board was un decipherable and airline lost baggage.

Could not hear announcements from staff. Luggage in hold was delayed on both legs of trip.

Plus: "Yeah Everything well organized"
Minus: "I believe so"
Plus: "The seats were bigger across the shoulder area and had more padding than some other budget airlines."
Minus: "Wish there was more elbow room in the seat. I am a big guy and I was having to squish myself so as to not interfere with my neighbor"
Plus: "rien"
Minus: "tout est à revoir !"
Plus: "More space in business class (777-300) than many other airlines."
Minus: "Entertainment very limited. No adjustable air vents in this aircraft"
Plus: "Åkte buissness class och allt var perfekt!"
Minus: "We didn’t travel to Detroit... we were re-routed 3 times and our luggage is lost, some really helpful ppl along the way (thankfully) and some really crummy ppl too... no in between... still not to our destination"
Minus: "Gillar inte att man inte fick ta med sig kabinväska där jag hade datorn och annat värdefullt och ingen information om detta innan så man hade kunnat ta ut grejer ur väskan. Trångt på sittplatsen, helt enkelt ett skruttig flygplan"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Crew was good, seat was not, it was freezing cold and one little blanket was inadequate!"
Minus: "Provide another blanket when needed, was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt."
Minus: "Plane is old and entertainment facilities are no longer appropriate"
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "Seat"
Minus: "There was no entertainment and the food could be better"
Minus: "Too much time spent at boarding. On luggage missing."
Plus: "crew was wonderful, great food, quick boarding"
Minus: "cant think of anything"
Minus: "Poor service. Terrible food. Aging aircraft. Terrible in-flight entertainment system. Really not good AirFrance."
Minus: "Great experience"
Plus: "The transfer times were excellent"
Plus: "Air France personnel is always really helpful"
Minus: "Food and comfort in short haul are not the best - but the flight is short..."
Plus: "Very little"
Minus: "Flight was very crowded. Flight crew kept bumping into my seat and never apologized"
Plus: "Crew was friendly and attentive but hard to understand"
Minus: "Airport experience was inefficient. Long unattractive walk, boarding was tedious: the automatic check-in was not helpful and required so many more staff. Random security check was redundant and chaotic."
Plus: "Didn’t like the sandwich offered"
Minus: "shuttle from terminal to plane takes a long time. Flight left late"
Plus: "Everything. crew friendly and food/drinks the best"
Minus: "Nothing...all was wonderful"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The plane (Boeing 777) is packed like a sardines can, with 10 narrow uncomfortable seats across in Economy Class. The crew didn't even bring water for an 1,5 hr into the flight! The plane was very hot, with very little air flowing through the salon. Food was bland for dinner and inedible for breakfast. The crew was barely there, and borderline rude when asked something."
Plus: "Food and wine was very good. Music selection was excellent."
Minus: "Not enough leg room."
Minus: "Because of change in plane..bad choice of seat for long legs of husband...then late in Atlanta and very late into DC"
Plus: "Crew and boarding were very good. Very helpful to foreigners. Thank you Coffe was really good didn’t eat food. Sleeping."
Minus: "Business class seats weren’t comfortable and too narrow no entertainment."
Plus: "On time."
Minus: "Did not seat together passengers, although booked and checked in at the same time."
Plus: "Late leaving - no reason or apology. A bumpy flight all flight. Food almoat inedible. Seat gave bum axhe after 45 minutes. Staff friendly, but they dropped my meal"
Minus: "Nothing to like"
Plus: "Bra med lite att äta."
Minus: "Försenat flyg, fullt så att de tog handbagage och skickade ner."
Plus: "Absolutely everything perfect."
Minus: "Through my own fault I ordered a different seat instead of window seat. :)"
Plus: "Very helpful cabin crew and did well to communicate in English to me. Flight was on time and landed ahead of schedule"
Minus: "Entertainment system had to be rebooted as it did not work Small screen handset was not working for the entire flight food selection was not as big as KLM or China Eastern Bathroom on board was smaller than KLM or China Eastern which meant changing into more comfortable clothing for the night flight"
Plus: "I like the service. They caring and give snacks, comfort and overall"
Minus: "None. I like everything"
Plus: "We got to the desk to check in and there was one person being served in front of us. He finished with him, turned and left the area through the dooor. No one came to help us for 15 minutes. Then they came out to answer the phone and said we were 10 minutes past the cut off and we could not fly."
Minus: "Staff just walked away while we were in line, the rudeness and mean attitude, they blamed us for being too late after ignoring us and made us late, they didn't offer an alternative flight until we asked. Overall, horrible customer service. Never been treated so rudely by people in the airlines industry in my entire 42 years of flying!"
Plus: "The crew was super friendly and always gave the feeling that they want the customers to feel comfortable and enjoy the flight. One of the crew members even offered me to move to an emergency exit seat (without me asking to move) because I am tall. Amazing!"
