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EurowingsGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 1034 recensioner
7,3Gå ombord

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Flyget var försenat

Good budget airline, comfortable seats and pleasant crew


Plus: "It flights themselves were fine. A 45 minute delay sucked though."
Minus: "Service & Notification. The airline switched my itenerary without alerting me which made me miss a connection. The resulting troubleshooting with the airline has been non-existent. I will not fly Eurowings again."
Plus: "Boarding and getting off the plane was fast"
Minus: "Our luggage space was occupied with bags from passengers from other rows."
Plus: "Punctual"
Minus: "Seats"
Minus: "Late"
Plus: "Awful!!!!"
Minus: "The seats are uncomfortable and too close together. The flight was late because we circled the airport several times in the air, and spent thirty minutes waiting on the tarmac to come to the gate. The stewardess spilled on my neighbor each time she filled my water."
Minus: "Boarding took ages. And there were no announcements telling passengers what was causing the delay."
Plus: "The crew was nice, seats were comfortable."
Minus: "I didn’t appreciate the surprise of having to pay $50 Euros to bring my bike, which then required I leave the baggage drop off line, go to customer service to pay, return to the baggage line to pick up my bag and boarding pass, and then go to the special luggage handling line."
Minus: "Flight was cancelled, difficult rebooking."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "I’ve flown with various airlines and must say that I was very impressed with this crew. I guess it was because they all were young and didn’t füdisplay burnout as so many other flight attendants show when dealing with their customers."
Minus: "On both flights the control forty didn’t work."
Plus: "Seats at the front are comfortable with space for the legs."
Minus: "One drink within almost 4 hours flight is not enough."
Plus: "Boarded and departed gate on time. Efficient."
Minus: "Not the friendliest."
Minus: "Terrible hard landing"
Plus: "It was ok"
Plus: "Quick efficient boarding - on time."
Minus: "Not terribly comfortable seats but for short haul flights, just fine."
Plus: "Friendly and attentive crew."
Minus: "There wasn't enough seating at the gate, people (the elderly included) had to sit on the floor or stand for quite some time as boarding started well after the gate closing time printed on the boarding pass."
Plus: "The plane was almost empty, I had a whole row for myself (albeit with very limited legroom)"
Minus: "Can't comment on food as it isn't provided with the basic fare."
Minus: "Too late and not too much Information about that"
Plus: "Good airport and nice crew"
Plus: "Staff where friendly but could’ve informed us why we where circling for 40 mins earlier"
Minus: "Not being informed of the Thunderstorm situation earlier no one knew what was happening"
Minus: "The flight was delayed and we could not check in online from home."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Timing Food Service Entertainment"
Minus: "Missed flight because of another flight delay"
Minus: "Delayed, causing me to miss all other flights."
Plus: "Arrived to Seattle on time."
Minus: "I did not know what airline, crew flew me to Seattle."
Plus: "I arrived in Köln."
Minus: "Eurowings operated by Sun Express? I did not know what airline was flying me to Seattle."
Plus: "We had one of the more legroom seats so that was nice"
Minus: "Everything else. I felt the stewardess from my aisle was extremely rude. She would ask someone a question and obviously they can’t hear her because their watching a movie, so she would wave her hand in their face. Another time she was telling me “excuse me” in German while I was watching a movie. I thought she was speaking to someone else since I did not understand German and then she very rudely said “excuseee me”. The food was not filling and they charged for drinks. She also said I was only allowed one free drink of coffee. The second snack was a cake or cheese sandwhich. We were starving the entire flight we had to give in and pay for snacks on board. I’ll try to avoid eurowings from now on."
Minus: "Das ist nicht das erste Mal dass ein Eurowingsflug verspätet ist. (Verspätung von einer Stunde!)"
Minus: "The seats are broken and the crew treats the passengers like they do not matter."
Minus: "My flight was delayed and because of that I lost my next flight in London , cost me money and time , having to go to another airport in a bus for 1 hour and 30 min ride to catch a new flight the same day that I had a pay. Thank you eurowings! Not"
Plus: "Staff at the airport (ticket counter and check-in) were very polite."
