Hitta billiga flyg från Umeå till Alicante


Hitta billiga flyg från Umeå till Alicante

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Behöver jag ta ett coronavirus (COVID-19) -test innan jag flyger till Alicante?

Kan vaccinerade personer resa till Alicante?

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Plus: "yes great"

Plus: "Bra anslutning"
Minus: "Försrnad start från Arlanda gjorde att man knappt han med nästa flyg. Det som inte funkar då är att bagaget kom inte med andra flyg. Sitter man här i Prague utan ombyte och vinterjacka som checkades in med väskan eftersom man blev ombed at på grund av fullsatt plan checka in sitt handbagage vid gaten innan man skulle kliva ombord. Ingen direkt ursäkt och inte det minsta fundering om att erbjudas möjlighet att anskaffa någon vinter jacka. Inte bra."

Plus: "Trevlig och proffsig besättning"
Minus: "En timmes försening."

Plus: "Inte mycket"
Minus: "Hårda stolar, riktigt dålig mat, torra bröd, dålig ombordstigning"

Plus: "Food option was horrible. Need better options for vegans and Vegetarians."
Minus: "The vegetarian option food was terrible."

Minus: "Connection time unacceptable with delay in departure from London"

Plus: "One of the crews interrupted me in the bathroom while I was using the bathroom by banging on the bathroom door saying I had stayed more than 20mins in there and that you guys have time limits to be in the bathroom even when I tried to explain to her from the bathroom that I had constipation, she"
Minus: "She would not listen to me. I had to come out, unfinished, embarrassed and couldn't even wash my hands before going back to my seat. Other than that, every other experience was excellent. Please lecture your crews about constipation and to listen. Thanks."

Plus: "My luggage never arrived in Munich"

Plus: "okayish"
Minus: "delay could be complimented by faster speed"

Minus: "Instead of saying what could have been better, I want to praise the excellent wheel chair service at Munich airport. She went above and beyond, helped us find an alternatively connection after we missed ours and while reassuring us about the solutions. She was First Class service. Thank you."

Minus: "Dem måste ändra tiden"

Minus: "Flyg stå still gör an och half timma I Frankfurt"

Plus: "The crew was very friendly"

Plus: "Great customer service!"

Plus: "Great staff. Impeccable service. Nice flight."

Minus: "My bag was lost, exsept close I lost life-saving drags like insulin and other. I not live in Finland and don’t have there my medical record that can go in farmasy without medical prescription to buy medicin. Today is my 70 years burthday. This is a good present to celebrate. Thank you"

Plus: "Upgraded to business class."
Minus: "Flight delayed."

Plus: "Crew. Courteous, engaging and supportive, of-course with a smile."
Minus: "Nothing on this flight"

Plus: "Relaxed trip. We were well cared for. Again very good staff"

Minus: "N/A"

Plus: "Very comfortable flight with plenty of food, drink, entertainment and good service. Flight left on time."
Minus: "The flight departure time was too close to the arrival time so we ended up running thru the Frankfort airport."

Minus: "This flight from Athens was delayed which caused us concerned for our connecting flight in Frankfurt to Los Angeles. We told the crew and they were not very empathetic about our concern. It would have been great to have announced overhead or even to us personally all the gates to those of us who were getting connecting flights. We were just told to check the board outside once we landed. Lufthansa could have provided excellent service to my family if they had helped us with our connecting flight gate information to navigate the airport terminal we had never been in before. We literally ran to get our connecting flight which was upstairs once we identified the gate # by ourselves."

Plus: "More legroom and great crew"
Minus: "Food quality has gone down. A lot."

Plus: "See above"

Plus: "Everything was great. The crew couldn’t have been more friendly or accommodating. It was a very enjoyable experience."

Plus: "The boarding procedure was fast and efficient. There was almost no waiting in line and the crew got the plane ready in minutes. Entertainment and food on the flight were both pretty good."
Minus: "Seats were not too comfortable. For long flights like this one, they could really use a bit wider and softer seats."

Plus: "I was pleasantly surprised to be offered an after dinner brandy, or a Bailey's. O"
Minus: "On both flights. The ear phone did not work correctly. Minor issue."

