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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
Japan AirlinesGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 4524 recensioner
8,9Gå ombord
Minus: "Electricity didn’t work in my pod"
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Minus: "Electricity didn’t work in my pod"
Minus: "Please contact me-I was in a car accident on way to airport and was in hospital-missed flight-too another flight next day-would like a refund"
Plus: "The service was excellent"
Minus: "Food needs improvement"
Plus: "Standard JAL. No hassles, nice, clean, friendly. Makes Hawaiian airlines look so Bad!"
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "They were very accommodating and helped ensure a good travel experience (first time traveling with a young child)."
Plus: "Beautifully presented and tasty Japanese food. Electronic windows."
Minus: "Not overly impressed with the 12:05am departure time. Western food not overly impressive. Having to travel from the plane to terminal by bus."
Minus: "Missed flight due to medical emergency"
Plus: "Excellent service - delicious meals"
Plus: "Loved the food. Cabin attendants were very friendly, polite and helpful."
Plus: "Great service."
Plus: "Service and airplane are the best!"
Minus: "I know this isn’t really the fault of the airline, but there was a loud toddler sitting behind me. It was frustrating, because the mother did not seem to do anything to have her child be quiet. It makes it hard for everyone around them to have comfortable rest, especially as this was an overnight flight. I have flown over the years with up to 5 children and do know how hard it can be, but it is important to foresee the needs of the child. I wonder of the attendants could have been a little more firm with the mother to ask her not to let the child roam the aisle."
Minus: "Selections of movies"
Plus: "Excellent food. Lots of food, drinks. Comfortable plane."
Plus: "Efficient and friendly service. Second time flying them, and will continue to fly JAL."
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "Service was amazing. Flight attendants were very..attentive!"
Plus: "Very nice , good service"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "The flight from Jakart to Japan, Japan to Chicago, was not a problem. Although thr food was typical plane food."
Minus: "My brother and his wife had to wait 12 hrs for plane delay,just to hear that AA canceled all flight for that date. The crew told my brother and his wife to wait for another12 hours which is the next morning, for next flight. My brother decided to just take a rental car to KZO, and was going to just take their luggage from the airline, but the AA crew would not let them did so, and was really rude. It was very traumatic experience for the both of them and other passangers of how bad they treated this plane delay/cancellation issue. One passenger with baby was having a panic attack, but nothing was done. So far, no compensation, or apology email has been sent. Will never take this airline anymore. We are done."
Minus: "Leg room"
Plus: "best comfy seat! best food best service! I will use japan airline again!"
Minus: "nothing"
Minus: "Didn't get to go. Thanks for selling me worthless insurance."
Plus: "Food, entertainment options, friendly staff"
Minus: "Beverage size could be more"
Plus: "Flight crew are very courteous and helpful. Comfortable seats and better leg room space in the economy section."
Minus: "We were delayed and stayed in the plane for 3 hours and flight was almost cancelled. Could not really understand why there was a delay or why it would have been cancelled."
Plus: "That it was comfortable."
Plus: "They will not let me board the plane and I checked the airline before.leaving USA to make sure my ticket is valid and it's OK but when I was to return to USA on april10 they inform me my ticket invalid,cost me alot of money and inconvenience ,God bless"
Minus: "They will not let me board the plane and I checked the airline before.leaving USA to make sure my ticket is valid and it's OK but when I was to return to USA on april10 they inform me my ticket invalid,cost me alot of money and inconvenience ,God bless"
Minus: "Boarding was actually good. It was checking your luggages in and getting your boarding passes which was POOR. Passengers on International flights going out of the Philippines are advised be at the airport at least 3 hours before scheduled flight. Well, the JAL check-in counter opened at 650AM for the 950AM flight (exactly 3 hours before the scheduled flight), with maybe some 50 people already in line. With most passengers coming far from the airport, it will be very very helpful if the counter, even at least one counter, would open earlier, so that passengers who came in early could check in early and wait comfortably in the departure area."
Plus: "The food (Japanese) clearly was a league of its own. Service was prompt, attentive yet discreet."
Minus: "Selection of video entertainment could be increased and improved."
Plus: "Everything was on time. Crew was outstanding."
Plus: "They were super considerate the entire flight."
Plus: "They provide us slipper for in flight comfort"
Minus: "Old aircraft"
Plus: "fine food, the pilot handled a typhoon like a pro"
Plus: "The service, food, entertainment, everything was perfect. Thanks so much"
Plus: "The ground crew in HKG airport was really helpful."
Minus: "I have been flying JAL from HK to Boston numerous times and by far my favourite (over Cathay and don't even need to mention United). However this past trip gave me a new perspective. Given it is a Japanese airline and all, it is normal for them to be Japanese-centric. We had an a-hole sitting in front of us at 51F during our flight to Narita and he was trying hard to argue with us in English, and even told us to move to another seat. When I had the flight attendant (her name is Sako on flight JL736 on Jul 26) over to discuss (in English) she went to the guy in front of us and started apologizing to him. For what??? She then came back to us speaking in Japanese and brushed the issue away. Sorry, no this was not acceptable, even though my fiance was okay with the situation."
Plus: "Very spacious and comfortable, modern plane"
Plus: "Service was excellent - Flight attendants were friendly and professional."
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "everything is much better, everything! including how boarding and de-planing is more orderly than most other flights."
Plus: "The crew were cooperative and the supplies were good"
Minus: "The chairs were not comfortable and the toilets were so dirty"
Plus: "Plenty of room for economy seats. Good food. Free movies and music. Friendly service."
Minus: "Air temperature was super hot and uncomfortable."
Plus: "Everything! JAL ground crew, airline crew, their service is excellent. The interior of the airplane looked nice."
