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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
Korean AirGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 4947 recensioner
8,8Gå ombord
Plus: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."
Minus: "The food was terrible."
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Plus: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."
Minus: "The food was terrible."
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "No movies"
Plus: "The crew were superb and the bathrooms were regularly cleant"
Plus: "Food is great. Crew are very nice."
Minus: "Advanced seat assignment"
Plus: "The first meal was awesome! The second one was so-so."
Plus: "Everything was great!"
Minus: "More dates available for reward redemption"
Plus: "good"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "It seemed noise free but I think that’s because they turned all the lights off as if night time. The flight attendants were helpful when asked and friendly"
Minus: "The 1st 6 hours I had to keep calling for water as no one came around. More movie options."
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Everything was great"
Plus: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating. The food was delicious. The plane was clean. This was much better than United Airlines."
Minus: "As with other airlines, flying coach is uncomfortable."
Plus: "Fast boarding sequence and take off."
Minus: "Cabin crew should have smile more, serious faces make request so unconfortable. Food could have been better."
Plus: "Yes, we were unexpected and surprised being upgrade to premier class"
Minus: "no complaints. very appreciated our upgrade, since we went to Prague for mother-in-law's funeral, we were absolutely exhausted.This up grade made an excellence different to us. Thanks very much."
Plus: "Very nice trip"
Minus: "Clean the restroom more often"
Plus: "Very efficient crew. Good food. Good movies."
Minus: "More room around seat."
Minus: "The seats on the plane had ample leg room, even in economy. The service was excellent. The staff was very polite and efficient. All of this made for a pleasant experience even for the long trip. Thank you Korean Airlines. I would recommend you to all traveling overseas."
Plus: "Same as the first flight. Korean flight attendants were very courteous and helpful. Foods ok. We couldn’t afford first or prestige class so we have to trade in our comfort in economy."
Minus: "Flight wasn’t as long but if you add up the lay over time, it end up being long."
Plus: "service/food excellent"
Minus: "old aircraft with outdated and worn 'cradle' seats that are hard to find these days. Unlike claimed it is not a flatbed type."
Plus: "The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. My wife broke her foot, so they took care of us very well."
Minus: "The planes are old. The space is tight, especially if you have long legs."
Plus: "Short flight"
Minus: "Dont have lots of option on movie"
Minus: "I missed my flight on my way to the destination and I could not find a way to contact Kayak.. Because of my missed flight my flight return back I could not take it either. How can I get refund for a flight I could not take?"
Plus: "Food was very good. Blankets anb pillows too"
Minus: "Poor choices of musict"
Plus: "Phillapines was awesome and I want to go to Korea next the Philippines is building a new airport to cebu city maybe direct from N.Y. would be awesome"
Minus: "Eveything was seamless for a novice"
Plus: "Staff was very hepful and attentive. Nice people working"
Minus: "Ordered vegetarian oriental and they brought me appetizer of shrimp Flight attendant didn’t understand that shrimp is not vegetarian"
Plus: "all services"
Plus: "Always slippers and good seats. Lunch was good. Entertainment was just ok but good classical music selection."
Minus: "The food used to be something I looked forward to, but this time the beef and rice for dinner (because chicken was already gone) was so salty and awful I had to ask to change for fish, which was flavorless. 30 minute delay on unloading luggage made the end of a long flight rough."
Plus: "Seats reasonably comfortable, service decent"
Minus: "3 of my 4 flight legs were considerably delayed, my luggage not making the connection for one of them. A friend also flying Korean also had delays making me think they are unreliable and extremely disorganized. I don't know what they'll do when they're really busy for the Olympics. Entertainment OK but ANA has much more."
Minus: "There wad a7 hour delay in Korea and the staff at the airport were not helpful. I asked them if I was in the right place for my connecting flight and all they said was come back in 1 hour. I came back 1 hour later and asked if I'm still in the right place sand when my flight would be boarding. They again said come back in 1 hour. This went on for 7 hours and they never made Amy announcements to inform anyone of when the flights would finally board."
Plus: "Great Staff"
Minus: "Being too old to listen to crying baby's in the economy (Cattle Car) section of the airplane."
Plus: "acomodations was awesome!!!"
Minus: "temperature was not consitent"
Plus: "Food and comfort"
Minus: "Not so much to watch"
Plus: "The service and entertainment"
Minus: "Sitting down 12 hrs it was very painful to be sitting that long. My seat eould heat up and it was uncomfortable also. I couldn't sleep during the flight"
Plus: "The comfortable ride during the entire trip"
Plus: "With three little kids it was nice to be able to load early"
Plus: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Plane was clean, the seats and leg room were good. Cabin attendants were very friendly and attentive during the entire flight. Entertainment system was easy to use and had a lot of movies and other stuff to keep you busy. Headphones and slippers were provided. Enjoyed my flight. Will fly Korean Airlines again if I have the chance."
Plus: "Watched a movie and I dozed off till about 2+ hours to landing, loved the stretch on the business class. Service was attentive and never intrusive."
Minus: "Just a minor niggle, but if the seats were a little wider it would have been perfect."
Plus: "I like the City airport service in Seoul, you can drop off your luggage early so you can enjoy the city more."