Plus: "The Asian man speaking English (had a badge with the Korean flag as well as the one representing Hong Hong - HE is First Class!!!"
Minus: "The passengers from China behaving like animals"

Plus: "Exellent and smooth flight, thank you."

Minus: "2 hours delay on a 1 hour flight."

Plus: "The plane left on time and arrived ontime."
Minus: "Minor issue: entertainment computer did not work. I wasn’t able to watch TV for the 7hrs of plane ride. Also, the crew does not respond to the blue light when passengers call them."

Plus: "They kept feeding us! We were not expecting 2 meals 2 snacks and unlimited drinks in economy. We were very impressed and will decently book international with them again."

Plus: "Lots of room on a 747 - Lufthansa will probably retire them all soon. They handled my special meal request online and loaded the meals on the plane."
Minus: "The crew didn’t bother to confirm who had requested the special meals, and they perhaps were confused by the size of the wide body rows, so they served my dinner to the passenger in the window seat (seat K) instead of me (seat H) By the time I realized what had happened, my row mate had eaten half the meal. The crew also rammed my knee with a beverage cart while I was dozing. Not the best showing ever..."

Plus: "On time"

Plus: "The flight was on time. Helpful, friendly crew. Will use Condor services again."

Plus: "Nothing so far"
Minus: "incoming flight was delayed by 1 hour, ensuring that we missed our connecting flight from FRA to BOS. Lufthansa staff could have already booked me on a next flight instead of having me go to a service desk and NOT being able to get me on a flight - I had to make my own arrangements while calling the Lufthansa help line.... Not a big fan of the airline and will try to avoid as much as I can."

Plus: "Service & food"
Minus: "All good"

Plus: "Congratulations for your pilot! He gave us the best landing ever! Very smooth and safe landing. One minute we were in the air and the other he was just parking the airplane!"

Minus: "Lost my luggage ., not happy"

Minus: "There is no entertainment so I do not know it should be rates."

Plus: "First time flying this airlines. The seats were comfortable and spacious. The entertainment options were excellent and the food service was regular and consistent."

Plus: "Very friendly. Overall very pleasant experience."
Minus: "The seats were not as comfortable as other airlines."

Plus: "Food was better than American or Delta."
Minus: "Had a screaming baby during the whole flight. Not Lufthansa's fault though."

Minus: "The return leg has been nothing but a disaster, in every way possible, specifically my time and financially. At no point in the booking process, when I paid over $800 for the trip, was I told that I needed a specific travel visa (Canadian ETA) to fly back into Toronto for my return flight. Subsequently when I checked in for my flight yesterday morning in Manchester, England, I did not have the required travel documents and had to be rerouted onto a flight into the U.S. at a cost to me of $350. The rerouted flight got me to Washington Dulles airport, where I then had to purchase a second flight to get me home to Cleveland, Ohio, at an additional/extra cost of $450. MY CAR IS PARKED AT TORONTO PEARSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!! I am having to now rent a car and drive there tomorrow (Friday) to collect my car, at another additional cost of $100 plus a 10-hour round trip. Due to the lack of information and communication on your companies behalf, I am down close to a $1,000 and will lose 2-days in work as of the additional days I am having to travel back to Toronto to collect my vehicle. I would appreciate contact from your organization to find the avenue I need to take for compensation of my time and finances. Regards"

Plus: "Standard short flight."
Minus: "I have no idea why they would book this flight for a connection to Chicago. They only gave me an hour window for connecting and with the plane delayed 30 minutes I had to rush through and skip everyone in like at passport check and made it just as the were boarding my connection."

Plus: "Excellent all around.!"
Minus: "Only complaint is the comfort of the seats on Airbus 380-800. Not as comfortable as on other airlnes/planes, especially given 10+ hours flight."

Plus: "The plane itself. The pilot, the flight attendants and the wonderful food."

Minus: "Most cramped seat I've ever sat in. Couldn't even sit because my knees hit the seat in front, before my but was in the chair."

Plus: "More leg room than United. Good food."

Plus: "Crew was great"
Minus: "Boarding is a zoo. Boarding by row is faster."

Minus: "They contracted with United from Washington LA and United is a mess Btoke our luggage, wouldn’t honor seat selection we paid additional for, uncomfortable, ..."