Minus: "It could use more games for children"
Plus: "Attentive staff, decent food, good choice of entertainment."
Plus: "Great friendly staff, good food, good entertainment."
Plus: "The flight was really comfortable, the food was the best meals on the plane as far as I could remember. The stewardess were very helpful and friendly."
Plus: "Plane service was good, comfortable, punctual and ahead of schedule"
Minus: "Food was ok,"
Plus: "Everything!"
Minus: "Flight was cancelled and hour before takeoff."
Plus: "Safe On-time Excellent crew Excellent service & amenities Delicious meals Good entertainment selection Super comfortable seat & bed"
Minus: "The flight was too short?"
Plus: "- Crew was respectful and nice - Entertainment options were good. - Seats were good and comfortable"
Minus: "- Food was too less. Being a vegetarian, I had expected good amount of food. But it was only a few ounce of food like just given to taste it. I was hungry most of the time in flight. My second meal didnt even have any bread. And Desert (icecream) was never offered to me. Seriously, if I had known this, I would have packed my own food to board the plane. - The windows should have an option to close the pane. Sun was constantly on the left window (where I was seated) for the entire journey and even after fading the window, it was on my eyes most of the time."
Plus: "Seat ok, food good, crew friendly"
Plus: "All"
Minus: "Good news from others."
Minus: "Korean Air was wonderful. BUT KAYAK made my reservation through KIWI.COM which is absolutely horrible. My reservation was ONLY for Dallas to Incheon. They booked me a ticket all the way to Singapore without ever asking my permission or informing me. As a result, I was unable to use the ticket, and had to purchase a new one at the airport ticket counter. I called them several times to attempt to fix the issue, but they were utterly unhelpful. I have requested a refund, but am not hopeful based on their past performance. KAYAK should cut all ties with KIWI if it wants to remain reputable."
Minus: "More offers of water and drinks."
Minus: "poor hospitality by cabin crews cabin crews are very stingy in providing drinks"
Plus: "Brilliant take off and landing too. Very good service. Nice food. Should provide some sweets in the form of chocolates or cakes. But overall a nice and pleasant journey. Thank you!"
Minus: "Nothing to dislike."
Plus: "We liked the boarding in Atlanta and in Seoul with the people boarding by the numbers of their rows - boarded the back rows, then the middle then the front. Worked so much better than everyone rushing to get on! Flight attendants were very helpful with everything and always kind. Loved being able to sit in the exit row seats!!"
Minus: "Food was okay - we fly Korean Air whenever we travel to SE Asia and it seems the food is the same no matter what flight we are on. We like the pizza snack better than the bun with meat inside they served us on this trip."
Plus: "Stewardess service was good. Food was ok . Seats on the economy was good too plus the movie"
Minus: "Everything was good"
Plus: "Boarded on time; everything efficiently done; pleasant staff. Breakfast was not great - too sweet overall. Usually korean does well with food."
Plus: "Great legroom. Food better than last Korean Air flight a few years ago."
Minus: "Changed to smaller aircraft, last row in the aeroplane."
Minus: "Short haul flight have got cramped seating. Entertainment offering is a bit little. Amenity packs are too basic: just contained flight paper sandals and toothbrush+toothpaste."
Plus: "I received a meal for a two leg flight of overall only 4.5 hours. The seating was nice and the food was very tasty. I love the layout of the Incheon Airport as well as the transfer experience."
Minus: "Good that have a night in the hotel to stretch and a good night sleep and a proper meal, and are all included within the ticket."
Plus: "I very much enjoyed the flight. The crew went out of their to make you feel comfortable. The food was delicious and more than enough to make you full. I was very impressed with the room between seats. I will definitely fly with this airlines again"
Minus: "Serve little drinks like water, juices, soft drinks. The plastic cup is small and yet it is half filled. A can every meal would be nice."
Plus: "My husband, my baby(14 months) and I took the flight from Hanoi to New York which was transferred in Korea. The flight from Hanoi to Korea got delayed so we have to fly with Asian Anna instead. The checking took so long and confusing. We barely made the flight from Hanoi to Korea and ran from different terminals to catch the flight from Korea to New York. We paid extra to select seat to sit to gether but then we found out it was just a joke to get money from Justfly since Korean Air said they only arranged seat at check in which we couldn’t check in as early as we wished due to the delay. And from Korea to New York, they lost our 4 luggages. How horrible could that be ? We are thinking about suing justly."
Plus: "Very professional crew good service"
Minus: "Nothing really pilot couldn't understand him but does it really matter unless is an emergency"
Plus: "Crew attended to my needs seriously and in a timely fashion."
Plus: "Great smooth flight!"
Plus: "The service"
Minus: "The width of the seats"
Plus: "I like the Korean Bibimpap on the plane, taste was good."
Minus: "Old style business seating, quite uncomfortable, not a full recline, very uncomfortable when fully reclined compared to other business planes, TV was small, not good quality, selection of movies was only ok, not great, service was ok, not great, they cater more to Korean customers then other guests, if you are on the upper deck de-planning is difficult and awkward as you have to go through the economy section and staff doesn't keep them seated, so no extra bonus for business in de-planing. washroom items not replaced (toothbrush / mouthwash), overall very average"
Plus: "I liked that it was a seemles, smooth and easy operation during the entire trip from departure to arrival. Thank you for making traveling a pleasant and dreamy experience!"
Minus: "There wasn’t anything I didn’t like."
