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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
DeltaGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 30301 recensioner
8,1Gå ombord

All perfect

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All perfect

Minus: "Boarding crew not very friendly"
Plus: "Very nice people and helpful. Good attitude"
Minus: "Board was a bit disorganized and took much longer than I am used to even on full planes"
Plus: "Quick boarding process! Everything was on time as estimated."
Plus: "The entertainment"
Minus: "Departure times"
Plus: "The crew was amazing"
Minus: "Other travellers where rude"
Minus: "Just hate the super smaller seats and the reduced spaces everywhere"
Plus: "The crew was amazing, the seats were super comfortable, entertainment was great, lots of movies to choose from. Also they handed out a lot of great snacks"
Minus: "The delay was totally unexpected and frustrating particularly when no bad weather around!"
Plus: "The crew was amazing. My seat was comfortable."
Minus: "The plane was delayed. It arrived over 25 minutes after it was originally scheduled to."
Minus: "Flight was delayed due to crew not being available."
Plus: "While biased since I was in First class, everything was enjoyable and as expected of a first class experience. The free Wi-Fi on this flight made it extra special- can’t wait until its standard on all flights!!"
Minus: "Only real complaint is that Delta doesn’t seem to restrict size of bags taken as carry on and the time wasted but some trying to squeeze their obviously oversized bags into overhead compartments is painful."
Minus: "Passengers should have the option to ask for additional snacks."
Plus: "Crew was friendly and graciously got the hot tea I wanted."
Minus: "Everything was good!"
Minus: "I understand when weather is rough not moving the beverage carts but a small bottle of water would be appreciated."
Plus: "We had purchased economy tickets and got assigned seats that were not next to each other. As we were boarding the ticket person gave us a new seat assignment closer to the front and next to each other – we really appreciated and liked it. Makes me want to fly Delta again!"
Plus: "Being in First Class"
Minus: "Heavier food selection would be appreciated."
Minus: "Seats were a little tight."
Minus: "Sent flyg, sen fastnade vi även på avstigningsbanan för mer än 30 minuter. Besättningen försökte inte ens erbjuda något att kompensera med och jag fick fråga efter snacks och hörlurar (som ska vara kostnadsfritt). Besviken på hur de kunde gottgöra sina kunder när flyget blir 2h sen."
Minus: "we began the boarding process late, which can be understandable, although the plane was there pretty early. Once the boarding began, someone, I presume the gate agent, essentially gave a countdown to hhow many minutes were left until the flight could have an "on time departure". I travel nearly every week so I value being on time. However, a minute by minute call to hurry up on a flight that was sold out was over the top. There was mumbling among the passengers, to the point of someone joking "Free cookies and water if we make it on time?" Just a bad gate experience, but bad enough that peopoe were commenting, and I waited for someone from the cockpit to del\part so I could mention it to them."
Plus: "Attentive and friendly crew, great entertainment system"
Minus: "Flight left late due to problem with cleaning crew, seats are uncomfortable, snacks were stale."
Plus: "Chairs was comfortable"
Minus: "I had a kid kicking my chair the whole flight."
Plus: "On time."
Minus: "Friday when I supposed to depart at 7:21 am my flight was delayed to 6:00 pm and yesterday when I supposed to depart from New York at 7:21 pm my flight was delayed until 11:20 pm was horrible! I never again i would took Delta because I call a day before my departure to see if they would help me changing my flight by morning and they couldn’t they told me that i have to pay $300 dollars."
Plus: "Snacks and drinks were yummy and very appreciated. Entertainment was great. Tons of shows and movies and all for free. There was also free iMessage only WiFi which was enjoyed while messaging friends and loved ones while in the air."
Minus: "For the amount of passengers boarding, they started the boarding process way too late which resulting in a delay taking off. The entire boarding process felt sloppy, disorganized, and hectic. They allowed passengers to board that were seated at the end of the plane while some 1 was boarding, causing tons of congestion. The boarding process was the slowest I have ever experienced in all the flights I’ve been on. The crew was ok, but slightly snappy/rude like typical New Yorkers. The flight from ft. Lauderdale to New York was much more pleasant."
Plus: "The welcoming and kindness of flight attendants and staff"
Minus: "That headsets are not free and the leg space seemed tighter than usual"
Plus: "I like Delta's onboard entertainment, Delta Studio. I also like that I can use wifi messaging onboard. The flight attendants did an excellent job as usual. I was in First Class so that was nice. I like the ice cream for dessert. I like the snack variety in First Class."
Minus: "For first class the seat pitch is not great. I had a steak, it was dry. The rest of the meal was OK."
Plus: "Early arrival!"
Minus: "Didn’t know that I didn’t have a window on the row I was on"
Minus: "When the passenger in front reclines their seat it was in my face The legroom wasn’t terrible but I had a hard time even reading since it was so close"
Minus: "The two hour delay"
Plus: "Aircraft appeared to be brand new"
Plus: "I always enjoy my flights on Delta the staff members are always pleasant and helpful, not to mention a smooth flight. :)"
Plus: "Great crew"
Plus: "Everything went wonderful. Excellent crew"
Minus: "No problems"
Plus: "Delta made sure my husband and I had seats together and my husband was thrilled to have a window seat. We took off and arrived earlier than scheduled."
Minus: "Everything was perfect. Nothing negative to report."
Plus: "New Plane - super roomy great selections of movies to watch for free on the TV!"
Plus: "We made it safe."