Minus: "They are not quite ready for their electronic boarding pass and apple watch features. Although they have an App, it only goes far as checking in 48 hours early. The food is not good."
Plus: "I really liked how Korean Air had the next flights gate information on my boarding passes."
Plus: "The cabin attendants were very attentive. Food and beverages were appreciated. Hot cloths to refresh ourselves were also appreciated. Needless to say, the skill of the personnel in the cockpit is also acknowledged. The blankets, pillow, and water were also a nice touch."
Minus: "The seats were comfortable, but I wish they had more cushioning for this long flight."
Plus: "Korean air is wonderful. They maintain high standards of professionalism and friendly service that are sadly lost by American airlines. This sets them in high favor above the rest. Thank you!"
Minus: "I would like to see more vegetarian meal options as well as possible ways to reduce paper waste and make a more positive impact on the environment."
Plus: "I am very impressed with this airline since stumbling upon it by chance last year during our first trip to the Philippines. We were greeted with a bottle of water, slippers and toothbrush w toothpaste, a blanket, earphones on our seat. The food is excellent and they feed you often. What was most impressive is the level of service provided by all Korean air staff. The stewardesses take great care of the passengers, always smiling and looking sharp in their uniform even though it's 3am and they have also been up the same time as you have!"
Plus: "The crew were excellent."
Minus: "I would have liked to have had a wider selection of movies. I would also have liked to have a hard copy menu to look at prior to meals, as unfortunately I couldn't always understand the crew, even though they were fantastic. With a little more detail I could have determined whether something was spicy or not."
Plus: "Friendly efficient service by crew at check-in and in-flight"
Minus: "Super tight space with very little leg rooms and no in-flight entertainment"
Plus: "Leg room was more than most economy; however, my seat would not lay down and it was miserable for 11 hr ride from Korea to Los Angeles, California."
Minus: "Seat would not lay down for 11 hours."
Plus: "Smooth flight"
Minus: "Food"
Minus: "I wasn't able to choose my seat on line and ended up in a window seat. With the seats in front of my row reclined all the way back, I could not get out of my seat to use the restroom. Having just transferred from Korean Airlines and taken other asian airlines on my trip, it's a hard comparison to a domestic airline, although Hawaiian is among one of the better domestics. On my food tray, there was a bowl of miso soup, that the attendant was trying to hand me, while there was turbulence. The bowl of miso was smiling all over the tray, and on my napkin, and since I was on the inside seat, almost spilled all over me. On a previous Korean airline fight, also with turbulence, the attendant had taken the bowl off the tray, and covered it with a saran, and then handed it to me to make sure it wouldn't spill all over me. There's a bit of difference there."
Plus: "Friendly crew members, great food, and lots of entertainment choices"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "Wonderful international flights - a bit more leg room. SFO to Seoul and Seoul to Hong Kong. hands down Korean air has clean planes and friendly stylish staff. Generous meals, snacks and beverages. Best service economy international flight!"
Plus: "Lot of space for legs and comfortable seats."
Minus: "Nobody could find my reservation for a special meal and I ended up eating nothing"
Plus: "Great service and entertainment"
Minus: "Food was no good"
Minus: "The turbulence was terribly frightening."
Plus: "Crew was nice and attentive."
Minus: "I was disappointed that the middle seats were booked too. I was expecting the middle seats will be kept empty for social distancing purposes."
Plus: "The cabin crew was very attentive throughout the long flight, offering water and orange juice often. Good selection of movies was available."
Minus: "Can't think of anything, everything was very good."
Minus: "Crew on flight back to philly not as helpful"
Plus: "The crew was very good. Seat was comfortable."
Minus: "Running water in the bathroom."
Plus: "Excellent service on both flights. Truly a 5 star experience. Well done Qatar Airways."
Minus: "Nothing. Keep up the good work"
Minus: "Again very impressed with Qatar Airways service on the board"
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Minus: "Catering load was poorly estimated. They'd run out of my first choice of brunch despite being in the first row (apparently pancakes are "really popular with the kids" but they don't load extra to account for this). Also ran out of my main choice."
Plus: "The crew was amazing."
Minus: "The customer service from Qatar Airways. No one communicates and it was very frustrating to deal with."
Plus: "Crew were friendly"
Minus: "Food could be better and frequent"
Plus: "Very comfortable plane and entertainment offered is excellent"
Minus: "Headphones way too big (even when made as small as possible) 2 of 3 checked bags sustained damage to the structure of the bags! Passenger control was poor. Guy behind us was watching videos on his phone throughout flight without headphones-broadcasting to the rest of the seats around him."
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Plus: "Crew was very accommodating"
Minus: "Cancellation of the flight could have done before boarding."
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "The entertainment was reasonable, I enjoyed the festive choices."
Minus: "Screaming babies, obese people sat next to me, water rationing, not a pleasant experience. Arrived sleep deprived and dehydrated. I have much better experiencs on a visit to Australia - this was my third time this year!"
Minus: "Narrow 2x2 sleeper seats are really narrow and feel much too close to one another. ."
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Food was great."
Minus: "Passengers in the back seat kept shaking my seat. I told them to stop, but they kept doing that."