Plus: "I love that you get meals and snacks. A lot of airlines really skimp on this, and you are left miserable, hungry, and thirsty. Korean Air will bring you drinks outside the service times set. Free additional bottles of water as well. The service is excellent, the meals are good, and I absolutely love that you get slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, and even free headphones should you forget yours. Top service! Good meal portions! I also like that you have 3-4 different meal or snack options each service. CLEAN BATHROOMS!!!! Also, the flight attendants are very polite and courteous. You never feel like they just don't care. They even help with families traveling with small children. A+ guys!"
Minus: "I really have nothing negative to say about this airline. They are my favorite, and I fly with them every time I am able, 7 times international to date."
Minus: "Seats too small for a seven hour flight"
Plus: "the company you gave too me were no good i did like then i hope you please do not give that company too no one i did take the fly on Korea air korea air is good but not the company you gave too me too by my ticket from"
Plus: "Business class lie flat bed"
Minus: "Crew does not pay attention to you"
Plus: "The food was delicious. Stewardesses awesome."
Minus: "Ths length of the flight, but that is normal."
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "-"
Plus: "The crew performance"
Minus: "15 minute delay"
Plus: "food selection & crew courtesy"
Plus: "From the April 12 Sydney to Seoul flight, the landing at Seoul was so smooth, so professionally done I hardly knew we had touched ground. That Captain has much to teach all pilots wanting a higher standard to their skills and the recognition of these standards. That caption is worth his/her weight in gold, giving Koran Air a gold standard. To compare, the landing at Osaka April 12, late at night, was done by an apprentice who has much to learn from your gold star captain.."
Minus: "The same Sydney to Seoul flight, crossed the Qld Great Barrier Reef around 11am April 12. Having a window seat, so much detail of the Reef was visible which greatly surprised me. Beautiful colours galore. Having my face glued to the window at this time, I was unaware of cabin happenings. A male steward tapped me on the shoulder and said "Close your window blind". The beautiful scene outside my window was a first and being 76 old, likely not to happen again for me. Naturally, I ask the male steward "Why", He repeated 4 more times, "Close your window blind". Each time my reply was the same, "Why". On his last request, his voice raised, so in turn, my reply was raised. Sadly, he walked away silently, hands waving in disgust. Only then did I realise the cabin was completely black, no light seen. If at 11am, traditionally, this is a custom, a service to passengers on that particular flight, the male steward didn't say. He clearly expected to be obeyed and didn't expect a challenge. But also felt I didn't deserve a reason for his, what clearly was a demand. Would he have treated a male passenger differently. I flew economy because that is what my budget demands. Flying is not common for me but certainly a thrill that demands a window seat. I give much praise to all other staff, especially the captain landing that very craft at Seoul. At my age, years of experience allows me to be aware and notice. A beautifully presented mature female stewardess in economy, served me. When I requested a beer with the main meal, she said I will give you my favourite. I knew this was double talk for having only one brand beer left, that was a weak American beer. I watched this lovely lady many times being distracted by other staff with questions and 2 other passengers near me, asking for changes. She never blew it. And she passed me in the Sydney terminal, end of the day for her and believe it or not, she remembered me. She was not in such a hurry to get to her destination, that she gave time by turning her body, giving me a wide smile with eyes saying, Yes, I served you. You see, she's never off the job of customer service. I learned much, flying with Korean Air. Many thanks, Sally"
Plus: "Crew is rather polite and courteous."
Minus: "On-board entertainment system wasn't working until 5min into the air."
Plus: "The seats were roomy and considering this was 14 hour flight that was important. The entertainment was superb - they had all the latest movies and plenty of them to last 14 hours. The service was the best. Flight attendants were so nice and accommodating at all hours of the day and didn't even flinch once after our multiple requests for more wine. They made sure we had enough food and snacks throughout the flights and provided plenty of water and juices to stay hydrated."
Plus: "The flight attendants are great and very helpful"
Plus: "- Great Service by inflight crew. - Very good Indian veg meal options i.e. Hindu Veg Meal and Asian Veg Meal. I would suggest the non veg folks to try these next time."
Plus: "Service was immaculate, friendly staff, smooth flight, comfortable plane. Wonderful experience, would recommend it to everyone."
Minus: "None"
Plus: "I liked their positive & happy attitudes as well as their work ethic."
Minus: "Perhaps there could have been a larger & wider selection of movies. I would have liked to have had a hard copy menu so that I could make a more informed choice with my meals."
Plus: "Collectively, my new wife and I have travelled through dozens of different airlines, including 8-10 international flights, and our journey with Korean Air was the best flight experience we have ever had. The staff was so attentive, the selection of Korean music, and the access to movies, and the comfort of even Economy class was fantastic. Despite the long hours spent on board, Korean Air made it as comfortable as possible. We especially loved the hot towels, and the stickers that allowed the flight attendants to note if we wanted to be woken for meals, or left to sleep!"
Minus: "We have no complaints. Everything was just lovely."
Plus: "The air hostess is very kind and helpful when she noticed that I was not well and she has offered me a honey lemon drink even I didn't request."
Plus: "screen contents very good"
Minus: "seat is smaller than other flight"
Plus: "You can go on a free city tour if you are transiting at Incheon airport. Also fantastic public area for transiting customer with free showers, upholstered day bed, charge stations. Paid massages , Paid airport hotels or lounges with buffet."
Minus: "There was nothing we didn't like about our flight to Seoul"
Plus: "The entertainment was great ,and the food"
Minus: "Waiting on long line to use bathroom"
Plus: "Friendly service and food pretty good. Great price for value."
Minus: "Seating was changed even though i prebooked."