Minus: "The constant delays. And nothing was done about it. Not even we're sorry. Here's a voucher. Or here's something on us due to the circumstances."
Plus: "Delta Comfort seats"
Minus: "Shuttle driver stopped to talk to a friend thus making me late snd missed my connecton. Rude agents at gate and when I called and spoke to a Delta representative, was told that they would have never put me on that flight due to short connection time. To which I replied that thet is an issue between Delta and their business withthe booking site and the customer should not be to blame"
Plus: "Delta Comfort seats"
Minus: "Delta employee who drive shuttle to connection stopped to drop off a passenger and proceed to chat w other workers thereby getting me to my gate late and missing my connection and getting me to Florida almost 3 hours later than planned. Agents at desk in JFK were rude. There was another Delta employee also on the shuttle who was the only one who seemed to show concern. He alerted the driver, called the boarding gate and led me to it."
Minus: "Out of all the airlines I have flown, this was quite disorganized in my opinion. The fact that I was not able to select a seat, nor did I have one assigned to me until prior to an hour before boarding, gave me a bit of anxiety. I don't think it's fair to take away this option to those that get the "cheap, standard" tickets."
Minus: "Amazing"
Minus: "They were rude and notnhelpful lost my luggage"
Plus: "Overall it was good"
Plus: "When I was finally able to get on a later flight this was a very good one"
Minus: "The cancellation of original flight was stressful as I had a wedding to attend and the long delay and subsequent cancellation of original flight prevented me from it. Further, I was forced to get local transport after arrival in FLL, since I missed my ride altogether."
Minus: "Completely threw our afternoon plans and next day on their head because of the flight delays. Not cool."
Minus: "Flying from Sydney Australia and this being the final segment, Delta lost my luggage with no explanation as to why. It made it around the world only to get lost on the shortest segment. A real pain after 21 hours of flying to be delayed late at night by airline. No offer for compensation."
Plus: "I liked the airplane, , service, food, JFK and the airtrain!"
Minus: "We were delayed 2,5 hours and of course that is not fun!"
Plus: "Many passengers did not have seat assignments and we also ran out of over head storage resulting in many additional bags to be checked at the gate(mine included) but the crew and staff at the desk inside laguardia work quickly and efficiently to get everyone boarded and we ended up landing 15 minutes early."
Minus: "Seating was extremely cramped and the in flight wifi quality was poor, couldn't even watch an hour long movie (on a 2+ hour flight) because of the amount of buffering."
Plus: "The new plane was great. TV's on each seat back w/ great entertainment options"
Minus: "Flight was scheduled to leave early, the plane arrived, but they couldn't turn the plane around fast enough. We left the gat late, then pilot said we would still be arriving half an hour early. We arrived about 45 minutes late, and that was a problem because our connecting flight was due to depart now in 15 minutes. Lightning forced the airport to shutdown, which was great, we had a chance to catch our flight, but we were stuck in the airplane, and we couldn't get to our gate until the all-clear. I know this is not Delta's fault, but they did arrive quite late on a flight that, according to them, would be early. They also never communicated to the other flight that there were several passengers catching that connection. So by the time we had ran to catch our connection they had closed the ramp. Lightning hit again, and they shutdown the airport once again, so the airplane was still at the gate for about an hour, and they did not allow the 20+ passengers to board that plane, which was right there. So frustrating. The only thing that saved it was that our new flight was the new airbus, and although it left an hour and a half later, the comfort level was phenomenal."

en väldigt dålig ombordstigning. Alla skulle vänta på alla och en som organiserade ombordstigningen som inte kunde använda mikrofonen. Var väldigt mycket otydligheter och alla grymtade bak i kön.

ombordstigningen är ju väldigt komplicerad och inte speciellt effektivt. Har de gott om tid är det ok men inte annars

Plus: "Bra anslutning"
Minus: "Försrnad start från Arlanda gjorde att man knappt han med nästa flyg. Det som inte funkar då är att bagaget kom inte med andra flyg. Sitter man här i Prague utan ombyte och vinterjacka som checkades in med väskan eftersom man blev ombed at på grund av fullsatt plan checka in sitt handbagage vid gaten innan man skulle kliva ombord. Ingen direkt ursäkt och inte det minsta fundering om att erbjudas möjlighet att anskaffa någon vinter jacka. Inte bra."
Plus: "Trevlig och proffsig besättning"
Minus: "En timmes försening."
Plus: "Inte mycket"
Minus: "Hårda stolar, riktigt dålig mat, torra bröd, dålig ombordstigning"
Plus: "Entertainment monitors were in good shape and responsive. Selection was not bad."
Plus: "The crew was nice."
Minus: "The infotainment system could have been better. My system was not working for the first 3 hours and the sound went out after 2 hours of use. Also my blanket was not clean."
Minus: "Dem måste ändra tiden"
Minus: "Flyg stå still gör an och half timma I Frankfurt"
Minus: "Just deaiappointed"
Minus: "(1) The captain collected headsets 30 minutes before landing, causing us to miss the last 15 minutes of a movie. Why? (2) Very long cues for toilet use. (3) The baggage took more than half hour to arrive. (4) The chair in front of me reclined very far (more than those on its sides), making it very hard to eat, get up, or read. Need better maintenance."
