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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
SWISSGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 8953 recensioner
8,2Gå ombord
Minus: "Reckless and inconsiderate airline. The only carrier refusing to modify travel due to Covid-19 pandemic"
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Minus: "Reckless and inconsiderate airline. The only carrier refusing to modify travel due to Covid-19 pandemic"
Minus: "The plane waited 40 minutes for delayed connecting flights to arrive. It's great for some passengers because they don't miss the transatlantic flight, but it causes others to miss their connections on the other end. It added to very stressful deplaning."
Plus: "Awful!!!"
Plus: "The AC was working well during the flight. Food was so much better than United and crew was very nice and helpful."
Minus: "The seats in economy class are horrible, I had to get up every hour for a short stretch. The entertainment system remote control was very sticky, quite disgusting. Good think I carried some disinfecting wipes."
Plus: "Crew was great. Comfortable seats. Grateful they held the plane when we had a late arrival in Zurich"
Minus: "Swiss generally should be more helpful/accommodating with transfers - especially at mammoth airports like Zurich. We had 10 minutes to transfer - and my mother requested wheelchair support, which never came. Just a disaster in that regard."
Plus: "The expedited transfer from late flight out of Rome was an amazingly efficint process, much appreciated. Was very stressed when I thought I could not make the transfer, but Swissair really had it covered. My compliments"
Plus: "Food was great, creww was very nice"
Minus: "Following our request, such has being seated next to each other and not only having one person being upgraded when we're two."
Minus: "The food was really bad. I prebooked an AISLE seat and of course I was given the WINDOW!"
Plus: "Tasty lunch with good service in business class. Modern comfortable plane."
Minus: "Flight delayed by a few minutes."
Minus: "the seat did not reclined, it was broke. travel with my wife on different seat my wife had a broken knee and they assigned a seat smack in the middle of the isle and she told me she almost past out because she could not move I had a passenger in the back that was kicking my seat every few minutes and I woke up every time I went to sleep"
Plus: "nice flight"
Plus: "Seat was ok, crew was friendly"
Minus: "Movie options were limited"
Plus: "Staff, food, on board entertainment all very impressive. Great flight."
Minus: "Because we missed our connection on our incoming flight, due to a delay leaving Newark by Swiss, Swiss cancelled our returning flights. So when we got to the airport on our return day, we were not booked on any flights. We were required to stay overnight and take a United flight home. Will avoid Swiss in the future."
Minus: "Entertainment system was not working"
Plus: "The airplane was cool and the time for arriving was correct as well as easy to check in. The pilot was good and they told us who won on the World Cup tournament I liked that. There was a younger crew memeber she was reaaally nice."
Minus: "I asked when i got my ticket for a window seat and he said he gave me one but he did not in the two flights I got. I requested the crew for a window seat if possible since I had been feelin nauseated, it did not help that the guy sitting next to me had a really bad breat and smelled bad. They offered me a sit in the middle of the plane, that did not work well because I was feeling sick, being in between a big guy and a bigger lady was not going to help at all. There was an older crew member and she seemed to be kinda discussed with the trash even though she was using gloves. Food was ok but not the best. To top it off I told them that the headphones connection wasn’t working and they only brought me a pair of new headphones. I tried mine and they didn’t worked, so the whole 8 hrs of flight I was watching movies with sound only from on side. They didn’t even bother, I guess cuz I am economy? Not sure I did see some free chairs in the lanes between economy and first class but they didn’t even suggested that so I decided to suck it up and sit on my assigned chair. The bathrooms where dirty and smelled reaaally bad from the beginning that really was disgusting to be honest. I can let go many things but not that. I had to help the passenger sitting next to me cuz he didn’t know how to do anything and didn’t speak English, he was an older man, with signs I was able to show him how an airplane works. I never complain about flights but this one was tooo many little things. Oh and what about an international flight where I have to pay for a second bag! Really? I did it on my way to Europe and I thought I payed both and then I had to do it again. Whatever money I thought I could save was a lie because I ended up paying a lot more adding the bags and additional transportation for home based on the airports. I am not satisfied at all with the flight experience"
Plus: "Everything was very good. From the staff, to the food and comfort. Excellent!"
Minus: "All of it"
Plus: "Swiss is famous for the punctuality, I actually love the airport too in Zurich, is super clean and modern, very efficient. Food on board was great in Economy as well!"
Minus: "the seats are not spacious enough. I barely had the seats in front on my basically on my laps.. a little bit too claustrophobic!"
Plus: "Cabin crew were friendly, efficient, courteous Refreshments generous and excellent. Good movies."
Minus: "Rather than boarding economy passengers by row number, there is a free-for-all at the gate, and tedious blockage in the aisles as passengers wait for others to place carry-on luggage. More leg-room than United, but still a bit crowded for tall people. VERY BAD DESIGN of arm-rests, which do not go up all the way into the seat but instead jut out at an angle."
Plus: "Great flight. Lots of good food."
Plus: "The service and food are very good."
Minus: "Tight space for business class."
Plus: "Good film selection -which unfortunately I couldn’t watch. To be fair I got a 50 CHF discount for my next flight with Swiss."
Minus: "Entertainment system wasn’t working in my row. Food was not great, not the standard I’m used to from Swiss. Took them forever to turn on air handling after boarding, plenty of time for All the people with colds and coughing fits to infect everybody else."