Plus: "Great value plus layover hotel bonus"
Minus: "It was all good"
Plus: "The boarding went smoothly considering the number of people on board. It took a while to take off and to land, but that's because the airports are busy. The crew was incredibly well dressed in professional attire. The accommodations were amazing - the flight came with the standard pillow/blanket combo, disposable slippers, headphones, a toothbrush, two meals, a snack, drinks, and the attendants dimmed the lights whenever they weren't serving - all free. The entertainment was amazing - I watched four Hollywood movies that I had been wanting to watch, and that was one section of the movies. There were also TV series and music available, both in English and Korean."
Minus: "It was difficult to get the crew's attention, especially from the center seat while speaking English. One of the meals gave me terrible gas, which was uncomfortable for me and my seat mates."
Plus: "Indian music in Audio section and Bollywood movies"
Minus: "I wasn't able to choose my seat on line and ended up in a window seat. With the seats in front of my row reclined all the way back, I could not get out of my seat to use the restroom. Having just transferred from Korean Airlines and taken other asian airlines on my trip, it's a hard comparison to a domestic airline, although Hawaiian is among one of the better domestics. On my food tray, there was a bowl of miso soup, that the attendant was trying to hand me, while there was turbulence. The bowl of miso was smiling all over the tray, and on my napkin, and since I was on the inside seat, almost spilled all over me. On a previous Korean airline fight, also with turbulence, the attendant had taken the bowl off the tray, and covered it with a saran, and then handed it to me to make sure it wouldn't spill all over me. There's a bit of difference there."
Plus: "in a relatively short flight I was surprised of the quality of the service, the entertainment and how small details were taken care of."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "I like that KE is lenient with the baggage allowance of 23kgs per piece that some can still go up to about 25kgs due to measurement system used (Metric vs. US). I also like that KE has bigger leg room even in the economy class."
Minus: "I don't like the fact that KE charges the 3rd baggage (excess baggage) US$200 for only up to 23kgs. Anything beyond that is additional $100 for only up to 32kgs. another $100 beyond 32kgs. I will state for a fact that Cathay Pacific only charges US$150 for the 3rd baggage and is already up to 32kgs. Perhaps this is something KE would like to look into. In spite of Cathay Pacific's excess baggage rates, they have a smaller leg room in the economy class."
Plus: "Lot of space for legs and comfortable seats."
Minus: "Nobody could find my reservation for a special meal and I ended up eating nothing"
Plus: "Fast Chaco in and nice crew"
Minus: "The food was not great and no vegetarian options"

Cleanliness Help for boarding and sitting Food should have been better

I was very impressed with this airline. The flight was comfortable the plane was clean and the attendants were very nice. The zipper on my suitcase broke after I checked it. The airline wrapped it in plastic wrap, so it wouldn’t continue to fall apart. Every item I had in the suitcase was there when I got to Los Angeles. That is above and beyond!

Plus: "Smooth boarding"
Minus: "If they could serve a light snack would be good"
Plus: "SQ always has the best looking flight attendants"
Minus: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Minus: "Raise the cabin temperature"
Minus: "The person next to me had a distinct body odor."
Minus: "The seat covers looked worn and dirty. Needs an upgrade."
Minus: "Flight way too cold"
Plus: "Great crew and cabin!"
Minus: "Meals were just ok"
Plus: "Foods. Drinks. Entertainment."
Minus: "Nothing. Everything’s so perfect!"
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "Short and sweet. Flight left on time and landed about 15 mins early. Crew was wonderful"
Plus: "Seating was spacious, crew was attentive. Boarding was efficient."
Minus: "The food choice was not pleasing to me."
Plus: "As a frequent flyer, I have found out that the few dollars i spend more on SQ is well worth it"
Plus: "Entertainment"
Minus: "Way too cold"
Plus: "Scoot employees were really helpful, I missed my flight from Singapore to Kochi because by the time the passengers got off the flight and went through immigration in Singapore, the check in counter had closed, and there was no more flights available to Kochi until 2 days later. The employees made sure I boarded my flight and I came home to my sister’s wedding"
Minus: "Kayak doesn’t specify its two separate tickets for my destination to kochi from Honolulu, also they didn’t specify their would be a stop in Japan before the flight reached Singapore. The flights were delayed by a few minutes, which led to me stressing to make it on time to my flights, and I felt dehydrated and nauseous. Also the website doesn’t specify that we will have to purchase meals either before hand or on board, and that the airlines only took cash and no credit card. It was miserable, a whole 20+ hour flight with lots of stress of catching my flight, checking and the checking my baggage, and being hungry and thirsty because I didn’t carry enough cash on me."
Minus: "With no food preferences specified, it takes a significantly longer time to get your meal as there are a lot of people who have special dietary requirements on certain routes."
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "Food"
Plus: "Flight crew great"
Plus: "The ability to pre-order food helped bud to intolerance of good types. Crew were helpful in getting us off the place first because they knew were were short on time for our connection."
Minus: "Delayed flight meant a stressful flight wondering if we would make our connection. Also the quality of the pilot on the intercom was poor - mumbled and unclear information."
Plus: "Excellent service"
Minus: "Very poor on board entertainment"
Plus: "Everything from Ticketing, Checking in......"
Minus: "Flight attendants were bot friendly, appearwd to be botheted when askes questions or requests were made."
Plus: "We love Singapore Airlines, seriously it's not hard, you just have staff that care, clean comfortable air craft, good inflight entertainment. Are you listening American and British Airways?"
Minus: "Please move this service to DFW and displace the rubbish transatlantic service that is there"
Plus: "The cabin crew was awesome.. they are for sure the super stars of the company... I wish all of them all the very best for a very bright future"
Minus: "The service of the airlines is impeccable. But the ground staff near check in were not so. I hope they were a little considerate as I was travelling for a family emergency and had to take all my stuff back as I wasn’t sure what date I would return back. I was over weight but wish they had considered a lil as had to pay an other $300 extra.."