Plus: "Aircraft, cleanliness, crew, food"
Plus: "The people who work for Lufthansa are the nicest i’ve met, on par with Turkish airlines. The times for boarding and departure were respected, the flight crew was extra nice, even accommodating requests that gave them extra-work. Economy passengers were treated like first class in terms of service and solicitude of the crew. Headphones, blankets, pillows were offered free of charge, so we’re the food and drinks, and there was a good selection of movies and music. On a 770$ ticket, mind you! The crew will come by repeatedly to check if passengers desired some more wine or coffee, offered water and juices on a tray several times outside the regular service times, and cared for the families with children. Thumbs up!"
Minus: "The warm food was a bit unappetizing, the potatoes for instance were black, but there is nothing that the crew could do better than offer to replace it. Such graceful approach to a little inconvenience!"
Plus: "My previous flights with Lufthansa have been in business class, which is fabulous. However, on this occasion flew economy because I got an exceptionally cheap ticket. I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously the seat was narrower, but had plenty of legroom. The food in economy in Lufthansa is better than most airlines’ business class meals. The crew is very courteous and professional. You really can’t go wrong with this airline."
Minus: "There was no downside."
Plus: "Very good flight in business class. Comfortable seats and great service."
Plus: "The crew was great!"
Minus: "I was traveling with other people and we were not seated next to each other. And I got sick from the chicken."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I didn’t like that I paid for premium eco omg and the airline changed planes and switched all our seats to coach and oversold the flight without eva n an alert or option to keep our original seats. Never again!!!"
Plus: "I thought the new plane was wonderful. The flight attendant was great and professional."
Minus: "I flew with Lufthansa about two years ago and the food was soooo much better. The food on this trip was very distasteful."
Plus: "Safe trip. Announcer had a radio voice."
Minus: "Food was horrible. Service was scarce. Bathrooms were not the cleanest. Snacks were scarce and not appropriate. The tv screens were not too user friendly and programs would skip while showings."
Plus: "Flight went well except for boarding"
Minus: "Had to stand up for 30 min for glass doors to let us in to the boarding area in Stockholm"
Plus: "Spacious and quiet aircraft, lots of legroom in certain exit row seats. Friendly cabin crew. Compared to the loud and bumpy ride on the Lufthansa 747, the A380 was way better."
Minus: "Moderate delays at each end—waiting for transfer passengers delayed our departure half an hour. We made up the time en route but then sat on the tarmac at LAX because the gate was occupied. I think my seat mates missed their connection. They broke the handle on my rollaboard (checked due to stingy cabin baggage allowance)."
Plus: "The aircraft was great. A bit wobbly on take off and landing, but overall spacious and comfortable seating. The seats had many position options which was amazing. Meal service tableware was clean and pleasant to use. Food was also great. Also a very wide selection of entertainment options! Also, good flying from the pilot’s crew. Flight was on time."
Minus: "The servicing crew in the business cabin was inexperienced and unrefined. The flight attendants seemed to just want to “get it over with” with questions like “are you done?” The attendants wanted to take our drink order as soon as we got in without giving us a chance to settle into our seats and kept hovering over us until I had to ask her to give us a couple of minutes. The airline did not stock enough snack and ran out mid flight. We had to wait for the next meal service which was not fun. I ended up getting a sweet drink just to get by. Internet, which was paid, was so slow that I got tired of watching it trying to load the pages and gave up. Eventually, the connection completely stalled even though I still had over an hour remaining of the 4 hour package. I used maybe an hour of the total purchase. Total waste because I couldn’t get any work done. Overall, I did not think this was an experience worth a business class ticket."
Minus: "Lufthansa has a horrible website. I wanted to check in online but I had to no reservation or ticket number is provided so I had to go to my old reservations to find it. .Next I wanted to pay for my luggage online but there was no link given. It says you can do it cheaper on Lufthansa.com but I could not find where you can actually do that. All in all spend 30 minutes with no result. Had to pay at check in $44 instead of $27. And it was just one of many other problems and inconveniences with their website."
Plus: "It is so nice to flight on board a plane were the staff knows what to do."
Plus: "The service was excellent. On time and very efficient crew."
Minus: "First, Lufthansa lost our baggage from Hamburg to Los Angeles. Then, the delivery company (Direct Courier Services) Lufthansa uses was completely inept and unprofessional - every single one of their employees is a complete moron. We didn't end up getting our baggage for two and half days so we were wearing the same clothes that we left Germany with. Then, after being told by Lufthansa customer service to submit receipts for clothes we had to buy, never got reimbursed or even the courtesy of a reply. After flying Lufthansa for over a decade, will never use this airline again. Epic fail."
Plus: "The Asian man speaking English (had a badge with the Korean flag as well as the one representing Hong Hong - HE is First Class!!!"
Minus: "The passengers from China behaving like animals"
Minus: "2 hours delay on a 1 hour flight."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The flight attendant did not bring the wheel chair and take me to the bus where I waited too long and when I arrived to customs no wheel chair was there and I asked every officer there how to get the wheel chair no one helped after long time one officer called and the chair arrived and he transferred me to a cart the driver was very bad he did not help in seating me and I sit on the back with my carry on when he drives like crazy I fell on the floor screeming he stopped and place me in the front and he asked if I need a doctor I told him no I just need to catch my flight although I was hurt badly with a very big bruise and when I reach the gate the plane was gone and I have to wait for another flight to take me to San Francisco and from there to Los Angeles and I singed a paper that I don't want a doctor"
Minus: "I didn't like the food"
Plus: "Crew service and positive attitude"
Plus: "One of middle aged blonde flight attendants - didnt get her name- was super nice and friendly and shoukd be rewarded for standing out in the crowd of flight attendants. Food above average."
