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Etihad AirwaysGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 6637 recensioner
7,4Gå ombord

Comfy and great

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Comfy and great

Plus: "Great flight....enjoyed it thoroughly....."
Plus: "Seat spacing, food, crew Everything"
Plus: "Kinda odd flying backwards...."
Minus: "Onboard entertaiment and food was just awful. UAE's version of Ryanair."
Minus: "Paid for extra leg room seats and didnt get them"
Plus: "Love Etihad service"
Minus: "Snacks, i didn't want set meal"
Plus: "Only cleanilyness inside the plane"
Minus: "Customer service at the checkin at the airport and also the service by the flight attendant inside the plane"
Plus: "The crew was easily the WORST I have dealt with. Both on the flight to Abu Dhabi and to NYC. They were rude, unhelpful and extremely arrogant. A co passenger was chatting with one of them and she happened to mention that working with people was the worst ever. She’s been with Etihad for 5 years!!!"
Minus: "Your crew all need customer service and etiquette training. ASAP!"
Minus: "sea food"
Plus: "On-ground customer service of Ethiad, Fatima. She was professional and understanding."
Minus: "Don’t overlook international flights and penalize travelers who don’t have a seat selection but checked in on time."
Plus: "Flight was on time"
Minus: "foos service was terrible"
Plus: "The cabin crew in first class and coach were excellent... went well beyond the call of duty... AA and United can learn from them!"
Minus: "The boarding procedure was pathetic... the first class coach was overloaded and after a 10 minute drive a steep ladder to climb!! Kind of difficult if you have been traveling for last 18 hours"
Minus: "The main meal was ok but that was it. If you can't do food to a standard them dint do it at all. A piece of fruit would have been better"
Plus: "Flight cancelled"
Minus: "Seat was damaged, not conformed and dirty, like it wasn’t cleand after previous flight. Pillows was used before us. Business calss should be nice"
Plus: "Nothing!"
Minus: "Everything was bullshit!"
Plus: "Overall very good The flight attendants were exceptionally professional. It went way beyond taken care of customers."
Minus: "Other customers on the flight were extremely rude, spread the dirty things all over the airplane! Need moreupdated movie selections."
Plus: "service"
Minus: "Meals could be improved"
Minus: "food was bad in taste ,they present us just like give to baggers there was no serving in trays .pictures show in add. are all falls we did not get that kind of food in our whole trip . for exps .in dinner they serve 2 small buns filled with 2 leave of spinch 1 bean barito 1small piece of chocolate for desert. for breakfast was lentel,with mashed patatos.when I asked for somthing else.reply was we do not have anything i did not have anything in my 15 houre flight."
Plus: "Entertainment on flight was good. Very comfortable seating and courteous crew. Food was above average with not much variety."
Minus: "In-flight WIFI was very slow and felt a bit expensive. Boarding was a bit unorganized, but OK. Flight arrived a bit late and took-off 3 hrs late than the estimated take-off time and there was nothing offered in-flight during this time apart from water, which was a very bad experience."
Minus: "Service was a bit average. Attendants bumping into you... no apologies"
Plus: "That me and my son had a extra seat each"
Minus: "Wasn't served any food at all. And I had to go and get my own water from the staff"
Plus: "timeliness, in-flight entertainment, food"
Plus: "Excellent at desk check in service, easy to change seat."
Minus: "Food and service was better before in 2016"
Plus: "Cheapest fair"
Minus: "We have cancelled the trip on some personal problems online on, called twice also but till date no action is taken. Neither we got refund nor tickets got cancelled, eventhough we have cancelled tickets 3 days prior to start of our trip"
Minus: "only one meal served on flight Manchester to Dubai, had to ask many times to get drinks."
Minus: "Seats and IFE"
Plus: "My flight from hyd to auh was delayed and because if that missed connecting flight from auh to LAX. I am now rerouted auh to JFK to LAX. Right now I am in JFK and ny connecting. Flight is delayed by 1 hr 30 mins."
Minus: "Etihad Crew is unprofessional and do not know how to handle passengers when flights are delayed"
Plus: "Excellent crew"
Plus: "Seats were very comfortable and the crew was very courteous and friendly. Breakfast could have been a bit better quality, though. Overall it was a nice flight and I would take it again."
Minus: "Food was nothing special."
Plus: "Good food and vegetarian options"
Minus: "Not very good movie options"
Plus: "The leg room on the economy seats is good"
Minus: "The entertainment options are not enough"
Plus: "Etihad is my first choice for this run."
Minus: "Flight was very delayed. I have been flying from DAC using various international airlines, none had this much systemic delay."
Minus: "When I complained about my lost luggage they asked me to file a complain at hometown which would be USA, but after a little explanation they filed a lost luggage complain."
Plus: "Main course not served in the Dinner. My wife asked to crew about main course they told to her it is completed I mean not available any more."
Minus: "Improve the services like Dinner quality and snak quality. In the Airport there is big q for checking no one is controlled and guding about line."
Plus: "Everything. Very accommodating."
Plus: "good service,"
Minus: "bags did not make it to final destination and were stuck in abu dhabi. we landed on sunday and did not get our bags until tuesday. we had a very long layover so unclear as to why our bags did not make it on to the flight. it was a big inconvenience"
Plus: "good service, nice lounge in abu dhabi. wifi access. good movie selection."
Minus: "wasn't able to sit with my husband on the flight. may have preferred better food options"
Plus: "The flight attendants made hand-made Easter cards for all the children on the plane! It was a really nice touch and I've never seen anything like it on another airline."
Minus: "The airline changed our return date for 2 days later! When that date wouldn't work for us, we were re-routed through Chicago with a connection back to SF. The flight times were then changed two more times, and our seats were moved from aisle to middle seats. I do not recommend flying Etihad if you have a schedule to keep to."
Minus: "- aircraft was small - food plan for vegetarian limited and no fish option - no aerobridge in abu dhabi"
Minus: "I called eitahd, very nice man told me they will arrange hotel but when we reached there they kept lingarinf ro provide hotel and at last they took us to co seleepibg area which was so horrible"
Plus: "new aircraft"
Minus: "Poor selection of beverages, poor selection of entertainment(same package 5 weeks after our outbound flight) service very average, attitude of attendants very average."
Plus: "Was upgraded to Business class"
Minus: "Last two flights with Virgin Australia (not Etihad) were very late. Va decided to cancel my booking on my international connection even though I could make it. VA DID ALL THEY COUKD TO MAKE SURE I MISSED MY CONNECTION."
Plus: "The food. The charging spots and latest movies."
Plus: "Take off on time. Arrival early."
Minus: "Nothing not to like."
Plus: "Seating was comfortable in the exit rows"
Minus: "The size of the plane results in long delays to use the facilities due to the number of people on board"
Plus: "Timeliness of flight departure arrival"
Minus: "Food was of poor taste and quality on Etihad. Jet airways food good. Eye patch made of material that smelled strongly."

Boka billiga flyg från Stockholm-Bromma till Phuket

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