Plus: "Sometimes you get surprised, with this specific flight, we had an excellent young and perfect cabin crew. Thanks, Joon!"
Plus: "The airplane have great entertainment system. The cabin crew are very nice."
Plus: "Nothing... and we were late which made me miss my connecting flight and I wasn’t reimbursed because it was with a different airline"
Minus: "See above and the food was disgusting"
Plus: "Very poor sound quality on the earphones. Made it very difficult to watch a movie and almost impossible to listen to music."
Plus: "The airbus 380 was great and the staff very nice"
Minus: "Too mych bad smells after a few hours"
Plus: "Staff was nice"
Minus: "Very cramped. Poor leg room also with.metal bars under seats that further. Limited foot room. Terrible options in movies."
Plus: "Staff was nice"
Minus: "Very cramped. Poor leg room also with.metal bars under seats that further. Limited foot room. Terrible options in movies. The seats in front of us reclined so far that I couldn’t do anything but stare at the back of the seat anyway."
Plus: "Good service at gate and on board"
Minus: "My baggage was broken"
Plus: "Personal tydlig med vika regler som gällde när "Belt On" är tänd."
Minus: "Många passagerare visar dålig hänsyn och står upp i passager utan att släppa fram personal eller medpssagerare"
Minus: "Ineffektivt och rörigt. Godtycklig hantering av vilket handbagage som fick tas med eller ej"
Plus: "Seat room was better on most economy flights. The food was good and the glass of champagne did not hurt at all. The aircraft flew very smoothly from takeoff to landing."
Plus: "All was excellent"
Plus: "Everything was meh"
Minus: "There are other airlines"
Plus: "Boarding was an absolute mess. Seats were uncomfortable. Flight attendants did their jobs, nothing more"
Minus: "Just about everything"
Plus: "Seat was broken and did not recline. It was uncomfortable..."
Minus: "USB and power outlet were unable to charge my kindle.... what is the purpose of these if they dont work? Fix them please!"
Minus: "Din’t be almost 4 hours late No explanation, no apology"
Minus: "Polish airline Should not be allowed to fly tomUs"
Minus: "Flight could not taken off in 7 hours delay"
Plus: "Nothing. Arrived to Vilnius with 10 hours delay. Old airplane. Terrible food. Entertaiment system not working"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "It was Ok."
Plus: "Everything went good."
Minus: "Movie or general didn't provide closed caption or subtitle for an English language."
Plus: "First of all, we had to line up in a very long que when arriving from Zagbreb. Then we had to wait very long for the bus to take us to the plane. Finally, we had to wait for almost 30 minutes ON the bus before we could enter the plane."
Minus: "The crew"
Plus: "The seat was nice compared to other planes I have been on. The crew was very friendly and even tried to help passengers open a dressing pack."
Minus: "My checked baggage could’ve not been lost, boarding could be organized better."
Plus: "Crew was fine, plain was fine"
Minus: "Departure was late one hour, I missed my flight connection to Bulgaria"
Minus: "Enough of LOT. For a couple hundred bucks more you get a much better trip. LOT is the no frills discount line."
Plus: "There was nothing to like, I will not fly with this airline again if I can help it."
Minus: "Almost everything can be improved! The crew was trying to be helpful but obviously lacked the proper training, the seats are ergonomically incorrect, breakfast did not exist- I had to get a horrible lunch sandwich at 7 am, and the “complimentary water” consists of a gulp in a tiny half filled cup."
Minus: "Flight delayed more than 2 hours to NY. Not comforting to be told technical difficulties are delaying the flight."
Minus: "I ordered a special meal but for some reason, I was not on the list. The crew decided that I had not ordered one."
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Baggage destroyed"
Plus: "The crew lady was nice and I liked the food even though it was a one hour flight"
Minus: "Again delay"
Minus: "Lines for checking in and for boarding were very disorganized and people were butting in front of people who were there longer. The plane seating was too close to each other. More room is needed."
Plus: "Crew is very professional. Good water and nice little snack."
Plus: "nothing"
Minus: "They kept changing departure time from Warsaw to Lviv , and totally we were stocked at airport for 4 hours. Lot didn't provide any drink or food, and also they didn't give us any information about our flight, they just ignored us. We were very frustrated, our kids were hungry and thirsty but nobody from LOT company didn't care about it. They even didn't say "sorry " . I will not recommend this airline to my friends or to somebody else, just be careful with this airline."
Plus: "Safe flight"
Minus: "Employers are rude, food is not eatable seats are not comfortable ..."
Plus: "Food was great and aircraft was new Fast track lane in WAW was really fast - saved a lot of time"
Minus: "No online checkin offered No lounge offered, even for a fee Luggage was not tagged priority No priority boarding offered Service quality onboard was a bit variable"
Minus: "Flight was delayed by over 8 Hours. Terrible experience."
Plus: "Good service good food ever think in the time"
Minus: "The 787 is a very good plane, but I could do without the footrest underneath the seat; it just got in the way."
