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Singapore AirlinesGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 3961 recensioner
8,8Gå ombord

The crew was very courteous and helpful, great experience!

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The crew was very courteous and helpful, great experience!

Everything is excellent eventhough our flight was cancelled. They provide us accomodation in the hotel and food. I understand why the flight was cancelled and I’m glad they did cause it’s for our own safety.

Excellent service, the food was delicious and the inflight entertainment full of options for varied taste.

Plus: "checking in at Changi Airport is always a pleasure, helpful friendly staff"
Minus: "the food is disgusting"
Plus: "Food, service"
Minus: "The space"
Plus: "The crew was amazing. It was my first time flying so I was a little nervous but they made me feel safe and welcomed. The friendly crew was honestly what made the whole experience great."
Minus: "The person next to me had a distinct body odor."
Minus: "Security screening very slow"
Plus: "The crew did a wonderful job of anticipating needs and having all the little ammenities you could want."
Minus: "They gave you a menu at the start of the flight but didn't serve any of that food, and the food wasn't very good"
Plus: "Everything. New plane amazing food on a two hour flight Great new entertainment system on the seat back."
Minus: "A little more leg room."
Minus: "5 crying babies on a red eye. Don’t know if that can be prevented."
Plus: "Excellent service, made a very long flight very pleasant and enjoyable."
Plus: "Wow they did not disappoint flight attendants Overdid themselves with amazing service planes are super clean and entertainment systems are state of the art great job Singapore Airlines can’t wait to fly with you again you definitely earned your #1 ranking"
Plus: "The staff is amazing and know what parents of bubs need."
Plus: "check in went smoothly. helper was friendly and helpful."
Plus: "Food, service"
Plus: "Staff were very attentive and checked in on us regularly to make sure we had everything we needed. Food was great and ammenities kept spotless."
Minus: "Older plane not so comfortable for a long flight. Movies, not much choice and far away from seat."
Plus: "Flight crew great"
Plus: "What can I say about a flight of this length? Its always an epic journey to go from the US to Asia. However I will say that with Singapore Airlines things are a lot easier. Excellent crew who were always willing to help with my fondness for a beer. Food was as expected and up to the standard of Singapore Airlines. All round it was a long trip made a lot easier......5 stars."
Minus: "Food , both quality and quantity was poor. Entertainment - world movies did not have many choices for such a long flight"
Plus: "Great amount of legroom in the seats we were lucky enough to be granted. Entertainment was good!"
Minus: "Frantic service from crew. They seemed anxious and rushed at all times. Food was also very average."
Plus: "Friendly attentive staff. Excell ent food and great. Service."
Minus: "Really crowded seats in economy."
Plus: "All of services, food, Language, clean air even so beautiful ~~"
Minus: "So nice and beautiful wearing also food is very good"
Minus: "Service"
Minus: "Na"
Plus: "I loved the professionalism of the crew, and how they treat the passengers with such care. I prefer Singapore airlines over any other. Seats are very comfortable. This craft had touch screen monitors that worked well. I was able to use my own ear buds by pulling the jack out part way."
Minus: "I really only have one gripe. I wish there were more movie choices for adults that did not have foul language and immoral scenes."
Plus: "Crew was friendly and whole on ground process was efficient."
Minus: "Aircraft not as clean as expected from a flight departing from their home port. Can't put my finger on it, but standards have slipped for slipped for SQ, albeit from a very high standard."
Plus: "I like the personal TV, my foot rest and water holder frequent water serve,"
Minus: "For me coffee is too strong, and I like the food on the way to Tokyo better than on the way back to LA"
Plus: "Helpful crew. Full food service!"
Minus: "breakfast was terrible"
Plus: "Overall treatment of boarding & crew staff was courteous, friendly & helpful. Movies selections were great but I was too tired to watch."
Minus: "Food can be improved. Couldn't eat pork or shrimps, so wished they served either vegetarian or chicken noodles instead of pork or stuff with shrimps. Fish, chicken, beef, or vegetarian options are better options."
Plus: "Great flight amazing service"
Plus: "Everything.."
Plus: "Entertainment was great"
Minus: "The food is getting worse"
Plus: "Professionalism and friendliness of crew"
