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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
Korean AirGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 5178 recensioner
8,8Gå ombord

The flight was delayed and packed. No regular updates from the pilot regarding the arrival time

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The flight was delayed and packed. No regular updates from the pilot regarding the arrival time

Faster process to check bags in

felt they really care of their passenger. Awesome flying with KAL !

The Korean Air flight left on time from Washington and the service on the flight was adequate but nothing special. The Jin Air flight for my second leg from Seoul to Bangkok was very much subpar. There was very little meal service and no entertainment whatsoever for a 5 1/2 hour flight. I didn’t read the fine print careful enough. I will avoid in the future any flight with Jin Air as a subsidiary of Korean Air.


not to many passengers

Minus: "Awesome"
Plus: "Being on time, food, orderly"
Minus: "Communication"
Plus: "Crew was amazing"
Minus: "Seats was kinda uncomfortable. Leather seats would be great"
Plus: "The crew was very friendly, and I was happy to be seated in a 2-person row."
Minus: "Nothing the crew could do- a lot of turbulence and food served past midnight!"
Plus: "The crew, as always, was super professional, friendly, helpful, and efficient. The plane was neat and clean, I was pleasantly surprised with personal items like tooth paste, tooth brush, and slippers. And I was thrilled that you served wine with food as well. That goes a long way!"
Minus: "I didn’t rate comfort and food as “excellent” as I did other items not because they were not great, but flying on an economy class for 14.5 hours, I can’t force myself to speak too highly about these two items, which doesn’t necessarily reflect my flight experience or Korean Air quality!"
Minus: "Loved it"
Plus: "Overall good, comfortable, nice and food and entertainment was very good quality."
Minus: "I didn't realized we were on a code share flight from Seoul to Hanoi until we got to check in counter and they couldn't issue boarding pass even though it was a through check in for till Hanoi. In our booking itinerary it was printed as Korean air with a small print that said operated by jinair. It wasn't so bad but the hassle of going to another terminal to board and being in a smaller aircraft after a long flight wasn't the best."
Plus: "Flight attendants were the friendliest and most patient I have ever experienced. Great customer service!!!"
Minus: "Seats of any airplane could use improvement on comfort. But comfort was good."
Plus: "Lots of room,good food,friendly staff"
Minus: "No complaints at all"
Plus: "Service and food was good."
Plus: "I will definitely be a return customer."
Plus: "Your flight always delay. Suck!!"
Plus: "Wheelchair assistance"
Plus: "The amount of times i was fed"
Minus: "My seat. I wanted to upgrade and they said no, but it wasn't full"
Plus: "The crews"
Minus: "Toilet floor was wet and dirty."
Minus: "Everything great but delayed waiting on another flight."
Plus: "On both of my long haul flights I had very nice, new planes to fly on which were very clean. Staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating despite having a huge number of people to attend to. Food was good when I ate it. Seats reclined very nicely and there was the most room I've had on a flight ever. Still cramped, but you take what you can get! Would definitely fly again."
Minus: "2 complaints I would pose. 1. If we're flying on a super long flight overnight, do you have to turn on every light in the pane to serve food? Can we not keep it kind of dim while literally everyone is trying to sleep? Also, why are you serving a meal at 3AM?! I know we took off 2 hours ago and people may want food before we get into the bulk of the trip, but it's 3AM! Everyone just wants to sleep and now the lights are on and you're offering me a full meal?! Believe me, it's great that you're trying to keep me fed, but come on, we've got 12 hours of flight left to go! 2. The movies offered were really sub par. The "new releases' only had a handful of movies I'd even heard of before and only like 3 I even cared to watch. The "movie classics" were the same way. Gotta step up your movie options when I'm trapped in your plane for 14 hours."
Plus: "quick flight....seats were comfy for economy....nice crew....good overall experience....entertainment was okay for its selection on movies and music."
Minus: "Food got me sick the next day. Wifi would have been great if available."
Plus: "They have bibimbap which is always a great meal option on a plane. The plane felt clean and new. Flight attendants were very nice and made several rounds of water service. Duty free catalog was immense, esp for Korean skincare. Great chance to shop."
Minus: "If you're on an extra long flight, you might feel like there aren't enough movie options in the entertainment system, but my flight was only 8 hours so I was satisfied."
Plus: "Same as above"
Plus: "The blankets are nice and soft. Crew is really friendly and accommodating."
Minus: "Our flight to Chicago was delayed 10 hours out of Korea. The airport ran out of food. The natives we're restless. What was worse was the lack of communication from the airline. If they just would have told us what was going on, we all would have been more assured."
Plus: "Friendly staff"
Plus: "Same exception experience with the flight attendants, boarding was smooth, food is good and along with entertainment selection."