Plus: "Food is excellent... nice variety plus dessert. Everything was hot & delicious & used metal utensils which was much nicer than plastic."
Plus: "Nice staff and inflight service. seats were great"
Plus: "good service, patient with passengers"
Minus: "For 9 hr flight the space between the seats in economy class was way too small. Im 1.75cm (medium) and I felt squeesed and very unconfitable not like in Lufthansa airplane flying from Newark to Dussldorf. (Flight only 6:15min) In addition, when front passenger moved his seat back on me I had a lot of difficulties with getting in and out of my seaat."
Plus: "Seats were comfortable, air crew was friendly, helpful and patient. The food was actually really quite good. Entertainment kept my little ones occupied and seated."
Minus: "There were quite a lot of in-flight announcements by the flight crew - which disrupted the in-flight entertainment and irritated the little ones. The garbage dispenser in the bathroom seemed a bit small for the task."
Plus: "Outstanding service. Friendly flight attendants."
Minus: "Was sent through two redeem security screenings. In Zürich. I doubt this was the airline's fault but it had been a very early morning and it was challenging to remain patient."
Plus: "Legroom is too little"
Plus: "Food a, entertainment and crew were really good!"
Minus: "Boarding was chaose and seats were tight."
Plus: "I was concerned the connections would be too tight but it worked out great!"
Plus: "The flight attendants are great and their aircraft are very clean and comfortable. I especially appreciated the request for passengers to raise their seat backs during meal times."
Plus: "Service was very good."
Minus: "Three and a half hours delay due to technical difficulties. Food was only a small cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. Could have given us a little more food. Seat on flight did not recline. Extreme turbulence for half an hour, very scary, thought we would never make it! All in all, a bad experience."
Plus: "Attention to details from flight attendants"
Minus: "The food was not to my liking except for the crackers, ice cream and water!!"
Minus: "Expired cheese. Loudest plane I have ever been on."
Plus: "Even though the flight felt like forever, the cabin crew did such a wonderful job at making us all feel comfortable. The food selection was great and the fact that the staff was approachable was also a great plus. Will definitely fly again using Swiss air. Thank you"
Minus: "On the flight to Zurich the passenger behind me gave me a difficult time about reclining my seat back but keep in mind he had his reclined. Coming back to Newark the gentleman behind my boyfriend made a comment how he didn't have room due to his seat being reclined. The passenger next to us was arguing with the passenger in front of her because she didn't want that person to recline their seat back. I have never experienced such rude people on a flight and I realize this is beyond your control. It made for a very uncomfortable and stressful flight. Maybe signs can be posted or a message when booking your flight that ALL passengers have a right to recline seats and if space is an issue for your comfort then upgrade to business class for more room."
Plus: "I cannot check in online for us flights so I need to get my seat at the check in. I am flying with swiss every month between Zürich and New York but a lot of Ines I get a shitty seat even if I am silver status As a frequent flyer I expect a priority handling which is not the case . No upgrade poaaibility due to wrong booking class (even if flights are very expensive) if this continues to go that way I will change airline alliance This is more a miles and more issue but it is really annoying me in a way that I really consider changin"
Plus: "Everything except the earphones was great"
Minus: "The earphones are bad and connector is 2 pins, so couldn't use mine."
Minus: "Unorganized and hectic at the gate; personnel were rude and unhelpful. I was asked numerous times to Leave and let them do their work" when I asked why I was on standby and what that meant."
Minus: "Better seats"
Plus: "General good service, food was good"
Minus: "Airplane wasn't clean, we had hair on the headrest cover and asked one of the crew members for new headrest cover but was ignored."
Plus: "This direct flight from Zurich-Newark is pretty comfortable, especially if you get the two seats at the either sides of the plane (it's a 2x4x2 config in Coach). The food is really good, they are generous with drinks and the crew is really friendly and smiling! Would take this flight again without any reservations in future!"
Plus: "I was supposed to visit my father who was just put in a nursing home for a few days and the day of my flight I received an email from Swiss that they had rebooked me for the next day! So frustrating! The trip would have gotten so short that it wasn't worth it so I had to reschedule it 6 weeks out. It got my dad really upset! Thank god his health is stable at the moment."
Plus: "Personal och Kapten var lugna och trevliga"
Minus: "Allt annat. Fick vänta 2 timmar ombord flyg utan AC (35 grader varmt?) innan besked kom att planet ej var flygdugligt. Sen fick vi vänta ytterligare 1 timme ombord i värmen helt ohyggligt när folk börjar oroa sig för konsekvenserna etc det var ju uppenbart ingen skulle komma ut amma kväll (efter midnatt). När väl ute fanns bara 1 service desk till hela planet, jag kunde åka hem och sova och skita i vouchers men de som behövde hotell lär ha väntat halva natten. Det enda som var ok var att de svarade snabbt på telefon följande morgon - men meddelade inte som man sagt den nya bokningen via sms eller mail!"
Minus: "The boarding process at Zurich airport was a mess. There was no communication at the gate to tell passengers what to do or where to stand"
Minus: "Flight was delayed 4 hours. Asked 3 different personnel at Zurich airport at no one could help with wifi or how it could be accessed since both wifi scanning machine in Gate E area weren't working. It just seemed that they were incompetent or weren't willing to help. Crew on flight were very nice. Vegetarian food options better than chicken / meat options."