Minus: "Seat not great for my length even though it was business class"
Plus: "Overall very good."
Minus: "Weren't informed of status of connecting flight while in flight. Learnt that the connecting flight was held back on arrival in terminal."
Minus: "Plane was delayed and no apologies were made. We had to rush to our connecting flight."
Plus: "got us there, efficient and effective crew."
Plus: "Crew was outstanding"
Minus: "No sound on my entertainment system"
Plus: "Had a row to myself to stretch out. Not crowded, no wait for bathrooms. I like the warm washcloths after we settled in and before meals. Plenty of blankets and pillows."
Minus: "Food was ok, not super high quality."
Plus: "Service was good, but then that's expected."
Minus: "Leg room was bad... The foot rest attached to the seat in front of me kept lowering itself on its own."
Plus: "Great food!!"
Plus: "Arrival in Canberra was excellent."
Minus: "Horrendously uncomfortable business-class seat for a redeye flight."
Plus: "Singapore Air is keeping up their standard which is a tough job. I give credit to them while doing so. They do have a high bar to keep. Singapore Air still pampers its travellers by providing hot towels for refreshment. Something that I don't enjoy while flying on other airlines. Keep up the good job."
Minus: "I saw a scotch tape taping over the arm of the seat! This is rather amusing and seems unacceptable. This is Singapore Air that we are talking about. Are we saying that Singapore Air do not have any proper repair kit to fix it without using scotch tape?? Being one of the world's 5-star airline, I think Singapore Airline can do better than that. :)"
Plus: "Everything, got to love how smooth those A380s are, plus the service and food is impeccable. Also so much entertainment!"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "Service was outstanding. The staff was attentive and helpful from start to finish."
Minus: "Not all the food was to my personal taste. I understand however that being on a flight to and from Asia would lean toward choices more characteristic to the region."
Plus: "The food, the seating, the upgrade, the very polite and attentive staff. I thanked them, and for that, they gave me a hand written note and a set of cards. So sweet. Totally worth it to fly Singapore."
Minus: "I didn't like how Vayasan and Singapore airlines telephone check in both claimed they could not upgrade. It was part of the policy/seating I bought. They were wrong, the airlines at San Francisco airport did it without blinking, after checking my visa status."
Plus: "Comfortable seats."
Minus: "We were supposed to fly back to Los Angeles from Tokyo on Wednesday, August 24th. We got to Tokyo Narita a little later than planned due to the Narita Express train being delayed. I had received emails that our flight had changed gates, and was then delayed, but when my sister and I went to check into our flight, we were told we were unable to board because it was too late. I thought it was absurd because the flight had not even started boarding, and I had gotten an email saying it was delayed. We tried to reason with them, but they would not let us on the flight. It was imperative that we got back to Los Angeles on Wednesday, but all our plans were ruined due to them bumping us off the flight. My sister had a connecting flight to Boston, which she then had to reschedule and was charged for. We were stuck another night in Tokyo, where we had to spend money on a hotel. The Singapore Airlines attendants eventually informed us that we could get on a flight the next day. This delayed us by 24 hours, which was highly inconvenient. It was also especially unnecessary since due to the flight being delayed, we would have absolutely been able to make it. I do not appreciate being bumped off of a flight due to airlines wanting to make more money, especially being stuck overseas. Its not like it was a domestic flight where we could just hop on another one in the next few hours, this totally derailed all of our plans. I do not appreciate the inflexibility of the Singapore Airlines agents, and this is not an experience that makes me want to recommend flying with Singapore Airlines. I appreciate that they did not charge us, however it was a major inconvenience that could have simply been avoided by better customer service and understanding."
Plus: "Singapore airlines was awesome. I really enjoyed the hospitality of the cabin crew. They were very helpful and very eager to fill my needs. I will fly Singapore Airlines again without hesitation."
Minus: "Be more descriptive with which connecting flights we need to go on. We were not aware we we're supposed to get on Silk Air as one of our connecting flights, but we did eventually figure it out. It would really help to let us know your subsidiary companies."