Plus: "On time, fairly good food, good entertainment system."
Minus: "Very cramped seating when the flight is full. We're told to stretch our legs, but there is no place to walk or even stand."
Plus: "Great"
Minus: "Too long, lol"
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "process quick and efficient"
Minus: "average seats"
Plus: "The wider space between all seats and the selection of the food"
Minus: "Nothing at all"
Plus: "Best host staff"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "No HE"
Minus: "Bad app don’t trust"
Plus: "Flight attendants very attentive and helpful, wheel chair provided at Doha airport by helpful and friendly staff, comfortable seating in business class. Overall I would give my flight an A rating."
Minus: "I do not have any complaints, except one bathroom I used was not as clean as I would have preferred."
Plus: "It's was good"
Minus: "The plane from Qatar to Nairobi new modern plane needed"
Minus: "The planes weren't as comfortable as others I've been on like the double deckers of Emirates. Their economy class was NOTHING special. Everyone talks about how superior Qatar is, but I found nothing special about it...the seats, the food, the entertainment were all basic and nothing fancy. The crew, while very sweet, seemed inexperienced and green to me..but they were lovely and that's all that ultimately matters."
Plus: "Doha to hyd was good. Crew was courteous."
Minus: "Even after online checkin. Just to drop the bags it took 1 hr. The thin old black lady at the baggage drop off counter was very partial in treating people. She allowed a black male take 27.8 kgs but asked us to adjust our bags when we had 23 kgs. Also if the passenger is allowed to carry a laptop bag, according to her training and theory she only knows 1 shape and does not recognize a back pack which has only the laptop. I travelled several times in Qatar, but never had this kind of experience."
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Plus: "childrens meals and play packages. service was good, and bathrooms were kept clean. The meals were tastey and fresh."
Plus: "clean airline, modern airplanes, good food, friendly service"
Minus: "Nothing not to like. Spacing between seats is a little tight for med-tall passengers. Food service was slow. few/Infrequent additional beverage & snack visits."
Plus: "Once staff were aware that my child was sick one staff member in particular regularly checked on the well being of my child."
Minus: "Crew only helpful when pushed to help. My child was sick and the cabin crew tried to give me food. I said that my child had just vomited but there was no offer to help me clear it up they just continued serving food to other passengers. I had to search for someone to help me to clear up and then I felt as though I was an inconvenience. I then had to look for someone to bring food for myself and other child. My other child is 1yr and 11 months and I was told they were only allowed baby food not a child meal. Although there were a few spare seats on the plane I was squashed into a full row with a 3 yr old and one year old on my lap. I appreciate that there may not have been any bassinet seats left but would have been helpful not to be on a full row as a single adult travelling with two small children. No offers for assistance with bags."
Plus: "The staff are outstanding! Friendly, helpful and accommodating."
Minus: "Poor choice of movies. Their 'world' movies should have subtitles"
Plus: "I liked the pilot and staff. The workers were very friendly. P.S I loved the food"
Plus: "The usual customer care, from checking in to leaving the plane, second to none. Food choice and quality excellent."
Minus: "The new diagonal seats are good, except when trying to put my feet up. The raised foot area is very cramped, and for me sleeping wasn't possible. I left my feet on the floor."
Plus: "Flawless boarding, service, food and arrived 30 minutes early."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "The seats recline far enough tonsleep good Good movie selection Good tv selection although more episodes would be nice"
Plus: "/Comfort"
Minus: "price"
Plus: "Everything is fine and have a wonderful time"
Plus: "Everything was quite nice. The TV screens were working for all the seats! Though I did not give my meal preference earlier, they still accommodated my request. Doha airport is quite nice and modern. Crew was helpful."
Minus: "I wish Quatar had a direct flight between Chicago and Indian cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. I can understand that Doha is their hub, but such a flights would be really good for me as I always want to reduce my layovers. (I noticed that most travelers in my Delhi to Doha and Doha to Chicago flights were Indians, hence my request makes sense.)"
Plus: "The flight attendants were very nice and friendly. Qatar airlines also provided tons of food. Lastly the tv/games was a good source of entertainment."
Plus: "Movie selection was good."
Minus: "Everything else. Boarding was chaos, Ground crew should show authority while boarding passengers."
Plus: "Very friendly crew and efficient check-in service. Food was lovely."
Minus: "Multiple problems with onboard entertainment re-setting itself."
Plus: "I travel from Sydney to Europe (UK and Greece) regularly. My experience with Qatar airways was fantastic: I highly recommend it. First of all, the travelling hours are a bit shorter (compared to travelling via Singapore or Hong Kong) probably because of the geography of the cities/connections and the corresponding flight times between Athens-Doha-Sydney. The aircraft was exceptional (I believe it was Airbus A380). It was a double-deck, wide-body and four-engine jet airliner. Cabin and economy class seats were very comfortable and more spacious compared to other aircraft. There was minimal turbulence, which is partially due to the type of aircraft: at least this is my understanding. The aircraft also had wi-fi (complimentary for the first 15 min) and one was allowed to use the mobile phone during the flight (except during take off and landing times). The flight attendants were absolutely amazing. Also, the crew was very understanding and friendly with children. Food was also excellent and in good portions. Overall there was high tech aircraft, excellent service and no delays. I will choose it again in the future."