Minus: "Delay at departure in Frankfurt - fuel tank problem- made people miss their connection flights. Medical problem on board caused delays and me having to change seats at the end to where the sick woman used to sit - smelled of vomit, gross. 3 crying bwbies for 12 hours. Seats too narrow, room in front too small with table pulled out. LH always good but not this time."
Plus: "Service was execellent"
Minus: "The entertainment system and charging didn't work but they did give me a voucher for 100 Euros to spend."
Minus: "The vegetarian option was not as up to the standard of the meal travelling from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. It could be much improved in Business Class."
Plus: "Very nice flight, very little if no turbulence food was decent just luggage took forever"
Minus: "Luggage wait was an hr other then that the A380 which is my favorite plane was amazing"
Plus: "I loved that there were bathrooms downstairs so we didn't have to wait in the aisle. And there were enough bathrooms that the line moved quickly! They boarded families with young children first!"
Minus: "Could use better entertainment options. When the person in front of me reclined, there was very little room!"
Plus: "See ath to mun flight comments."
Plus: "Left on time"
Minus: "Full plane"
Plus: "The flight Crew was very attentive and went the extra mile to keep us happy during our flight, the head stewardess I give her a 10+. we will fly with Lufthansa again. great movies!"
Minus: "The flight from Roma to Frankfurt was late and we had to run what seemed like two miles to be able to catch our connecting flight to Los Angeles."
Minus: "since my flight was canceled, I did not stay in the hotel and i still had to pay for it! Lufthansa or brussels or both, screw you!"
Plus: "Service was very good."
Minus: "Pasta was so so."
Plus: "service was good except for 1 attendant that didn't want to be there. Entertainment choices were very good."
Minus: "Food was very poor. Chicken was rubbery and the two pasta choices tasted horrible with no meat choice other than chicken. The biggest issue was the extreme delays from Lufthansa that ate into a 4+ hour layover that I should have had at LAX instead I arrived at the opposite terminal from my LAX flight with no time to get through customs and onto the plane I missed the plane by 10 minutes and had to book a hotel that wasn't paid for because it was Lufthansa's fault and not United which then put me and my family home a full 24 hours later than was originally planned."
Minus: "flight was late; food was not so great, lunch and dinner were the same; :-("
Plus: "On time. Smooth flight. Crew was extremely nice and helpful. Food was better than expected for airplane food."
Minus: "My particular seat had an entertainment system that only had about half the movies of the other seats. I notified the attendant who told me that this is a known issue that affects a number of seats on the plane."
Minus: "I missed flight to Los Angeles because of laziness and carelessness of Lufthansa employees. I came with the train on 12/26/16 at 8:33 am to catch flight to Los Angeles at 10:05 am. I had plenty of time. As soon as got of the train I got into line to check my luggage. I had boarding pass already. Line to check luggage was huge with 2-3 clerks to check luggage for all US flights. After while I complained that I will miss flight to several clerk who were standing around talking on the phones all the time but answer, if I got one was, sir you will be fine. After one hour I got to security check line which was equally long. I complained again no response. With probably 20 minutes left I cut the line on my one mad as hell. I got at 10:00 am at the gate and some older lady was like " Sorry sir we closed the flight". I said "What do you mean, it is 10 am and flight is at 10:05am??? "Sir we sold your ticket" I couldn't believe her words. Anyway they sent me to Munich to catch flight to LA next day. Best part I HAD TO PAY HOTEL IN MUNICH BECAUSE LUFTHANSA DID WANT TO COVER EXPENSES. I don't know what happened to famous German organizational skills or this is just Lufthansa and her careless employees."
Plus: "Same as above"
Minus: "Same as above"
Plus: "Bra personal , bra boarding"
Minus: "Inget Wifi på planet, Maten var lite väl enkel för BusinessClass samma säten som i monkeyclass"
Plus: "Decent food, wide variety of in flight entertainment (movies and tv shows) and great, friendly service! Overall great value! Will fly Lufthansa again if going to Europe!"
Minus: "Food was not good. Seat leg room very uncomfortable"
Plus: "Well taken care of"
Minus: "Seats are very close together in Economy"
Minus: "We got double charged for bags."
Plus: "Yes, Very good"
Plus: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. A fresh crew worked from DarEsSalam to AMS and they were great."
Minus: "The boarding process was chaotic. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes."
Plus: "Food was great, movie selection too. Everything was great except for I couldn’t really get comfortable to sleep"
Minus: "Not sure how to make the seats more comfortable. I have some back issues though. However, some of my travel companions slept right through the flight."
Minus: "When a bought my ticket, I had asked in the office about WiFi. They told me that you have WiFi on the plane. I had checked this information on KLM.com and saw the same, that you have WiFi. This was the reason, why a chose KLM! Then I tried to connected on board but I couldn’t! WiFi was not available. Crew told me that they don’t know anything about it! I was disappointed and angry."
Minus: "I paid for the preferred seat .and i found that people beside me didnt pay anything when i asked them ,"
Minus: "Incheckningen var långsam och kaosartat och markpersonalen var inte kul vid ombordstigning men det är ju inte KMLs fel"
Plus: "Onboard crew were nice and polite. Flight was on time (a rarity)."
Minus: "The boarding crew was rude and unpleasant, the plane was boiling hot."
Plus: "The entertainment was amazing"
Minus: "The seats were a bit hard"
Plus: "Good beverage service."
Minus: "Over an hour delayj for departure."