Plus: "Crew very friendly and helpful."
Minus: "Seat didn’t recline as much as it should be. Maybe cuz we are sitting the last row. Which makes it less comfortable."

Minus: "Third delayed flight in a row within the week. Seems to be considered acceptable business practice."

Plus: "SAS does it right with entertainment and food."

Plus: "Boarding was easy and efficient. Flight was short but the flight attendants were quick with the drink service"
Minus: "We were a few mins delayed after we had already boarded"

Minus: "Det fanns bara ett alternativ för måltiden (om man inte förbeställde). De tidigare gånger jag har åkt med SAS (dock från JFK) har det alltid varit två alternativ för måltid (kött eller vegetarisk) , utan att förbeställa. Denna gång var det bara kött så slutade med att jag bara åt potatismos."

Plus: "Quick efficient boarding."
Minus: "A typical SAS flight. Coffee and water for free, food expensive. Rather limited leg room. No entertainment and wifi for pay."

Minus: "För kallt i kabinen. Ingen andra måltid."

Plus: "- Great timing for the flight, had a connection and it was stress-free to get through - Nintendo-type controller to play like, two games they had to choose from (clearly an old plane) - Meals were decent"
Minus: "- The plane was older - it had the ash-trays in the armrests full of dust and god knows what else, gross. - No wifi, I was planning to get some work done because it was an international flight so that was a bust - Limited entertainment selection. Some of the newer ones have more movie/TV selections"

Plus: "Nice interiors, relatively new airplanes, and very professional staff"
Minus: "Limited food ans beverage selection, and alcohol is served with an additional cost"

Plus: "Bekväma stolar, mycket plats för SAS GO, god mat, trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen omstigning och inte jätte mycket att välja mellan filmerna. De borde sätta fler arbetare vid passkontroll innan man stiger på plan från Sverige till USA. Majoriteten av passagerarna var sena till planet vilket resulterade till ett senare flygavgång, 1) för att de öppnade passkontrollen sent och 2) för att det var inte tillräckligt med arbetare för att checka passen."

Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen avgång, små stolar,"

Plus: "Thre movie selection was great The crew was great Some of the food (in each meal) was good"
Minus: "Parts of each meal were great, parts were gross $4 for a can of soda? Really???"

Plus: "Trevlig personal och smidig ombordstigning etc"
Minus: "Gammal underhållning som knappt gick att använda Gick inte ens att använda vanliga hörlurar"

Plus: "Ok flight"
Minus: "Över 1h sen. Laos vid incheckning. När man vet att man är sen, fler i personal. SAS måste jobba med Swedavia vid ankommande. Ramper, passkontrollen, bagage, etc. Är en del av hela resan. Inget fungerade, inte ens taxi."

Minus: "Typical mediocre SAS quality. No bagage drop facility in Dublin -> tedious check-in Disorganised boarding -> slow Arrival more than 1 hour behind schedule Bagage delivery in CPH after 45 min -> additional delay"

Plus: "Det mesta var bra trevlig personal, hyfsat med benplats i de nya kärnorna och frukosten var bra den med."
Minus: "Avsaknad av underhållning, inget av vikt dock."

Plus: "Trevlig crew på planet. Vi landade i tid"
Minus: "Trånga säten på SAS gamla plan."

Plus: "We rode economy. This was on par with other airlines. Plane was clean, Crew was good. On time. Actually seemed that the seats had a bit more room than the American Airlines planes."
Minus: "Cannot talk to a human. Check in was at a Luftansa kiosk. If an attendant at the Frankfurt airport had not showed us, there was no obvious way to guess how to check a bag or get a boarding pass. So if you do not speak German fluently, ask an attendant as soon as you get to the check in area, and save yourself some walking and time."

Plus: "Food good. Crew very nice."
Minus: "Seats very uncomfortable."

Plus: "Nice aircraft (A321) and informative ground staff."
Minus: "The take it or leave it attitude of the cabin crew (amazingly casual) and SAS’s persistence in having two standards of service in the one cabin - free food & drink up front, however only tea & coffee or a cup of water up the back and you can pay for the rest."

Plus: "The crew was great and the food as well"
Minus: "Boarding chaotic and Newark airport is very inconvenient. No signs to terminal B and the sky train with the compartment system is not very functional. I am tall person and sitting in the middle of the middle row was very inconvenient wilh not enough leg space."