Minus: "On the downside, I had a problem with my entertainment device during the whole flight: there was no sound, so I was not really able to watch any movies/TV.. The flight attendants tried to sort it out, but it was not possible. They kindly brought complimentary magazines and drinks/snacks, however it would have been much preferable if I could watch a movie or if free wi-fi was offered for the whole flight, as compensation.. My understanding is that this was not an option, due to problems providing free password..."
Minus: "N/A"
Minus: "The seats don't recline very far and on the a380 the window is a very long way from the seat making it impossible to lean against. - so difficult to get a reasonable test. The food was not great. Perhaps not qatar's fault(?) but we bought duty free alcohol in Brussels and took as carry on then after a layover in Doha we were advised Australian regulations prohibited us from taking it on board for the final leg - even though it was still sealed in the duty free bag. We were forced to check it protected only by some lightweight clothing and a thin back pack we had been using as cabin luggage. Fortunately it made it undamaged - but it would be better if we had been informed of this at Brussels."
Minus: "I am hard of hearing. It would be appreciated it you would offer more movies with English subtitles."
Minus: "You need to have enough food to your guest. Food is not enough. I end up eating a cup of noodles at my entire trip ( Back and Fort ) not fun at all!!! Thanks"
Minus: "You need to have enough food to your guest. Food are not enough! I end up eating a cup noodles at my entire trip (Back and fort) not fun! At all! Thanks"
Plus: "Crew were excellent"
Minus: "The TV was small and poor resolution and brightness. Also no USB power at my seat."
Plus: "Hotel stay on your long hold"
Minus: "Needs to improve in all sections"
Plus: "Loved the service and the movie options."
Minus: "The food was just okay. It was pretty bland."
Plus: "Great entertainment, great seating and space comfort. Overall a great experience. But, Etihad airways is still better than Emirates."
Minus: "Longer wait for boarding. The assigned zones were the last possible ones. Zone F or something similar. Flight attendants were okay, cared less for economy class. Also, Bluetooth headphones pairing did not work."
Plus: "Easy check in and comfortable flight. The crew are very helpful."
Minus: "Couldn't get my preferred isle seat or sit with my wife who was in a different row."
Plus: "Operating mechanisms"
Minus: "Inside flight centre required heart ♥ feeling fragrance smell"
Plus: "My children enjoyed their first flight they were very well spoilt on the flight also the care they took with my mum."
Plus: "Leg room is always great!! Also the staff a brilliant!!"
Plus: "Both ways there was no food of preference. Preferred juices are short. Especiallyif you are tired and want to sleep on their food serving time, you don't get any till next serving even if you are hungry. I woke and informed the team that I would collect later, but they claim empty and gave No way the entertainment is updated to the latest titles. Have 7/8 months old movies listed."
Minus: "Carry more food and screw sone new movies."
Plus: "Quality airline -new and clean plane with good seats and AV set up"
Minus: "length of flight...."
Minus: "The seat was uncomfortable because it did not convert into a completely horizontal bed. The small incline meant that I could not get comfortable and could not sleep. The screens remain on even when passengers go to sleep, making it very bright in the cabin. It would be good if staff could walk through and turn them off manually."
Plus: "I liked that all the families were in a separate area on the plane. Food and drinks on offer good, baggage allowance good and the leg room was good."
Minus: "The delay to get on the flight, hard with a toddler."
Plus: "everything was perfect i really enjoy my flight with Emirates i recommend everyone to fly with Emirates best experience ever"
Plus: "Level of entertainment"
Minus: "My companion ‘s screws wasn’t working. The stewardess was advised twice but nothing was done"
Plus: "In every way this was an excellent flight."
Plus: "Best airline so far for economy long haul flight, was emerites flight"
Minus: "No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real issues. Would have been hard for my Thai girl to navigate on her own"
Plus: "The food was good for economy"
Minus: "My seat was about 70% of the size of a normal one. It gave me back pain and shoulder pain as the wall encroaches into the seat space. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take the window emergency exit seats. They charge you extra but don’t warn you that they are tiny. I am of relatively normal (althletic) build not overweight or unusually tall etc. They initially told me there were no other free seats so I ended up sat on the floor. Turns out there were free seats. They lied."
Plus: "Nice ontime flight."
Plus: "Comfortable seat, even in economy class. Very quiet engine noise. Extensive in-flight entertainment. Attentive crew."
Minus: "Boarding experience was cumbersome and overly complicated. After going through the whole security screening process to enter the departures area (I boarded in Singapore), the whole security process is performed again to get to the gate. Why do I and my carry-on luggage need to be checked twice? Once at the gate, all passengers are herded like sheep into an area that has insufficient seats for the number of passengers, so many are left to stand or sit on the floor. If the airline wants to use a plane that carries 500+ passengers, then use a gate that can accommodate that number."
Plus: "Travelled economy and it was very good. Would love to try business class sometime. Staff excellent food very good."
Minus: "Dubai to blre flight was better than IAD to Dubai as there was a chewing gum stuck over the window's edge next to my seat."