Plus: "Cabin crew was very nice and organized."
Minus: "Flight delayed , and while waiting for long time I was not sure which gate to wait infront."
Plus: "Great service on the board service, plenty of drinks during flight, decent food on economy class, spotless clean plane."

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Minus: "Cramped overhead luggage space. Delayed due to technical reasons. Previous flight was completely cancelled."
Plus: "The seats were more comfortable that most big companies. The food was tasty and good quality."
Plus: "our seats were bulkhead seat due to my mother cannot walk so we were told to move back and that was seriously horrible we had paid extra for the bulk seat and it was neglected."
Minus: "our seats were bulkhead seat due to my mother cannot walk so we were told to move back and that was seriously horrible we had paid extra for the bulk seat and it was neglected."
Minus: "At Tashkent Turkish air had no personnel to resolve problems. Our luggage was very damaged and after waiting for almost an hour, we had to leave the airport"
Plus: "Probably best economy class service and amenities and timings."
Plus: "Overall flight was good. The flight was on time, the boarding was smooth, the entertainment was excellent. I would like to thank crew for their work"
Minus: "As a family it was a big disappointment that we got seated in a different row. The check in person didn’t even made an effort to put us together just suggested that we can ask to switch on a plane. Another big disappointment was food Please bring the food quality back"
Plus: "The crew is phenomenal"
Minus: "They had a deported person sitting next to me. The person was in jail and he showed me the court order That made me very uncomfortable."
Plus: "Service, flight and landing, exceptional!!!"
Minus: "No cons..."
Plus: "Crew was very good."
Minus: "I wasn’t able to get a simple luggage name tag after asking several staff employees. That’s crazy."
Plus: "Food was decent and the crew was great."
Minus: "The air conditioning did not work in the front part of the cabin. I asked about it but nothing changed. It was very uncomfortable for everyone in that part of the plane. The back was cool front was miserable."
Plus: "Efficient cabin crew"
Minus: "Waiting to board 20 minutes after sign flashed “boarding”"
Plus: "Food, staff attitude, service. Good communications from captain during lateness period at JFK."
Minus: "In Istanbul the line for boarding was badly mismanaged, something unusual for them."
Minus: "My Miles&Smiles were not added to the trip."
Plus: "Modern and comfortable planes, service was nice and friendly and the food was amazing which isn't very common when requesting a special meal."
Minus: "the passenger sitting next to me got drunk on 4 glasses of whiskey and was invading my personal space at some point he was even trying to touch me. I think he was allowed to drink to much which caused this issue"
Plus: "Everything"
Plus: "Our flight from CAIRO was delayed for 3 and half hours. We missed our flight to Chicago. The Staff at Istanbul airport were very very unhelpful and rude. They did not try at all to find an alternative route for us. The lack of empathy and understanding was astounding. NEVER TURKISH AIRLINES AGAIN!"
Plus: "Crew in both flights were friendly. The service boarding etc was great. Flight was very turbulent."
Minus: "Passenger next to me wanted water constantly. The passenger on left of me constantly wanted wine. One got very little attention while the other treated like royalty. Unfortunately the African passenger who wanted water went thirsty a lot."
Plus: "On-time departure. very polite and friendly staff and we got there fast!"
Minus: "Entertainment console was small and options were not great. Food was not so great. Breakfast was good."
Plus: "I'm happy and will continue to fly Turkish."
Minus: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."
Plus: "The crew was excellent, the food good."
Minus: "The entertainment system, in three out of four long flights, did not work. In the one that "worked", the sound was terrible and this made the experience totally unsatisfactory. A major airline should avoid this."
Plus: "Planes are very clean, food is excellent, there is plenty of alcohol, and the crew treats economy passengers as if they were royalty. Flying attendants clean toilette each hour, There is also a flower pasted on the mirror in the toilette. All details of the flight have been take care of."
Minus: "1) The safety record is not superb 2) Political situation in Turkey is unstable. 3) Most of Europe is west of Istanbul - the flights to Europe are longer. BUT ANYWAY: THE AIRLINES ARE WORKING HARD TO OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES AND PRICES ARE GREAT."
Plus: "Turkish airlines is better than all airlines I have used."
Minus: "The entertainment system could be more user friendly. Navigating the movies could be better. I'm not complaining, however. All in all, Tk is very good."
Plus: "The foood and service from flight staff were great! Definitely made my 13 hr trip comfortable"
Minus: "The cabin got a little warm at times ! The movie selection wasn't the best"
Plus: "Very impressed! So impressed that actually called home to tell others to make sure they booked through Turkish airline for their travel next month!"
Plus: "Flight was on time and landed safely. Great food even in economy -- but they ran out of coffee."
Minus: "Check-in was very slow."
Plus: "Much nicer crew and attendants. Generous service and alcohol... Helped with the sleep"
Minus: "Food wasn't as good"
Minus: "It was so uncomfortable to mrest on the old chair the tray table won't fold in the arm rest."
