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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
SWISSGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 9444 recensioner
8,2Gå ombord

The travel was costly but the check-in desk was quite inflexible with extra weight and did not provide a bag to offload checked luggage. Crew interactions during meals were too hasty. An extra round of coffee would have been appreciated. All in all efficient and on time but cold and impersonal.

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The travel was costly but the check-in desk was quite inflexible with extra weight and did not provide a bag to offload checked luggage. Crew interactions during meals were too hasty. An extra round of coffee would have been appreciated. All in all efficient and on time but cold and impersonal.

No food was served, no snacks no peanuts no pop no nothing.

It was an excellent service.

Both planes were uncomfortably warm

Our flight from Zürich to Los Angeles was canceled on the day we were supposed to leave. We found out only when we were at the check-in at the airport in Rome. So we could never fly home and now we had to be rescheduled to 22 July. By Lufthansa. And we never heard back from chat deal or you a KAYAK we tried to contact you over and over and now we’re incurring extra expenses to spend three more days in Rome. This is not acceptable. We would like someone to get in touch with us and I can guarantee you that if we don’t find out support from your in any way in regards to this situation we will never use your services again.

Minimum two kind food options

Liked timeliness

Minus: "Better choice of movies and classical music"
Plus: "Staff was very friendly and loved the food."
Minus: "For economy class, nothing."
Plus: "The airline is top notch and treated you great like it should be."
Minus: "The sears where a little tight but not bad and the movie options were ok not great."
Plus: "Never got on the plane due to weather restrictions in the connecting flight prior to this flight. Called SWISS customer service on a Russian line, were told to get a paper from another Russian airport that no flights were leaving the city. Did that. when arrived to Moscow no SWISS customer representatives were at the stations and had to end up buying a completely new ticket to get home."
Minus: "Have customer service representative available at the airport 24/7 knowing that some people arrive from all parts of the country."
Plus: "Great service in 1st class"
Minus: "All good"
Plus: "Nice smooth flight. Also lovely to be offered a drink and food. Although the quiche is not great. Wasn’t nicer last year"
Minus: "Maybe just change the quiche. Very dry"
Plus: "Great organization, very efficient"
Minus: "Bag fees were not made clear on Kayak or Swiss website, seats on Edelweiss A320 we’re spaced too close together for my legs, though was not a problem on the 777."
Plus: "The crew was polite and continuously offering drinks, headphones and food/snacks. Kept us comfortable and happy during the flight!"
Minus: "Need more movies to choose from."
Minus: "The food was really bad. I prebooked an AISLE seat and of course I was given the WINDOW!"
Plus: "The crew"
Minus: "Boarding by rows and not like cows all at one time"
Plus: "Seats were very comfortable"
Minus: "The boarding was a bit unorganized"
Plus: "A nice crew n my seat next to me was empty so I can sleep well..."
Minus: "Maybe give every passenger a bottle of water..."
Plus: "Professional courteous staff"
Minus: "Tray table slid downward whenever it was opened. Headphones quit after the first hour and got scratchy. So little room..tiny video screen. I could not get advance seating because of a code share flight."
Plus: "Tasty lunch with good service in business class. Modern comfortable plane."
Minus: "Flight delayed by a few minutes."
Minus: "missed connection in Zurich because flight left one hour late, and connecting flight didn't wait the extra five minutes which would have allowed us to get on flight. Transfer desk was unable to get us to Bari same day although it was only noon; rebooked for 6:55am next day... Significant financial loss to us."
Minus: "Too hot. Too late. Staff could have been more accommodating. Online checkin was impossible."
Minus: "I flew to Berlin last minute for a 4 day business trip. Was asked to check my carry on and I haven't seen it since. Waited for over 2 hours in the baggage service line at the Berlin airport, filled out a form and haven't heard anything since."
Plus: "The crew was nice, they served small sandwiches that were tasty, and the entertainment was average with only magazines, but it was a only 1 1/2 flight."
Minus: "The legroom is cramped a bit."
Plus: "The entertainment and food was very good. I also think having fresh fruit available in between meals is one of the most appealing things about SWISS."
Minus: "For some reason, one of the air hostesses refused to let me use the restroom. For over five hours I tried to use the restroom and she kept yelling at me to sit back in my seat, in spite the fact that several other people were using the restroom and several other people were up and moving about, she singled me out and wouldn't let me get up without harassing me. Eventually I appealed to another one of the flight crew who allowed me to urinate, but it was over five hours I had to pee and was inexplicably not allowed to."