Plus: "The food and service. Toilets are clean"
Minus: "Should watch on how many beer/champagne the steward serving to the customer as we had an old man who is super drunk sitting beside us and keep asking for more. Should also include toothbrush for our overnight flight as we reached Melbourne in the morning."
Plus: "Smoothness of the flight."
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "Flight attendants friendly, well mannered"
Minus: "Took flight attendants some time to clean up, not responsive to call light, seemed overwhelmed somehow."
Plus: "Great service all round and lovely staff on board! A delight to fly."
Plus: "They treat outbound from India as cargo. I had to request for a blanket three times."
Plus: "Everything else was good besides the below content."
Minus: "The customer service. After the meals came I pressed my button for assistance and was not attended to at all, there was over an hr before our flight was due to land. I didn't want to move from my seat as the person beside looked busy at work and I didn't know where I would go because I couldn't see any flight attendants anywhere."
Plus: "Choice for entertainment"
Minus: "Have travelled on Emirates several times but the Crew hospitality was poor this time. Oriental food was not good."
Plus: "The best"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "Upgraded to Business Class. On a A380 its really significant."
Minus: "The crew was abit too talkative during non-service."
Plus: "The in-flight entertainment was good, with many, many options to choose from. The headphones provided were certainly more comfortable than anything I have experienced on other airlines."
Minus: "The boarding process is chaotic. Especially so in Dubai. Moreover, they do not allow a laptop bag in addition to the normal carry-on baggage. Every other airline I have flown allows this. What is even more frustrating is that a women's purse is allowed, so I saw women carrying giant bags with their laptops, etc. in those bags, whereas I had to stuff mine into my carry-on briefcase. This is not normal (as in, other airlines allow it), is not mentioned in the ticket, not mentioned while given the boarding pass, BUT is strictly enforced at the very last minute right before entering the plane."
Plus: "I liked the crew and the attitude of staff"
Minus: "All flights were delayed Boarding experience is not that great Not sufficient leg room, so cramped up Food was very average"
Plus: "The crew were courteous on the return flight, accommodating . They took too long to retrieve trash after food and drink services. The chairs recline too far back limiting the leg room, moreso knee room of the parties sitting behind the reclined chairs"
Minus: "See above"
Plus: "staff"
Minus: "nothing it was perfect"
Plus: "Smooth flight, nice crew and decent food. Good infotainment although I couldn't find live TV in the Menu."
Minus: "The plane was uncomfortably COLD and DRY! Had two blankets on me and still sneezing. Seats were TIGHT!! Unbelievable!! Such a large plane had seats as small as baby car seats! Left the plane with red eyes, dry nose and aching joints!"
Plus: "Seating was good in business class"
Minus: "Toilet signs not working , food , service ,"
Plus: "The quiet flight I've been in , the crew were friendly and helpful"
Minus: "The standard meal was spicy to me , change the menu with more choices of healthy suitable for flight"
Plus: "Timings were perfect for flight landing and departure. Cleanliness was there."
Minus: "Service was very poor. Asked for warm water 3-4 times - no response.. Asked for green tea - no response."
Plus: "Loved the space and comfort and friendly crew"
Minus: "I travel overseas 1 to 2 times per annum. I've always chosen flights based on economical costs only, and most times disappointed by the level of service, quality and overall feel. This time recently, I chose Emirates airline and was impressed by their overall offering. I'm now converted and will fly Emirates ALWAYS!!"
Minus: "The Staff always seems to be very rude - i see how they are to others and and also to me. They always seem either rushed and frustrated - this applies to all the flights i have been on lately with Emirates"
Plus: "The spacious seats and the in-flight service"
Plus: "The extra seating space - made the long journey A bit more bearable and relaxing."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Spacious seats..comfortable flight and great on board service"
Minus: "I had thought all crew was on training. Service was poor"
Plus: "Food, over all experience."
Minus: "I had a middle chair D45 and the person setting next to me was over wight. I had to standup most of the trip time and when forced to set I had to set by my side to fit into the chair. No body did help."
Plus: "Service and crew were lovely and gracious. Food was good. Some items were delicious, like the vegetarian entrees. Bread, pizza was not so good. Entertainment system is amazing."
Minus: "First set of headphones I unwrapped were dirty. Luckily was able to obtain another set."
Plus: "The ariplane, movies"
Minus: "The check-in staff"
Plus: "New airplanes, good space between seats, descent food."
Minus: "Cairo airport is a mess, Emirates is the best airline."

Som vegan , får man alltid lite mat. inget man kan välja emellan. Utan man får bara serverad något utan att veta vad det är. Jag är allergisk mot paprika, och detta finns i min profil när resebyrån bokar mina biljetter. Jag får tyvärr nästan alltid paprika serverad i mina måltider.

Allt var perfekt!

Efficient like all the other flights with them. An outstanding budget airline!

Minus: "I got billed a higher price than I was quoted."
Plus: "Size of seats and space in business"
Minus: "Food, service and limiting screaming children in business."
Minus: "Direct tarmac to plane without bus"
Plus: "Flight was on time"
Minus: "Despite pre ordering, no special meal. Flight attendants were rude"
Minus: "There was no headset in my front pocket so I couldn’t watch any movie. Staff was busy doing meals and drinks over the 1.5ht window. When there was time, it was late to start any movie."