Plus: "Great service and comfort."
Minus: "Food was bland and breakfast availability was a joke. On any flight, passengers do not want spicy or evening meals, and having a limited amount number of breakfasts available was not amusing. The crew had done 5 rows and we were 6 row from kitchen and they had run out ."
Plus: "great crew service. my first time flying with singapore airlines and they delivered"
Plus: "Great crew, good food (best I've had on an airplane), plenty of drinks, and a good entertainment system."
Minus: "Nothing bad to say about this flight. Great airline."
Minus: "one of the oldest planes i ever used"
Plus: "New movies! Yes!"
Minus: "I asked for one of the crew to help me bring up my carry-on luggage, as i'm just recovering from a flu at that time. Instead the FA looked at my bag and asked me in an irritated tone if my bag was really that heavy? I said I was recovering and I just need an extra push once I lift it up into the cabin. In the end she did help but i did not appreciate her attitude and felt disappointed my whole flight."
Plus: "Overall service, good leg space."
Minus: "We were seated in the same section with four babies."
Plus: "Best serves ever will fly every time"
Minus: "It is really good experience. All the flight attendants are good"
Plus: "I got in some exercise during the delays and gate changes"
Minus: "Delay after delay, gate changes, lack of care from employees, missed a day of vacation in Germany, missed out on photos and memories"
Plus: "The crew was very kind and helpful."
Minus: "My daughter had the vegetarian oriental - and it was basically a ball of slim. My son had the lactose free meal and it was broccoli and potatoes. We switched our return flight meals to the regular in-flight meal. It was better, but not great."
Plus: "Crew was very pleasant!"
Minus: "Cabin area warm for a 9.5 hour flight! Food selection was not much."
Plus: "Entertainment was awesome. Boarding was fast."
Minus: "Not enough food served (only two meals on a sixteen hour flight) and tasted okay. Crew was not all friendly."
Plus: "Attendants are always nice, flight is always smooth."
Minus: "Nothing!"
Plus: "Cabin crew are always great"
Minus: "Cabin fitout is getting tired and dated. Etihad leaves it for dead in first class"
Plus: "Great service, great experience."
Minus: "I liked it all."
Plus: "great service. new plane. excellent video system."
Minus: "not much to complain about."
Plus: "The sevice was on point. Flight attendants were beautiful and worked harder than any other airline I have been on. The uniforms were on point too. The television had every new movie you could watch. Food, for an airline, was great. All drink service was included. Best airline I have ever flown!"
Minus: "Wifi cost 12 bucks and hour."
Plus: "First class airline. Great flight, great service, and even the food is better than "not bad". Seriously, Singapore Air offers flights between the U.S. and Asia at very competitive rates, but never seems to skimp on customer care. A well-done experience from start to finish..."
Plus: "Flew business class to SE Asia and experienced great service, fast check-in & boarding, terrific seating and amenities, and outstanding meals. Came home well rested."
Plus: "The crew and inflight food and entertainment was good. The person on the transfer desk was very helpful."
Minus: "We were unable to use the website to check-in online, which meant we had to fly to Manchester to check-in. Which is very poor given modern technology. (We were able to check in on line for the flight from Houston)"
Plus: "In-flight Entertainment. Orderly & on-time boarding."
Minus: "Food selection was limited given we were traveling Economy class."
Plus: "I enjoyed the entertainment, food, boarding was easy, crew gave a warm welcome and was comfortable"
Minus: "I'm good with everything as there was really no down side"
Plus: "Singapore air has amongst the best service out of all airlines."
Plus: "Veruy efficient"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "The crew was attentive, hard working and pleasant."
Minus: "Like most airlinesuccessful the space was cramped."
Plus: "Flight attendand Tiessy - QR943 - 8 Jun 2019 (outbound Singapore to Doha) She serve us (with kid) very well, with plenty of smile and warm helpful gestures."
Minus: "I really hope that kid's menu can be updated/changed in the system at least 24/48hrs before flight, as that was the first time we ride Qatar (we have no idea the menu) So we only order it once during the outbound flight."
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Plus: "The airplane trip was ok"
Minus: "I had 14h of layover in Doha and I did not have a hotel to sleep that night."
Plus: "Q Suite business seats are the best with excellent service & delicious variety of meals."
Minus: "Nothing. Every thing was great!"
Plus: "The crew and accommodations"
Minus: "Availability of vegan meals"
Plus: "Crew was very attentive especially effective helping a mother with a spoilt screaming child!"
Minus: "The food was very mediocre!"
Plus: "The crew was absolutely amazing"
Minus: "More movies on the system"
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "much better than average food"
Minus: "shorter length flight but maybe little can be done,"
Plus: "Regular A330 was substituted for a 787 dreamliner."
Minus: "see my words above. it is bad tryout with your site. there no responsibility. i am very upset about your negligence of your clients."
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Entertainment variety Frequent drinks offered onboard"
Minus: "Insufficient amount of in-flight food portion"
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "First time flying on Qatar and must say that the crew was excellent. One of the best crews I have ever flown in the last 22 years of New York - India sector. Special mention for HAIFA my hostess for flight QR702 on April 12th. She was the best hostess I have ever had!"
Minus: "The food wasn’t bad but since I flew Etihad in July 2017 from New York to Abu Dhabi to Mumbai and back my memories were fresh and Egihad’s food was definitely a notch higher."
Plus: "Transit 9 hours without hotel"
Plus: "First it was a brand new airplane and only that but it came with good food selection and enough spaces for tall guys like me ."