Plus: "Meals were excellent and filling! Crew was conscientious and responsive. Plane was very clean. Very impressed and would fly with SWISS again over any other airline."
Minus: "My seat didn’t recline properly, and it wasn’t fixable, so it felt a little claustrophobic with the person in front of me fully reclined the whole flight."
Plus: "Friendly crew"
Minus: "No wifi"
Plus: "The flight to Zurich was delayed so I would have missed my connecting flight. We were automatically rebooked on British airways which got us home three hours sooner than the Swiss air connections. If they did the rebooking, I find that a real plus but can not rate them on anything else."
Minus: "The"
Plus: "Small screens. Hard to use"
Plus: "Comfortable flight."
Plus: "Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They were all multi-lingual and ready to help foreign travelers. The food was good. The plain wasn’t overstuffed with people - actually there were enough open seats that everyone could have a little extra space. Will always check Swiss Air first for international travel."
Plus: "Swiss took care of your mistake, booked on subsequent flight."
Minus: "No idea a you never actually delivered a ticket. Flight over sold, Swiss had no record of the booking. KAYAK screwed up."
Plus: "I was fed food and drinks varios times during the flight and that makes me happy! I never went hungry!"
Minus: "I could not obtain a refund."
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Engine shut down juast as the safety briefing started but all was good when it started again. A light meal would have been better than yoghurt & biscuits. Staff were very helpful."
Plus: "We arrived early"
Minus: "No entertainment, no pillows or blankets, uncomfortable seats"
Plus: "The chocolate"
Minus: "No outlet for charging electronics. No free checked luggage. My carry on (of usual size) was deemed a bit too big so I was forced to check it in."
Plus: "Food and service were good"
Minus: "Seats were terrible - way too small, too tight. No room for underseat placement of a backpack and feet. Sardine packing of economy passengers!"
Plus: "Our of the 4 females I interacted with only Miishiie was helpful. The movies are a good selection. They were on time."
Minus: "I'm 6'2 and black. I asked if I could pay to upgrade to business class after viewing coach. They lied and said it was full when I could see empty seats. They bumped up a white female for free 3 hours later."
Minus: "Had 1 day for quick trip to London. Two hours through security In Geneva and 4 hours late arrival on Swiss at LHR. I can tell you this, the Geneva Airport and Swiss DO NOT run like Swiss Watches. They both get F's."
Plus: "The staff was courteous and pleasant"
Minus: "The exit seats were extremely cold, I had to put on my jacket gloves hat and ablanket Didn't eat dinner, breakfast was all sweet things"
Plus: "My wife got travel sickness and the crew was very very nice to help her out by offering her a place to lie down and other offerings"
Minus: "Same as above."
Plus: "This was my first time flying on Swiss Air. Beautiful aircraft and a very friendly crew. Food was good and our flight was on time. Lots of options for in-flight entertainment."
Minus: "The boarding process was not ideal. This was our first time in the Zurich airport and we were not aware of the passport check at the gate. There were no signs and several passengers tried to board without the stamp only to be sent to the passport check line. Very frustrating. Also, there was no organization so everyone just rushed forward when boarding was called. They should consider boarding by rows to make it a more orderly process. Finally, there was no leg room at all. I realize airlines are trying to squeeze every passenger in that they can, but this was ridiculous. I'm 5'11" and my knees were pinned against the seat in front of me."
Plus: "Real silverware. Great crew presence. Ice Cream and chocolate."
Minus: "Ice cream snack."
Plus: "The boarding process was efficient. Swiss Air provides much more spacious and comfortable seating arrangements than many other airlines."
Minus: "My entertainment system would not turn off, which made it difficult for me to fall asleep. I asked a flight attendant for help and she said she would reset it. However, the reset did not work and she never came back to verify whether or not it had solved the situation. I finally gave up and put a blanket over the screen. Furthermore, the meal service was very slow. It seemed as if most of the staff was very young and likely inexperienced. Perhaps it would be better to mix younger, less experienced staff with more seasoned staff. I flew three other Swiss flights during my European vacation and the service was much faster. Incidentally, most of the staff on these other flights were older and probably more experienced."
Plus: "Personal och Kapten var lugna och trevliga"
Minus: "Allt annat. Fick vänta 2 timmar ombord flyg utan AC (35 grader varmt?) innan besked kom att planet ej var flygdugligt. Sen fick vi vänta ytterligare 1 timme ombord i värmen helt ohyggligt när folk börjar oroa sig för konsekvenserna etc det var ju uppenbart ingen skulle komma ut amma kväll (efter midnatt). När väl ute fanns bara 1 service desk till hela planet, jag kunde åka hem och sova och skita i vouchers men de som behövde hotell lär ha väntat halva natten. Det enda som var ok var att de svarade snabbt på telefon följande morgon - men meddelade inte som man sagt den nya bokningen via sms eller mail!"