Plus: "most everything was fine especially since I had a short connection in Warsaw but they made me pay 20 euro in Bucharest, ROMANIA for my piece of checked baggage (it was less than 23 kg) & according to my itinerary it should have been free so in a sense I feel cheated & robbed & it does not leave a good taste in my mouth about using you or them in the future (I have the receipt for 20 euro & would like to have that money refunded) Steve Young"
Minus: "most everything was fine especially since I had a short connection in Warsaw but they made me pay 20 euro in Bucharest, ROMANIA for my piece of checked baggage (it was less than 23 kg) & according to my itinerary it should have been free so in a sense I feel cheated & robbed & it does not leave a good taste in my mouth about using you or them in the future (I have the receipt for 20 euro & would like to have that money refunded) Steve Young"
Plus: "my flight canceled from WAW to EWR"
Minus: "my flight canceled from WAW to EWR"
Plus: "In Frankfurt it went through Lufthansa and the extra suitcase costed me $40 more as I’ve been told on the LOT website. Paid €107 where the web page of lot said $75"
Minus: "After check in luggage I had to wait one hour to take care of the luggage price so I get my tickets. All this should have been do e before without going to different counter. Also I didn’t liked that I had to check in on the automated machine."
Minus: "I have been told at the airport that I had an unconfirmed flight and was told that I could not travel to Istanbul. I am still at my departure city, in Chicago. I bought my tickets just like anybody would, go on the website, pick the flights and pay. But someone did not do their job correctly and did not correctly confirm my flight. I paid for this incompetence by missing Christmas and a business meeting. Do not think it will never happen to you, it is just a matter of time that this kind of bad service catches up to you. The system is so disconnected or careless that it can't even figure out I couldn't take the flight which it is is asking me a review for."
Plus: "excellent landing"
Minus: "stewardess surfing on mobile phone too often"
Plus: "Check-in smooth. Flight attendants pleasant, professional and service-oriented."
Minus: "In-flight entertainment offered a very conventional set of movies from which to select."
Plus: "I am not sure where to start from but each lot employee I talk with had poor English and not the tinyest willing to help just to move , I had a flight back from cezh republic to JFK with a stop in Warsaw When I got to the front desk in the air port to print my ticket the Liady ( work at Sation 236 ) was very rude and anti costumer service she print me only my first fly ticket and when I ask why she " I don't know " I said ok so when u get there you know which get I go or where I will print the other ticket she say I don't know Ok and then I ask her can u check if it a room I. My flight from Warsaw to JFK in business it this moment she tell me I can switch sit and ask me to go I was shocked but this was only the bigining when I got to Warsaw I ask in the gate counter where should I go to print my ticket after I try to explain him 10 times what I mean ( he didn't speak English at all ) he told me to go pass the passport check and in gate 21 they will print it to me I fly a lot so I ask him if he sure becuse I am petty sure I will need my ticket the guy at the desk repeat imhim self so I want and waited 25-30 min in the line so the police officer in the passport check will tell me I need to go print my ticket So after the officer from the passport desk call someone he direct me to go to hate 26 and there they will print my ticket I want them and again wait for 15 min to print my ticket ( it was only me this is the sad thing I don't know what tool 15 min to print a ticket ) and it amazing how unsocial and 0 in customer service the lot polish employees I meet And this is without talking about the delay in my coming flight for 2-3 hrs ( a delay it something that happen a lot yes but the way they handled it again 0 in costumer service )"
Minus: "The flight attendant was very nice and professional but it was business class so u can't really compare I will definitely will not recommend ppl to fly with them This is not the service you accept for 3000$ flight"
Plus: "Overall, cabin is nice and crew was very attentive."
Minus: "Seat in full flat bed position was not as comfortable as one would hope. Boarding process could be improved. SAS lounge was superior."
Plus: "Also very punctual."
Minus: "Check in staff was unprofessional and extremely rude."
Plus: "Very timely and organized."
Plus: "short. smooth flight with no issues"
Minus: "all good"
Minus: "Crew hospitality"
Plus: "I traveled on this airline few years ago, and there was always room for improvement. This trip was a very pleasant surprise. Departures and arrivals were on time, excellent service, good entertainment aboard, and what a great, comfortable airplane (Dreamliner B 787)."
Plus: "Wondefull flight crew."
Minus: "My flight was canceled after 4 hours of waiting . Poor communication in regards to it"
Plus: "The flight was operated by LOT Airlines. The benefit of booking through Croatia Airlines is that I got to check a bag for free. If I had booked through LOT, it would have costed me money."
Plus: "The crew is always nice. It is usually a quick and hassle free boarding and unboarding."
Plus: "Good pilots helpful crew, nice new Dreamliner plane, good food"
Minus: "Delayed by 50 minutes take-off = waiting long for boarding Poor touch-screens (not enough sensitive) of entertainment sets"
Minus: "Loud passengers no crew attention."
Minus: "3h delay!!!!"
Plus: "Complimentary snacks & water, polite"
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