Minus: "None"
Minus: "Although the loading Zone was given as Zone 1, boarding was chaotic because the fround crew was incredibly inefficient. The announcement was totally mumbled and badly managed, Why cant the boarding at Cochin be organised like queues for each zone so that the passengers do not crowd in a mad rush near the gate as if the fliht will leave without them. As in Doha have different seating area for different zones and the ground crew should be trained to be firm to allow only passengers with boarding."
Minus: "The food options was bad...during my trip asked for certain meal they claim that they are out of it. I also did not like how they check you into room in Doha & Chennai way before boarding time that time could have used for shopping instead of sitting in the room."
Minus: "Organization of the boarding"
Plus: "I was surprised with the quality of gluten free meals served for me, it was well organised and taken care of where I never had to wait. My flight schedules were changed few days before departure by Qatar Airways, but only thing I had to do was to confirm that I have noted, my seats and all the rest of details intact, excellent."
Plus: "Very friendly service!"
Plus: "great staff"
Minus: "Some of the head phone are not working at all...."
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Minus: "Seats and legroom too small"
Minus: "Not one of their newest planes."
Plus: "Leg space seat near the emergency exist. Courteous staff"
Minus: "Food quality could be better"
Plus: "Crew were helpful and not interefering in long flight"
Minus: "Flight from Qatar to Seoul was quite old I believe. USB on my chair did not work and media in LCD screens were not new enough. seats were quite old and not convenient for 10 hours flight."
Plus: "Crew were extremely helpful and kind. Very responsible and polite."
Minus: "LCD was not touch screen and was extremely difficult to work with . I couldn't scape from an accidental menu which I was dropped in games and missed whole flight to enjoy something in LCD ."
Plus: "Although I felt Qatar responded poorly to the cancelled flight, the actual flying experience was wonderful and made me forget about the extreme inconvenience and poor customer service regarding the cancelled flight."
Minus: "My flight got cancelled ten minutes before boarding. Workers gathered phone numbers and told us they would call to direct us a new flight. However, no calls were ever made. I had to call the airline multiple times to get an answer about a new flight. In my first call, the customer service was rude. There was also zero compensation for the inconvenience."
Plus: "Flight was on time and departed as scheduled. Flight was comfortable and seats were decent. Would have liked a little bigger seats and more legroom in the economy seats"
Minus: "Food was not up to par and seats could have been a bit bigger for the economy bracket."
Plus: "Very very clean plane."
Minus: "Movie selection could be improved. Second meal had no vegan option."
Plus: "Clean. Friendly staff. Good food. Good entertainment."
Minus: "Small cramped seats."
Plus: "Qatar has an amazing service. The staff is impecable, the food is great, they take care of each detail. Business class is superb. They make the bed, give you a complimentary pitada and moisture lotion. Can't be better than that."
Plus: "Everything was good."
Minus: "More movies, no wifi, better food"
Plus: "They don't charge you for any seat in economy class"
Minus: "The boarding process feels very hostile, they are not nice and you are threaded as a terrorist (while they smile at you during the process). Since a new policy of TSA according to them, you cannot take your computer with you in the plane. This means that working in your way back is very hard and you will be loosing the day which is very uneficient. But what was even worse, is that they didn't allow me to check my bag in the last connection gettting to the US, instead they made me check it from my original destination which made me loose almost two days of work without giving me a logic response on why I couldn't check my bag from my inbound flight to the US. By the way, this protocol from TSA is terrible. No internet in their flights No chargers plugs in all of their flights (including the ones that take you more than 4 hours) Lunch in their 15 hours flight is mediocre, everyone was starving since they only gave us one mini empanada."
Plus: "timing"
Minus: "qatar airlines has some old airplanes foods are not good"
Minus: "I had 2 checked in luggage, and both TSA lock on it was cut. Since it was TSA lock, I do not understand why both locks were cut instead of being opened with the international key. it cost me 10 USD it for the locks."
Minus: "Greedy airline! Qatar Airway is a hyper money hungry scammer who catches customers to rip money off from and creates a super tedious and painful experience for customers to ensure their private gains!!! Qatar Airway was delayed for more than an hour at the first departing airport! NO APOLOGIES OR MUCH EXPLANATION OF ANY KIND!! This is just how mindful and courteous they are. It sets the base tone of what this airline is made of. Then at the connecting airport, they closed the gate minutes before the departing time claiming the gate closes 20 minutes before the departing time, knowing they are leaving customers behind who has checked in and just haven’t arrived at the gate yet. And I arrived the gate minutes before the departure time. They can’t wait?! If so, why is it ok for them to delay for an hour without any explanation not to mention apology? Sure there are RULES. But remember what kind of airlines will have tons of rules that will guarantee you to fail?! Almost always the most shady, scammy and money hungry airlines who use ridiculous or ad hoc made RULES to set pitfalls for customers and ensure their profit gains by doing so!! Remember those European cheap airlines?!! They have tons of rules. You are set to fail even you have a smaller bags than some passengers who passed the gate without penalty. You are just unlucky – they set eyes to catch opportunities to rip you off whenever they can and whenever they are in the mood to be able to come up with lame excuses. With normal airlines, you realize your luggage which has been slightly overweight or over sized will be able to pass through without incurring any penalties. So any saying of rules are lame excuses and are shitty airlines’ lame excuses. The thing is good airlines will delay their flight a few minutes to wait for the passenger. If this is considered too needy of a requirement, then what happens next will shock you and reaffirm you how wrongful and shady this airline is. After missing the flight despite you arrived before the departing time, you have to purchase a full price ticket in order to fly again. As I declined to fly with them again since the ticket is too pricey and repurchased a ticket with another airline, they came up with an excuse that in order to release my luggage, they have to reissue a new flight ticket: so I have to pay both a luggage release fee and a flight ticket fee!!! What a gold digger Qatar Airway is haha. Luckily as I protested, they eventually didn’t make me to pay for a new flight ticket fee except a luggage release fee (really?). The sales office quoted a price of $250 to the luggage office. Then it took me a few minutes to get to the sales office. Strange thing happened, despite I mentioned the communication they are aware of, they are trying to find some “RULES” again to validate that I have to pay for an air ticket. I emphasized that is not the case. As I get irritated, guess what they did? They managed to come up with another excuse that in or"
Plus: "Crew courtesy."