At least water could be for free


Vara i tid

For some reason they wouldn’t my spouse and I let us check in online, so we had to go in person in the morning, which means that there weren’t any seats left that were together. The plane didn’t have individual air vents so the plane was sweltering almost the entire way. The snack before we landed was one of the most vile sandwiches I’ve ever eaten — emmenthaler cheese on dense, dry wheat bread with like four cucumbers and a pile of shredded carrots. The flight crew was very kind, though.

I’ve never in my life been on an international flight that didn’t serve at least a free drink, but there should have been a drink and a snack on an international flight. Also this flight had a 2 hour delay, so we didn’t know we would be going so long without any liquids for our baby and young children. The cabin crew was also very rude.

Had no record on file from Sweden to Washington

My flight was canceled!!

Airport checkin at Frankfurt was very very slow. Thanks to Lufthansa waiting for all passengers to board despite the delay

Everything was very good, but my luggage was lost.

The crew is amazing. Very kind an organize people.

en väldigt dålig ombordstigning. Alla skulle vänta på alla och en som organiserade ombordstigningen som inte kunde använda mikrofonen. Var väldigt mycket otydligheter och alla grymtade bak i kön.

ombordstigningen är ju väldigt komplicerad och inte speciellt effektivt. Har de gott om tid är det ok men inte annars