Minus: "The flight was delayed. Then, after flying to Berlin, the staff said we couldn't land there because of weather. They decided to fly us to Leipzig-Halle (another city a two hour drive away) and said they would provide busses to take us back to Berlin. But then, when we got to Leipzig, they said oh we might be able to fly you back to Berlin, just let us refuel. So we all sat in the plane for an hour and a half while they did that. Then, they announced that they couldn't go back to the Berlin airport because there were too many planes landing there. So they told us to get off the plane, go into the arrival hall and we would get more information there. When we got out of the plane, we were greeted by an information lady who informed us that no trains were running at that hour (it was about 11:30pm), and Eurowings would not provide us with accommodation or transportation back to Berlin. The information staff told us that our options were to personally pay for either a taxi back to Leipzig (two hours away!) or rent a car, or wait until morning to take a bus or train. I was able to stay with a friend in the city, and paid to take a bus to Berlin the next day, but what about everyone else who didn't know people in Leipzig and had to fend for themselves? As a young woman traveling by myself in a foreign country, landing in an unexpected city in the middle of the night, it could have been a potentially dangerous situation. I am extremely frustrated with Eurowings. I paid them to take me to Berlin, and they didn't. I talked to customer service on the phone, and they told me that I should make my own travel plans to return to Berlin and they would reimburse me later. Aside from the fact that there weren't buses, trains or flights running till the next morning - I shouldn't have to make my own travel plans! My plans were to fly Eurowings from Duesseldorf to Tegel, and they should be responsible for getting me there. I am never flying Eurowings again, and sharing the story with any friends who travel in Europe. They absolutely do not care about their customers."
Plus: "Flight was on time!"
Minus: "The security in Düsseldorf for American citizen was very nusty. They stop everywhere ask allot of non sense questions and check your bags twice! That was a real torture for no reason!"
Minus: "Flight was cancelled; waited in the Rome airport for over 8 hours waiting for assistance and for a new flight for tomorrow and then another 2 hours we had to wait for a shuttle to take us to the hotel. By far worst airport/airline experience by far. Will never book with Austrian/Eurowings ever again."
Minus: "No Bus"
Plus: "legroom was ok but i paid for it"
Minus: "i somehow ended up having paid for a "meal" onboard, which consisted of half a sandwich (don't know why they thought mayonnaise went with cheddar), half a cup of coffee and a carton of water. Apparently that cost me 10 euros and it was something i should have unticked when reserving my seat. the flight was also delayed an hour with minimal apology."
Minus: "Flight was cancelled--no crew!"
Plus: "N/A"
Minus: "Flight members were very rude, one didn't smile once. She also yelled at me when I was standing in an empty row stretching and waiting for the bathroom. She told me I was not allowed to stand up, even though I was in no one's way and we we're free to move about the cabin. Horribly rude during drink and food service as well."
Plus: "It could have been a good flight but the route taken was awful"
Plus: "Dass es ein ein Sandvich und nicht nur Kekse gab"
Minus: "Die Verspätung und die fehlenden Sitze für die, im übrigen nicht annoncierte, Wartezeit, sowie das nicht sehr gut geleitete Einsteigen (zu langer Stau im Rüssel)"
Minus: "Y in Geneva without clothes or meds. SwissPort at GVA doesn’t Java a clue."
Plus: "smooth flight"
Minus: "boarding took too long"
Plus: "Check in was easy, employee was pleasant."
Minus: "Once again,1,5 hours delayed !!! Not the first time !!! Not the first time. It's not funny with a5 month ago kid!"
Plus: "N/A"
Minus: "The birding officer didn't inform me about the visa requirements to cross from Dusslouf to Vinna airport. This caused a big problem for me in the airport, where I: 1- Wasn't allowed to catch my flight ti Vinnea and this was both financial and time lost for me. 2- I was locked in Dussluff airport for more than 14 hours, I was threatened to be sent back to USA or any other country. This caused physiological damage for me, as I been treated like an animal 3- I was asked to pay for my new ticket ( Dussloff - Istanbul-Amman )"
Plus: "They rebooked me to a new airline to get to my destination."
Minus: "Multiple gate changes then flight was delayed 10mins, 40mins, then for an hour. No attendant ever came to the gate until the last minute. I had to be rebooked on a different airline."
Plus: "With this being my first flight to and from Europe from the USA I found the airline, overall, very comfortable and run by a friendly staff. The on flight meals and drinks were delicious and the entertainment selection was much larger than I expected. I hope to use this airline company again in the future."

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Rijeka (RJK)Kroatien

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Rijeka - Stockholm

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