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  • Letar du efter billiga flygningar till Albuquerque? 25 % av våra användare har hittat tur- & returbiljetter till Albuquerque för följande priser eller lägre: Från Stockholm 6 138 kr enkelresa – 5 911 kr tur- och returresa, från Göteborg 6 533 kr enkelresa – 6 113 kr tur- och returresa
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Vilket är det billigaste flyget till Albuquerque?

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Kan jag flyga till Albuquerque? Finns det några restriktioner när du reser in i Albuquerque?

Kan jag flyga till Albuquerque utan att behöva sitta i karantän vid ankomsten?

Behöver jag ta ett coronavirus (COVID-19) -test innan jag flyger till Albuquerque?

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Minus: "Not having to wait in the hot line. It is terrible that you cannot pick any seat if you buy economy. And the economy seats are tiny!!! The rate for checking in baggage is more expensive than other airlines. Food was terrible: both for dinner and breakfast had plane awful sandwiches . Not traveling iberia again"

Plus: "The facilitie to board"
Minus: "They no have entertainment"

Plus: "Cabin crews are kindley attended."
Minus: "It's O.K. with good price."

Minus: "This flight was cancelled"

Plus: "Flying these days is as bad as it gets. We made it, that is what I liked."
Minus: "Had bought a ticket that allowed me to check in a suitcase and to chose my seat. The choosing part does not happen as Iberia chooses for you the day before the flight and tells you you can change what they chose but for a price. Seems deceiving. Flight attendant on flight was rude to me and others."

Minus: "The check in process is terrible and very inefficient."

Minus: "Det var försenat så jag missade connection föight"

Plus: "Efficient"
Minus: "Offer drinks, water"

Plus: "El avión estaba ok"
Minus: "A raíz de una huelga en Argentina que se declaró el 14/5 tardaron más de 10 días en comenzar a re programar los vuelos. El call center te da información falsa ya que no tienen idea de lo que ocurre. Re programado el vuelo para salir después de la hora 24 del día de paro, habilitaron 4 counters"

Plus: "Not much to like."
Minus: "The crew at the gate needs a serious lesson on customer service. They are the rudest people ever and can’t speak an ounce of English. They give a bad impression towards Spain in general and the courtesy provided within. There was no entertainment onboard and no food/drink served."

Plus: "Prisvärt. Punktligt"
Minus: "Skrikande barn. Gjorde besättningen något för att informera modern om smärta i öronen hos småbarn? Dyr mat. Inget ätbart utan betalning. Ingen åtkomst till wi-fi."

Plus: "Arriving ahead of time"
Minus: "Too hot in the plane"

Plus: "Good was decent. Didn’t need to schlep big bag of snacks."
Minus: "Turbulence lasted way too long. Probably out of their control but I wondered if they could have changed altitudes."

Plus: "the plane was clean and in excellent condition. crew was very professional and courteous. food ok Entertainment and screen quality very good."
Minus: "seats could be improved but overall not so uncomfortable"

Plus: "Crew arranged to change seats so my left leg had an aisle."
Minus: "Boarding by groups was not followed, no one to control them, just a rush to gate. No discipline by Iberia. Reserved a seat on aisle of 3 seats side section so my left leg could stretch out after surgery but they changed aircraft type w/ only 2 seats on side without notification, so my right leg had the aisle."

Plus: "Smooth flight"
Minus: "Food could have been better in board"

Plus: "n/a"
Minus: "Awful. My departing city (ZAG) was unable to process tickets for my connecting flight. Upon arrival to (MAD) the gate agent was distributing tickets on a 1st name basis. Literally just handing out tickets without verifying IDs. Not all us PAX received a ticket and were instructed to go to the customer service desk, all the while boarding was ACTIVE at the gate. While at the customer service desk, Iberia showed little attention and/or urgency for us folks who did not have our connecting flight credentials. I finally received a hand-written ticket to board an international flight. My original seat selection was not honored. The overall flight experience was poor and NOT enjoyable."