Minus: "Placering av resesällskapet"

Minus: "Försening 1,5 timme"

Minus: "SAS has introduced hand luggage measurement and weighing at checkin, for a maximum of 17.5 lbs or 8 kg. SAS does not care if you have flown on another transatlantic carrier, which allows more than 8 kg. Then you need to start emptying your hand luggage at checkin. The whole checkin process was a big mess, the contract employees eg. at Heathrow do not help much (they probably do not do this to any other airline). SAS staff does not remind you to take your IDs and passport, medications etc. from your hand luggage, which is then checkedin luggage as opposed to hand luggage. It is obvious that transatlantic passengers have more hand luggage than many local passengers."

Minus: "It was exceptionally on time. Very informative captain without being chatty. Crew was efficient but not very friendly. Food was tasty and sufficient."

Plus: "Price and destination was convenient"
Minus: "They said coffee and tea was complimentary but they didn't serve a number of people for some reason"

Plus: "För många spanjorer"

Plus: "Personalen var väldigt trevlig och professionell som vanligt.boardingen gick bra ."
Minus: "Sätena och avsaknaden av både underhållning och vifi."

Plus: "The food and service were great!"

Plus: "Very friendly crew Intime departure and arrival"
Minus: "It was extremely cold in the plane (I was in row 32). Many passengers had the blue blanket wrapped around them even over their head"

Plus: "Comfortable flight."
Minus: "Only one meal option ( with meat). Alcoholic beverage not included."

Plus: "Every one from the check-in counter to the baggage claim was gracious, courteous and very interested in my well-being. It was quite a lovely experience.."
Minus: "No problems at all... a wonderful trip"

Plus: "Lika trevlig personal som alltid"
Minus: "Deras wifi är helt obrukbart jag kunde inte ens ladda ner mina mail."

Plus: "Flight was on time and the crew was effcicient"
Minus: "My knees hit the sear in front of m before they recloined. No way to sleep."

Minus: "gate change at the last minute across whole airport, and I am in a wheelchair so it was very challenging. people at airport not accommodating, kind or friendly"

Plus: "Airplane was fine"

Plus: "Food, staff and video access was excellent."
Minus: "The seating was very uncomfortable and cramped!!"

Plus: "Crew were good. Plane new and clean."
Minus: "I think the only free drinks are tea and coffee."

Plus: "This wasn't a very long flight and I didn't eat or drink anything so there isn't really that much to say. But I can say that nothing was a problem at all"
Minus: "There were no problems"

Minus: "I was really disappointed at finding out at luggage check-in that I had to pay extra (£60.00) for my one regular-size suitcase. On the return flight I was told that this amount would be - as it turned out in my case - less than half, if I called SAS a day before departure. Why did I have to pay for the checked luggage at all?"

Plus: "Direktflyg, trevlig besättning"
Minus: "Luktade illa från toaletterna. Stökiga barn som tyvärr sparkade in i stolsryggen (inte SAS fel men det bidrog till att den långa flygresan inte blev avkopplande) Minus att endast en dryck - ej alkohol - ingick under en 11-timmars flygresa"

Plus: "Great flight very happy"

Plus: "Because of bad weather at the Faroe Islands, the aircraft made a missed approach (go-around) on the first attempt to land. The weather had improved sufficiently to make it in on the second attempt. The pilot and the cabin crew were excellent in keeping everyone informed, and telling us the status of the weather and the likelihood of getting in. The pilot was outstanding in his communication with the passengers and the cabin crew were great in re-assuring passengers after the missed approach. The flight crew handled the difficult weather conditions very well."

Minus: "The flight was cancelled causing a domino effect of plans. I spent the evening and morning canceling and trying to reschedule plans. Your airline rebooked me for a flight the next day that ended up having air filter problems. I lost 3 days of vacation from the 10 total I get a year and from the 8 I had taken for my vacation."

Minus: "I was unable to check in over the mobile app nor online. Had to do everything at the ticket desk in both the US and overseas. Made me feel as though I didn't have a reservation in the system."