Plus: "Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️"
Plus: "Nothing special, neither good nor bad."
Minus: "Despite not being cheap food/water only available for purchase."
Plus: "Awful"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Just the cabin crew being nice"
Minus: "Punctuality KLM is always late"
Plus: "well mannered and attentive crew - good supply of complimentary food/drink - good over all comfort"
Minus: "boarding was running very far behind - considering this is mainly a hub operations carrier - resulted in several passengers missing their connecting flights -"
Minus: "I called for a crew member 5 times and waited 25 minutes for anyone to help me with just some water. I had to get up and go to the very back of the plane to ask for some water. The plane was hot and no air to be found. This was all after we had to get back off the plane before takeoff. It was terrib"
Plus: "the crew was nice"
Minus: "Seat confort on long flights, leg rooms,"
Plus: "Friendly and efficient crew. Flights were on time if not even early."
Plus: "Best airline in the business quick efficient and outstanding service What else can you say"
Minus: "At the check in they made me pay 50€ for my luggage. This is really upsetting because from Houston to Venice they didn't make me pay. Either the website wasn't transparent or the lady at the desk made a mistake. Very upsetting, one luggage should be included."
Plus: "Service was great as usual. Food was very good and entertainment options were great so you won't have to be bored throughout the trip."
Plus: "Good comfortable seat with extra leg room. Pleasant crew."
Minus: "Poor food, flight attend and finally baggage missing. Overall experience is extremely bad."
Plus: "Nice crew pilot food and beverage"
Minus: "No wifi"
Plus: "Short flight and being able to escape from drunk belligerent Passenger on previous flight"
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "old screens and entertainment system leg room to small"
Plus: "Amsterdam airport and Rome airport were as breeze to navigate, even only knowing English"
Plus: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"
Plus: "The flight was perfect! Great food,movies and I even got to sleep !"
Minus: "All was well!"
Plus: "Time and Good clean place.. in This case airpöane.."
Minus: "It was not entreteiment st all"
Plus: "Easy flight; loved the crew and their friendly customer service. Great food, kept everyone hydrated and fed."
Minus: "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. There were no electrical outlets."
Plus: "Need better quality tvs for such a long flight and better movies There were only 4 Bollywood movies and not the latest ones either"
Minus: "Customer service"
Plus: "Bording was good and general flight ok"
Minus: "This airplane must be the oldest in the fleet. No USB, no charging, no touchscreen technology, no plugs, no bluetooth."
Plus: "Pleasant flight"
Plus: "The staff was extremely pleasant. Food was good!"
Minus: "Have no complaints"
Minus: "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight."
Plus: "Helpful and smiling cabin crew."
Plus: "The food was excelent"
Minus: "I have to pay to pay a little more confort"
Plus: "The food and the punctuality"
Minus: "The technology in interteiment is not touch screen"
Plus: "Inget speciellt positivt att anmärka"
Minus: "Att trots att dom visste exakt vems bagage som saknades så kunde ingen informera om detta förrän bagagebandet stängdes 30 minuter efter ankomst. Att KLM hade skickat ett mail till mig med informationen var ju en uppsida, men på ryska och 16 minuter efter ankomst."
Plus: "staff was fine"
Minus: "old old plane, very uncomfortable. Tiny bad screen made movies pointless"
Plus: "Wider seat than most business class"
Minus: "Row 6 in business is after the first 5 rows and Galley and restroom. Very awkward"
Plus: "Eveything is well arranged"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "It was so easy to board and I had no inconvenience. It took 4 minutes from when I said goodbye to my family till when I was at the front of the gate."
Minus: "Nothing! It was all great!"
Plus: "Timing & efficiency. Good food though only a sandwich."
Minus: "Nothing. Could say there was no entertainment but I didn't want entertainment on such a short flight"
Plus: "That we didn't crash"
Minus: "Being delayed and missing my connecting flight. No entertainment onboard (for hours and hours)."
Minus: "KLM had bumped us to a later flight for no reason and again we had to call with a long wait to get our original connection restored, However, we did not get boarding passes during checking in Europe and thus had to go outside security in Detroit to the main check-in gate and wait 30 minutes to get the error resolved. Then it was back thorough security and a rush to the gate to get there in time to board. Lost our original seat assignment and wound up in the last row at the tail of the plane. Extremely poor coordination between KLM and Delta who operated the flight."
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "Only one queue for boarding. Flight late on arrival."
Plus: "Loads of leg room"
Minus: "Loved everything"
Plus: "Timely, clean, friendly efficient crew, food"
Minus: "Less pressure during boarding"
Plus: "Great food, great movies. Great pilot and crew"
Minus: "Lots of children running in isle. But they did give them tools to help occupy them. Maybe a children play area."
Plus: "the seat is not so comfortable for old people. Mom was sitting between two people and could not move .Crew were vert nice and helpful"
Minus: "gave old people seats next to the pass"
Minus: "Problem in ticket and mess in boarding and seat not comfortable at all"
Plus: "Allt var bra."
Minus: "Kan inte komma. på något"
Plus: "Decent movie options I gues?"
Minus: "Pretty much everything else. Old and uncomfortable looking plane, bad air conditioning, unhelpful staff"
Plus: "Everything good"
Plus: "The crew was amazing ."
Plus: "Super friendly staff, clean plane. Great selection of entertainment."
Minus: "The line to register at the airport was 2 hours long"
Minus: "There’s not enough room for boarding all of the passengers. No sitting only couple seats. All people boarding that flight in Moscow were standing crowded in corridor!"