Plus: "Seats were comfortable, pleasant staff, good ent. good wifi and none of that loud chit chat through the flight like tha American companies."
Minus: "The only thing I was a bit disappointed was with the meal. I don’t eat red meat and requested it theough the website, but nithing special was arranged and I ended up eating pasta. Pasta is fine and I love it, but people that don’t eat meat need to have vegetables added to their meals, or at least an egg. And for breakfast the only option was a ham and cheese sandwich, so I didn’t eat."

Plus: "on time"
Minus: "very uncomfortable plane/ seats"

Plus: "Some good films to watch"
Minus: "Terrible seats mediocre food our tickets said Iberia but it was actually its low-cost version Level"

Plus: "Staff was very nice There was a medical emergency that deleted our deplaning Passagers were concered regarding their connection The medical staff was still on board when we deplayed"
Minus: "I was not able to check in on line Had difficulty in getting a contact phone who dismissed my concerns Just said show up two hours before Good thing I went earlier since Ben Gurion has long lines for security before one gets to the ticket counter"

Minus: "Few movies. Not good food options"

Plus: "Flight to our destination: sat in exit row for extra cost. I was freezing cold and was told no extra blankets. Also staff were rude and unhelpful telling us to remove all things from the floor for take off and landing ( which i accept is the policy) but since we had nowhere to put them except on our laps (she’s, books, sweaters pocket book) as there is no seat in front for an exit row to put under. The staff member kept saying “up, up” motioning with her hand, but made no offer to assist us in finding overhead space. Upon our return flight, our pre booked exit row seats were switched on us right before boarding in a rude and matter of fact wayand my husband and I were separated one on either side of the aircraft. When we queried this, we were told it would be up to us to switch with the person sitting next to us. Overall very disappointing. I would not fly Iberia again."
Minus: "See above"

Plus: "clean"
Minus: "No legroom, plane too warm, movies were unedited, but most of all we missed our connection and there wasn't even an apology, or any compensation. We missed the main event of our trip and were very disappointed. There was only 45 minutes scheduled between the two flights--in which you had to traverse the huge Madrid airport (train), and go through customs and security again. We were 5 minutes late to the gate--after being told in Miami they would hold the plane for us."

Plus: "That I arrived"
Minus: "Iberia flight was delayed by 45 minutes causing me to miss my connection from London to Dublin."

Minus: "they book flight connections too close in madrid, resulting in big hassles, especially if passport control is also involved"

Plus: "Friendly staff and decent entertainment options."
Minus: "Uncomfortable seats and not enough leg room."

Plus: "All went well"

Plus: "New plne, service from American Airlines was good news friendly."

Plus: "Great array of entertainment. The food was tasteful."
Minus: "No clear direction when attempting to board. Several passengers were unaware of what to do. Couldn't find the reclining button."

Minus: "Missed my flight while waiting on a wheelchair. The lady was rude and yelling at customers because she didn't have what she needed to do her job."

Plus: "The flight was short"
Minus: "They didn't even give out water on the flight. Not to happy with the service"

Minus: "The line at the checking counter in Rome was moving very slowly. The person at the counter was a nice person, though. I think they need more people there."

Plus: "Entertainment was nice and the rise was very smooth."
Minus: "N/A"

Plus: "We were given opportunity to upgrade to business. Totally worth it"
Minus: "Food was just ok"

Plus: "Great in flight experience! Cabin crew were very friendly and kind. Entertainment was awesome!"
Minus: "Food was delicious compared to most American airlines. However, portions were smaller. Seating is more narrow compared to standard non low-cost laung-haul airlines. You will not have a pleasant flight if you're a tall and/or a big person."

Plus: "On my return flight to the United states, I got to fly with Iberia airlines. After flying my first segment with British airways, I wondered if the Spanish airline could keep up with BA's standards. Well, Iberia not only met the standards, but raised the bar! I am not sure if the fact that this was a day flight (unlike BA's red eye trip) or the fact that it took 2 more hours, but the crew served a full lunch, a snack AND a light meal, when with British i only received one full dinner and a morning snack."
Minus: "I'm not sure if it's the European dryness, but though helpful, the flight crew did not looked friendly."

