Hitta billiga flyg från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta


Hitta billiga flyg från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta

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Stockholm Skavsta
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Hur lång tid tar ett flyg från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta?

Vilka flygbolag erbjuder de billigaste flygen från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta?

Hur hittar KAYAK så låga priser för flyg från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta?

Hur hjälper KAYAKs prognos av flygpriser, Prisprognos, mig att välja rätt tid att köpa min flygbiljett från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta?

Vad är KAYAK Mix-alternativet för flyg från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta?

Vad innebär KAYAKs funktion "flexibla datum" och varför kan detta hjälpa mig när jag söker efter ett flyg från Göteborg till Stockholm Skavsta?

Toppflygbolag som flyger från Göteborg-Landvetter Airport till Stockholm Skavsta

Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK

Wizz Air
Genomsnittsbetyg baserat på 1 529 recensioner
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Plus: "I did not fly"

Plus: "It was enough fast"
Minus: "Too much money for nothing service."

Plus: "Stewards"
Minus: "Uncomfortable seats"

Minus: "not charge me for carry on luggage"

Plus: "The crew was very professional and I cannot complain about that."
Minus: "Budapest airport has tricky terminal for the Wizzair planes. You have to go outside the main terminal to get to the Wizz terminals and then you have to go outside again to get to the plane. It was really weird but I understand that as it is a low budget flight provider. The thing that made me really upset was that we all (passengers) left the terminal to get to the plane and we had to wait outside till we could start entering the plane. I really don’t understand why someone made us to wait outside while it’s freezing cold when the doors are not open or plane is not ready. That was unreasonable and ruined my trip."

Plus: "fare"
Minus: "boarding process felt like herding"

Plus: "crew and boarding was nice"
Minus: "don't stop the airplane 5 miles from the terminal in a pouring rain making everyone have to walk to the gate and getting soaked."

Minus: "Staff could of been friendlier. They would not give me a cup of water and said i had to buy a bottle."

Plus: "The seat not so comfortable but good"

Minus: "Space between the seats."

Minus: "Changing in luggage information was annoying"

Minus: "Seats are terrible."

Plus: "On time departure"
Minus: "We arrived at the airport 2.5 hours earlier than departure as suggested. They opened check in for Naples on the boards but the agents would not let anyone for Naples check in/bag drop. Once allowed it was chaos in the line. Once we got through security our flight posted as “boarding”. We got there in time but the unnecessary rush was uncomfortable and chaotic."

Minus: "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."

Plus: "Got me to where I was going and the airline stewards were polite and helpful."
Minus: "Like all budget airlines, Wizzair has low fares and anything else is a nickel and dime game. When did a cup of coffee cost anything? Is this the norm? I would not know. I travel with a musical instrument (guitar) in a soft case. Easily fits in overhead bin compartments. The airline would not allow me to carry it on (only recourse was to purchase a second seat for it). I was forced to pay a baggage fee (around $70 u.s.dollars). For what? To pray it doesn't come back to me damaged? To their credit, it did not..."

Plus: "Everything was ok"

Minus: "Unconfortable sears. The seats cannot be moved back. The table is too high. I have traveled a lot but never seen tables at this height (above the chest). No entertainment, no wifi, and no food, but that's ok. After all, it's a low cost floght although many other low cost companies have wifi and entertaonments via mobile devices."

Plus: "The price"
Minus: "The check in was not opened on time The bordibg was not possible on time"

Plus: "We got to our destination."
Minus: "There was a problem with their website that was out of our control, that didn’t allow us to print boarding passes and we were charged at the airport even though we had proof we tried and were not able through no fault of our own"

Minus: "The flight was delayed and there was even no information about it. Gate number was changed after boarding time and we didn’t hear any appologize not even receive some meal vouchers or food on board. We arrived more then 1 hour later- I can not evalute this as a good service."

Minus: "Lost luggage. 3 days since and still no luggage.And they don't have a customer service phone number that I can call. Very dissapointed. I guess that's what you should expect from a low cost flight company. I will never book a flight with them again."

Plus: "The crew was very nice. The flight was ok"
Minus: "Not much of a food choice.."

Plus: "De gjorde absolut inget rätt"
Minus: "Det var total koas på incheckningen och efter 2h väntade så kom vi inte ens med flyget. De behandlade oss riktigt illa utan att vi hade gjort nått fel. Värst var att vi reste med barn."

Plus: "So many crying children"

Minus: "Man at the checkin did not have a clue that WIZZAIR flight was delayed at 05/04/2018. I missed meeting with my family. Waited for a long time at boarding gate."

Plus: "Price and schedule. Going on time with no delays. Good value for money."
Minus: "Very hard on baggage policy"

Plus: "The people are very rude no cooperation"
Minus: "The crew was very rude"

Plus: "Super easy online check-in, comfortable plane, lovely crew"
Minus: "Waited a bit in a long hallway waiting for the last flightload of passengers to deplane."