Minus: "The plane aisle is a bit tight and cramp and it is hard to move around. The chair in economy is not very comfortable very sturdy lack of cushion and back support. Leg room is ok, not as roomy as the flight from SFO to South Korea. When we boarded there was a strong smell burning fumes from the A.C. (air condition) that trigger my asthma and landed in Cebu very ill with asthma and allergy."
Minus: "Excellent!"
Plus: "The staff was friendly and helpful"
Minus: "We boarded the airplane and took us 2.5 hrs to take off...the kept saying oh 15min longer, then 20min...ect...for the entire time...waiting for “documents” then refueling the plane which they couldve been doing before we boarded and while we were waiting for so, called documents..."
Plus: "very friendly"
Plus: "Great entertainment options and all complimentary supplies not"
Plus: "Nothing at all"
Minus: "Kayak used a sub company to reserve flights. My husband was involved in a collision at sea and was not able to make the flight due to military deployment status. I tried continuously to contact the sub company to request a waiver or hold on the flight. The number provided kept me on a hold . There were no answers to phone calls from information provided on receipt. Emails only stated the fees that would be imposed for any action I conducted. I will never use kayak again."
Plus: "Boarding orderly"
Minus: "Cold food"
Plus: "Great food and service and comfortable seats"
Plus: "Once we got underway, the trip was average."
Minus: "We had a 3 hour delay which is annoying to begin with. They could have boarded us later but they DEFINITELY could have been more polite about it. They announce very rudely that if we didn't like the situation, we should just get off. It's a 12 hour trip. A little courtesy would not hurt."
Plus: "I liked the fewer seats. Ready to get out of."
Minus: "Constant turbulence made going to the bathroom troublesome"
Plus: "Service of the flight attendants was excellent, they were courteous, pleasant and professional sort of like the old days of the flying industry. Language was a bit difficult for me to interpret however they took whatever time needed to make sure I understood their communication. Everything is tidy and clean. A good variety of movies, games, music and information channels was provided.I will fly korean Air in the future."
Minus: "Boarding was a challenge because the gate staff did not announce in English. It would be more organized if they boarded sets of rows in sequence instead of mass boarding for economy. Also had a problem with transfer at Bangkok Airport. Fortunately I had adequate time for the connecting flight but the transfer area was not opened until 7pm. The transfer process is all new to me and not really easy to understand until the first experience. The Arrival and departure boards rotate airline information which was initially difficult to understand. The headsets were a problem in reference to fitting, volume and quality of tone."
Plus: "Punctual, decent leg room. Food is not typical dishes, creative for an airline and actually tasty."
Minus: "The web/mobile check in is convenient. Although morning flights have a long bag drop line. Many arrive before before the counter is open. Bag drop counter should open earlier. If people arrive 2hours early, then bag drop opens 3hrs earlier than the first flight of the day."
Minus: "Flight delayed 6h Terrible"
Plus: "The flight got us there and back as planned."
Plus: "Food was pretty good too. Great service for the price!!!"
Plus: "A proactive, kind and proper treat on board"
Plus: "Didn't have any problems and the attendants were always helpful. Nice big screens to watch movies."
Minus: "One attendant, a Korean guy, was a bit strange. Told him I lived in Korea and didn't need the arrival card, but he insisted I take it. Ooooooookkkkkkkk...???"
Plus: "The food"
Minus: "Economy seating was tight"
Plus: "I liked the professionalism,courtesy and kindness of the crew. I was impressed with the way they handled their Jonson a flight that ran into a lot of turbulence."
Minus: "I would have liked a better explanation of our meal choices, particularly as it relates to the spiciness of the meal. Simply telling me that my choices are chicken, beef or fish is not enough. I also would have liked a broader selection of movies from which to choose, especially on a 12-hour flight."
Minus: "As I was about to board, I was denied carrying on my backpack with the few items I would need for the flight, so I was forced to put them into my carry-on suitcase which was loaded elsewhere, out of reach.. The insanity of it all - so glad the woman can count to two - is that I was forced by this angry person to carry my laptop and tablet onto the airplane in my hand, as she absolutely would not allow me to put them into my empty backpack, claiming this would constitute a third item. Of course, no one else was forced to take their computers out of their protective cases, only myself, because it was a backpack. I am 66 years old, travelling alone, and frankly am not the only international traveler who experiences unbelievable rudeness when in US airports."
Plus: "The stewardesses are very good and attentive."
Minus: "Not applicable"
Plus: "You can go on a free city tour if you are transiting at Incheon airport. Also fantastic public area for transiting customer with free showers, upholstered day bed, charge stations. Paid massages , Paid airport hotels or lounges with buffet."
Minus: "There was nothing we didn't like about our flight to Seoul"