Plus: "Missed flight as scheduled changed forward by half an hour and re-organising another flight was difficult. Had to fly from another airport in Spain and transfer was without assistance. Staff did a good job at sorting a solution. The return home on BA was excellent and very efficient."

Plus: "Fast boarding, excellent entertainment, crew were friendly and helpful. Arrived 45 min early, which made the drive to downtown easy."
Minus: "Check in online was useless, still had to stand in line to check luggage. Food was ok, kind of mushy chicken, cold bread, and minuscule salad. Breakfast was a sad cold and dry ham and cheese croissant."

Plus: "Every flight was on time with no delays. Crew was excellent."
Minus: "Large plane did not have individual air controls and several flights were very warm."

Plus: "No nonsense all business crew. Barajas airport."
Minus: "Chaotic boarding. A large crowd was allowed to clog gate access, and no announcements were made regarding boarding procedures therefore as a preboarding family with toddler we had to push through the crowd to accessential the gate. It seems boarding status announcements could have alleviated the boarding tension."

Minus: "We ended up flying to Paris on Air France because it was the only flight left after RAM screwed us over. Cost me $1800 dollars and no chance to retrieve my money back unless someone sends me a letter saying someone screwed up. Need help please!"

Minus: "Seats are tiny. No legroom."

Plus: "The crew was very nice. Madrid is always a great airport and Iberia is it's top airline."
Minus: "Entertainment opitions weren't great. Crew service with beverages didn't come around nearly as much as a company like Lufthansa or United, etc."

Plus: "Good to eat on flight"
Minus: "Spacing was impossible for someone 6'2" or taller. It was incredibly tight for everyone. Extremely uncomfortable to fly for 3 hours like this."

Minus: "The plane was delayed after boarding and nobody accommodated the temperature in the plane, food, or informing us of what was going on."

Plus: "The crew was gentle, it was the first time I traveled with Latam and I was really pleased with the experience."
Minus: "I have no complaints about this trip."

Plus: "Food was great - much better than you get from the US based airlines! Flight wasn't full - which helped tremendously with comfort"
Minus: "Seats are small"

Plus: "The fly was on time"

"very small overhead bins. neither of my undersized pieces fit. both had to go under my seat. luckily, the passenger next to me still had room for their bag too."

Plus: "Friendly flight attendants."
Minus: "The interior of the plane is old and there is no legroom at all, to the point where if you drop something, good luck bending over far enough to pick it up. Also there are much better entertainment options on other airlines."

Plus: "The flight attendant was amazing. She was friendly, courteous and went out of her way to make my flight very enjoyable."

Minus: "Uncomfortable"

Plus: "Bert helpful crew onboard."
Minus: "Delayed start (75 minutes), stressful if I would miss my connection."

Plus: "No problems"
Minus: "No issues"

Plus: "Ease of finding gate"
Minus: "There were several cases of couple who purchased tickets together were separated on the plane & no one knew why they were arranged that way. No solution offered at counter."

Plus: "Great crew"
Minus: "Plane was over 2 hours late. It was tiny. Super claustrophobic."

Plus: "What did I like? Nothing. It was United Airlines, and it has been a long time since there was ANYTHING to like about United. Usually, the best one can hope for is that there is plenty to TOLERATE. Unfortunately, this trip did not rise to that standard."
Minus: "UA to Denver cancelled due to maint, issue. Re-booked thru LAX on Delta. Arrived 12 AM vs. planned 6 PM (w/ 7 AM meeting the next day). Delta is 6-block walk outdoors from United at LAX. TSA pre-check didn't show on the Delta ticket issued by United, leading to another hassle at Security."

Minus: "2 hour delay."