Plus: "Inflight services"
Minus: "Delayed flight, missed connecting flight due to that. On the ground staff should have better coordinated from arrival to boarding of next flight. Chaotic and short staffed security personnel at Frankfurt airport. Overall a pathetic experience"
Plus: "Bra anslutning"
Minus: "Försrnad start från Arlanda gjorde att man knappt han med nästa flyg. Det som inte funkar då är att bagaget kom inte med andra flyg. Sitter man här i Prague utan ombyte och vinterjacka som checkades in med väskan eftersom man blev ombed at på grund av fullsatt plan checka in sitt handbagage vid gaten innan man skulle kliva ombord. Ingen direkt ursäkt och inte det minsta fundering om att erbjudas möjlighet att anskaffa någon vinter jacka. Inte bra."
Plus: "Trevlig och proffsig besättning"
Minus: "En timmes försening."
Plus: "Inte mycket"
Minus: "Hårda stolar, riktigt dålig mat, torra bröd, dålig ombordstigning"
Plus: "There was no in seat power despite that being listed as an amenity. Also, there was no checked bag included in my flight, despite selecting that in my search for tickets."
Minus: "In seat power for phone charging while flying transatlantic is extremely helpful. Ticket purchased was not as advertised."
Minus: "Security check at the Frankfurt airport is illogical and terrible! It took 90 minutes to complete the security and go from one terminal to another!"
Minus: "Best company and the 380 is amazing."
Minus: "The bathrooms really needed more care in this trip, VERY different from my trip to Brazil."
Plus: "Lufthansa is very good!"
Minus: "Now I will never buy anything from this site.It is very difficult and impossible to do last minute changes.Next time I will buy from the Airline strait."
Plus: "very on time (before time actually), great crew - professional but also very friendly and you could see they liked their journey that day."
Minus: "for that flight really nothing - great."
Minus: "Dem måste ändra tiden"
Minus: "Flyg stå still gör an och half timma I Frankfurt"
Plus: "I was on exit place so there were a lot of room space. Flight was only 1 hour."
Plus: "Middle seat was empty in business class"
Minus: "Business class leg room was not much, if any, more than in economy but the ticket cost sure was a lot more."
Plus: "Got moved to an earlier flight which gave us more time to catch the connection in Germany."
Minus: "We did not request an earlier flight, so we had no idea to expect it when we checked in the day before departure. The flight was changed from 813 to 811. Upon arrival at airport we were sent to gate for flight 813 when printed the tickets (for 811). VERY confusing. No notice from Kayak on the change, and Kayak still showed us on the 813."
Plus: "Crew and service was amazing"
Minus: "No entertainment food Horrible"
Minus: "Very bad food"
Plus: "Crew was nice, Feel safe"
Minus: "We left Frankfurt over hour late, no entertainment at all, small plains have usually few big TVs on the sealling there was nothing."
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "Late noisy too many children slow boarding"
Minus: "There was not entertainment at all"
Minus: "Didn’t like the breakfast at all"
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "The Asian man speaking English (had a badge with the Korean flag as well as the one representing Hong Hong - HE is First Class!!!"
Minus: "The passengers from China behaving like animals"
Minus: "Charged $200 for extra bag after a phone customer service representative confirmed it was only $100 at the airport"
Minus: "Seats are too close together and seat really doesn't recline. To close to the seat in front and can't bend over to put your head on tray to sleep. Just to cramped up and I'm a small person 5'4". Very uncomfortable for a long flight!"
Minus: "2 hours delay on a 1 hour flight."
Plus: "The crew was friendly and the flight was comfortable. And the food was very good."
Minus: "They don’t have order while boarding No space for the carry on- they didn’t ask to check them for free."
Minus: "I wish boarding by Priority was better organized"
Plus: "We liked that no one was sitting behind us."
Minus: "Food wasn’t great"
Plus: "Great service, legroom economy, on time"
Plus: "The honesty of the staff and the constant updates"
Minus: "Flight was delayed and overall the flight wasn't comfortable."
Minus: "New entertainment program didn't have good new movies or music collection, food was not good, some crew members were harsh"
Plus: "After the delay I was given a spot on the direct flight so I didn't have to deal with the complications of the connecting flight. The staff was nice and helpful."
Plus: "They welcome you on the plane."
Minus: "They tried to make me pay for my laptop bag, telling me it was a handbag. NEVER pay for a laptop bag!!!"
Plus: "Staff on board was cordial und Wunderbar"
Minus: "Handle on wife's Travel Scoot was slightly bent but it still works."

Good cheap flight. No frills, because I don't pay for frills. Good clean aircraft.

They don’t bring a food

Flight delayed 1 hr at MUN. Crew not well trained. Seats were cramped. Passengers loud and boisterous. Would not fly SUN Air again. Cost saving not worth it.

While embankment from bus to airplane people were insisted to stay in bus near airplane to avoid croud and waiting on stairs to the plane

Long lines to check in at 5 am on October 22 and no nowhere to sit at Izmir airport waiting for the Munich bound flight ticket check in to open.