Plus: "Crew was great"
Minus: "Had to wait for wine with The food..."
Minus: "Food."
Plus: "Very happy travelling with this airline"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "None"
Minus: "Food on the plane"
Plus: "Food & entertainment are okay like the usual."
Minus: "Crew were unusually very unpleasant & rude on this particular flight considering their airlines & the country are considered the land of smiles. They should've been more pleasing since the flight has been delayed for an hour due to some technical issues in the landing gear."
Plus: "787 Dreamliner"
Minus: "Boarding organization could be better."
Plus: "Crew very good Seat getting old uncomfortable to sleep"
Minus: "Movies selection has been almost the same since a few months , some World movies never changed after 3/4 months"
Plus: "Crew were great"
Minus: "Food in economy could be more Thai and tasty but nicely served and efficient"
Plus: "Plenty of leg room"
Plus: "Means of transportation in Bangkok is well organized and very accessible."
Plus: "Food & services on the plane were great."
Minus: "The boarding process can be improved. I traveled with children (7 & 8 years old) and normally we would get the shortest line. But this time we had to board with other long lines which not so comfortable for our children. Also the flight was delayed by 20 minutes. Thai airways should really be improved on this area."
Plus: "The flight was smooth and quick. The meals were delicious too"
Minus: "Long time getting through Frankfurt airport security"
Plus: "Quite quick -clean aircraft"
Minus: "Terrible entertainment options"
Minus: "Super delayed."
Plus: "Speedy boarding, early arrival and generally comfortable flight."
Minus: "The food choice was limited - and it was spicy which didn't suit me or the children. The flight was a little bumpy."
Plus: "Bangkok Melbourne leg was excellent. New plane. Was great. Great, friendly service."
Minus: "Same limited entertainment options and despite being a new plane would 3 degrees on the tilt of the seats kill you?"
Minus: "3 toilets out of order. Plane very old. Chilli food so hot inedible."
Plus: "ARN to BKK: Good crew, good seat (Thai Premium Economy - available Scandinavian flights only), on time departure and early arrival BKK."
Minus: "Food was tasty enough, but not hot when served (a common problem with many airlines) and only two options for Premium Economy. Entertainment options also limited."
Minus: "Old useless aircrafts"
Plus: "Great service, comfortable seats, great entertainment."
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "They had good movie choices"
Minus: "The stewardesses, for the most part were rude, almost because they were lazy. I had one get pissed because I asked for oolong tea when she was offering coffee or hot tea. Well the cabin was so hot during the whole flight, I didn't want anything hot. She made it seem like she had to go out her way to get it for me. It was on her cart!!! They rarely walked around the cabin to make sure they couldn't get something for you or even take your trash. I held an empty cup during almost an entire movie. When I finally got up to toss it, I gave it to a stewardess who was standing right there by the closes curtain who acted like that it was beneath him to do so. They would rush up and down the isle and pretty much shove your meal on you. Ugh they were just rude. None of want to be there either, especially when it's so hot in the cabin and the seats were so narrow!!"
Minus: "Our itinerary did not show that we had to transit in Chiangmai. It came as a surprise when we checked in at the airport. That was very misleading. We had to remove our hand luggage at each stop."
Plus: "Same"
Minus: "Same"
Minus: "Right from how rude the flight attendants are to how the ground staff can forget of something as basic as informing passengers that their flight has been delayed by 6 hours. Furthermore, the no one from the ground personnel to the flight crew have any answers to why passengers upon boarding their flight are kept waiting for an hour on the plane before actual take-off. While on flight, flight attendants initially refused to serve us food stating that we should've ordered in advance. This was NOT mentioned during booking & clearly stated that food would be served as complimentary as per any International flight. I've been flying international for the past 10 years & have never come across such an incompetent lot. This was our honeymoon trip to Thailand & we 'Thank' Thai Airways for ruining it. Will never ever make the mistake of flying with them. And will make sure our friends & family do the same."
Minus: "Our connection flight from Germany was changed and we were not informed meaning we land in Germany after the flight has departed. We're forced to buy a last minute flight with a different airline to ensure we do not miss our honeymoon plans"
Plus: "The cabin crew was helpful and excellent service. The food was exceptionally good."
Plus: "Every thing"
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The service was the worst ever. For example, salt and pepper was not incl in the dinner kit. Asked for it twice, never got it."
Minus: "Very uncomfortable seats in business class. Window seat passenger cannot get out without aisle Seat passenger being disturbed Food below par."
Minus: "Also, plane deplaned by stairs and buses though there were many empty gates and jetways."
Plus: "quick flight"
Minus: "na"
Plus: "On this return flight, we had much space than several days ago. Thus, I enjoyed working all night during this midnight flight."
Minus: "The food was OK, but there should be some snack for awaken passengers."
Plus: "Everything provided, lots of refreshments throughout the flight"
Minus: "Monitors were not the best for viewing movies. White wine was bitter."
Plus: "service was great. seat was comfortable"
Minus: "transfer was confusing - didn't know where to go leaving my flight."
Plus: "Seat was nice but it was a different plane than usual."
Minus: "Food was bad."