SingaporeAir premium economy makes an 18-hour flight bearable The cabin crew was very attentive The food was above average. The entertainment options were very good.

It was a very good experience

All good

Long flight, middle seat, fidgety neighbor,,, what can I say?

Good service


Tight space, No onboard entertainment, food served not so appetizing. There are other $food$ choices but you have to pay extra.

Leg room space and gap in beteen seats

Please update your meals plan for hindu nv. Also, I wish I had a foot rest for my feet. Great seat spacing/leg room.

Best airline ever for economy

Plus: "The crew was excellent, respectful and helpful."
Minus: "Boarding by bus is poor"
Plus: "the crew is fine. The seat was OK standard."
Minus: "Food was not good on my way back to L.A. Food was no flavor, pork cut up way too big, prefer having small piece of meat soaked up flavor sauce."
Plus: "Wonderful trip, Super nice Crew , perfect meal , great entertainment system"
Minus: "Can not be topped up"
Plus: "Excellent crew and very well dressed and always smiling"
Minus: "The lights were switched off for a very long time. That can be avoided"
Plus: "The food selection, there is several pre-order meal based on diet or your religion"
Minus: "The seat pitch at least 33""
Minus: "Food could have been better."
Plus: "Staff were very attentive and checked in on us regularly to make sure we had everything we needed. Food was great and ammenities kept spotless."
Minus: "Older plane not so comfortable for a long flight. Movies, not much choice and far away from seat."
Plus: "The attentiveness of the flight attendants and the new plane."
Plus: "Cabin crew was top notch - even in coach they could not be more accommodating and customer friendly. US airline flight attendants don’t even come close to this team that truly serviced the cabin for 8 hours continuously without the typical hiding in the back of the plane and chatting. Very encouraging that genuine care in the air is very much alive and well on Singapore Air! I will fly them every chance I get!"
Minus: "That my flight had to end and I know my next US airline flight won’t come close to this kind of experience! Air travel doesn’t have to be a cattle herding process with peanut treats on cross country flights - shame on the US carriers - I strongly suggest they fly Singapore Air to see what true customer service feels like!"
Plus: "Able to check luggage in 48 hrs before flight saving $50 storage fees, so went back into CBD for the day."
Minus: "20 mins late boarding meant plane left 35 mins late although still arrived on time."
Plus: "The seat is good. Entertainment is good."
Minus: "Luggage was damaged. The partner airline was terrible. The crew was chaotic at serving food. A few has really bad attitude."
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "Crew"
Minus: "The seats and there is not much leg room"
Plus: "Not much"
Minus: "Not as good as they were once"
Plus: "Crews were all nice, respectful and helpful!"
Minus: "I wanted to watch Indian movies, but I didn’t see the subtitles for most/all of them."
Plus: "Ontime, airline stewards were excellent and tv entertainment very good"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Even though the flight was just 45 mins, the crew were able to pop out a beverages round"
Minus: "Nothing to mention, all was good"
Plus: "Excellent service. Good food. Very attentive and responsive flight crew."
Minus: "Space was too tight"
Minus: "The cabin was quite warm"
Plus: "Staff managed to change seating due to height. Very accommodating."
Minus: "Entertainment console dated. Sound very crackly. Video images not sharp."
Plus: "Not much turbulence"
Minus: "Need to be able to upgrade with Krisflyer Miles"
Plus: "Good reliable SQ service"
Minus: "I got the seat with communications box on the floor under the seat in front... no foot room :-("
Plus: "Just a generic flight. Had nice movies but nothing special."
Minus: "I felt very cramped and though it's nothing with the airline I had 2 crying babies right near me during the flight."
Plus: "Crew was very friendly and good service."
Plus: "SQ always has top quality service and that came through today."
Plus: "clean aircraft and friendly cabin crew"
Minus: "uncomfortable seats, average meals, poor infotainment selection"
Plus: "Ice cream for snack? Heck YES. Variety of meals to choose from (i got hindu meal)"
Minus: "On the way to Korea, a stewardess keep taking my water away thinking i was done with it. It was very nice of her she tries to take trashes away, but it wasn't trash for me."
Plus: "everything, excellent job"
Plus: "Amazing plane and crew!"
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "The sevice was on point. Flight attendants were beautiful and worked harder than any other airline I have been on. The uniforms were on point too. The television had every new movie you could watch. Food, for an airline, was great. All drink service was included. Best airline I have ever flown!"
Minus: "Wifi cost 12 bucks and hour."
Minus: "The food was very poor indeed, the entertainment system was not working in my seat or the seat behind, I had to move to another seat"
Plus: "As usual, plane is in good shape and crew are well trained. Nothing wrong with all the basics, but Singapore Air has definitely lost its lustre."
Minus: "For heaven's sake, please don't announce a boarding procedure and then not follow it. If you want to have a free-for-all rugby scrum to get on the plane, so be it. But don't announce boarding by rows/groups and then not make even a lame attempt to adhere to it."
Minus: "Food not so good"
Plus: "Hot/Cold towels, great movie selection, more space, good meals"
Plus: "From the beginning until the end the service, the vibe, the flight itself was amazing. I don't know any other airline I flew with so far that hosted me and all other flyers better. At any time I was supported by the staff and even if it was busy they constantly had a kindness and smile in their face. I don't fly with any other airline on long distance flights! It was clean and neat on top at any time. I love flying with Singapore airlines. I feel safe and in good hands all around. This is how service should be at any airline! It is never less good but a constant since years! Thank you"
Minus: "There is nothing I did not like."
Plus: "I love it"
Minus: "Older aircraft seats quite hard entertainment on last flight to Copenhagen entertainment was average."
Plus: "Excellent service by SingaporeAirlines. Nothing more to ask for... everything was very good."
Minus: "the food I pre-ordered wasn't available in one of the meals (premium economy class)"