Minus: "Don't forget to print a damn boarding pass. Cost me 100$ at the airport just for that... What a rip off. First time traveling to Europe so, I guess that's a part of the learning curve."

Minus: "Checkpoint at katowice the wirst ever seen, personnel with very bad atittude wanting personal cosmetics to fit on stupid plastic bag, the rest wanted to scrap or document my bag to pay extra even I already pay for bring it inside cabin, same before boarding I have my computer backpack and already pay 10 eur for large cabin bag and before boarding they wanted for me to checkin baggage because rule is only backpack even I did explain I already paid large cabin, at end I paid 63 Eur total for my luggage I found completly dissapointed and abusing from many passengersbin the same sittuation, also fly have us inside the plane for more than 30minutes without leaving,"

Plus: "cheap, on time"
Minus: "no reclining chairs, no free water"

Minus: "Crampt seats, mob to board the plane, hour delay with no reason given."

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Hidden fees"

Minus: "We arrived at a field in Israel with 2 backpacks and did not charge us extra, but on the way back they decided to charge us at the last minute for the same cases we had arrived with. Nothing we said helped and the attitude was cold and hard. The flight was good"

Minus: "I didn't eat No entertainment"

Minus: "All was good"

Minus: "Basic flight. Rude crew and late flight"

Plus: "Ombordstigning gick smidigt och trevlig personal."
Minus: "Alldeles för trångt och budgetsäten."

Plus: "Nothing at all... They were unfriendly and I missed my flight because of them. Lot money and time is gone"
Minus: "How they organized everything in this day!!!! 4th of July 2017 TERRIBLY Terrible"

Plus: "The crue was excellent."
Minus: "i was surprised by the high extra charge we have been requested to pay for the suitcases. Wizz attracts clients by offering low prices. while in fact the price is much higher than with other companies. price paid for the suitcases, 235 eur, is an additional ticket. unbleivable. and no one tells us that the extra fees might be as high as the ticket itself. personnaly, in future, i shall avoid flying with wizz and i shall never recommend this company to anybody!"

Plus: "only good for short flights....the price.."
Minus: "not comfortable seats"

Minus: "Boarding and getting off the plane via bus"

Plus: "There really isn't a lot to like except the base ticket fare."
Minus: "They ticketing agent lost my luggage, after misreading the "package" I had to purchase just to check a bag. They had a push cart in which they sold perfumes and cosmetics. They charged for everything, including coffee and water."

Plus: "They charged me for not checking in 3 hrs prior and didn't really make that clear before when I purchased the ticket. Even if they did, I never seen a airline do that. It's a borderline scam. Then the flight attendant continued to swipe my card when it was declining since I had restrictions on it. In which in return had my card shut off. Never will I fly Wizz Air again."

Minus: "we didn't get food at all. i purchased a cabin baggage for 40 dollar, and when i went to the check in i paid another 110 euro for checked in baggage although i had only one baggage!!!"

Plus: "Crew was great. Tight on leg room but fine for the price."
Minus: "Rough and scary approach into landing. Pilot had to abort and come around again. I have only had this happen one other time in 30 years of flying."

Plus: "I put on my VR goggles and noise cancelling headphones as soon as I was allowed to and I watched 3D movies during the whole flight."
Minus: "There were too many announcements about food / things Wizzair tried to sell me, it would be best if they'd leave us alone until the end of the trip."

Plus: "Horrible. Website won't take payment for baggage. Charge over twice as much at airport. Black list this company."

Plus: "Great price, excellent service."
Minus: "The size of the free cabin bag - too small"

Plus: "I wasn’t even allowed to board because of their huge lack of knowledge And misscommunication"
Minus: "I wasn’t even allowed to board because of their huge lack of knowledge And misscommunication"

Minus: "Jag jar skrivit till er då delarcav min resa rill Madridcoch sedan resan från Berlin och hem till Stockholm inte gick. Men detcär ingen som komtaktat mig och jag har försökt på alla sätt att få pengarna tillbaka på den här resan då det var omöjligt att resa den här sträckan när de andra sträckorna försvunnit"

Plus: "Duktig besättning"
Minus: "Allt"

Plus: "Personalen var mycket trevliga och snälla"

Plus: "Terrible crew rude and impolite"

Minus: "I did not check in online and was charged a huge fee, 55 euro to be exact. It would have been a nice reminder from the airline to have emailed with reminder to do so and what kind of fee I would be expecting to pay if I did not check in. Very ridiculous and rude customer service."

Plus: "New seats and new walls, didnt shake like last flight. No loose parts."
Minus: "It was deleyed and made me miss my connection bus which was the second to last one. So if id miss it id have to pay 150 euro instead of 12 euro to get to my destination."