Minus: "30 minutes out of Bangkok, there was a problem with the plane and we returned to the airport for repair. I absolutely value the priority on safety, but the 4 hour addition to my already long trip was painful."
Plus: "I like the way the FA treats me very well and I was in economy class but feels like Business Class."
Plus: "Good seats in Business class on A380. Much better than BA, but not as good as Etihad. Cabin was too warm. Overhead lights flickering because of problem with bulb (yet on a fairly new aircraft)."
Minus: "Service was no different from economy class - perfunctory, reactive. No offers of any refreshments between the set meal times (not even water)."
Plus: "Efficient cree"
Minus: "Food was not good"
Plus: "747, beautiful people and views"
Plus: "Nice amenities, very efficient"
Minus: "Seats are too small, uncomfortable. We had a 50 minute delay in departure."
Minus: "This is my 2nd International Flight and Qantas outrated the other airline 100x’s over. Thank you"
Minus: "The flight from Cairns to JFK that I originally purchased was supposed to be 7 hours of travel time less than what I actually ended up with. The airline changed my flights 4 times after originally booking."
Plus: "Great seats on the 787 dreamliner"
Plus: "Lovely staff"
Minus: "Entertainment"
Plus: "Lovely staff and great food"
Minus: "There was no in-seat entertainment and we weren’t advised of this in advance"
Plus: "Everything was fantastic!"
Plus: "The seat is narrow compare with other airlines."
Plus: "Crew very friendly and accommodating."
Plus: "On time flight ,no problems."
Minus: "All was fine."
Plus: "seats - very comfy flat bed to use on overnight flight"
Minus: "too warm, hard to sleep"
Plus: "The food choices were lovely, plenty of bathrooms and touch screen entertainment (albeit with an outdated feeling and clunky interface.) The skycam was the best part of the entertainment interface options, giving you an outside view of the plane at all times from a camera at the top of the plane tail. Watching the plane during its descent and landing was very cool."
Minus: "I’ve flown in tight-spaced economy seats before, but the lack of space to even bend over to reach items on the floor was extreme on this plane and unacceptable for a 15+ hour flight. It truly felt like a straightjacket. Serious acrobatics were required to reach items on the floor. The tray table would also fly down on its own, the lever holding it would slide free while I was sleeping. There was no wifi at all, not even for using the qantas apps. My fiancé flew on Virgin the week before and was able to purchase wifi and stay in touch with me for $19 for the duration of the flight. Even my flight earlier this year with Qantas on the Dreamliner lacked usable wifi, but the experience of the Dreamliner plane itself was wonderful. In addition, the usb ports on the end of the armrests weren’t working. I feel it should be part of the safety briefing to point out where the usable power points are, given how vital charged phones are these days for boarding passes, reaching loved ones and entertainment when the wifi isn’t working. I didn’t realize there was a plug for laptops/ block plugs until I asked about the USB ports not working until the last 2 hours of the flight. The location of that was somewhere few would notice or look if not explicitly told. This will be the last time I ever book with Qantas when an a380 model is involved, unless great overhauls and updates are completed. Economy should not lack basic ergonomic comforts and while I’ve spent years touting my love for Qantas, having had wonderful experiences in the past, this one fell far below what I had come to expect from the Qantas name."
Plus: "Great service, very attentive with my 2.5yo toddler. Also the baby change rooms in the Business Lounge were some of the best I've ever used."
Minus: "We were booked for a connecting flight we could not possiblely have made given we had to go through customs, immigragion and baggage claim. We had to catch a later flight which was then delayed because none of the toilets worked."
Plus: "I was very surprised that a short domestic flight offered a free drink and dinner service."
Minus: "My only fault was that they didn’t offer a non meat option on their selection."
Plus: "It was a good flight overall."
Minus: "Baggage arrived late."
Plus: "Pillows were comfy, seats reclined to a comfy position"
Plus: "The flight attendants gotta be the happiest people in the biz. I didn't want to be there, but that they did made my whole trip better."
Minus: "We did not make this flight"
Plus: "The salmon entree was top notch. Veggies cooked crisp too. Morning muffin was warm. All very yummy:) Wonderful smiling crew."
Minus: "The audio headphones had patchy reception. Needed to wiggle the wires."
Minus: "Way too cramp even for airplane standards. When food was served, it’d take at least 30 minutes for the flight attendants to collect rubbish, and since the seats are so small and I can’t keep the tray table open without pinching my spleen, it was really terrible. I paid extra for an aisle seat and was told there weren’t any."
Plus: "The staff are some of the best in the sky"
Minus: "The usual riff raff amongst passengers"
Plus: "The crew was friendly and attentive. They worked hard to make the long flight as enjoyable as possible. The food was bland and uninspired. The in seat entertainment had a great variety though it stopped working with about an hour to go so that was frustrating."
Plus: "freindly staff."