Qatar air service and food was excellent

Flight attendants were really good. Our choices is their acceptance. Maintained well till end of journey.

Very good experience

We called chatdeal ahead of time to book a child meal for a daughter they said they did it but she was not given a child meal

Check in crew was very unreasonable and charged me for excessive baggage when I was only 2 kgs over They wasted a lot of time and flight was not on time. They charged extra a a cup of coffee.


could not undertake this flight as I was denied boarding pass at the check in counter at the Houston airport, Texas, USA for my flight QA 714

Better option on food selection

I changed the flight

Plus: "Crew was amazing"
Plus: "Plane quite empty so lots of space."
Minus: "Service not very attentive, had to repeatedly ask."
Plus: "Flight attendand Tiessy - QR943 - 8 Jun 2019 (outbound Singapore to Doha) She serve us (with kid) very well, with plenty of smile and warm helpful gestures."
Minus: "I really hope that kid's menu can be updated/changed in the system at least 24/48hrs before flight, as that was the first time we ride Qatar (we have no idea the menu) So we only order it once during the outbound flight."
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Plus: "was the seat super comfort"
Minus: "if the have variety of food provided will be better"
Minus: "The flight is too long"
Plus: "Cabin crew attentive, cabin quiet, seats comfortable, rest rooms clean."
Minus: "Hot food was luke warm, portions skimpy."
Plus: "The hospitable from the crew, the food was great, but i miss my separate connection flight, eventhough i was on time to board, they boarding desk told me my bag is behind, so they could not let me fly. I bought another ticket for my connection flight."
Minus: "Becouse of flight delays, travelers have to make sure they booked their ticket having enough time to thier connection ."
Plus: "No leg space"
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Minus: "Very poor meal for vegetarians on one flight (toasted veggies on a tiny round bun)."
Minus: "At Mumbai airport, during check-in I was told that my carry on bag plus personal item together should weigh not more than 7kgs!! I have never had any airline actually weigh my personal item (laptop backpack) before this journey. Eventually I ended up stuffing my check-in bags with everything I was carrying in my carry on bag before I was allowed to check in. The weird thing is, I was never told about this rule on my journey from the US to India."
Plus: "The crew were very friendly"
Minus: "The boarding was delayed"
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Service basically. For such a long haul flight they did everything they could to make it comfortable."
Minus: "They could have checked the bathrooms more often as trash bins were very full."
Plus: "Nice,clean, efficient"
Minus: "The movie selection was not the best. There were a lot of choices but not that many newer popular ones"
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "On our flight from Atlanta, we loved the service and great recommendations from the flight attendant, Carmen, who made great suggestions for our Malaysia trip."
Minus: "The seats were very tight and the food was okay, but the staff was great."
Plus: "very nice crew please have good dessert"
Plus: "Movies collections, friendly staffs"
Plus: "From Joburg to Doha, the plane was clean and the food was good. . From Doha to Washington, not so much. I went to 3 bathrooms and all the sinks were stopped up."
Minus: "The food from Doha to Washington was beyond awful!!! I wud scrap that whole menu PLEASE. I WAS SEVERELY DISAPPINTED. The previous Quatar flight, the food was different and very good. Please check on this. Also, the sinks were stopped up. Gross."