Plus: "Things were new"
Minus: "Seats were smaller, legroom was less, seatbacks when fully upright push your heard forward so when I fell asleep, my head kept falling, NO FREE ENTERTAINMENT. They tell you to download the app mid-flight to get free entertainment, but you need to pay for wifi to access the app store."

Plus: "It was a short flight"
Minus: "The persons sitting next to me"

Plus: "Great crew!"
Minus: "Not the airline’s fault. Bumpy ride."

Minus: "Booked flight to go & care for my 94 year old mother in Germany. She died 6 weeks before planned departure. I immediately advised Lufthansa, asking for cancellation of flight and reimbursement. They cancelled my reservation immediately. While LH received my payment on Nov. 21st, it is now more than 3 months later and I still have not received reimbursement. I am very upset and disappointed with LH's unresponsiveness to my request."

Plus: "comfortable seat"
Minus: "delayed 2.5 hrs, stood in jetway for 15 mins while crew fixed seatbelt issue. snack was poor; limited options for soda, small pour & only pretzels as snack!"

Minus: "The food choices (2 alternatives) was only available for 12 out of 16 persons in the business class cabin. That’s really bad considering the two alternatives being: A warm chicken meal and the other option was 3 pieces of cheese on a plate with a bun. Is that what they call planning? Not that we are starving people but the planning element did irritate me."

Minus: "Had a one hour delay on thtarmac waiting for de-icing...weather related."

Minus: "Allt"

Plus: "Good progress info in-flight from cockpit"
Minus: "TSA lines at SFO Terminal 3 are a zoo, precheck included. United gates had no facilities available to plug in a charger. C'mon folks, it's 2017, one wall outlet with two kids sprawled on the carpet next to it isn't enough. The 'grab a snack' box had one crumpled cellophane package of peanut butter crackers. Yum."

Minus: "I appreciate the in-flight entertainment idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired."

Minus: "Personal entertainment did not work. Most first and business class airlines have a screen to see the movies."

Plus: "Flight was late"

Minus: "Thirty minute delay with pushback in San Francisco"

Plus: "service.snack"
Minus: "some folks didn't use ear phones watching shows so i had to hear annoying entail mentioned selections. I had ear plugs fortunately :) didn't find anything I'd watch in entertainment. enjoy learning/science/documentaries"

Plus: "The attendants tried to be cheerful in a difficult situation."
Minus: "Once we were boarded we waited for a long time in a crowded stifling hot plane. Requests to the crew were met with helplessness on their part!"

Plus: "There were no delays"
Minus: "Even for a smaller person like myself, it was quite cramped--moreso than what I've noted in the past"

Plus: "Really fast and efficient boarding"
Minus: "The flight was really bumpy which I realize isn't anyone's fault but I couldn't wait till we landed...also they announced that as soon as we were at a certain altitude they would begin beverage service....which I was really looking forward too , and then ten minutes later they announced that they were cancelling beverage service."

Plus: "We arrived on time and I had no problems ."
Minus: "Everything was ok."

Minus: "Because of missed connection I had to go from Dulles to Reagan airport"

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything"

Plus: "Everything went smoothly and as planned."
Minus: "nothing to complain about on this flight."

Plus: "It was on time and I had no problems whatsoever."

Minus: "Food and crew"

Plus: "Crew was great!"
Minus: "Entertainment system did not work"

Plus: "The crew was polite and courteous. Aircraft was clean. The flight even landed way ahead of schedule. Overall a great return flight"
Minus: "The food seemed overpriced for what it was. I passed as it didn't look very appealing."

Plus: "Only good thing was the flight was fast and on flight staff friendly."
Minus: "Flight to Denver was supposed to leave from Albuquerque at 9:55. Screen said flight was on time. No rep at desk and screen changes to Houston and only way we found out our flight was delayed because the plane was diverted to Durango is because another passenger called United. Finally at a quarter till 11am the screen at the gate changed back to Denver but still said 9:55am departure flight on time but united's website stated flight delayed till 11:55am. Upon return to Albuquerque from Denver bag was not on my flight so I had to hang out in Albuquerque although, I live an hour away because I have prescription meds in my checked bag I need to take 4 times daily. Would not fly United again"

Plus: "Again, great staff at the gate and crew aboard. Short flight but very comfortable."
Minus: "It was freezing!"

