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NorwegianGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 4419 recensioner
6,8Gå ombord

tout était parfait. Merci

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tout était parfait. Merci

Minus: "Ya opine"
Minus: "2.5 hours late, ground crew horrible."
Minus: "It takes a long time to get your luggage. Traveling with a child is really a challenge"
Plus: "The crew on-board was nice this time around."
Minus: "The entire process: -the check-in staff are rude -had to wait in line for over 1.5 hours to check in (no self-serve kiosk at CDG) -the 10kg total (backpack and suitcase) carry-on limit was a surprise on this flight and cost €80 for being ~2kg over - generally confusing with bad surprises"
Plus: "I think the pilots did an amazing job with getting us home safely. Both take-off and landing were perfect."
Minus: "The food was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Please improve the food."
Plus: "The flight was very comfortable. Better than my expectations. Good entertainment. Food and drink on demand."
Minus: "Luggage allowance is pretty strict. You have to pay extra for everything more than a seat on the plane."
Plus: "They were friendly and excellent plane"
Plus: "The crew was amazing. They went above and beyond. I love traveling with Norwegian Airlines"
Minus: "Everything was perfect."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Minus: "Boarding was super slow"
Minus: "It is so surprising and ridiculous to have to pay for a glass of water and a blanket for an international flight."
Plus: "Sätet var ok, men jag satt ju på första raden så det var väntat. Besättningen var trevliga."
Minus: "Jag flyger väldigt ofta och har sistone vart med om mycket förseningar. Tycker ni som flygbolag kunde bjuda resenärerna på en dricka eller något eftersom vi får vänta. Tycker det är rimligt när man inte levererar sin tjänst på utsatt tid."
Plus: "Boarding"
Minus: "Free snacks"
Plus: "It’s bad — it’s really bad"
Minus: "Crew and stuff are rude and bad, these guys are not ready to operate internationally"
Minus: "The boarding staff at Oslo airport should not be the money maker for the company and not choose languages by face .. my one was pulled out because it was 1nch to tall the woman before me sane language nothing they charge me another fee"
Plus: "Helt okej allt var bra förutom det angiva i det dållga"
Minus: "Trycket dålig hantering av trycket"
Plus: "The price"
Minus: "Old aircraft Abu Dhabi-Oslo had no inflight entertainment service and no meal service - 7 hours!"
Plus: "The price"
Minus: "Delays, missed connecting flight"
Plus: "good space, especially with 3 seats to myself;)"
Minus: "-my monitor/screen did not work (many others too) until they rebooted the whole system after at least 45 minutes into the flight -no food, no snack, no drink"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I had a long flight from LAX-Los to Barcelona and it was very uncomfortable, crew needs to be trained to service passengers. Your airplane was dirty, trash between seats. My husband had bug bites on his feet. I ordered a sandwich from online monitor and received a very different sandwich, when I asked flight attendant he said, the picture its just an illusion. Very unprofessional and misleading information to passengers."
Plus: "Service onboard was excellent and prompt. When we ordered items they arrived very quickly."
Minus: "Checkin needed to be better planned and managed. Line was much too long. Get more staff earlier to prevent the lines from getting too long."
Plus: "Friendly crew Comfortable clean planes"
Minus: "Departure delay JfK Luggage at Amsterdam took way too long"
Plus: "Modernt flygplan och WiFi på planet. Snabbt ombordstigning."
Minus: "Sätet var inte bekvämt alls. Flygplanet var smutsigt."
Plus: "Really pleased they fly to Austin,Texas direct from London. They give a very cost effective alternative to BA. We upgraded to Premium for a reasonable fee. We liked the masses of leg room but on a night flight it is impossible for the middle/window passenger to escape as all seats are back with footrests extended. The cabin crew were very good. The plane was new and very clean. Roast beef salad for breakfast was tasty if unusual."
Minus: "Low cost premium is rare, and some cost cutting is understandable. That said....Premium seats weren’t that comfortable. I’m not too tall (6 feet) but they didn’t support my back well. There was no music entertainment so ensure you bring your own. There is plenty of power. The film selection is the same in both directions and pretty limited. Not a problem if you are sleeping though. Note: When upgraded you don’t seem to get all your prepaid extras refunded and we couldn’t choose our seats in Premium. There is no business lounge in Austin. (There was in Gatwick). The Norwegian app never linked to my reservation automatically. Some synchronisation work required there. Unlike other premium flights the drinks service was pretty limited. I didn’t enjoy eating out of a cardboard box, but the food was tasty."
Plus: "Allt funkade riktigt bra i det stora hela Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Ont om plats för handbagaget då det är fullbokat Framgörallt vart planet 30 minuter försenat"
Plus: "When it was over!"
Minus: "Very poor customer service as the Norwegian staff at JFK are not employees of the airline. They have very little care or concern for any travel issues that may occur. They are there to process passengers through. If you have any questions or need help you are passed to a very uninterested person that only can tell you to go on the Norwegian website for anything you need to do with your booking. The check-in and gate agents provide no help or even attempt to try serve the customer. They are just there to perform a task. Norwegian sold premium seats and then puts the customer in Economy in the back of the plane. A bit is a bait and switch. They should refund the difference in the fare to be fair."