Plus: "I was surprised with the quality of gluten free meals served for me, it was well organised and taken care of where I never had to wait. My flight schedules were changed few days before departure by Qatar Airways, but only thing I had to do was to confirm that I have noted, my seats and all the rest of details intact, excellent."
Minus: "I was not given any option regarding the change of my departure flight from Colombo. Originally it was scheduled for 13th 3.25AM and it was brought forward to 12th night 20.20. This caused inconvenience to me and my family to wait 7 hours for the connecting flight to Johannesburg from Doha. When the flight is changed by airline for their convenience, they would have given preferential treatment to the passengers involved. We had to bare the cost of food and make us comfortable on our own due to the delay in transit."
Plus: "Nil"
Minus: "Seat not very good"
Plus: "Generally courteous in-flight staff"
Minus: "Checking in, they asked for certain number of miles to upgrade. I offered it. Then at the last minute they came and said their system didn't accept American moles. For a daily if their system, they denied service to passenger. This is the second time with them. Last time when another airline missed connection and this time a ticket that I purchased. Doubt if I would, again."
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Plus: "the attendants were always on top of things. One of best overall flights ever."
Plus: "Great service, on-time flights, very comfortable planes in excellent condition. Great value for flight cost, BOS-KTM, through DOH. I would fly again with them."
Minus: "Lots of mediocre movies to select from. Very slow deboarding in Doha onto buses."
Plus: "I am taking Qatar on all international travels when possible."
Plus: "Staff were professional, food was good and seats were comfortable."
Minus: "The seats were particularly narrow and uncomfortable on this flight. Quality of food used to be better."
Plus: "My steward, Gabriel, provided service that exceeded my expectations. He made the long haul more bearable."
Minus: "The shape of the seats was not optimal for my height/size."
Plus: "Hospitality"
Minus: "Food"
Plus: "Great food, and excellent choice of in-flight entertainment."
Minus: "Nothing!"
Plus: "Great service and food"
Minus: "my breakfast was nasty and when i ask the crew who served me she was rude! i didnt eat my meal !"
Plus: "Craft"
Minus: "Food and behaviour of hostess serving in our line I.e. Seat 34 b & 34c"
Plus: "Every things"
Plus: "The Steward on this flight was excellent. Very attentive and pleasant. He asked at the end of my flight how was everything. Food was good ."
Minus: "This flight was better than the flight going out to Doha , then to Abu Dhabi. You guys were late landing,and as a result I almost missed my connecting flight, was rushed thru the airport like a lunatic by one of your Reps. Then was told my luggage may not be in Abu Dhabi when I arrive, which it was not. My paid for seat wasn't available and had to sit in the back. Had to fill out a lost luggage report in Abu Dhabi. Was promised my luggage by 4:30 pm . Didn't receive it until 2:30 am next day. Missed my whole first day of vacation as I had no clothes , toiletries, etc . Very angry, and feel I should get a substantial discount on my next flight in March to Dubai. Totally unacceptable !!!!!!!"
Minus: "They cancelled the booking without telling about that And also they didn't prepare a place for staying The desk manager said the booking cancelled by your company"
Plus: "1. Comfortable. 2. Good crew 3. On time 4. No hiccups."
Minus: "1. Not having wi-fi (major) 2. No news channels in in-flight entertainment 3. No snacks"
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "Entertainment. Not all films have subtitle"

Great, comfortable seats. Appreciated the turn-down service for the beds. However, when we checked in, 2 of the 4 of us were completely in a separate area. The seats were not grouped. In talking with others on the flight, several other passengers also were separated.