good service


Minus: "You need to have enough food to your guest. Food is not enough. I end up eating a cup of noodles at my entire trip ( Back and Fort ) not fun at all!!! Thanks"
Minus: "You need to have enough food to your guest. Food are not enough! I end up eating a cup noodles at my entire trip (Back and fort) not fun! At all! Thanks"
Minus: "why did they take my blanket and headphones 1 hour before we land?"
Plus: "I had better experience with Emirates before...we had to wait ages for our food but maybe because we were the last one on the list. Food was nice and crew friendly."
Minus: "More help for missing the flight."
Minus: "Luggage claim in chennai"
Plus: "All"
Minus: "To be cabin in business class"
Plus: "The entertainment is very good and it's a smooth ride."
Minus: "Sometimes the crew could come across as brass and disappear for long periods. Also, how do you ever tell the person next to you, who's bigger than you, to try not to bump you every time they move. Definitely made for a not very comfortable flight."
Plus: "Great value"
Plus: "It was wonderfull"
Minus: "Legroom"
Plus: "All good"
Minus: "All good"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "No lounge. No notification that the lounge is closed. No compensation in a lounge replacement form just a shitty $40 voucher"
Plus: "I had a fast and easy check-in at Denpasar airport. In flight service by cabin crew was very good, as I normally get in the business class at Emirates. Flight left Denpasar on time and arrived in Auckland some 30 mins early, which was nice. Enjoyed a late dinner - the mie goreng ayam was particularly tasty!"
Minus: "In the past on overnight flights Emirates I have received a pyjama set in the Business Class, which made it very comfortable to sleep. But this time this was not given, so I had to sleep in my day-wear, which was a bit uncomformtable."
Plus: "The pre-boarding, courtesy extended, everything was good. No complaints."
Minus: "The long hop because of my age"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The plane was old and tatty I booked a window seat to actually get the window seat with no window. I had just come off another Emirates flight but this was old tatty plane, the seating squashed. The plane was delayed on the runway for around 40 mins but no announcement made, the stewards were unresponsive when people pressed the buzzer."
Plus: "Smooth flight"
Minus: "The food"
Plus: "Smooth flight"
Minus: "The food"
Plus: "Dinner was good, breakfast a bit ordinary"
Minus: "business class seats didn’t go flat/horizontal, which wasn’t great for a night flight. Would be good to have a fast track through customs... took about 30-40 minutes"
Plus: "Both ways there was no food of preference. Preferred juices are short. Especiallyif you are tired and want to sleep on their food serving time, you don't get any till next serving even if you are hungry. I woke and informed the team that I would collect later, but they claim empty and gave No way the entertainment is updated to the latest titles. Have 7/8 months old movies listed."
Minus: "Carry more food and screw sone new movies."
Plus: "The flight was quiet."
Minus: "Service is extremely slow."
Minus: "The screen not working I feel very bored"
Plus: "Even going in economy and almost at the last seat, I almost didn't realize that!"
Plus: "Access to airport through metro is very nice."
Minus: "Prayer area is very small in the airport. Most of the time it's very crowded."
Minus: "Food. And also seats. We r silver class and should have been assigned better seats."
Plus: "Crew was friendly, food was good and entertainment great. Space between front row seats in economy class was good."
Minus: "all good."
Plus: "Quick boarding, on time, nice amenities near the gate."
Minus: "The menu had a vegetarian and a chicken option, but when the trolley came around, they only had vegetarian options. We were in the fourth or fifth row from the front (in Economy), so it's surprising if they ran out of the chicken option that early."
Plus: "Nice aircraft"
Minus: "The food has alot Indian herbs & tasteless , unlike the lounge which has excellent taste."
Plus: "Overall top service."
Minus: "A little too directive, exemplified by ordering people to pull down their window shades, for my Americans can mentality. Otherwise great!"
Plus: "Services"
Minus: "Departure time ruins the whole night"
Plus: "The food was good for economy"
Minus: "My seat was about 70% of the size of a normal one. It gave me back pain and shoulder pain as the wall encroaches into the seat space. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take the window emergency exit seats. They charge you extra but don’t warn you that they are tiny. I am of relatively normal (althletic) build not overweight or unusually tall etc. They initially told me there were no other free seats so I ended up sat on the floor. Turns out there were free seats. They lied."
Plus: "Your staff is professional and endures difficult situations patiently and professionally. Kudos to them,"
Minus: "No wi-fi even though the flight was advertised otherwise. I chose Emirates because of wi-fi availability. The reason I was given for non-availability of Wi-Fi was that the airplane was brand new...which seemed a little convoluted for these times."
Minus: "Seats are cramped and uncomfortable"
Plus: "Great legroom, quiet plane, seat free next to me"
Minus: "Not much"
Plus: "Flying with Swiss Air instead"
Minus: "Our connecting flight coming in from Crete was delayed and we arrived in Athens too late to make our flight home. The Emirates service desk offered no help in getting us on the next flight home. They were booked full the following day with the exception of business class seats and were going to charge us an additional $4000 which included $600 each for being a no show. They refused to waive any fees so it was drastically cheaper to fly home with another airline. I am most disappointed in their lack of effort to assist us in getting home and they really showed no concern. I will never fly this airline again."
Plus: "On time, very helpful crew and overall experience was fine"
Minus: "Food was not upto the mark and one always expects something better from an Airline like Emirates"
Plus: "Service is phenomenal, comfort of the seats and in flight entertainment was fab."
Minus: "Food was mediocre, but then again haven't ever had a wonderful meal on an aeroplane before!"
Plus: "Pretty uniforms and good service: Polite, gentle, helpful"
Minus: "Flight got delayed and had to stay in Dubai over night. I was provided with the hotel voucher when I enquiried about the delay but the staff did not give me enough information how to get to the hotel. He seems so caught up with other stuff. I was standing there clueless. The sceen on entertainment unit was too dark and the buttons were not working properly on the screen."
Plus: "The air conditioning worked properly"
Minus: "You asked for a drink and they never return☹️"
Plus: "Really comfortable, good service."
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "The people at ticket issuing counter is very arrogant. Customs form was not given while issuing ticket and I was sent back to the airline ticketing counter and had to stand back in line for customs."
Plus: "Great airlines, no issues. Everything was great and outstanding."
Minus: "NOTHING"
Plus: "Very few passengers on the plane allowing to use more space than normal"
Minus: "Shaking air over India for multiple hours which wasn't too pleasant but not the fault of the airline"
Minus: "Inflight Entertainment System completely dead. Was offered a piece of chocolate from biz class. Haha."
Minus: "Food was not given properly, no snacks was there which I get in between breakfast and meal every time I fly from Dubai to Boston or the reverse. No kit was given which includes brush, paste, eye covering band. Last time I travelled from Boston to Dubai the food was completely frozen and now this!"
Plus: "The quiet flight I've been in , the crew were friendly and helpful"
Minus: "The standard meal was spicy to me , change the menu with more choices of healthy suitable for flight"
Plus: "Service was great, choices for each meal were plentiful, flight was smooth..pilot alerted you when slight turbulence would occur"
Minus: "Wish the first class pods weren't only for first class"