Minus: "This was also a good flight it was just a bit more cramped than the Qatar Flight Los Angeles to Doha so I preferred that flight over the Doha to Singapore"
Plus: "The service from the crew was amazing"
Minus: "The food was not bad compared to some air lines"
Plus: "The crew was very nice and seemed very accommodating. The flight was on time to leave, or maybe even a few minutes early. The food was very good. Overall it was a very comfortable flight.Oh and the little toiletry bag was a very nice touch. I for sure used the socks in there and the toothbrush was bonus."
Minus: "I didn't have any issues on this flight. Everything was great for me."
Plus: "Qatar has the most comfortable business class seats. Only Cathay are equally good. Food and drinks are first class. No doubt one of the best business class today."
Minus: "Bus from the gate to the aircraft. Although for business class it was a special comfortable bus."
Plus: "First class on a 45 minute trip doesn't give you time to enjoy the first class service of this flight. It has all the luxury of a long haul, including the full flat seat"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Seats, unfriendly crew members, worst food "Hindu meal""
Plus: "The crew is very kind and friendly. Seats on the A330 are more comfortable than on 787, was lucky with exit row this time. Boarding in Stockholm good while in Doha a little messy. Gate staff not so friendly in Doha. In Stockholm checkin was excellent!"
Minus: "Seats on 787. Food in general with chicken main and bread from Doha very poor."
Plus: "Crew very helpful"
Minus: "Was requested child meals at time of reservation but it was not available on the day of the flight. The crew tried their best to accommodate the kids.."
Plus: "Good boarding. Nice flight attendants."
Minus: "Economy seats were too close to others. Entertainment displays on 777 planes didn't react well to touch. Too many large roller bags allowed on plane. Arm rests on A330 and 777 wouldn't go all the way up."
Plus: "I don’t like it"
Minus: "They take my money because my flight it’s was over And they charge me twice"
Plus: "The Cabin crew was amazing, the ICE entertainment has many options of movies and programs, the flight was smooth to Singapore."
Minus: "Keep the good work."
Minus: "You need to have enough food to your guest. Food is not enough. I end up eating a cup of noodles at my entire trip ( Back and Fort ) not fun at all!!! Thanks"
Minus: "You need to have enough food to your guest. Food are not enough! I end up eating a cup noodles at my entire trip (Back and fort) not fun! At all! Thanks"
Plus: "Flight was half full, had the whole row to lie down and sleep in economy class, so had a really comfortable flight"
Minus: "Kids food. Chairs weren't comfortable until I reclined it back. Felt like I was bending forward when in the upright position."
Minus: "Availability of livesport tv channels"
Plus: "Great crew and entertainment"
Minus: "Business class seems to have slipped..... A little more cramped and not quite as comfortable.... (might be me getting old"
Plus: "Everything was outstanding"
Minus: "Nothinng really"
Minus: "Boarding system. Final call on gate and it's to get to 2 more areas."
Plus: "The seat was super comfortable"
Minus: "Overall great experience!!"
Plus: "-Good legroom -Good seat width -Good recline -OK food -OK lavatory"
Minus: "-Outdated entertainment system -Seat was not very comfortable when compared to other airlines -Could not connect to Wi-Fi due to unintuitiveness -Skysurfers uneligible to connect to Wi-Fi despite being Silver and higher"
Plus: "Good food friendly staff"
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The seats on the 777-300ER were tiny compared to the seats on the A380 from JFK to dubai. My wife and I are both small people and we were cramped. This is very unfair to us and even so to larger people on such a long leg The entertainment screens were also very poor. Small, low res"
Plus: "Loved the spaciuos seats and great leg room. Food superb!"
Minus: "Annoying passenfer who peobably drank too much"
Plus: "Plane is good as usual"
Minus: "Food was not available “my choice “ Movies are the same for long time Comedy movies available are not comedy and old Crew were not responding in a professional way I was disappointed"
Minus: "Internet on board wws not working"
Plus: "The entertainment system is good"
Minus: "The crew was poor. Didn’t appreciate when requested toilet paper in the toilet, as there was none. Ask for a snack as no food until 5hrs into the flight, crew were impolite and rude. The crew gathered in the gallery and chat among themselves. Very annoyed if you interrupted them, asking for a water."
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "I was sitting in emergency exit so i will not complain of small seats"
Plus: "the crew are nice"
Minus: "food limited selection"
Plus: "The in flight crew was friendly and helpful."
Minus: "The seat I have 41A is quite awkward, especially when 41B was a plus size person. The slanting profile of the wall also made it quite claustrophobic. But overall endurance."
Minus: "Despite me telling the crew a number of times that he temperature was FAR too low, no change was made. Now I am not a first time flyer and I know flights can get cold. I had a sweatshirt, socks, shoes, two blankets wrapped and it was still cold to the point that I put the blanket over my head. When I looked around the flight almost every single person was completely wrapped in blankets and had hoods, sarees, and scarves wrapped around their heads. I had my 1 year old infant who already had a head cold that I feel was worsened by the cold dry air. I spent my first few days in Kolkata pretty sick. I know the cold air doesn’t cause the illness but it certainly worsened any stuffy nose I had into a full blown cold and chest congestion. I was VERY upset by the discomfort on this flight especially after having a wonderful flight with Emirates from New York to Dubai. I really felt like the crew did not care despite clear discomfort the passengers were feeling. It was incredible how visible the discomfort was yet nothing was done to fix the temperature. The freezing cold air kept blowing right on everyone theoughout the flight."