Minus: "First I wasn't told I'd be going domestic . Arrived at the airport 4:30 to catch the internation flight @7:20. Funny thing is I was the only person around. There was the changing of shifts for ground & cleaning etc. No ticket booths. Put passport in kiosk,it said basically no. Finally a ticket agent showed up. She tried my passport ,and nothing. Checked threw the computer & it said leaving out of domestic. Go down to the end of the hall, can check in there. It's Qantas alright, not open till 7:00. Start to panic a bit. Stopped someone and asked. They told me I was at the wrong terminal! Get to other, check in. Ask if I have to collect luggage and customs at LAX. No goes right threw. Wrong. Waited for cases at LAX. Have to collect & go threw customs. No cases, lost in Melbourne. Then I was ignored."
Plus: "Crew was excellent! Very friendly and attentive - entertainment selection was great and the plane stayed nice and cool which is really helpful for a 15hr flight - no one needs 300 sweaty people for 15 its."
Minus: "That we were required to check our overhead bag because it weighed more than 15lbs. Meanwhile as we boarded nearly every passenger had an overhead bag that most certainly weighed more than 15lbs. Not sure what was going on there...also the seats are a little tight when reclined. Once the seat in front of me reclined back I had my knees in the back of the chair the entire flight and I am not a particularly tall person- made for a pretty uncomfortable 15hrs."
Plus: "Overall it was an excellent flight, delicious food, wonderful crew and flight mainly smooth."
Minus: "To get to the gate for boarding was like going from Terminal 2 to Terminal 7 too far for many people to walk and to eventually find when you are not familiar with the airport, thought for a minute Qantas had not paid their airport duties."
Plus: "The second I boarded the plane i realised that Qantus Australia practices number one customer service. Every hostess greeted everyone always with a smile and politeness. The crew were simply fantastic. The new airbus 380 was very comfortable and a perfect flight. Amazing."
Minus: "The fact that my checked in luggage was lost and is yet to be recovered. Very disappointing, i hope its recovered as i don have insurance."
Plus: "Managed to reach destination safely. Only taking about 8 hrs more than scheduled."
Minus: "Flight delayed. The made boarded passengers disembark and wait for an unpredictable amount of time with no updates. Then finally we boarded then the service was very poor. For example they did not remove the dishes for about three hours after serving dinner. The last straw was that they diverted to Sydney instead of the final destination Melbourne as the crew was going over 20 hrs. With the diversion they saved about 45 min , but the exhausted passengers lost another 3 hrs in their already miserable flight. Also quantas NOT friendly for people traveling with kids.... BEWARE."
Plus: "Excellent crew!"
Minus: "Room was quite cold."
Plus: "Crew was trying hard to make customers comfortable"
Minus: "Delay in departure, my seat was next to the “kitchen “, so I didn’t get any sleep due to to constant noise!"
Plus: "The land crew helped get us onto an earlier flight without hesitation."
Minus: "Not very comfortable at the back but we were late to board a different flight. The original seats we chose at booking we cancelled and we were left separated at time of checkin until the crew helped sort it"
Plus: "Good Food and ok services"
Minus: "2 hrs delay. Entertainment system froze and no sound from time to time. Dirty seats."
Plus: "Hot food"
Minus: "Need 34-36" pitch minimum for long haul flights. Grumpy crew"
Plus: "Crew, spacious seats and airplane."
Minus: "Plane was a bit old, like bathrooms."
Plus: "The quietness of the flight not to many over the speaker announcements"
Minus: "My center headphone peice didn’t work so I couldn’t watch a movie the whole flight or listen to music. No sound"
Plus: "love the selection of food and snacks"
Minus: "staff was not at helpful and friendly as i remembered. Seem a little stress and did not want to be there."
Plus: "Not much"
Minus: "Delayed no information"
Minus: "Bathrooms were disgusting, plane was dirty"
Plus: "The service of both inflight & gate agents were wonderful"
Minus: "The seats were a bit tight"
Plus: "Very accommodating for such a long flight."
Minus: "The entertainment system was down causing the plane to be delayed 70 min in an already 15 hour long flight."
Plus: "Worst food on flight m service"
Plus: "Good pillows."
Minus: "They let us know by email little before departure that there would be a delay of 1h 15 min in our arrival to London. This made me uneasy from the very beginning that I would lose my London-Luxembourg flight. The crew in the boarding gate, only after much insisting, said they would make a note so that someone from Qantas would wait for me and help me get my London-Luxembourg flight no problem, but in the next stopovers (Melbourne, Dubai), there was no sign of this. Also, the delay in the end was 2h 20 min - and I lost my flight to Luxembourg."
Plus: "Nice aircraft and amenities."
Minus: "All 6 of my flights were delayed causing me to miss 2 connections. Had to pay for a hotel and arrived a day late to final destination. Agents, sales desk, all could care less."
Plus: "We loved everything from check in to leaving the plane. They are a lovely bunch. Thank you, Qantas, for hiring wonderful staff members. We hope you treat them well."
Plus: "I love Qantas in general. I paid for exit row seats and it's worth the extra money."
Minus: "Food was ok but I've had better in Qantas."
Plus: "The seating, streaming movie choice and food exceeded my expectations."
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "Everything was fine. I have flown with Qantas many times, and it was same as usual"
Minus: "I had no problems"
Plus: "Food, entertainment, comfy seats, quiet sleeping time"
Minus: "Some of the head phone connection did not work"
Plus: "Documentaries, food, wine, service, seats"
Minus: "Turbulence"

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