I liked the aircraft crew the most. Foods could have been better with more options and snack for kids available.

The economy seats were ok in terms of comfort. Food was terrible and much worse than on prior trips on Qatar and other middle eastern airlines.

After 4 flights in one month with Qatar I opened up an account to become a member. I will not be using any other airline unless I absolutely have to.

great crew - very efficient. Food was restaurant quality and good choices. Large movie selection, but a little weak with the music, games seemed OK.


Really I can’t think of anything that could’ve been better. Thank you for an excellent trip

Plus: "I really loved the food and the attendants were super friendly and helpful"
Plus: "Yeah everything was good flight timing was very accurate I loved their service"
Minus: "Hotel or a waiting area should be arranged in case of flight delay"
Plus: "Private cabins in business class"
Minus: "Better control over boarding process"
Plus: "Little things like being greeted by name when boarding, funny safety video"
Minus: "Wasn't the biggest fan of the food"
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Plus: "crew was nice and helpful"
Minus: "food quality needs to be better food quantity needs to be increased slightly food options need to be better entertainment system was ok but content was mediocre."
Minus: "Excellent service !!!"
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Plus: "Staff were fantastic."
Minus: "Better movies please."
Plus: "Food was good"
Minus: "The flight took off late more than an hour"
Plus: "The service was perfect the aircraft was clean and tidy. The pyjamas were a great added bonus and comfortable."
Minus: "There was nothing to complain about."
Plus: "Plenty of room to move around"
Plus: "The leg room was huge, the food was excellent and a lot and the customer service was great not my first time to fly with Qatar and it won’t be my last, the made my trip worthwhile. Thank you"
Minus: "No complaints so far so good"
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Entertainment system good,"
Minus: "Boarding was late, seating very cramped."
Plus: "The seats have great leg room and recline nicely"
Minus: "7kg and only one carry one!?? Budget airlines do better!! Try being a professional with a laptop and a few travel essentials and you won’t get far on Qatar. How crazy. Even if you have diamond one world status (the highest) unless u fly business class there is no chance in getting more onboard for your carryon. Works best airline my a**!"
Plus: "Good service."
Minus: "Poor choice of entertainment."
Plus: "Excellent service from check in to disembarkation. I was surprised at the amount of leg room, as being a 6+ footer it has always previously been an issue, but not with Qatar."
Minus: "Only downside was the lack of the free traveller pack, eye shade and ear plugs, sleep was denied as I could not block out the sound of the very talkative travellers behind me."
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "Food crew and entertainment were all good thanks"
Minus: "A child behind me kept kicking the back of the seat all the time and the mother did nothing about it"
Plus: "Service, attentiveness, food."
Minus: "lack of ability to pay to upgrade even though there was plenty of empty business class. (Almost all seats were available)"
Plus: "Flight schedule in time."
Plus: "Excellent customer service, from the check in process, to boarding, to flying 21 hours from Boston to Phuket with infant- we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was so accommodating and helpful as we traveled with our 7 month old a lot g distance."
Plus: "If you’s pricey but man doesn’t it look nice. Their regular seats are great. Get an emergency seat. Food isn’t kosher and tastes good. Never one complaint with these guys!"
Minus: "If I had to pick one’s that their free WiFi is only on select planes...not all. Sorry nothing else to dislike."
Plus: "Hospitality and food."
Minus: "Seats are not comfortable."
Plus: "Nil"
Minus: "Seat not very good"
Plus: "Thanks for good service"
Minus: "Everything was good service food entertainment"
Minus: "Na"
Minus: "The seats were cramped"
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Plus: "Staff very friendly. Loved the adjustable headrest as I am shorter and this is the first time flying that my neck was so comfortable I didn't need my travel pillow! Food was excellent!"
Minus: "Nothing!"
Minus: "the wifi was average at best. I get that we there are limitations...but if the service is going to be this poor, make it free & unlimited."