Plus: "Priset på biljetten"
Minus: "Jag har säkert flygit med Ryanair 75-100 ggr. Priority boarding... de har aldrig någonsin lyckats att hantera det på ett bra sätt. Sorgligt."

Plus: "Very organized and very easy boarding experience."

Minus: "Kommentar: åt ingen mat - underhållning"

Minus: "Planet var försenat på Malta och ingen information gick ut så vi stod i kö i en och en halv timme utan att få veta vad som var problemet. Avgåendetavlan visade hela tiden "on time" men ingen förklaring till varför vi inte fick gå ombord. Flygvärdinnorna på planet var trevliga men man hörde inte vad de sa i högtalarna för de pratade så sluddrigt och fort. Kaptenen sa något som man inte uppfattade i början av flighten men sedan ingen information alls på hela vägen till Göteborg."

Minus: "There was a delay of 2 hours when the boarding du"

Minus: "Allt var uruselt. Servicen ombord under all kritik. Väntade 15 minuter på en kopp kaffe efter beställningen. Beställningen av bagage online är vilseledande så jag hade tydligen bara beställt incheckad väska åt ena hållet och fick därför betala 400 kr för att ta hem den. Detta hände flera passagerare som var arga och jag undrar om ni sätter detta i system för att tjäna mer. Jag reste med Ryan Air för ett par år sedan och lovade mig själv aldrig mer, men ville gärna ge det en chans till men nu vet jag definitivt att jag aldrig reser med er igen och skall dessutom varna alla för detta och inte blir det billigare heller med alla extrakostnader som ni tar ut. Fy för uselt flygbolag!!"

Plus: "Ingenting"
Minus: "Långsam ombordstigning. Matbrickorna lutade så min dryck föll ner på mig. Fick ej glas till drycken. Drycken var ej väl kyld. Personalen gick in i mig med både armbågar och serveringsvagn När jag råkat somna lite mot gången."

Plus: "Jag har tyckt att vällkömn. Och de har jätte gladt"

Plus: "More leg room than I've ever had on any flight."

Plus: "We arrived in time."
Minus: "Crammed space - I had a middle seat. No entertainment sucks on a 4 1/2 hrs flight. Well well, you get what you pay for..."

Plus: "flight was delayed by 2 hours. then the said 1 hour delay. the all of a sudden last call almost without notice and flight left 30 minutes late. moreover, they changed the gate almost last minute. some almost missed the flight"

Minus: "While going through security, Ryan Air misplaced my husband's shoes, which caused us to miss our flight. We then had to paid €100 each to get on a flight to Manchester 2.5 hours later & then we had to take 2 trains from Manchester to Liverpool We missed our tour in Liverpool & had to pay £45 for it anyway."

Minus: "Flight was late by 1 hr"

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Bag policy is not clear. We had two guitars so we paid for two bags then i found out there is musical instruments charge which is 50 euro per instrument. It’s a discrimination against musicians. Huge sporting goods fee is cheaper than that. Also there is no phone number to call. I asked about refund at ryan air check in desk and nobody knows what we should do. Ryanair makes it so easy for customers to pay add on fees but they won’t refund you when you pay by mistake. Total non sense."

Plus: "Planet var nästan 3h sent iväg från CRL TILL CPH. Ingen kom och erbjöd mat ett dryck och informerade heller inte oss om våra rättigheter som passagerare på plats."
Minus: "På planet sa personalen ingenting om förseningen och när man påpekade vad som skett på flygplatsen kunde de inte göra got för att kompensera. Jag bad om vatten och fick svaret att det inte fanns något vatten. Då tog en av värdinnorna fram sin privata vattenflaska och bjöd mig. Ett riktigt nonchalant beteende från Rya Airs sida vilket allvarligt talat gör så att jag aldrig mer kommer att välja att flyga med er, kommer heller inte att rekommendera er till nära och kära. Riktigt besviken!"

Minus: "For your fault i lost my Next flight to Valencia and nobody of your personal helped me to resolve my problem, when you are the responsables that i lost my flight."

Plus: "Relatively inexpensive flight."
Minus: "Difficult to change anything with the reservation. 1.5 delay with no explanation, constant queuing and overall exhausting and unpleasant."

Plus: "No si Long Time in prepratives"

Plus: "On time."
Minus: "How negative the whole experience is. Ryanair business model is to trick people to pay more or create madeup inconveniences to encourage upsell. Random seat selection for your group is an example of pissing 1/2 customers of every time I’ve flown with them. Pay extra to stay close to friends... would avoid"

Plus: "Crew was great."
Minus: "Carry on policy. They should just make everyone check bags at ticketing ans save us the drama of doing it at the gate."