Plus: "Movies were good."
Minus: "The quality was not worth the price. I could've taken another airline for cheaper and got better service"

Plus: "I flew SAS from ewr to wro and back a d can't say enough good things about the company. The crew was very friendly and always smiling, the flight was quick and arrived early, the plane was very clean aND overall just great experience. Next flight I'll be looking to book with SAS. Thank you Adam Bartosik"

Minus: "This is our third delay with this airline on this trip and all they will do is send you to their service center which in Copenhagen is located so far from the gates it's a joke. Once again they are doing their best to discourage any interaction with their customers."

Minus: "It will be nice if economy class get at least a bottle of water!"

Minus: "Making and being offered a solution that wasn’t two days later. When our plan had to emergency land due to engine surge there was no one working at the Norwegian desk. You had to wait in line for an hour and a half for a person to give you a slip of paper to call. They should have just told everyone"

Plus: "The crew was very attentive. The food was good. The pilot did not speed."
Minus: "Online check-in availability in Newark. We were in line for 2+ hours."

Minus: "Friendliness of the staff. Plane is outdated and small. It flies. But I felt unsafe and claustrophobic"

Plus: "Nothing. Couldn't make flight. Impossible connection. Had to purchase new tickets."
Minus: "Absolutely everything."

Plus: "Sätet var ok, men jag satt ju på första raden så det var väntat. Besättningen var trevliga."
Minus: "Jag flyger väldigt ofta och har sistone vart med om mycket förseningar. Tycker ni som flygbolag kunde bjuda resenärerna på en dricka eller något eftersom vi får vänta. Tycker det är rimligt när man inte levererar sin tjänst på utsatt tid."

Plus: "Comfortable seat with adequate legroom, cleanliness, good entertainment choices, affordable fares."
Minus: "Complementary water, coffee or tea"

Plus: "Trevlig personal"

Plus: "The crew the attention while on my flight.. overall I can’t wait to fly with Norwegian airlines again"
Minus: "Keep up with the great work"

Plus: "The comfort of the premium seats"
Minus: "Unable to order still water through their tablet system, it says water was unavailable , so we kept having to go up and ask staff. I mentioned it to the staff and he said I had to order it through the tablet but then I mentioned it was broken. Still he didn't have the sense to followup to see how he could rectify it. They gave us a cup at a time and didn't ask if we wanted larger portions."

Plus: "Helt okej allt var bra förutom det angiva i det dållga"
Minus: "Trycket dålig hantering av trycket"

Plus: "Same comments as above."
Minus: "Same as above"

Plus: "same as above"

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I missed the flight, because all flights from Denver to JFK were 6 hours delayed. I was not put on another flight, not reimbursed at all, not even treated considerately. WORST treatment EVER, in 40 years of world travel. TERRIBLE. I am so sad to see how air travel has degenerated. Very very sad."

Plus: "Mid-air"
Minus: "We were late boarding and took off late, now we have landed an hour ago and still sit on the tarmac. This is ridiculous. Screens in seats do not work. Terrible and I would avoid."

Plus: "Modernt flygplan och WiFi på planet. Snabbt ombordstigning."
Minus: "Sätet var inte bekvämt alls. Flygplanet var smutsigt."

Plus: "Nothing service zero even to get glass of water you had to pay before get anything."
Minus: "Everything bad from checking in to bag fee $200 per bag Crowded zero service got 90 minutes to get your all luggages"

Plus: "Smooth ride. Wide variety of snack options. Convenient charger for my electronics."
Minus: "Wish I knew I’m advance the importance of choosing a non-middle seat. The middle seat for 9+ hours was pretty miserable."

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Prison food, torturous seats, no complementary anything"

Plus: "Plane wasn’t packed full. Kind attendants."
Minus: "People who want to stay up all night talking with lights on and poking the back of seats to select screen choices should be sitting together at the back of the plane. Red eye flights are painful enough, and providing a dark and uninterrupted flight for most people should be your priority. Please switch screen selection to arm rather than tapping on someone’s back !"