Plus: "The flight was on time. The crew was friendly and helpful. The food was fine for such a short flight."
Minus: "Boarding process was not well-organized. Specifically, there was no announcement of the boarding starting or continuing. You just had to know when it's supposed to start and show up at the gate. Boarding is general, without any division by rows or groups, which means people in row 6 and in row 20 board at the same time, creating a long line. This slows down the boarding process and causes frustration in less patient people."
Plus: "Clean nice excelente seat"
Minus: "Very difficult airport No information"
Plus: "The meals were wonderful."
Minus: "The touch screens were difficult to work with."
Minus: "Nuevamente malo el tiempo de check in. Nos dijeron que no podían chequearlos porque el vuelo era más tarde. Luego otra persona dijo que ya se podía y la siguiente que no. Una desorganización total"
Plus: "Punctuality and organized boarding"
Minus: "Worse than average food, no alcoholic drinks. Entertainment system did not work well. Some content only in Russian."
Plus: "The most important part of a flight is arriving and returning safely, so in this regard, Aeroflot made the grade. The airplanes appeared new and on one of four flights, there seemed to be a decent amount of legroom in coach."
Minus: "The crew...upon boarding, they literally say things like "come on, come on, hurry up" when you are moving as fast they allow you to move. It was just rude. In Moscow, the boarding staff were even more pushy and rude. The flight attendants are relatively polite, but definitely not friendly. The bathrooms smelled of urine upon boarding the flight. The movie system (while it was better than nothing) worked very poorly, froze up, would not take the button presses and aside from a couple of the movies, the majority were from the 1980's, 90's and early 2000's. Lastly, and the worst, the food was over cooked and tasteless. We were served a total of 6 meals on all of our flights. I had requested gluten free meals. I was served the EXACT SAME FOOD at every single meal! Worse yet, that meal consisted a 2"x 2" piece of chicken (which was palatable), tasteless yellow rice and a teaspoon glob of deathly overcooked spinach. A salad with just olive oil for the dressing. No vinegar, nothing. And a dry rice cake. Seriously, it was the worst airplane food I have ever endured. I would avoid Aeroflot if at all possible."
Plus: "El profesionalismo de la empresa y como estaba el avion. Cómodo y bonito."
Minus: "Lo que si deberían mejorar es la atención a personas que no hablamos ruso."
Plus: "Very good crew on board ."
Minus: "In Moscow airport crew doesn’t control priority while boarding . l wish more fresh fruit in food , but this is individual.."
Plus: "Very good food"
Plus: "Was really happy"
Plus: "great flight, friendly service, good food. best part is non-stop between moscow and miami."
Plus: "Plenty of food/snacks available. Many movies to watch."
Minus: "only one side of my headphones worked"
Plus: "All crews are very polite and nice looking!"
Plus: "Bad, bad, bad Iwill never fly with this company againg"
Minus: "Crew, food, alll bad"
Plus: "Great and frequent meals, pleasant staff. The airplane is in a good condition. I really like how they give you a small paper menu before serving food which shows you what the food is going to be served and the choices you're gonna have."
Minus: "Awful tablets which are supposed to show movies and other stuff. The touch screen is awful, but there is a mechanical control without which it would be impossible to use. The feedback of this mechanical control is so slow that it makes you feel like being punished for something. I don't know why it's so hard to make a responsive tablet but it's a problem on many-many airplanes. These tablets are so bad that sometimes I think it would be better without one at all."
Minus: "Entertainment options were really outdated and lam,, little fresh content."
Plus: "Everything was ok."
Plus: "Getting off the plane."
Minus: "I missed my connection in 20 minutes because of an hour delay. The airline said the evening flight was fully booked and gave me a red eye instead. I had to find out myself there's another evening flight! When I transferred I made sure that my luggage will move with me to the evening flight, the representative said it will although it was obvious he wasn't sure. All the airline representatives didn't speak good enough English. Last but not least, there was no AC on the plane for the first 3 hours. Of course when I arrived to my destination, my luggage didn't arrive as expected (arrived on the red eye)."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything. The horrible customer service i had ever'"
Plus: "Food, ice cream and sleepers."
Minus: "TFT screen is unresponsive."
Minus: "We missed our connection flight in Moscow by 5 minutes, don't understand why they couldn't hold the flight for 10 people just 5 minutes when they knew we had already landed and were held in the plane because nobody was coming to open the doors. No staff waiting to help us get to the connecting flight, no information and the door had been changed. Massive queu to change flights for the following day, they promise a hotel for the night but never happened. I was flying with a child and the only thing they gave us was good voucher for around 5 pounds each not even enough for a decent meal. They said because we didn't have a visa we couldnt leave the terminal they couldn't accommodate us outside the airport and the hotel inside the airport was fully booked. Spent the night in the airport in terrible seats were you couldn't even lie down, no sleep at all. Then the morning flight was delayed 3 hours. Got, finally to Spain and one luggage was missing. Overall a nightmare! Never again I will fly with Aeroflot!"
Minus: "Great pilots and crew always ready to take care of our needs."
Plus: "The plane was comfortable, food ok, service good"
Minus: "Still water finiShed few hours before landing"
Plus: "Everything was fine, as usual, uneventful. No luxury or anything of the extra nature, you just get exactly what you paid for:)"
Minus: "didnt get a kosher meal"
Plus: "USB ports available, frequently serves food & beverages, comfortable economy class seats, pleasant flight attendants, large selection of movies/music. My favorite airline."