Minus: "The flight+all Qater air Way services was canceled but I didn't receive any message or update from kayak. So stressful and bad expiarence."
Plus: "-Cleanliness -on time arrival"
Minus: "-Cramped seats I have flown long haul to Melbourne on Cathay and Emirates and Qatar airways economy seats were excruciating to sit in."
Minus: "You canceled our flight in the last minute. we were starting our holidays and missed one day included the booking reservation. We didn't get any refund regarding this issue. On the other hand, i booked my special meal and never received it."
Plus: "Good legroom with respect to others airlines.. the plane is clean.. multiple bathroom so no long waits Dinner was tasty.. however the breakfast was not."
Minus: "Cheap headphones will not isolate sound from airplane engine for such an expensive entertainment"
Plus: "I like Qatar Airways very much. Ground and air personnel are all professional and courteous. I will fly Qatar every time I can."
Plus: "TImings"
Minus: "Price"
Minus: "Seat cushion was hard for long flight time!"
Minus: "Greedy airline! Qatar Airway is a hyper money hungry scammer who catches customers to rip money off from and creates a super tedious and painful experience for customers to ensure their private gains!!! Qatar Airway was delayed for more than an hour at the first departing airport! NO APOLOGIES OR MUCH EXPLANATION OF ANY KIND!! This is just how mindful and courteous they are. It sets the base tone of what this airline is made of. Then at the connecting airport, they closed the gate minutes before the departing time claiming the gate closes 20 minutes before the departing time, knowing they are leaving customers behind who has checked in and just haven’t arrived at the gate yet. And I arrived the gate minutes before the departure time. They can’t wait?! If so, why is it ok for them to delay for an hour without any explanation not to mention apology? Sure there are RULES. But remember what kind of airlines will have tons of rules that will guarantee you to fail?! Almost always the most shady, scammy and money hungry airlines who use ridiculous or ad hoc made RULES to set pitfalls for customers and ensure their profit gains by doing so!! Remember those European cheap airlines?!! They have tons of rules. You are set to fail even you have a smaller bags than some passengers who passed the gate without penalty. You are just unlucky – they set eyes to catch opportunities to rip you off whenever they can and whenever they are in the mood to be able to come up with lame excuses. With normal airlines, you realize your luggage which has been slightly overweight or over sized will be able to pass through without incurring any penalties. So any saying of rules are lame excuses and are shitty airlines’ lame excuses. The thing is good airlines will delay their flight a few minutes to wait for the passenger. If this is considered too needy of a requirement, then what happens next will shock you and reaffirm you how wrongful and shady this airline is. After missing the flight despite you arrived before the departing time, you have to purchase a full price ticket in order to fly again. As I declined to fly with them again since the ticket is too pricey and repurchased a ticket with another airline, they came up with an excuse that in order to release my luggage, they have to reissue a new flight ticket: so I have to pay both a luggage release fee and a flight ticket fee!!! What a gold digger Qatar Airway is haha. Luckily as I protested, they eventually didn’t make me to pay for a new flight ticket fee except a luggage release fee (really?). The sales office quoted a price of $250 to the luggage office. Then it took me a few minutes to get to the sales office. Strange thing happened, despite I mentioned the communication they are aware of, they are trying to find some “RULES” again to validate that I have to pay for an air ticket. I emphasized that is not the case. As I get irritated, guess what they did? They managed to come up with another excuse that in or"
Plus: "Great service"
Minus: "Seat comfort"
Minus: "Somebody smoke in the bathroom. My husband went and told the crew. But nothing was sone. They should have announced in the plane and action should have taken."
Plus: "Flight was comfortable, food was good."
Minus: "Lot of inconvenience for transit passengers, sitting area was closed, had to look around for a comfortable place to spend 4 hours."
Plus: "Qatar has the most comfortable business class seats. Only Cathay are equally good. Food and drinks are first class. No doubt one of the best business class today."
Minus: "Bus from the gate to the aircraft. Although for business class it was a special comfortable bus."

Allt var perfekt!