They literally destroyed our luggage, 3 out of 4 wheels broke, the luggage had some sort of oil (smelled like olive oil) all over the luggage and even damaged some of the items inside (as the luggage cracked everywhere this oily substance got in).

The WiFi didn’t work throughout the whole flight. So we couldn’t access the entertainment and we couldn’t even access the English food menu since the QR code only works if you’re on the plane’s WiFi.

Crew was helpful; food was horrible AND expensive; they had us wait on the tarmac on a bus for nearly 30 minutes; the flight departed more than 90 minutes late and weather was NOT an issue. Miserable really, but at least my luggage arrived and we didn’t die - could have been worse I guess.

The staff is super nice and happily works with everyone in need of something. Prepare to have cash in Euro on you to buy drinks and food.

Wasn’t able to check in online and checkin line at airport took over an hour

The trip was flawless!

Angebote beim nächsten Flug

Flygbolagets punktlighet. Det finns inget flybolag som erbjuder gluten- och laktosfria produkter. Därför är det svårt att värdesätta maten på planet. Det uppskattades att vid start och innan landning hördes svensk röst i högtalare. Det finns fortfarande resenärer som inte förstår varken turkiska eller engelska.

Here’s the truth / I paid $29 for a flight that lasted 45 minutes - so the experience was short on the plane and the expectations I had, given the price tag, were humble. However the airline was comprised of professional and courteous people. Long on smiles, short on legroom on the Boeing 737-800 - but what else would one expect? Nicely done to the folks at SunExpress.

It was really hot whole the time during the flight

Ticketing was a nightmare! Did the online check in never to receive email tickets and upon arrival at the airport, long lines taking an hour to get your boarding passes then running though security to the gate. The web site was not working, overall We could have missed our flight.

Plus: "The crew was very helpful and definitely went out of there way to help members. The seat had plenty of leg room but the cushion seemed worn."
Plus: "Seats were good"
Plus: "Nice seats, clean spacious airport, nice crew"
Minus: "Flight was a little late which meant I had to take a later train, but otherwise everything was great."
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Departure and arrival were right on time."
Minus: "The seats were not adjustable. I wasn’t expecting so much comfort anyway but that would be nice."
Minus: "One hour delay and baggage retrieval also took one hour"
Plus: "Super crew en the plane was not full so 3 chairs available. I slept during the flight and very good pilot who made a great landing."
Minus: "Maybe a beter conformation mail about the flight and what’s included like luguage etc."
Minus: "We had were more than 3 hours late"
Plus: "Comfortable and spacious seat allowed me to slee most of the flight!"
Plus: "Nice crews. Flight was on time"
Minus: "There is no instant noodle as in Suncafe (menu)"
Plus: "smooth check in and boarding"
Plus: "I like the competative rates and on time schedule."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Lost my luggages"
Plus: "The plane was brand new and the crew were polite and nice. On time flight with a good pilot ."