Minus: "No negatives."
Plus: "the food was decent and I had two seats for myself since the flight wasn't full"
Minus: "the screens were very unresponsive to start with on the first leg of the journey about 2 hours. after we took off again we could never use them. couldn't even check flight time and location."
Minus: "I"
Minus: "The drinks are not served with the meals but separately, 20 minutes later (??)... Alfonso"
Plus: "Crew was very accommodating, professional."
Minus: "No entertainment. The food was not appetizing."
Plus: "The vegetarian meals were better on this flight than on the flight from NY"
Minus: "There were no personal screens for movies. The seats were close together."
Plus: "Schedule and route was suitable to my needs, there was an outlet to charge me phone"
Minus: "Very small space, bad food and no entertainment. Some crew are difficult with English."
Plus: "We had to race to our New York connection in Moscow. Not like."
Plus: "The staff on the aircraft was very professional, extremely polite and knowledgeable!! The inside of the aircraft was very clean and the food was very good. We look forward to flying with Aetoflot again!!!!"
Minus: "We loved very much traveling with Aeroflot!!! We have and will remain their most loyal customers."
Plus: "The crew was very nice and pleasant."
Minus: "No t.v. the food wasn't very good, flight to Moscow had same food but it had better taste"
Plus: "The flight was prompt and the boarding was very efficient"
Minus: "In a 9 hour flight they past by only twice to offer cold drinks and did not hold any water bottles. flight attendits did not speak any English and were very hard to conunicate with. Thet were not gracious and pretty unpleasant. The drinks the handed out were flat. The kosher food was still frosen when they handed it out (frozen chicken salad!! Yuck!!) We did not understand a word the pilot said."
Plus: "Food"
Plus: "Cabin crew was very helpful and friendly"
Minus: "No good American movies or tv shows"
Plus: "The service"
Minus: "The fact that the crew didn't know English and the seats were close together"
Plus: "Completely on time. Super smooth landing."
Minus: "Food could have been much improved."

Jätte bra flyg

Ingen åsikt om mat eller underhållning eftersom det inte fanns.

Allt fungerade som det skulle

Väldigt stel och tråkig vänthall. Väldigt trångt i planet men fin personal.

Väldigt trevlig flygpersonal.

The trip was smooth and the service was excellent.

They lost my checked in bag.

Plus: "No complaints."
Minus: "Can’t believe SAS charges for 1 piece of luggage Never experienced in all the years I’ve travelled internationally Also couldn’t accept UScredit card to buy a drink- yes you had to buy an alcoholic beverage on the flight to Europe Better to upgrade your ticket so you can check a bag and use lounge"
Plus: "food good"
Minus: "techical problems announced AFTER plane was fully boarded, took 1-1/2 hours with no refreshments offered except the water bottles at seat. However, captain did make periodic announcements as to progress of repairs."
Minus: "When we checked in for the return flight in CPH we learned that our return ticket was “light” ie it did not include luggage. we were not informed about this, we did not request a ‘light” return ticket, and...why would we when we checked luggage flying over? We’d like the usd100 refunded"
Minus: "Again we had to climb down stairs with our luggage to get to the boarding area, then we had the typical ramp. What is it with Europe and stairs? If you have any issues beware. You better be strong and fit to fly in Europe. Not too many luxuries."
Plus: "The food was amazing"
Minus: "The seats could have more space"
Minus: "Det fanns bara ett alternativ för måltiden (om man inte förbeställde). De tidigare gånger jag har åkt med SAS (dock från JFK) har det alltid varit två alternativ för måltid (kött eller vegetarisk) , utan att förbeställa. Denna gång var det bara kött så slutade med att jag bara åt potatismos."
Plus: "Quick efficient boarding."
Minus: "A typical SAS flight. Coffee and water for free, food expensive. Rather limited leg room. No entertainment and wifi for pay."
Minus: "För kallt i kabinen. Ingen andra måltid."
Plus: "Amazing crew"
Plus: "Bekväma stolar, mycket plats för SAS GO, god mat, trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen omstigning och inte jätte mycket att välja mellan filmerna. De borde sätta fler arbetare vid passkontroll innan man stiger på plan från Sverige till USA. Majoriteten av passagerarna var sena till planet vilket resulterade till ett senare flygavgång, 1) för att de öppnade passkontrollen sent och 2) för att det var inte tillräckligt med arbetare för att checka passen."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Sen avgång, små stolar,"
Plus: "Trevlig personal och smidig ombordstigning etc"
Minus: "Gammal underhållning som knappt gick att använda Gick inte ens att använda vanliga hörlurar"
Plus: "Ok flight"
Minus: "Över 1h sen. Laos vid incheckning. När man vet att man är sen, fler i personal. SAS måste jobba med Swedavia vid ankommande. Ramper, passkontrollen, bagage, etc. Är en del av hela resan. Inget fungerade, inte ens taxi."
Minus: "Typical mediocre SAS quality. No bagage drop facility in Dublin -> tedious check-in Disorganised boarding -> slow Arrival more than 1 hour behind schedule Bagage delivery in CPH after 45 min -> additional delay"
Plus: "Det mesta var bra trevlig personal, hyfsat med benplats i de nya kärnorna och frukosten var bra den med."
Minus: "Avsaknad av underhållning, inget av vikt dock."
Plus: "Trevlig crew på planet. Vi landade i tid"
Minus: "Trånga säten på SAS gamla plan."