Minus: "We didn’t receive hedphones"
Plus: "The snacks were nice and the crew was nice"
Minus: "Boarding was TERRIBLE!! Everyone was rushing the podium and overwhelming the employees!! Basically the employees could not control the crowd. Having lanes, or signs in multiple languages for boarding zones would be helpful"
Plus: "crew was efficient and friendly"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Great services"
Minus: "Sitting in front is better"
Minus: "Had to wait for wine with The food..."
Minus: "Seats recline too much making difficult to get in or out because of the seat in front of you"
Plus: "Very nice crew."
Minus: "Sodas or water would have been nice."
Plus: "Seats are the most UNcomfortable in Asia."
Minus: "Put in some real comfortable seats in business class. The exisitng ones are hard and terrible"
Minus: "Food on the plane"
Plus: "Have kit to listen"
Minus: "Kit to use the tv"
Plus: "The crew was so pleasant. They greeted everyone with grace and respect. Their customer service was wonderful."
Minus: "Everything was great. I will choose to fly Thai Airways whenever I get the chance to."
Minus: "Todo muy bien todos amables buena comida salio a tiempo"
Plus: "Comfortable seats, good entertainment options"
Plus: "Crew were great"
Minus: "Food in economy could be more Thai and tasty but nicely served and efficient"
Plus: "Everything are very much poor. Worth than Vietnam airline.(coffee cup’s rim was broken It was very dangerous) I will naver on board Thai alway."
Minus: "Nothing better~"
Minus: "The plane was delayed about 30 minutes. They should improve this."
Plus: "Everyone was very nice and hospitality was great."
Minus: "a better selection of movies/entertainment."
Plus: "Surprised that for such a short flight a food snack was provided."
Minus: "I was not told what the food option was,it looked like a mystery meat sandwich. The stewardess face frowned the entire flight,I never wanted to ask her anything"
Plus: "Courteous and professional stadd"
Minus: "Some hurry up but not overly so"
Plus: "Typical domestic coach flight experience... but the price was right. Had good personal tv entertainment available... but it was a short flight. Bring your own ear-phones."
Minus: "I was expecting some yummy Thai Food, but the food was strange. I eat everything... and I ate this food, but it was not good. The other 4 members of my family would not touch it. 2nd worst plane food in 200+ flights."
Plus: "I liked that they enforced the rule on boarding by rows as many airlines have given up trying to do that and its a free for all especially with certain groups of people."
Minus: "Entertainment system and seats are old."
Plus: "ARN to BKK: Good crew, good seat (Thai Premium Economy - available Scandinavian flights only), on time departure and early arrival BKK."
Minus: "Food was tasty enough, but not hot when served (a common problem with many airlines) and only two options for Premium Economy. Entertainment options also limited."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "No gate at landing, waiting for buses, long Immigration lines and then bags delayed. Time trying to get out of BKK was longer than the flight."
Plus: "Just like on previous domestic flight experience, I love how Thai Airways is able to promote and provide for customer comfort and service on such short flights - something that US airlines are so incapable of providing. Not only was the plane comfortable and spacious, the fact that they also served a meal on such a short flight is so much appreciated."
Plus: "Same"
Minus: "Same"
Plus: "Quality"
Plus: "Great and friendly people, and was very nice. Great flight."
Minus: "In flight meal was ok. Other than the meal it was nice flight."
Minus: "Severely delayed. Flight circled over Mumbai for over an hour. When we landed doors were locked and we were.told airline staff had the keys."
Plus: "Airline was excellent"
Minus: "Immigration in the airport took 2 hours in line !!! Terrible transfer"
Plus: "Flying a 747 was great! Friendly service."
Minus: "Everything was fine for what I paid."
Plus: "Attentive staff that managed to squeeze a quick food service on a short flight."
Plus: "The crew are very friendly and helpful. There was a variety of entertainment options, with recent films, tv shows and music options to keep you busy. I also thought the food options were good, too. You didn't go too long without being asked about a new beverage or meal, pretty satisfying."
Minus: "The comfort could have been better. I find myself a little fidgety on flights anyway but I also had a sore back and couldn't seem to find a way to get completely comfortable, but I have had worse!"
Plus: "Crew very unhelpful"
Plus: "We took off at 11.30 on time but only arrived at 3.45 pm. No idea why it took so long on the positive side: I saw my movie till the end and it was an excellent one"
Minus: "Special screenings in singapore of all luggage: took more than 1 hour to get out"
Minus: "see above"
Minus: "The service was the worst ever. For example, salt and pepper was not incl in the dinner kit. Asked for it twice, never got it."
Plus: "Business class on this short haul flight was fantastic, but sadly I don’t think this is the normal route it will take as I think they were testing it. If you can get one of these on long haul they are a very nice plane, individual compartments and some very modern touches. Windows darken without blinds, loads of space in your compartment and food was good even as just a snack."
Minus: "I can’t think of anything I didn’t like and if Thai Air have these rolling out for long haul I’ll definitely look at them against"
Minus: "The plane was dirty. There were stains everywhere."
Minus: "Also, plane deplaned by stairs and buses though there were many empty gates and jetways."
Plus: "Very nice crew Got free drinks and meal"
Minus: "Hard to see tv and watch movies with cabin lights on"
Plus: "The seats and the crew. Snack menu. Baggages allowance. Co-operative staffs."
Minus: "Entertainment"
Minus: "There was a five hour delay"
Minus: "The music they play for the last hour of the flight is loud and extremely annoying."
Plus: "Everything was great(:"
Minus: "No massage on board, LOL"
Minus: "The company canceled my booking"
Plus: "Very friendly and professional service!"
Minus: "Nothing about the flight was bad...but just a heads up there is no alcohol on domestic flights"
Plus: "A380 is a comfortable plane but Thai Airways setup not as nice as Qatar. Boarding was swift, the crew was polite enough."
Minus: "It was a night flight but I wish water was served often."
Plus: "Nice modern plane. Toilets kept clean by staff"
Minus: "Kosher meals very poor"