Plus: "What’s there to like?"
Minus: "One of our ticket holders had to have back surgery due to herniated disks and was/is unable to travel. Ryan Air allows for refund requests but does not give refunds! We are unable to get any of the money back and not able to use the tickets. United Airlines on the other hand gave you s a full refund."

Plus: "Planet landade i tid. Bra flygning för ett lågprisbolag"
Minus: "Stolarna funkade i två av tre timmar."

Plus: "Literally nothing"
Minus: "Delays and lack of clarity and updating"

Plus: "The crew and the pilots were very nice!!"
Minus: "The sitting politics, and the selling system."

Plus: "Crew. 1 small and 1 cabin bag for free. Much better then Wizz air."
Minus: "I HATE RYAN AIRs CHAIRS! I always fall asleep when I fly and then I am falling forward. After 1 or 2 hours flight I end up with nack pain, back pain and a grumpy mode."

Minus: "if you come on board with babies, put them in the back, not in the middle of the plane. not everyone needs to suffer!!!!"

Minus: "Flyget var över 1 timme sent från Barcelona, informationen på flygplatsen var riktigt dålig. När vi sedan kom på flyget var utbudet i mat/snacksväg otroligt magert. Vi fick inte ens någon ordentlig ursäkt eller förklaring till förseningen."

Plus: "Besättning /flygvärdinnor var riktigt bra, trevliga och flexibla. Ryanair passar tiderna."
Minus: "Jag tycker att Ryanair borde bjuda på kaffe och liten bulle under tre timmars resa men mat skulle beställas ifall man vill ha. Stolarna är inte alls bekväma men man klarar sig på gränsen, att sitta tre timmar på de utan att ändra ställning /ergonomisk är inte bra för ryggen ."

Plus: "I liked nothing about this flight."
Minus: "I didn't like the fact that I was never allowed to board this plane and I ended up having to book a hotel for a night and then fly out the next day on an Air Lingus flight. As I found out later, Ryanair did send me an email saying that I would need to print out my boarding pass early. However, I had already left the U.S. and never saw that email. Then when I arrived at the airport, I was told that I would have to go to customer service in order to obtain a boarding pass. Then the line was so long that I could never obtain a boarding pass in time. No one was willing to help me even though there were plenty of employees standing around doing nothing. So I ended up buying three Ryanair tickets that were worthless. I will never fly Ryanair again and I would recommend that no Americans ever fly on that airline."

Plus: "Nothing..."
Minus: "Nothing..."

Plus: "Best: The flight was direct, not routed through distant cities as is the case with some low fairs from Stockholm to London."
Minus: "Worst: The procedures for getting from the airport entrance to the actual aircraft. Only a few minutes to know the gate, thus getting to the gate is rushed. Also the line for checking in was long, and there was no sigh to let me know that I needed to check in even though I already had a boarding pass."

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The lady at check in was rude. Also how she wanted to charge us 140 pounds because our luggage was over in kilos. So we removed everything to lower the amount only to bring the items onto the plane anyway. Then there was hardly any room in the over head compartments for everyone to put their things. very counter intuitive."

Plus: "Airline staff was nice. Seats were fine."
Minus: "The airport is not well air conditioned. We were then led to the tunnel BEFORE our airplane arrived only to stand there with no air conditioning. It was sweltering and we had direct sunlight at sunset. It was stifling in there for 20-30 minute. Very very uncomfortable and aggravating."

Minus: "Ogillar starkt hur bolaget metodiskt sprider ut familjen under alla flygresor i förhoppning att kunna mjölka mer pengar för platsbokning"

Plus: "Prices"
Minus: "Boarding"

Plus: "Fast"
Minus: "Nothing"

Plus: "Very clean."
Minus: "Was an hour late leaving because it was late arriving in Amsterdam. Gate updates weren't helpful."

Plus: "It was smooth, operated well and on time!"

Plus: "Nothing."
Minus: "Couldn't check in early on the app because of US passport. Nothing directed us to the website, saying we could check in there. 2 hour shift before the flight was looking for a kiosk to check in- they had none. Had to pay $100 euros just to check in at the desk."

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Worse experience I ever had with an airline in over 45 years of flying. They charge you if you don't check in online but it took me numerous attempts over a couple of days to check in. The website is horrible. I checked a bag online but when I got to the check in they had no record of it and I had to pay extra. If you are not an EU citizen you have to present a printed boarding pass. If you are traveling this can be difficult. That flight was over a half hour late and no explanation was given. It was an almost one hour wait for bags. I will never use this airline again."

Plus: "The flight was on time, clean and the staff were friendly."
Minus: "The seats dont have any form of head support and the seats dont recline at all... This makes for an uncomfortable nap!!"

Plus: "Only direct flight from Marrakech to Barcelona"
Minus: "Seat too narrow and uncomfortable. Awful coffee. Paid for extra bag on booking, but "no record of it in system""

Plus: "The timing of take off"
Minus: "Non"

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