Minus: "On the boarding card, by mistake the gate was written 308a while it was actually 208a"
Plus: "Short wait"
Minus: "Not enough leg room"
Minus: "Jag avbokade resan men fick ej tillbaka pengarna trots att jag avbokade mer än en månad innan."
Plus: "1-)Antalya -Almanya .kizima yemek,su,hic birsey vermediniz,para istediniz.2)-Almanyada.Valizlerimiz kald,2gun sonra antalyaya geldim 1Gun bekledi sunexpress old emanetci iletisim out up kargoya vermedi istemedile 10 yeri telefonla arattirip problem yaptilar,3.kargoya verily eve teslim edilmedi kendimiz parayla taxi kiralayip hitting kargodan aldik.$100 tax parayi odedik.3)YINE ALMANYA - ANTALYA UCUSDA YEMEK VERMEDINIZ PARA ISTEDINIZ .BU PASAR SAYGISIZLIK YETERMI.TEBRIK EDERIZ."
Minus: "0000000000000000"
Minus: "Didn’t get to it"
Plus: "The employee were professional and nice. Every thing went smooth"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "Mostly everything was fine with the flight"
Minus: "Have never seen this happen elsewhere, but shortly after boarding, the crew announced they had to do a safety check, which required all the passengers to collect their personal items (i.e. everything from the overhead bins) to hold with them in their seats, as the crew 'checked' the bins and aisles. The procedure didn't seem to delay the flight, but just seemed a little pointless and a waste of effort. Thankfully there wasn't anything found or any other cause for alarm, but it just seemed odd."
Plus: "The lounge"
Minus: "Cancelled flight followed by delayed flight followed by the slowest priority baggage service I have ever seen."
Plus: "Fast amd easy flight"
Plus: "Quik flight"
Minus: "The fiod I requested from the menue was not available"
Minus: "Very bad transfer arriving from Istanbul at Antalya."
Minus: "Very bad transfer arriving from Istanbul at Antalya."
Plus: "Wonderful flight. Everything was Handled well by flight staff"
Minus: "Luggage took a very very long time to arrive. Some prop got their luggage but half the plane was left waiting for about 30 minutes"
Plus: "We got where we were going safely"
Minus: "My knees were actually pressed up against my he seat in front of me even though I had my butt all the way back. So, thankfully I had an aisle seat so I just stuck my knee out to the side...this was a partial solution only as the crew came by at least 5 times on a 2 hour flight with the service cart, smacking my knee each time. No complementary snacks or beverages... not even water. Somewhat surprised that they didn't charge to use the lavatory."
Minus: "1 hour queue to check in due to mixed international flights and not enough desks open. No room in overhead lockers, people seemed to have much more than their allowance. Didn't get to buy duty free items on-board as they ran out of time."
Plus: "Staff was nice"
Minus: "Fight was delayed by about an hour. Information screens at DUS airport did not work. Seat backrests were WAY too short, so I couldn't lean back. My back and neck still hurt because of that!"
Plus: "Cost was reasonable."
Minus: "Often it has delays."
Minus: "Delayed 35 minutes"
Plus: "Good flight overall and crew good"
Minus: "Left half hour late otherwise satisfied"
Plus: "customer service in general.."
Plus: "Plane was veryClean. On time. Staff were very frindly"