Minus: "The flight was delayed for 47 minutes and the boarding was a mess because they changed the plane at the last minute and everybody's seats were mixed. Then it was understood that there's over booking on the flight then they again lost time for searching for volunteers to drop their flight and take a further flight."
Plus: "Travelling with Turkish Airlines was pleasantly surprising! I'm used to domestic flights in the US which are no fun but as soon as I boarded our flight, the crew was so kind, I appreciated the pillows, blankets and extra care package provided with ear plugs, socks and an eye mask! It helped make the trip that much more pleasant to be able to sleep! I tend to get motion sickness and the crew on all four of our flights were so kind to give me water when I boarded the plane to be able to take my medicine. The flights were on time for the most part and the on-board entertainment helped a very long flight be more tolerable!"
Minus: "I had an issue with a passenger on our plane from Zanzibar to Istanbul but that was at no fault of the airline or the crew. One crew member was so sweet to allow my husband and I to move further back in the plane once boarding was finished. We were coming home from our honeymoon and the rude woman wouldn't get out of our seat so we could at least sit next to each other! It was unfortunate, but again, at no fault of the crew or airline and we were so thankful for the crew member helping us find somewhere we could sit together! I wish I would have gotten his name but it was on flight TK567 on May 4th. To whoever he was, thank you!!!"
Plus: "Food is other word is fitted. All the rest is good."
Minus: "We were flown by AnadoluJet which is a fully owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. We were notified of that change until checking in time. The seats weren't comfortable and leg space was too small. The food was poor. A chess sandwich and nothing else."
Plus: "Service, food, travel exoerience"
Minus: "Wait time in Istanbul"
Plus: "Service by the onboard crew was flawless. Food was excellent, and fully reclining seats in Business Class made a 13+ hour flight very comfortable."
Plus: "Great service. On time. Friendly personnel."
Plus: "excellent food, service"
Plus: "Everything. The crew was very accommodating as well as helpful."
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "Seat, crew, food"
Minus: "Traveling :)"
Plus: "Overall great airline"
Minus: "They no longer serve Turkish Delight which was a wonderful Turkish touch. Very disappointed. Also fresh orange juice. These small differences make it a lot of unique experience. Also the crew this trip were MIA on a 12 hr trip."
Minus: "Announce too early boarding time, 50 minutes late for boarding."
Plus: "The movies and the gift to the kids were good."
Minus: "The attendant should make more rounds in such a long flight."
Minus: "Excellent service"
Plus: "Nothing special."
Minus: "No Internet, seats were very uncomfortable..ugh"
Plus: "The food and service"
Plus: "Staff are very friendly and deliver very good service. Refilling of water could be better. Seat was very comfortable and it comfortable for sleeping when it is flat. The seat cover improves sleeping quality. Dinner was well prepared and tasty. Skip the fried eggs for breakfast - it is great that they offer them, but they don't come out well."
Plus: "Crew was wonderful"
Minus: "For this COVID to be over"
Minus: "just an old plane. still had ashtrays in it. but overall ok because arrived safely and professionalism of staff was quite commendable"
Minus: "I had a tight connection, but made it to the gate in time. I walked down the jetway to what appeared to be a locked door, with no one there to guide me on how to board. It turns out there was a stairwell at the end of the jetway, which was to take me to a bus on the tarmac. This was very stressful."
Plus: "Comfortable Seats. Good cabin service."
Minus: "A no problem flight"
Plus: "excellent crew, efficient and fast boarding"
Minus: "Seats uncomfortable. Too narrow and I am a small person. Considering we paid to upgrade seats, they should be wider. Leg room was fine."
Plus: "The crew was understanding and sympathetic to the customer's frustration with a delayed flight."
Minus: "Delta should have figured out a way to not delay the flight. Every flight was delayed."
Plus: "Entertainment on short flights is a nice surprise"
Minus: "Very very late.. I almost lost my replacement of the replacement of my connection. Had to run like hell. The luggage didn't make it. To summarize the day, woke up too early, got to my destination hours late and got the luggage in the middle of the night."
Plus: "Crew was great especially Fawn. Best flight attendant I’ve had."
Minus: "Flight was delayed."
Plus: "Nice crew"
Minus: "Late flight due to ground hold EWR. Two screaming kids immediately behind me."
Plus: "Comfort"
Minus: "WiFi never connects food"
Plus: "The staff are great very nice pleasant"
Minus: "Wifi doesn't work for long time and have wait long periods to watch something. TV on head reat is nice"
Minus: "Sent flyg, sen fastnade vi även på avstigningsbanan för mer än 30 minuter. Besättningen försökte inte ens erbjuda något att kompensera med och jag fick fråga efter snacks och hörlurar (som ska vara kostnadsfritt). Besviken på hur de kunde gottgöra sina kunder när flyget blir 2h sen."
Plus: "The crew was fantastic and very carrying when I wasn’t feeling well. They checked on me multiple times! The food was also really good for airline food!"
Minus: "The security process in the Prague airport is so ridiculous. There are security agents who screen you in the baggage drop off line that makes the line take a very long time. Once you finally get your sticker from them it’s a quick trip through customs. Then the pain really begins with a security scan st each individual gate to enter a boarding area for the plane. Then I was pulled for extra security where a male agent touched my but with some sort of swab with no warning. He then claimed to not speak English (with zero accent when I asked him a question). It was a humiliating and very long process all run by delta!"
