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12 062 kr

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8 724 kr

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10 956 kr

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6 260 kr
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Austrian AirlinesGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 5037 recensioner
8,0Gå ombord

Better breakfast. Breakfast was just a very large sweet muffin and coffee.

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Better breakfast. Breakfast was just a very large sweet muffin and coffee.

My mother asked for a cup of water and a flight attendant told her she forgot to say please. Extremely unprofessional. The crew was not patient or responsive. Not happy with their service.

Förseningar 😡

Förseningar 😡

Borde kunna bjuda på en kopp kaffe!

Bjuda på kaffe. 😁

Even though the flight got delayed for 10’ we made it on time

I had a small back pack and a small suitcase. The boarding staff were extremely rude and wouldn’t let me take both on board. Only one small bag on board even though there was tons of space and I paid for premium seat. Also—they want you to wear their mask—even though I had n95. Will definitely avoid this airline in the future

Plus: "Boarding a smooth flight"
Minus: "Food absolutely"
Plus: "."
Minus: "."
Plus: "The crew was good. They were friendly and efficient. One did forget to return with a promised coffee but she apologized when I spoke of it to her."
Minus: "1. no air conditioning until the plane was in the air. It was STIFLING on the runway. 2. no power sockets to charge devices"
Plus: "The crew was good , funy , atentifly and kind."
Minus: "Was ok."
Plus: "Noting outstanding."
Minus: "Seat comfort."
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Organisation"
Minus: "Short flight but not quite comfortable seats."
Plus: "Lufthansa crew very professional"
Minus: "More upgrade to be available"
Plus: "Very efficient and fuss free. Just what I was looking for from a short haul flight!"
Minus: "The snacks are super small, which isn’t unexpected when the flight time is so short."
Minus: "Äta en muffins"
Plus: "That we landed in the end"
Minus: "More communication to passengers when there are so big delays (almost 2 hours)"
Plus: "Food was good. Plane was good."
Minus: "Night flight should turn off light. Staff was not skillful and professional."
Plus: "Clean aircraft, polite crew."
Minus: "1. Check-In , Check-In , check-In .. automated much more time consuming and probably costly. 2. Delayed flight (as usual) .. D.T. should either mean 6.00 or 6.05 or 6.10 ... but not 6.30. 3. Very tight connection flights in Vienna, so a slight delay could mean missed connection. 4. Food"
Minus: "Inside the plane everything was great and the floght atendants were very nice, however in check in I was teated very poorly"
Plus: "Absolutely nothing. Despite booking business class flights 3 months before departure date because we had to attend a very important wedding. Swiss Airlines overbooked the flight but didn’t warn us in advance. This meant my husband was forced to pay over 8 thousand Euros to charter a small private je"
Minus: "So That we could attend the wedding early the next morning in Oldenburg. They then had the audacity to void our return flights. Luckily I spoke with a lovely lady at Lufthansa, explained the situation and she re-instated return flights for an admin fee. Will never ever use Swiss Airlines again."
Plus: "Quick boarding decent legroom"
Minus: "Breakfast was not great"
Minus: "Menu was poor"
Plus: "Very nice staff on board and timely departure"
Minus: "Cold during the flight"
Plus: "Nothing. See below."
Minus: "Original flight cancelled so rebooked ojba floght five hours later - then with one hour to go until that second flight, that was cancelled as well. Totally unhelpful ground staff, who were oblivious to the fact that I had a work commitment the next day so couldn’t overnight in some random hotel at an airport to suit Austrian’s policies. Eventually routed via Lisbon which meant literally flying all night to arrive at 0600. Lufthansa and Austrian have some serious faults to correct."
Plus: "Excellent on all measures. I will definitely try to fly Austrian Air again!"
Minus: "Missed the connection because the flights were booked too closely together. Then had to wait 7 hours in the airport for the next flight. It only takes 4 hours to drive there but I don’t have a car."
Plus: "Very pleasant staff on the plane and in the airport. Economy Seats are more comfortable than some other airlines. Food is good."
Plus: "Friendly staff, on time flight. Nice refreshments"
Minus: "The business class was not really business class, I guess a 3 hour Business Class flight doesn’t have a seating configuration t Like the new A321. With all said Austrian Air is on the top of its field,"
Plus: "Crew only offered water once during the whole night flight. The entertainment programs regarding games was very restricted, both in terms of game offers as well as operation / handling"
Plus: "Flight attendants were extremely friendly and considerate of passenger needs. In flight Wi-Fi is free in economy. Good leg space between the rows. Overall it's rare to find such good service now a days."
Minus: "flt was delayed 2 hours due to "employee meeting""
Plus: "The flight in General. Small space with a large audience make things smaller. It's not a flight where one can relax. Grueling."
Minus: "Breakfast was just a sandwich and yogurt. Is this standard Austrian Breakfast?"
Minus: "Thechnical problems with the plane.One hour we were sitting in the plane and waiting departure"
Plus: "Very comfortable aircraft"
Plus: "Nothinf"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Boarding on time and quick"
Minus: "Food and entertainment choices"
Plus: "Great experience, friendly crew!"
Plus: "Nice"
Minus: "Food"
Plus: "Flight Attendants super friendly as well as ground staff in Salzburg."
Minus: "Seats a little tight."
Minus: "Our home was damaged, and we were without power for 6 days due to Hurricane Irma. We called the airlines repeatedly in an effort to cancel the ticket before the flight. They refused to cancel the tickets. Heartless"
Plus: "Despite airport issues, we took off quickly and all went well. No complaints"
Minus: "No problems."
Plus: "proff handeling of sick person !Othervise quiet and nise trawel!"
Minus: "It was late No food"
Minus: "I specifically selected three seats for my Wife and two children ages 7 and 5. I did not fly back with them and at check in the three seats were confirmed on a boarding pass printed at their departure location. Upon checking in on the connecting flight in Vienna, the seat assignment had been completely disregarded and three seats located 10+ aisles apart were given to a family traveling together??????? This makes no sense and must be due to booking through a third party. Unacceptable and not worth the $40 per ticket savings."
Plus: "We arrived on time"
Minus: "We had to stand around for a long time waiting for a bus to take us to the plane. The bus was horribly crowded. Then we arrived at the plane and had to walk up the stairs to get on. There was no food served---just a cracker and some juice or water. After we arrived in Paris we waited a long time for the baggage to arrive."
Plus: "The venue was overall ok"

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