Minus: "Bara vatten,"
Minus: "FLL worse airport in USA. 2 hours to get through their immigration. Always like it for international flights and that is with a US passport!"
Plus: "Arrived safely"
Minus: "Late departure / arrived late - not weather- not mechanical Tiny seats No water- must pay for water"
Plus: "The cost of the ticket was perfect, very affordable. I didn’t have a meal included, but was surprised that I was never even offered water worth the other passengers as attendants went down the aisle. I was completely looked over."
Minus: "I was VERY surprised to witness such unfriendly, mannered attendants. No smiles. No excuse mes or sorry when bumping in to someone or needing to get by. I felt like I would’ve put them out too much to ask for ANYTHING."
Plus: "The plane was nice and comfortable. There was plenty of room to stretch out. The crew was friendly and they had a pretty good movie selection."
Minus: "You have to pay for everything individually. Even small snacks and water were not included."
Plus: "The flight itself was really good, smooth and easy. The staff were also very helpful. Good value for money"
Minus: "The plane hadn't been cleaned properly, there was still food in the pocket in my seat from the flight before. And they didn't bring the trash through nearly often enough which resulted in passengers leaving wrappers and cups on the floor. We were 30 min delayed as well."
Minus: "$260 charged to check in two suitcases."
Plus: "Great plane, though a little cramped of course"
Minus: "Delayed the flight once we were already boarded so that added two hours if sitting to an 11+ hour flight and WATER is not made available. That's crazy!"
Plus: "Boarding was fast and easy"
Minus: "For a premium business ticket, the service, comfort, and food is extremely poor."
Plus: "The price was awesome, the Dreamliner was shiny and new, the crew was pleasant enough. Any shortcomings of the flight were minor compared to the price and overall experience, which was fine. I was prepared for a discount flight experience and thought it was all okay."
Minus: "The in-seat entertainment system was busted - but then I hadn't expected anything, so didn't really miss it. The charger did work. The location information did work, including simulations of the view from the cockpit and windows. You have to pay for everything except water poured for you."
Plus: "Nice plane! Nice crew! Wonderful experience"
Minus: "Couldn't tell you, because I liked it all!"
Minus: "The fact that my husband and I were one of the first people to check in, four hours ahead of boarding, yet we were not even asked or told that we were being allotted seats in the row closest to the toilet- had we been told that at the time of checking in by the customer rep, we would have had the chance to request for a seat change as both of us were unable to sleep at all."
Plus: "The bulkhead seats were great. Lots of room. Would love to come home with those"
Minus: "The boarding process was a bit helper skeleton. Really could not understand the woman announcing"
Plus: "Its very cheap! But its a typical no-frills airline that doesn't give you food, extra leg room, etc."
Minus: "There was nothing overtly negative about this flight - you just don't get the nice "extra" things that you'd get if you paid more for your flight."
Plus: "The movie selection on board was great."
Minus: "There was no milk available."
Minus: "My bag was lost and I'm so sad"
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Vi köpte economy plus för att få mat, bagage och att bestämma plats. Vi fick ingen mat (förstår nu att man inte får det på kortresor, men det framgick inte alls under bokningen). Vi fick heller inte de platser vi bokade. Istället fick vi på både hem och ditvägen sitta längst bak vid toaletter som dessutom luktade urin till en grad jag inte varit med om på några andra flighter."
Minus: "although he seem to allow a carry-on bag and a personal item, the misleading print is that the two bags in total cannot weigh more than 10kg. This is extremely deceptive since even a "personal item" such as a backpack with a laptop can weigh almost 10 kg by itself. the policy seems to deliberately make people show up with bags they have to check at the gate for $50. in fact, nearly every passenger had this problem. the employees at the gate, rather than be sympathetic, would just smugly point to the fine print and say "It says it right here!" Seems like a way to squeeze more money out of people since there's nothing else you can do except skip the flight. i did. it authorize them to charge my credit card but they ran it anyway. Very bad customer service. would not recommend this airline."
Plus: "The plane (787) is amazing - nice, quiet, modern, fast."
Minus: "Terrible seats and space between seats, I am 6' and could not fit my knees. Seats in economy are made for little children..Worst seat experience ever."
Plus: "Nice plane"
Minus: "If we wanted water we had to pay for it. That was a first for me."
Plus: "I make long distance overnight flights about 8 times a year, and this flight on Norwegian was the best flight I've had in years. Plenty of legroom, the seats don't feel crowded together, and my backpack was the only bag in the overhead storage. The chicken and rice was piping hot and had more chicken than I could eat. There are lots of flight attendants so you never feel neglected and they are all friendly."
Minus: "I liked the whole experience. I am flying Norwegian again"
Plus: "The crew was great and accommodating. There were plenty of options for in flight entertainment too."
Minus: "If I had to nit-pick. The sandwich was about 95% bread,"
Plus: "Inget. Allt är svindyrt. Kaffet smakade illa."
Minus: "Nonchalant besättning."

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Flyg Umeå - Alicante


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Alicante (ALC)Spanien

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