Plus: "Food, comfort, entertainment and treatment by the crew on this flight was spectacular. There was a lot of food, good entertainment and importantly, the seats were wide and comfortable."
Minus: "Very old plane, 767-300. The bathrooms needed a better and more thorough renovation."
Plus: "The food was good Flight was on time plane was clean loved the crew! Flew out with them, and returned with them... so that was nice!"
Minus: "Not knowing we were being bused to plane from Terminal Boarded early because of it, created a bit of chaos and panic My tv was broken- worked intermittently need connector for iphone ear buds - should have universal ports"
Minus: "Need vegetarian meal in first class"
Plus: "Seats more comfortable, plan wasn’t too full"
Minus: "No charging port for cellphone."
Plus: "Quick and easy."
Plus: "Everything. Very nice accommodating ok"
Plus: "Overall experience was great, landing, crew, snacks, movie selections it all was great"
Plus: "Crew and boarding were great, which I expect from a premium carrier like delta."
Minus: "Perfect day outside, not a busy day or time to fly. The email forbhe plane being late was was too last minute. A heads up sooner would have been nice. That way we’re not waiting at the airport."
Plus: "drink carts came around twice"
Minus: "Even though there were sunchips available, they were not giving them out to everyone. Only the people that paid up in coach got the sun chips. The rest of us got these sad bag of pretzels and cheesey snacks. So sad. Why wouldn't Delta offer the same snacks to everyone? Seems like such a small additional cost compared to such an offensive action. The money you save is certainly lost in bad publicity."
Plus: "The staff was efficient and kind"
Minus: "The plane was late for weather reasons and they overbooked the flight they had to offer $400 for next flight wasn’t until the next morning.. no entertainment system on plane"
Minus: "No LCD screen for entertainment."
Plus: "Got exit seats with extra leg room at no charge . Flight was quick and crew was very accomadating and friendly. Very good at providing updates and delays"
Plus: "Great and friendly crew"
Minus: "baggage rules, check in with baggage, change fee for flight when it was not customers issue that caused the 5 min delay! Unable to reach reservation desk on line or via phone (neither was the gate agent)"
Plus: "Personnel was friendly and accommodating"
Minus: "Delayed half hour and no leg room"
Plus: "Smooth flight"
Minus: "45 minute delay (due to airport, not airline"
Plus: "Power outlets, snacks, beverages."
Minus: "Boarding (goes faster if the rear of the plane boards first), delay, insufficient space at seat, no advance notification of needed app for entertainment access, app not available on kindle fires."
Plus: "Crew was nice. Flight very smooth"
Minus: "We had to get seats at boarding because of the flight delay. She offered us two seats in the back. I knew they don't pushback so I said no. She had given the woman ahead of me two seats in comfort plus. Did not offer that and was rude. There were at least a few empty seats in that area. As a courtesy to us having 1)been delayed in Costa Rica. And then 2) a long wait for the connecting flight in Atlanta it would have been reasonable to offer those seats. Which remained empty"
Plus: "Boarding was quick. Staff and crew were friendly. Everything went well despite the 30 min delay we had on the runway. They gave us snacks and we ended up still arriving on time."
Plus: "Good"
Minus: "Seats"
Plus: "Convince of the online apps and the TSA precheck"
Minus: "The aircraft was noisy, and the seats were very uncomfortable and extremely close together.."
Plus: "Flight attendants were friendly."
Minus: "Coffee was bad and was luke warm!! It was very cold in the cabin and then really warm."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Delay and inoperative Sattelite TV"
Plus: "Nice regional jet!"
Minus: "It was a regional jet..."
Plus: "Variety of entertainment options, much was complementary, which was definitely a neat addition."
Minus: "There was a bit of a delay right before boarding, which was not the airline's fault, but air traffic control at the destination. Unfortunate, but things happen."
Plus: "the inflight service and the quality of food was outstanding."
Minus: "some choice of indian movies would be appreciated."
Plus: "The food was good. The entertainment choices were plentiful."
Minus: "I missed having a personal vent by the individual lights above the seats."
Plus: "Staff was amazing and pleasant. Had decent food and as much comfort as zone 3 can offer."
Minus: "No complaints."
Plus: "Boarding was efficient"
Minus: "My luggage didn't arrive with me"
Plus: "Polite and efficient"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "They expedited me in line in Havana because I was on the 1:35 flight to New York and were nothing but friendly about it."
Plus: "The crew was very accommodating and helpful and the new entertainment systems with the free movies are awesome. Because of the heat in the cabin we received additional beverage service and follow up waters"
Minus: "The air above my seat wasn't working for the duration of the flight and there were problems with the air throughout the cabin so it was uncomfortably warm for the whole flight."
Plus: "I'm not sure but it seemed as though the isle was wider than before or other airlines. It looks as nice not having the beverage cart hit my elbow when it went down the isle."
Minus: "See above."
Plus: "Like the smaller plane: less craziness!"
Minus: "Would've been better without the delay, but the aircraft was late getting to Atlanta."