Minus: "There is no internet or any entertainments so it was boring"

Plus: "Allt funkade riktigt bra i det stora hela Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Ont om plats för handbagaget då det är fullbokat Framgörallt vart planet 30 minuter försenat"

Plus: "the price.....new clean plane"
Minus: "Customer service...... no clear policy for reservation change . to return one day earlier than originally booked I spent hours to get somebody on the phone and when i got a philippino he put me on hold for the longest time (probably working on a rice field!!) and than told me to buy a new one way ticket. If it is a non changeable tkt......SPELL IT OUT TREMENDOUS PROBLEMS PASSING IMMIGRATION IN EWR. 2 1/2 HOURS IN SEVERAL CONSECUTIVE LINES !!!!!!"

Plus: "Planes arrived on time, crew helpful, the comforts not so good. I do have to mention that the low super basic fares if you can fly on a backpack allow folks to fly international who really couldn't before. Plane excellent new Boeing 787 but with least comfort economy section seating configuration.. Best ever technology in Greyhound bus comfort. Pay for food and drinks experience via entertainment screen was good but not perfect."
Minus: "it felt like the Southwest airlines but 13 hour flights and you had to pay for baggage and water. Their upper end fares allow slightly wider seat, no-cost luggage, food and drinks but you cannot avoid the cattle experience of being bussed from far west LAX terminal to Bradley terminal with economy folks like me. Much better than WOW but trailing everyone else."

Minus: "The fact that I flew 9 hours and did not get a free meal or drink not even water it's better to pay for virgin a few bucks more and get full service"

Minus: "They forced me to check my bag leaving JFK. Charged me $250 to check it and then proceeded to lose my bag. They have since refused to refund my money. Don't ever fly this airline"

Plus: "Cheap flight and huge aircraft!"

Minus: "Preordered meal was terrible"

Minus: "Bara vatten,"

Plus: "The crew was very friendly and helpful. The boarding process was fast and efficient. The crew was very fast in their response time especially when food was ordered. The entertainment was probably my favorite part of the ride because it helped pass the time."

Minus: "Horrible seats. The lady that checked me in did not understand my request"

Plus: "Quick flight. Good entertainment Quite spacious Quick boarding."
Minus: "Plane was cold. Not including food Staff aren’t as friendly as other airlines experienced."

Plus: "Only a slight delay to boarding."
Minus: "Cabin crew were rude and not very welcoming. Spent more time chatting with each other than checking on passengers. Everything cost money, we didn't even get a complimentary drink. I understand the food is extra, but what would it cost to give everyone a quarter can of coke?"

Plus: "All in all a great flight both there and back. I'd recommend this airline without hesitation. I didn't have a single issue with them. Great plane with all the new gadgets etc, love that the windows could be dimmed for sleep/watching movies. Lots of leg room, bonus for me was that both flights I had nobody next to me so I was also able to lie down! Shopping system worked great, every time I ordered I received my food/drink within minutes. Boarding was carried out in number order and worked well as they give themselves loads of time. There was no backlog of passengers waiting for that one person (there is always one!) to arrange their overhead space perfectly!! Would definitely fly with them again."

Plus: "I felt this Airlines was very accommodating, efficient and easy to travel with. The flight crew that we had both coming and goin were very good. AND of course, it felt like getting to Europe was finally manageable in the time needed to get there. Now west coast travelers can almost go as easily as our east coast counterparts!! Please Norwegian... bring us more!"
Minus: "Being a true foodie, and having opted to fly Premium Class, perhaps it would have been better to get our food NOT served as a boxed meal."

Minus: "Since I didn't order food I cannot comment."

Plus: "everything"
Minus: "nothing"

Plus: "The bulkhead seats were great. Lots of room. Would love to come home with those"
Minus: "The boarding process was a bit helper skeleton. Really could not understand the woman announcing"

Plus: "easy boarding clean plane"
Minus: "this flight had wifi, but no USB ports to charge your devices. was a joke even the flight crew thought was dumb to offer service on plan with no charge ports."

Minus: "Both online check-in and self-service kiosk check-in were unavailable. Only middle seats were available upon assisted check-in. Flight was delayed. Pre-order meal was not offered at booking and therefore was not served any food on 8+ hour international flight. Flight attendants did not offer clear explanation or alternatives to assist."

Minus: "Boarding was over three hours late. Ground crew was not forthcoming with information. Packed us into a small waiting lounge and then cleared the lounge. The ground crew looked out-of-control of the situation."

Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Vi köpte economy plus för att få mat, bagage och att bestämma plats. Vi fick ingen mat (förstår nu att man inte får det på kortresor, men det framgick inte alls under bokningen). Vi fick heller inte de platser vi bokade. Istället fick vi på både hem och ditvägen sitta längst bak vid toaletter som dessutom luktade urin till en grad jag inte varit med om på några andra flighter."

Plus: "They had new movies (I watched La La Land a few others). Their entertainment options are good and the in-cabin electronics work well enough."
Minus: "We have taken 6 trans-atlantic flights with Norwegian, and *all* of them have been delayed by multiple hours. They clearly do not have the operational capabilities to run these long-haul flights. Our most recent flight, for which I am writing this review, was delayed by 5 hours, and on top of that, we had to wait to de-plane for 40 minutes since the small destination airport (OAK) could not handle our arrival simultaneously to another Norwegian flight; they coincided because of our astounding delay. There was no legitimate reason for the 4h45min departure delay--no mechanical issues, no weather problems, no airport issues; it was purely Norwegian failing to have their staff available, or them waiting for other delayed flights to arrive to allow those passengers to transfer. We heard absolutely zero explanation except from the pilot who said was due to Norwegian's "own operating issues". There was no staff at the boarding desk, and after the 5 hour delay, some non-Norwegian-affiliated airport employee just said "ok everyone board", because clearly they needed the gate and the Norwegian staff was dragging their feet. I have never seen anything like it: a whole crowd of disgruntled people heading to the podium with no organization. Fortunately, we were flying from Stockholm and the Swedes were all very reserved about the horrible service. In the cabin, it is no-frills as you would expect, but I continue to be disappointed by a lack of water! I can afford to order bottled water from the snack bar, and we did that, but really water should be delivered to all passengers spending 11 hours on an aircraft. The pre-ordered food was pretty bad and definitely not worth the money that they charge for it. If you compare this to a "real" airline's trans-atlantic flights, there is no comparison: Norwegian's cabin crew is a bunch of amateurs from third world countries; a major airline like Lufthansa actually cares about passenger comfort and makes 2-3 times as many rounds through the cabin to deliver things like water, food, wine, hot towels, etc. I think this will be our sixth and final Norwegian trans-atlantic flight. Within Europe, we have had much better experiences with Norwegian."

Minus: "They always run out of the chicken option first for dinner."

Plus: "Flight attendants werecordial"
Minus: "we paid for seats 8a and 8b but were put in 18 a and c with the excuse that row eight was for families with infants. Our flight attendants told us there was no such thing. Two adults sat in the seats we paid for. When we landed we sat on the plane for a half hour till they brought the stairs out. We took the same size plane both outbound and inbound yet on our return flight all of a sudden we had ti pay for one of our bags, exact same luggage as our departure flight including the same size plane"

Plus: "I always feel the plane itself is newer than other companies. The batcheooms seem bigger which is nice."
Minus: "I can never figure out if I am getting food or not. My ticket said light & tasty meal and when I tried searching for this on the Norwegian site all I could find is that I could purchase a meal on board or in advance. So of course I brought my own snacks on board and was surprised when the staff said they had prepared a meal for me. This really needs to be more clear. I'm tired of wasting money or food. I also had seen all of the movies already so I wish there was a bigger selection."

Minus: "although he seem to allow a carry-on bag and a personal item, the misleading print is that the two bags in total cannot weigh more than 10kg. This is extremely deceptive since even a "personal item" such as a backpack with a laptop can weigh almost 10 kg by itself. the policy seems to deliberately make people show up with bags they have to check at the gate for $50. in fact, nearly every passenger had this problem. the employees at the gate, rather than be sympathetic, would just smugly point to the fine print and say "It says it right here!" Seems like a way to squeeze more money out of people since there's nothing else you can do except skip the flight. i did. it authorize them to charge my credit card but they ran it anyway. Very bad customer service. would not recommend this airline."

Plus: "Nice plane"
Minus: "If we wanted water we had to pay for it. That was a first for me."

Plus: "The aircraft is nice and I enjoy the extra luggage space many companies require a lot of passengers to check their carry on at the gate and that really annoys me so I appreciate having room for everyone and their belongings."
Minus: "There was only one crew member that was customer friendly but she was amazing. The others that were in my area all had a horrible attitude."

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