Jag upplever att de gånger jag flugit Göteborg-Helsingfors, Helsingfors-Göteborg är det ofta förseningar. Har flugit ca 10 gånger feb-maj

We thought that we needed to be at the airport 3 hours early because we were returning to the US. It turns out that since we were flying to Helsinki first we only needed to be there 2 hours in advance. Check-in in Stockholm was confusing b

It was all wonderful!!

Ända bättring skulle vara att kunna ge rätt gate på bordningen vid byte i Helsingfors ( var fel/ ändrat) både gånger 😉😊 (kanske inget med er att göra…) Annars jätte nöjd med alla fyra flyg med Finnair, trevlig och hjälpsam personal.

Bra Bolag! Ordning o reda

My flight was cancalled how can I give recension ?

Vi gick och ankom innan tidtabell. Fick ett glas blåbärssoppa ombord. Trevlig bestättning.


Denied at check-in even though I met all the requirement. This happened due to supervisor at AA(American Airlines) having lack of knowledge in international travel restriction. I tried to show the website that lists the traveling rules but he insisted he knew all the rules and denied my check-in. This also happened to another person in the same flight as well. I think the AA crew needs to hire more knowledgeable supervisor.

En av de bästa långresorna jag gjort fantastisk personal åker oftast 2-3 långresor per år och finnair delar första platsen med Emirates. Bra med slopad starksprit inget stök.

Traveling these days can be a little strange and at times more difficult than normal due to this pandemic. Finnair did an amazing job and all areas of the trip! I would absolutely fly with finnair again and will recommend the airline to friends and family.

Very small plane, not much legroom. No organisation to boarding and no in-flight snacks provided as standard apart from water/juice.

As I said, very nice and pleasant flight, neatly perfect. I will consider Finnair for sure again when I travel to Europe next time.