Plus: "smooth flight"
Minus: "I'm not sure if this staff is exhausted or just over there job, but they cow towed to a woman who made major complaints about the air conditioning and even gave her points to help her deal with the temperature. Strange. They were only gold stays and I'm only Platinum and didn't complain once. Oh well, that's delta, we all deal with their silence when we post anything that is unfair."
Minus: "I loked everything in my trip"

Flyget blev inställt 10min innan avgång…

Mycket trångt i och mellan stolarna

Ingen åsikt om mat eller underhållning eftersom det inte fanns.

Allt fungerade som det skulle

Plus: "the diverse amount of films"
Minus: "the food could have been better."
Plus: "Good service"
Minus: "That we had to pay for checked bagage on the return flight (Copenhagen to Newark) was an unpleasant and expensive surprise. In the 25+ years I have flown trans Atlantic with SAS, this is the first time that I’ve had to pay for luggage. No pre-warning .... :-(."
Minus: "When we checked in for the return flight in CPH we learned that our return ticket was “light” ie it did not include luggage. we were not informed about this, we did not request a ‘light” return ticket, and...why would we when we checked luggage flying over? We’d like the usd100 refunded"
Plus: "The food was amazing"
Minus: "The seats could have more space"
Minus: "Det fanns bara ett alternativ för måltiden (om man inte förbeställde). De tidigare gånger jag har åkt med SAS (dock från JFK) har det alltid varit två alternativ för måltid (kött eller vegetarisk) , utan att förbeställa. Denna gång var det bara kött så slutade med att jag bara åt potatismos."
Plus: "Quick efficient boarding."
Minus: "A typical SAS flight. Coffee and water for free, food expensive. Rather limited leg room. No entertainment and wifi for pay."
Minus: "För kallt i kabinen. Ingen andra måltid."
Minus: "Don't remember this flight"
Plus: "Bekväma stolar, mycket plats för SAS GO, god mat, trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen omstigning och inte jätte mycket att välja mellan filmerna. De borde sätta fler arbetare vid passkontroll innan man stiger på plan från Sverige till USA. Majoriteten av passagerarna var sena till planet vilket resulterade till ett senare flygavgång, 1) för att de öppnade passkontrollen sent och 2) för att det var inte tillräckligt med arbetare för att checka passen."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen avgång, små stolar,"
Plus: "Trevlig personal och smidig ombordstigning etc"
Minus: "Gammal underhållning som knappt gick att använda Gick inte ens att använda vanliga hörlurar"
Plus: "Ok flight"
Minus: "Över 1h sen. Laos vid incheckning. När man vet att man är sen, fler i personal. SAS måste jobba med Swedavia vid ankommande. Ramper, passkontrollen, bagage, etc. Är en del av hela resan. Inget fungerade, inte ens taxi."
Minus: "Typical mediocre SAS quality. No bagage drop facility in Dublin -> tedious check-in Disorganised boarding -> slow Arrival more than 1 hour behind schedule Bagage delivery in CPH after 45 min -> additional delay"
Plus: "Love the service on Alaska. Crew were incredibly nice!"
Plus: "Det mesta var bra trevlig personal, hyfsat med benplats i de nya kärnorna och frukosten var bra den med."
Minus: "Avsaknad av underhållning, inget av vikt dock."
Plus: "Trevlig crew på planet. Vi landade i tid"
Minus: "Trånga säten på SAS gamla plan."
Minus: "the staff constantly refused to help when they could and provided wrong information that caused me to miss my flight. i will never book through kayak because of this experience."
Plus: "The food was great and the staff were excellent."
Minus: "The entertainment selection was limited and there were no live channels - just prerecorded content"
Plus: "Flight was on time with friendly crew"
Minus: "Backup plane from the 90s had broken entertainment system"
Plus: "Good movies and food good. Seats wide enough and mostly enough bathrooms."
Minus: "Placering av resesällskapet"
Plus: "Everything about the flight was wonderful except baggage claim, in BOTH directions."
Minus: "It could have been the perfect trip, but I am not sure why SAS baggage handling is so mediocre. In both the flights from EWR to OSLO and back, every aspect of the trip was super, except for the wait for baggage. In Oslo, I estimate having waited at least a half an hour at the carousel before the bags started showing up, and the same in Newark. We had long cleared Immigration, which normally is not a speedy process, and yet still had to wait at least 20 minutes for the FIRST bag to appear on the carousel. Most annoying, particularly after a relatively long flight, and especially for transfer passengers who needed to recheck their bags to continue to other destinations."
Minus: "Försening 1,5 timme"
Plus: "On time, movies, service staff"
Plus: "Staff efficient."
Minus: "Leg room is tight. No free alcohol. Dinner was very good. Lunch snack was tasteless."
Plus: "Good food and a good entertainment system that comes with plenty of options. I really like that SAS doesn’t go for your wallet for every bag like jus about EVERY AMERICAN CARRIER!"
Minus: "Leg room could be more generous but then again I’m 6’3” so it is what it is."
Minus: "The crew passed by me TWICE while serving food and I was not sleeping at that time. I had to go and ask for food myself. Also there was a delay about 40 minutes when taking off in CPH (CPH-EWR) because of a fuel-screen malfunction or smth. The pilot was very nice and kept us informed all the time. I still didn't make my connection flight due to the delay and SAS rebooked me which made my already long trip 8 hrs longer."