Excellent business class service.

Trevligt 👍

Thy är alltid bäst

Att gå ombord var kaos och en del förändringar med att gå ombord. Det som ni har kunnat att göra är att komma ut med tydliga information och tydliga instruktioner till resenärer så att de inte agerar på egna händer tex när de står i kön kunde de som var vid disken att tala om i högtalaren till resenärer att sätta sig ner och ropar endast på dem som har sittplatser längst in i flyget och var noga med att kontrollera sittplatser vid på stigning så att de underlättar senare steget när resenärerna är på flyget. Det finns en del som man kunde ha gjort men jag har tyvärr inte tid att skriva allt här. Lycka till

The Turkish Airlines crew is quite efficient and manages to provide their service with a smile.

Not good connection,less than 1 hour not enough time to catch this flight

Pasta tog slut. Mer mat

Mycket bra

Allt bra tack

Plus: "Pilots were good, they provided a smooth ride."
Minus: "Nothing better than other competitors (Qatar Airlines). Turkish Airport had poor washrooms and seatings (not expected from a European country). Flight from Turkey to Pakistan was without earphones, you had to beg for it. Less professional airline crew."
Plus: "yes"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "It was 8 hours late!!!! There was hundreds of people stranded at the Dhaka airport; elderly kids!!! The airline or the airport had no information on why there was this horrendous delay. No announcement- Nothing. I’ll never take Turkish Airlines again in my life."
Minus: "Some kind of announcement would’ve been helpful. There customer service: hire some people who at least knows and acknowledges that there is a delay."
Plus: "The crew were friendly and responsive"
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "Sam."
Minus: "Same.."
Plus: "My languages are all damaged."
Minus: "My languages are all damaged"
Plus: "Crew were great and the airane was clean."
Minus: "The leg room in the economy is very tight my knees were hitting the seat in front of me. Also my special low calorie meal was inedible as the protein was so overcooked."
Minus: "The plane was too hot"
Minus: "Departure gate to far to get to! Changed gates didn’t notify on time . Waiting at gate to long."
Plus: "Flew JFK to BOM -business class and back. Very impressed. Excellent service, food and punctuality."
Minus: "Rude reception staff at the Istanbul Turkish airlines lounge. Scowling all the time, unhelpful, condescending attitude. Should be fired. The lounge however was huge, beautiful and had excellent food."
Plus: "The food was nice, seat was comfortable"
Minus: "Flight attendants never come back on my query, even after asking to 2 crews"
Minus: "Turkish Air lot my suitcase. I will never travel with them again"
Plus: "Great service and brand new plane!"
Plus: "The benefits of being United Gold status is a real plus at the lounges and in the boarding process."
Minus: "The 12.5 hour flight is too long for my aging body!! Either bulkhead or business is needed for flights that long"
Plus: "The flight attendant (a gentleman) was very friendly and made the flight pleasurable."
Plus: "First time I've had a gift in economy! Very minimal, but nice! Food was very good - especially for airline food. Crew all very nice, and pre-flight in SFO was efficient and pleasant."
Minus: "I'm a wheelchair passenger, which was a DISASTER in Istanbul!. It took nearly an hour to get to off and to passport control. And on the plane, it was very uncomfortable because of so little leg room. To get out of the window seat to go to the toilet was as bad as it gets, because of row in front with reclined seats - only possible to scoot across in sitting position. Not easy....!"
Plus: "The food is great and so is the entertainment system."
Minus: "Unfortunately the aircon didn't work properly before takeoff in Singapore. The plane only cooled down when it was in the air."
Plus: "Friendly accommodating staff, good food, quality entertainment"
Minus: "Business class seat was flat but slanted."
Plus: "Great crew! So efficient and friendly. I understand why it is, but security was over the top. Cabin was a big cramped. Super food offerings!"
Plus: "Comfort"
Plus: "Perfect trip, seats comfortable and soft even in economy and having personal entertainment was a pleasant surprise. also good selection of films. Food was just a sandwich but better quality than other companies."
Minus: "It was very hot during the entire flight."
Plus: "The food was pretty good"
Minus: "The seats were too close so you could hardly move when the seat in front reclined. They didn't clean the bathroom during an entire 13 hour flight and it needed it."
Minus: "The flight was cancelled so that's it!"
Plus: "The crew was nice They handled the delay well so we didn't missed our connection afterall"