Plus: "The crew was very courteous and kept us up to date."
Minus: "I did not like that both planes they put us on were broken. We were very delayed"

Plus: "I appreciated that we boarded quickly. Again the crew was great!"
Minus: "We were assigned seats that didn't recline, and we'd been travelling since 4:30am Pacific time. Flight was full so we were stuck. Our electrical outlet was smashed and unusable to charge my phone, which I needed for sending work emails and contacting clients. I was surprised that there was no free content on the tvs. I actually just wanted to see the map and it required I pay."

Plus: "personalen var trevlig,"
Minus: "sätena , det var det trängsta och mest obekväma sätet jag suttit i. Om jag vetat innan hur trångt det skulle vara så hade jag uppgraderat till deras plus variant."

Plus: "On time both ways"

Plus: "Boarding was well organized. Crew was great."
Minus: "Magazine was old with torn out pages including the inflight food list. Connecting to the in-flight entertainment system on my Apple Mac was confusing and took too long -- it could have been explained better vis-a-vis browser caveats, etc. -- which is too bad because I found a movie I wanted to watch but missed the end as it had taken so long to load the proper software. Seats were too small and cramped."

Plus: "Staff was nice and attentive"
Minus: "Flight was delayed"

Plus: "I liked the fact that it was a direct flight and the departure and arrival times were just perfect. I really liked the cookies they had. If I had wanted to use it, there was WiFi available."
Minus: "We took off late due to mechanical problems and I think the practice of allowing first class passengers to board first and then get in the way of other people trying to board later is inefficient."

Plus: "The attendants were pleasant and professional. The flight was safe. The chicken curry meal was small but delicious, and the Belgian chocolate truffle ice cream fantastic."
Minus: "Very tight cramped seating;"

Plus: "Bra och serviceminded personal"
Minus: "När det är sällskap som reser ser jag det som positivt att bokningssystemet gör en plats reservation. Under alla reser vi gjort med United har vi i familjen (4 personer) inte kunnat sitta tillsammans. Sista gången fick vi stå utspridda i hela planet. Detta trots att vi checkat in via dator ca 18 timmar innan. Detta beror troligtvis på att ingen har tillsatt säte och att det varit en del "singlar" och par som åkt. när de valt säte väljer de en hel tom rad. Då behövs inte att så många hinner före i incheckning innan det blir omöjligt för grupper om 3-4 att sitta bredvid varandra. Flera familjer hade samma problem vid såna flygning. Ge dessa grupper automatiskt plats reservation innan alla kan börja att checka in."

Plus: "The flight was safe, the crew courteous. Why persist in jamming people into seating that is uncomfortable and unhealthy."
Minus: "Why persist in jamming people into seating that is uncomfortable and unhealthy."

Plus: "Okay crew."
Minus: "Cramped, uncomfortable seating. Departure time and gate changes."

Plus: "Couldn't check in on line or at the kiosks with Lufthanse. At airport, sent to SAS desk, and after a 1 hour wait in line, sent to United desk -- that was the airline Lufhanse assigned us to (months in advance, based on flight times) but never to us about the switch. United desk was about to close and we nearly missed the flight -- seat assignments made at the last minute at the gait. We'll try to to avoid air travel in the future. Just too hairy and full of uncertainties and frustrations. Only funny part was the sign at SAS checkin warning against assaulting the agents -- must happen a lot."

Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "When traveling with a service animal, it's kind of a given that I would be seated where there would be room for my dog. My dog is 70 pounds. There was no room for him to sit in front of me. The flight attendant just says "he can't sit in the isle". I asked her where would you like him to go? She says "not in the isle". A 2nd attendant was able to move me to a front row where there was space for him to sit on the floor in front of me."

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