Plus: "För många spanjorer"
Plus: "Food was good and so was the entertainment on board"
Minus: "Issues with boarding due to problems with brakes so flight was delayed by 3 hours. No food or drinks were offered"
Plus: "Personalen var väldigt trevlig och professionell som vanligt.boardingen gick bra ."
Minus: "Sätena och avsaknaden av både underhållning och vifi."
Minus: "Horrible. They claim "free wifi" but it didn't work. 8.5 hour flight without wifi is ridiculous."
Plus: "Nothing!"
Plus: "The entire experience was great. Smooth flight, good food and friendly crew."
Plus: "Seat was much more comfortable than the first flight, flight attendants were more polite, food was ok, entertainment was adequate, overall not bad."
Minus: "No major complaints on this flight."
Minus: "Didn't make connectingflight due to a bomb alert at airport. sAS didntgive any support with either food or hotel. Stuck in Copenhagen for a day and night."
Plus: "Lika trevlig personal som alltid"
Minus: "Deras wifi är helt obrukbart jag kunde inte ens ladda ner mina mail."
Plus: "Free water bottles, headphones, blankets and pillows for all passengers. Two meals (one full, one small). TVs in chairs. Flight felt roomy. A relatively pleasant experience."
Minus: "No free booze!"
Plus: "They were very accommodating to alternate diets. All staff were very friendly and helpful"
Plus: "Direktflyg, trevlig besättning"
Minus: "Luktade illa från toaletterna. Stökiga barn som tyvärr sparkade in i stolsryggen (inte SAS fel men det bidrog till att den långa flygresan inte blev avkopplande) Minus att endast en dryck - ej alkohol - ingick under en 11-timmars flygresa"
Plus: "Comfy seats. Good good service. Great video options."
Minus: "SAS staff seems sort of cold and cranky."
Plus: "Flights on time"
Minus: "The flight to Sweden was very very bumpy. Lots of turbulence very scary"
Plus: "Real meals"
Plus: "Super"
Plus: "I flew SAS from ewr to wro and back a d can't say enough good things about the company. The crew was very friendly and always smiling, the flight was quick and arrived early, the plane was very clean aND overall just great experience. Next flight I'll be looking to book with SAS. Thank you Adam Bartosik"
Plus: "The crew"
Minus: "The flight was delayed well over an hour. I was unable to check in the night before. I was finally able to check in online the afternoon of the flight, but no seats were left, so had a boarding pass with no seat assignment. Got to the gate and they sent me and about 25 other folks with no seat assignment to wait for a "colleague" who finally appeared after almost everyone else had boarded. I did get a seat, but I was one of the last to board. They ran out of salmon dinners, so the stewardess plopped a chicken dish in front of me--didn't eat since I am vegetarian. The stewardess did give me a free mini bottle of wine, which is normally free on Lufthansa. I am just not all that impressed with SAS. I will try to avoid them in the future."
Plus: "The plane was neat, clean and well maintained. The food was very good. The crew was professional and friendly. Based on my experience this is a top-notch airline."

Hhhhhh vi är 2022 inte 1990 förbättra underhållningen och bjud på wifi

Vi är 2022 inte 1990 förbättra underhållning och låt wifi bli gratis

När man kommer till Paris från en annan destination, vad de kallar för transfer jag kallar stress och oro..! 45 mn mellan flygningar ..! Check point och förvirring i korridorerna och framför allt när du kommer hem är dina bagage sena eller borttappade ..! Helvete helt enkelt

Maten var som vanligt dåligt..! Annars besättningen och komforten var okej

Minus: "Delay in take off 45 min!!!!"
Minus: "Seat recline was broken- wouldn’t hold position."
Plus: "Good selection of movies."
Minus: "Had to use a shoe horn to get into and out of my seat and I'm not a large guy. But really my harsh criticism comes from the loss of my girlfriends luggage. It was left behind in Paris on our way to Casablanca causing us to waste a day in Casablanca traveling back to the airport the grab the bag the next day. And to add injury to insult her bag was left behind in JFK during our transfer for our flight to Seattle. No big deal right, Delta will deliver the bag to our house the next day, wrong, we were told we have to go to the airport ourselves to get the bag."
Minus: "New variety of food"
Plus: "Great crew and entertainment. Terrible experience at CDG airport but that’s the airports fault."
Plus: "Åkte buissness class och allt var perfekt!"
Minus: "Our request for vegetarian meals got lost after a glight was cancelled."
Minus: "Gillar inte att man inte fick ta med sig kabinväska där jag hade datorn och annat värdefullt och ingen information om detta innan så man hade kunnat ta ut grejer ur väskan. Trångt på sittplatsen, helt enkelt ett skruttig flygplan"
Plus: "Check in agent extremely helpful and friendly."
Minus: "Not boarding on tarmac via bus. Sandwich - tartar sauce and “chicken” - with two quarter sized pieces of meat was terrible."
Plus: "All went right namely the seats but the luggage condition is the worst"
Minus: "Air France is not a low fare airlines, I had to pay 225 USD against 3 luggages which is not acceptable. We should have the right for one luggage per ticket as all other airlines. If I knew this will happen, I wouldn’t use Air France and this will be the last time I buy a ticket on Air France"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Minus: "We had a short delay"
Plus: "Crew was amazing. Service and food was good."