Minus: "the staff constantly refused to help when they could and provided wrong information that caused me to miss my flight. i will never book through kayak because of this experience."
Plus: "Business class lounge excellent. People who helped with the wheelchair were excellent."
Minus: "In a wheelchair. Check in was terrible and rude. The fact that SAS did not allow us to bring my electric chair directly to the gate was absurd (only airline in the world that did that). The fact that it was not at the gate when we arrived in Newark surprised even the SAS Gate agents. Had to go to baggage and collect it in oversize baggage. Will not fly SAS again until that policy has changed."
Plus: "The food was great and the staff were excellent."
Minus: "The entertainment selection was limited and there were no live channels - just prerecorded content"
Plus: "flight arrived on time"
Minus: "The food was poor, ventilation system in the cabin terrible. Smell from bathrooms during the whole flight, both ways. SAS lost our luggage and nobody seams to care about it. They know that there is a problem with luggage transfer on connecting flight, but don't bother to do anything about it. Customer service representative is not able to provide any information, doesn't even understand English well. Nobody answers the phone... At this point, we're still waiting for our bags"
Minus: "Placering av resesällskapet"
Plus: "Flight left on time, plane was clean, the entertainment was good, and the food was good. The crew in this flight were polite and responsive."
Plus: "Everything about the flight was wonderful except baggage claim, in BOTH directions."
Minus: "It could have been the perfect trip, but I am not sure why SAS baggage handling is so mediocre. In both the flights from EWR to OSLO and back, every aspect of the trip was super, except for the wait for baggage. In Oslo, I estimate having waited at least a half an hour at the carousel before the bags started showing up, and the same in Newark. We had long cleared Immigration, which normally is not a speedy process, and yet still had to wait at least 20 minutes for the FIRST bag to appear on the carousel. Most annoying, particularly after a relatively long flight, and especially for transfer passengers who needed to recheck their bags to continue to other destinations."
Minus: "Was overlooked by the pursor a couple times - he probably had a lot on his plate. Also, the "snack" at the end of the trip was sorely lacking! Especially for a 7 hour flight. The bathrooms were gross & out of toilet paper. And it seemed like one was locked constantly...?"
Minus: "Försening 1,5 timme"
Plus: "The food and entertainment on board is great. I was very pleased with how they organized the checking of bags and the fact I picked it up at my final destination without any issues and right on time."
Minus: "Some of the staff at the check in desks can be very rude. Also, on my initial flight, they closed the check-in early and left many of us stranded without knowing who to talk to and how to manage to get on the plane. When someone from SAS finally came, I was told I would be escorted through security and most into the plane but then the "manager" or whoever was in charge denied it. The plane did not leave for another our and instead of arguing with the costumers they could have just helped us get on the plane. It was unfair of them to close the check in desks early and on top of that to catch a plane the next day they wanted to charge and exorbitant fee. I Wii never fly SAS again."
Plus: "Staff efficient."
Minus: "Leg room is tight. No free alcohol. Dinner was very good. Lunch snack was tasteless."
Plus: "on time polite staff comfortable flights with free coffee"
Minus: "charging for bags"
Plus: "Nice staff, comfortable."
Minus: "Not sure why they only have like 20 movies, most of which are not good. Delta has hundreds of movies to choose from. Old and new. When entertainment is included in the high price of these long haul trips, it helps to have a semi-decent selection."
Plus: "Good food and a good entertainment system that comes with plenty of options. I really like that SAS doesn’t go for your wallet for every bag like jus about EVERY AMERICAN CARRIER!"
Minus: "Leg room could be more generous but then again I’m 6’3” so it is what it is."
Plus: "On time flight"
Plus: "Pleasant crew"
Minus: "Boarding was shambolic and the 737 is not as nice as the new A320 in terms of comfort or amenity. Boarding was all over the place - and the gate agents clearly need extra people around for a full flight. One person for 170 ppl didn't feel right."
Plus: "För många spanjorer"
Plus: "The crew was very kind"
Minus: "Nothing :)"
Plus: "Personalen var väldigt trevlig och professionell som vanligt.boardingen gick bra ."
Minus: "Sätena och avsaknaden av både underhållning och vifi."
Plus: "No entertainment. Food not part of basic deal. But was both no problem for me because it was a short flight. On both points I rather would say: N/A"
Minus: "Chairs were narrow and not so comfy."
Plus: "Lika trevlig personal som alltid"
Minus: "Deras wifi är helt obrukbart jag kunde inte ens ladda ner mina mail."
Plus: "Highly efficient, no problems at all."
Minus: "I wouldn't mind a complimentary wine with dinner - other good airlines like to offer me a white wine with my chicken but here you have to pay for it.... Other than that I was happy with my travel!"
Plus: "Free water bottles, headphones, blankets and pillows for all passengers. Two meals (one full, one small). TVs in chairs. Flight felt roomy. A relatively pleasant experience."
Minus: "No free booze!"
Plus: "I am vegetarian with no egg fish or meat. I didn't get any choices"
Plus: "They were very accommodating to alternate diets. All staff were very friendly and helpful"
Plus: "Direktflyg, trevlig besättning"
Minus: "Luktade illa från toaletterna. Stökiga barn som tyvärr sparkade in i stolsryggen (inte SAS fel men det bidrog till att den långa flygresan inte blev avkopplande) Minus att endast en dryck - ej alkohol - ingick under en 11-timmars flygresa"
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