Minus: "1. We had to wait 2 hours in the plane 2. there is no way to use the monitors (not a personal monitor)."
Minus: "They cancelled my flight days before leaving the country or origin, leaving me incredibly inconvenienced."
Plus: "Food is always good."
Minus: "They let everyone board at the same time, REALLY??? Eco seats were tiny for a 12 hour flight, miserably uncomfortable."
Minus: "Nop"
Plus: "Service was excellent."
Minus: "1) The foot rest blocks the ability to stretch your legs. A very uncomfortable 12 hour flight. Cramped. As a result, I will probably go with another European airline on my trans-Atlantic flights. 2) You need to offer snacks between meals on a 12 hour flight (back in the galley). Every other airline I have flown offers these on long haul flights in the galley - usually a small snack like chips or cookies. Your flight attendant told me that she would be serving the second meal in about 4 hours. Really, I was shocked that nothing was available in between meals on such a long flight."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Staff was rude, was so bad cannot even use word customer service to describe it"
Plus: "Great flight confortable on time and safe on the way home"
Minus: "Everything was good. Good food. Good service . good cabine crew. And on time service"
Minus: "Delay in receiving luggage ,"
Plus: "Service and food were very good, so happy to be fed and watered even though it was a short flight, really pleasant surprise."
Minus: "The wait to go through security when we got to Rome, but I dont think the airline was the cause of that."
Plus: "My seat was comfortable, the food and drink were good. In flight entertainment options were plentiful and satisfactory."
Minus: "Boarding started on time, but took far longer than necessary. Plane took off an hour after schedule which caused us to have to sprint through the Istanbul airport to meet our connector. And once we arrived in final destination, our baggage never made it onto the connecting flight.."
Plus: "I love Turkish Airlines overall. Their bigger international airplanes have more leg room for a coach for longer flights. Crew were courteous and professional."
Minus: "My luggage did not come with the flight. Too short a time between Ankara-Istanbul flight and Istanbul-Accra flight. I missed the flight because of delays at Passport Control and had to fly the next day."
Plus: "The food was delicious. I have never had better airplane food. The movies were super new and interesting. I did not have time in the 11 hours of flying to watch all the movies I wanted to. The flight was also incredibly smooth."
Minus: "There were a few small things that could have been better (Which I'll mention), but the worst thing about the flight was the airport. Ataturk Airport is a mess. After the attempted coup, they really upped security, forcing all international flights to go through a second security screening after transferring from another airport. It's understandable but the line moved at a molasses-like speed when I had only 25 minutes to make my connecting flight. The security personnel were rude, as well. Also, when I went to make my connecting gate in Cairo, there was no one at the gate after the required boarding time (Because security had held us up), forcing some of us to board the plane without having anyone to show us onto the plane (Very scary). The flight boarding was chaotic, and no announcements were made about what we were supposed to do. Besides the lack of boarding gates, the only other serious complaint I had against Turkish Airlines (Because it really was great overall) was that the pilots and flight attendants were very hard to understand. I have taught ESL for the past 5 years, and I still had a hard time as an American understanding their English. Also, they frequently didn't understand or misunderstood questions that I would ask them. I've never had a hard time understanding flight attendants on an international flight, but I only understood about 20% of what anyone said over the loud speaker in the plane. And it's nice to be able to understand when the pilot says, "We are experiencing some turbulence and would like everyone to buckle their seatbelts until it passes." Two small things remain: 1. The bathroom trash cans were full on every flight (A small thing but makes everything feel "trashy"). 2. The flight attendants seemed unhappy, and they definitely seemed unhappy to be serving us. I can only assume they are that way because they aren't treated particularly well by their bosses."
Plus: "Crew was nice and friendly."
Minus: "Food was not very good."
Plus: "Comfort Movie Selection Friendly Hostess Thoughtfulness"
Minus: "None"

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