Minus: "Random TSA check was not needed at the end when boarding."
Plus: "The new movies selection, food was very good, staff more friendly than previous flights"
Minus: "Boarding always a problem on MEA we have to wait too long in the queue"
Plus: "The crew"
Minus: "Seats! They were too small!"
Plus: "Crew and food were great."
Minus: "Old plane. Seats were super tiny and uncomfortable. Couldn’t sit in the same spot for longer than 15 min without getting sore."
Minus: "make passengers from Nigeria to feel respected and important. Imagine no entertainment in the aircraft in addition to a very poor food."
Plus: "Good food and service"
Plus: "Crew was nice movie selection was good."
Minus: "Plane was late which caused a 5 hour layover in Paris CDG. Food not very good. Entertainment system clumsy to operate."
Minus: "they lost our luggage very inconvenient"
Minus: "Na"
Plus: "It was a nice plane and boarding was well organized."
Minus: "I was assigned a middle seat, if not for that I would have given a higher rating."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Missed flight due to lack of direction, last minute gate change and they shut door in our face after telling us they were holding plane"
Plus: "Friendly crew, good meal and entertainment"
Minus: "Boarding agent forced me to check in my carry-on even though the carry-on fit in the cage and fullfilled all the requirements. I specifically called Air France prior to the flight to make sure I won’t have any issues as my 1st flight was operated by Delta and I wanted to confirm the luggage requirements were the same. My carry-on weighted only 5 kilos. I was extremely upset the way I was treated w/ the boarding agent behind the counter in Prague. On the top of that, her and the supervisor were very rude to my mom as they told her she had an extra carry-on which wasn’t the case. She traveled w/ a small briefcase where her mask for sleep apnea was. This is not considered an additional carry-on. The boarding agent (Czech lady and her supervisor) were not only rude but obviously lacked knowledge as well. My carry-on suitcase would easily fit in the overhead bin plus there was plenty of space inside the plane as it the flight wasn’t completely full."
Plus: "Very quiet"
Minus: "We were in the last few rows on a turbulent route. The yaw damper constantly overcorrected, resulting in lots of side to side motion for the passengers"
Minus: "My luggage was lost in Paris. Now I need to wait still."
Plus: "The size of the plane was nice. They had a good move selection. The vegan meal I was given was great."
Minus: "It was loud, cold, the food was just okay at least my vegan meal was the bomb but it would have been better had when we booked the flight it allowed me to also choose this option for my husband. Since he is vegan as well."
Minus: "Flight was delayed, seated in the last row and non adjustable seating, so very little leg room. Dis-enbarkment was very slow."
Plus: "Everything was fine"
Minus: "I will not use o recommend to anyone to buy a ticket with the agency, at the airport in China we were treated like criminals because as they said we were not register in the system as passengers it was really a nightmare"
Plus: "Food was good. Crew nice and professional."
Minus: "Landing was not so smooth."
Minus: "Leg space."
Plus: "The free glass of red wine when the plane finally took off."
Minus: "The flight was delayed. We were told that it was just a half an hour delay by the man that was informing us of the delay and then we were then told by a woman that it was going to be over an hour. We weren’t told any specifics of why the plane was delayed, other than: “ the engineers are looking at the issue now”. We received messages saying that the flight was cancelled but then we were told to ignore that. We were told that we would have an update every 10-15 minutes but by the time we had the next update was 1 hours later, we were told that the plane will depart at 15:50- which we did. But we also sat on the plane for an extra 2 hours or maybe even more (couldn’t bare watching the time at this point) because the man that was supposed to push the plane backwards in order to reverse the plane didn’t turn up so we then had to wait for all of the other planes to take off before we could. Eventually the plane set off at 18:20 and I got in France 19:30-20:00 ish?"
Plus: "Bra med lite att äta."
Minus: "Försenat flyg, fullt så att de tog handbagage och skickade ner."
Plus: "Nice staff, very professional and helpful."
Plus: "That flight have been short"
Minus: "Fly attendants have been in hurry when they served snack"
Minus: "Flight cancelled because of weather"
Plus: "Sometimes you get surprised, with this specific flight, we had an excellent young and perfect cabin crew. Thanks, Joon!"
Plus: "Great hospitality. Champagne as apero, cognac as digestif. Excellent on board entertainment. Comfy pillow and blanket."
Minus: "The company simply lets passengers board a fulled booked flight with far too much luggage. Result, take off 20 minutes late because there was not enough room for luggage in the overhead compartments. I was flying with just a small backpack that went under the seat"
Minus: "I was asked to change my seat repeatedly"
Plus: "The cheese and the bread"
Minus: "The unprofessional staff during boarding and food serving"
Plus: "The crew, the service, the food and beverages"
Minus: "The 3 hours delay"
Plus: "Nice crew, free snacks"
Minus: "For taller people flying economy sucks . The seats are always to small"
Plus: "Personal tydlig med vika regler som gällde när "Belt On" är tänd."
Minus: "Många passagerare visar dålig hänsyn och står upp i passager utan att släppa fram personal eller medpssagerare"
Minus: "Ineffektivt och rörigt. Godtycklig hantering av vilket handbagage som fick tas med eller ej"

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