Plus: "Really liked the long journey. Was a bit nervous given the 15 hour flight but was pleasantly surprised. Service was good as well."
Minus: "The crew were really young and not very talkative."
Plus: "The food was good for economy"
Minus: "My seat was about 70% of the size of a normal one. It gave me back pain and shoulder pain as the wall encroaches into the seat space. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take the window emergency exit seats. They charge you extra but don’t warn you that they are tiny. I am of relatively normal (althletic) build not overweight or unusually tall etc. They initially told me there were no other free seats so I ended up sat on the floor. Turns out there were free seats. They lied."
Plus: "Love it"
Minus: "It was amazing."
Plus: "Was upgraded to 1st class which was amazing - the only thing I didn't like was it was a night flight and not long enough to enjoy it for longer!"
Plus: "Legroom and how attentive and pleasant the fight crew was."
Minus: "The crew was not friendly and very slow. I was flying with an infant and a child and have had excellent experiences on a number of other less expensive airlines and I am disappointed that I had bad service on Emirates business class."
Minus: "Emirates cost cutting is beginning to show on the menu. Used to be excellent food, now average at best compared to other top-end airlines."
Plus: "First time on Emirates. Can definitely see why the company gets such high ratings. Crew very efficient and accommodating. Food was better than I expected. Especially the smoked chicken salad. I would have ordered that in a restaurant actually. The flight was long but not the seat not uncomfortable. Would try them again."
Plus: "Enerttainment"
Minus: "Got moved to right near the galley and crew talked loudly complaining about people, during sleeping time and the light was too bright to sleep. Limited vegan food available. Everything seemed too much trouble for a lot of staff, they were rude and impolite. Delay boarding in singapore."
Plus: "very comprehensive entertainment system"
Minus: "Food quality was a letdown. Crew was very rushed with meal service and did not return to offer drinks once meal service concluded. No ammenity pack for a business flight."
Plus: "Food and drinks"
Plus: "The food was great"
Minus: "The fleight was great too"
Plus: "Staff did their best and were polite but ultimately had no solution for the issue"
Minus: "I was unable to get an aisle seat therefore I was stuck in an middle seat. I am rather tall and the man on the window seat was morbidly obese and half of him was sitting on top of me for most of the flight. He also sweated all over me, snoredand snorted for the whole flight. I spent much of the flight standing and now have terrible leg oedema. It was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on. the flight was full so there were no reseating options apparently. It was extremely unpleasant."
Minus: "Staff or what resembles a cabin crew came to ask me to give them Back a water bottle that anther staff gave me earlier ? Asked me to switch off my Movie to fight for a water bottle ? Very unprofessional"
Plus: "Comfortable seat Hostesses were professional and very service oriented - not forgetting your request. Service with a smile Very sooth flight"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Attentive service, had a special treat for me as it was my birthday."
Plus: "This is my first flight out of Nairobi (have made 8-10 others) for which the airline boarded using anything other than a division between first & economy classes. Emirates boarded economy passengers using zones (A-F), which was more orderly."
Plus: "Excellent entertainment on a comfortable sized tv screen."
Minus: "More beverages would be nicer."
Plus: "I got bumped up to business class. Excellent service"
Minus: "I stayed in line for 4 hours to get checked it."
Minus: "Having to go through twice as arrived in terminal C and departed terminal A What a waste of time"
Plus: "Overall good flight and experience. Service defines EK from others."
Minus: "Boarding a bit disorganized and seats are very cramped up."
Plus: "Barcelona to Dubai flight - the flight attendants were personable, helpful, and very courteous. In-flight service was frequent with many stops to check on the passengers of a very full flight. Wonderful and attentive service, even when juggling such a large number of passengers. I was very impressed with the work ethic of this crew."
Minus: "The flight attendants on the Dubai to Singapore flight were surprisingly unhelpful. It was a mostly empty flight and yet during this flight, there were very infrequent beverage service. When I activated my call flight attendant button, no one stopped by. This included at least 3 different flight attendants passing me, some more than a few times, and not once did anyone stop. After waiting for 10 - 15 minutes, I turned off the light and went to the galley part of the plane, only to find a group of flight attendants socializing. I requested a drink and it was handed to me without the attendant every making eye contact as the attendant still was facing and engaged in their conversation. This is not the first time I have experienced this on an Emirates flight so I think the staff training may need to be reinforced. Business class service on Emirates is quite good. But I fly both Economy and Business class. The experiences in Economy did affect my decision on which airline I generally fly with for business class travel."
Plus: "On that route the plane can be quite empty on the Melbourne-Singapore leg, meaning lots of space to sleep in coach."
Minus: "Food served very fast (I barely had my first bite that they came with coffee and tea and never seen again). Quality of the food was ok."
Plus: "Crew were good."
Minus: "Food is not so good."
Plus: "food courtesy boarding"
Minus: "seats"
Plus: "The quiet flight I've been in , the crew were friendly and helpful"
Minus: "The standard meal was spicy to me , change the menu with more choices of healthy suitable for flight"
Plus: "Everything was great and the service was really good. The drinks were really nice with many options including a half bottle of red wine."
Minus: "My food took sometime to come back as they ran out of lamb. The clean up service took awhile and my used cups were still on the table. But overall I like the Emirates."

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Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)Sverige

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Asien - Stockholm Arlanda

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