Plus: "Plane was clean, plenty of leg room, cabin crew was friendly, flight was on time."
Minus: "Checking in was a nightmare of inefficiency. I couldn't use self-check-in for my bad because I was flying to America and for some reason, this meant I had to hand my suitcase to someone rather than just putting it on the conveyor belt. There were about 8 people ahead of me, and yet it took a solid hour of standing in line waiting to get to the counter. How it could possibly have been so insanely slow is beyond me. When it was finally my turn to submit my bag it literally took 30 seconds. And yet I had to wait an hour. Grade: F-"
Minus: "Entertainment system very slow and did reset itself several times."
Plus: "The flight attendants were excellent; seat was about what you would expect in economy; the boarding process was extremely confusing"
Plus: "Clean plane, comfy seat"
Minus: "Chaotic boarding"
Plus: "Clean, relative new plane"
Minus: "More than 90 min late "due to late incoming plane" which caused me trouble when swapping to an other flight on arrival"
Minus: "Just det här flyget var varmt och det saknades möjlighet att sätta på fläkt. Maten smakade ganska kemikaliskt."
Plus: "There was room available."
Minus: "This was not business class!"
Plus: "I got there"
Minus: "Endless waiting and lost luggage. Excuse was unpredicted weather conditions. It was snowing in Finland so they had to clear the Ice from the planes.. Snowing in Finland? How uncommon is that during December? I actually think most of this is poor ground handling In Helsinki."
Plus: "Very enjoyable"
Minus: "I have no complaints"
Plus: "Boarding was ok in Dublin, even though they habitually use one of the poor gates with inadequate seating and entry to the plane from the tarmac, not via a bridge. queing and check in were well managed however."
Minus: "Disembarked at Helsinki unto a bus. Despite landing roughly on time, this antiquated procedure effectively made the flight 20 mins late, as that’s when the passengers got to the terminal."
Minus: "Inget att äta."
Plus: "Simple morning flight. Not at all full. Left on time, arrived early. Plane was new. Crew was happy. What more does one need? They were beta testing a new WiFi service. Free, but not yet ready for prime time."
Minus: "Nice crew. Basic services. Early arrival."
Minus: "Missed my connecting flight from Helsinki to Miami because the flight from New Delhi, India was delayed by more than 4 hours."
Plus: "The service, the comfort of the plane. Great communication about turbulence."
Plus: "I like the crew, the new aircraft, the airport in Helsinki, the business lounge in the airport"
Minus: "There was nothing that I truly disliked. I thought the food was mediocre and the business seat rather lumpy"
Plus: "It was comfortable and smooth."
Minus: "It was all good."
Plus: "Decent flight from SFO to HEL, friendly staff ..."
Minus: "Ran out of food options from SFO to HEL. I was sitting towards the end of the plane ... and no more chicken so got stuck with the pork and mashed potatoes options. Need more coffee aboard the flight. ANA cleans the bathroom periodically, and wouldn't be bad to do the same on long flights. The arm rest between seats don't go all the way up, only half way. If the person in front of you is asleep during meal service, the FA (flight attendant) won't lift the seat and it may be a very uncomfortable meal experience. Other airlines will have the FA do it themselves. ...and you need to be careful about staying awake to get food (otherwise you can get forgotten)."
Minus: "No leg room"
Minus: "long waiting time in the bus before the flight"
Minus: "Economy seat with Centre seat left empty"
Plus: "All is satisified."
Plus: "I liked very much that Finnair was waiting for the delayed plan from Stockholm. The stewardesses were nicely dressed."
Minus: "Late boarding, late taking off, late landing, and then there was no gate crew to at least get us off the plane."
Plus: "I have Parkinson's disease, and my ability to walk is dependent on how long it has been since I last took carbidopa/levodopa, and how much I have exercised while standing since taking my medicine. I have difficulty walking narrow aisles, and in crowds. The staff was very understanding, and let me pre-board, ensured someone was there to help me deplane, carried my carry-on for me, and did everything possible to assist me. The crew/staff was wonderful!"
Plus: "It was very quick"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Good flight--and a PERFECT super-smooth landing."
Plus: "Movie selection ok."
Minus: "Minimal coach legreeom even for an average-height passenger."
Minus: "Food, no option asked just served from Helsinki to Miami. Entertainment system was not working and later had only limited options."
Minus: "Left the cabin lights on most of the trip and kept interrupting with announcements to sell duty free and other things when most people just wanted to sleep. Flight from Chicago to Helsinki was much better."
Plus: "Arriving safe."
Minus: "We sat in the plane for 7.5 hours before moving. Airline provided no extra food though served what was meant to be breakfast before landing in the evening. Then they had not even coffee before actually landing. The vegetarian breakfast that was served in the evening had one dry pita bread with two slices of cucumbers and tomatoes, very lousy. Finnair has had that for years. If you order lacto-ovo meal, you get a vegan breakfast, a very low quality one. Why? I paid about $1500 for the flight and would like some service, too."
Minus: "The meal made me sick."
Plus: "Plenty of food to eat. Snacks and lunch"
Minus: "Being vegetarian I chose the pasta entree. It was good. It included a small salad. All other food was carbs- bread, crackers, a packaged dessert, ice cream, pizza, muffin. ( The pizza was good the muffin was processed gross. ) I didn't eat all the items and still felt yucky from poor nutrition. A piece of fruit in place of muffin, dessert, crackers would help a lot."
Plus: "Flight was cancelled at lasy minute. so, all other flights missed. Last minute notification. rebooked on Lufthansa, but wrote wrong codes - more delay."
Plus: "A competitive price for tickets. Website easy to negotiate. Staff pleasant."
Minus: "Having to pay about $35/person to reserve a seat. This was a hidden cost. Very little legroom. Staff did not come around enough with beverage service. Boarding was late and confusing."
Plus: "My stay in the air was approximately about an hour from stockholm to Helsinki. They smiled me and gave comfortable service as always . Thanks"
Minus: "It may be not about flying process but airport environment or service. ARN airport was a bit cold even inside of the building . The WiFi was offered only limited time , which was very shorter than I expected but overall status with cosy mood made me as if I were at home . On the other hand , the finnair check in counter had only two , one of which was business and the other was economy it took about 40mins to send my luggage and check in ."
Plus: "Flight was on time Baggage arrived on time Light breakfast was good [ I chose not to have dinner ] Slept through 95% of the red-eye flight so it was a good experience"
Minus: "Seating is cramped in economy"
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Phuket (HKT)Thailand

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