Avgång i rätt tid

Jag kunde inte köpa fast track, väldigt långt telefonsamtal kö hos flygbolaget.

One of best budget airlines Nordic perspective. But the luggage limit in the aircraft must be limited to seat number and not just one person occupying the cabin as he liked. And also the onboarding of passenger will be wise if they do it batch by batch (like first class first, then zone A and zone B next next and so on.

Gaten var mycket liten och det var packat med många människor som var tvungna att stå tätt tätt intill varandra i över 45 min. Mycket varmt och dåligt luft samt ingen AC. Inte alls coronaanpassat. Personalen var irriterad och ovänlig.

Minus: "Water should be free on the flight"
Plus: "Bad for 12 hrs flight passengers need hot food"
Minus: "Long flight is not about just saving money"
Minus: "Again it was not made clear about self transfer. While booking it should be clearly stated if a flight is or is not self transfer"
Plus: "Seat just ok"
Minus: "First we were told that we cannot be checked in for the flight because our luggage was not checked to Oakland. Therefore we cannot fly. This was unacceptable because all three flights were on the same ticket, plus we had 2,5 year old traveling with us"
Minus: "Lost bag"
Plus: "The crew was a group of Thai Nationals, and they were very snarky with us, not at all courteous. Maybe they didn't know what customer satisfaction means?"
Minus: "Crews more polite and professional."
Plus: "Boarding was good and food too."
Minus: "The flight to Fort Lauderdale was delayed more than one hour and no information about landing was provided at Fort Lauderdale Airport."
Plus: "Friendly crew."
Minus: "Better entertainment"
Minus: "Food, friendliness of crew, knowledge of crew"
Minus: "My luggage never arrived!! It was only a 45 min flight and bag was checked two hours prior to take off. Then customer service was nonexistent until we handled it on our own."
Minus: "I didn’t fly . The service of vayama agent helping me change the flight instead of blocking my contact with the airline is very bad , I want a refund"
Plus: "Nothing at all to like with this airline"
Minus: "Beware, one of the worst airlines I’ve been on, they will weigh everything that goes with you on the plane, including a small purse, really?? Yes. On long haul international flights they will not even give you a glass of water, even when the plane broke down on runway and we sat in it for 4 hrs"
Plus: "Sätet var ok, men jag satt ju på första raden så det var väntat. Besättningen var trevliga."
Minus: "Jag flyger väldigt ofta och har sistone vart med om mycket förseningar. Tycker ni som flygbolag kunde bjuda resenärerna på en dricka eller något eftersom vi får vänta. Tycker det är rimligt när man inte levererar sin tjänst på utsatt tid."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Plus: "The aircraft was brand new and clean."
Minus: "The flight was delayed 5 hours for a total wait of 9+ hours without any contact for food vouchers, apologies or a compensation. We picked this flight for the convenience of the location and connection, but not sure if will ever do again in future. Also, no entertainment option in the flight at all."
Plus: "Disembarking from both front and back is nice and efficient. Wish more airlines did that."
Minus: "Both flights were delayed by more than an hour. You'd think a company called Norwegian would be ready for cold weather."
Plus: "Helt okej allt var bra förutom det angiva i det dållga"
Minus: "Trycket dålig hantering av trycket"
Plus: "The only male flight attendant was very helpful and polite."
Minus: "The rest of the crew were inattentive and rude. It was bad enough to be delayed an hour, but the inattentiveness was ridiculous. I placed an order for a beverage, a pack of crisps and a set of headphones at the beginning of the flight. I didn’t receive them until almost 3 hours into the flight. I figured they were busy with meal service and what not in the beginning of the flight so I was patient, and I saw some people receiving their orders kinda late as well. After the 2nd hour, I started clicking the call attendant button. The female flight attendants walked by multiple times and ignored my attempts to flag them down. Finally, the male attendant came over and resolved the situation, but by then we had been in the air for 3 hours. Worst service I’ve experienced on any airline. Also, for a plane called a Dreamliner, those seating arrangements are a nightmare for anyone over 5’8”; I was uncomfortable the entire flight. It’s a plane, not a bus in a third world country; it’s shouldnt be that damned cramped and crowded."
Plus: "The middle seat was empty- much more comfortable flight!!!"
Minus: "You have to pay for everything! But the price of the ticket was very reasonable so that's ok."
Minus: "The Fort Lauderdale Terminal process may be one of the worst in the country. A bus takes passengers to a different terminal and customs is both confusing and poorly signed for connections."
Plus: "Norwegian Air is great! Very nice plane"
Plus: "plane was nice, crew was only ok. but the baggage thing is totally unacceptable!"
Minus: "We booked a trip from Stockholm to NY. Got to the airport and the baggage fee was quite high, but i was ok paying it since i didn't prepay online- my mistake. BUT then i was told since the plane was stopping at Oslo we had to pay ANOTHER SET OF LUGGAGE FEES !!!! I said, no you must be mistaken, there is no way you can charge me for two trips just because your plane is making a stop! They insisted and rather than fight and get thrown out of the airport i am disputing with my credit card company, but it can't possibly be legal. $690.00 fees !"
Plus: "Modernt flygplan och WiFi på planet. Snabbt ombordstigning."
Minus: "Sätet var inte bekvämt alls. Flygplanet var smutsigt."
Plus: "Spacious, comfortable"
Minus: "No pillows, breakfast not very good"
Plus: "$ 500 for a premium class seat from Stockholm to LA? Can't even get close to that kind of price on any other airline! I flew to Stockholm just for this flight home, Norwegian never disappoints ! Great crew."
Minus: "No downsides in my opinion, even had a departure time (2PM) that allowed for a relaxed checkout from my hotel."
Plus: "Allt funkade riktigt bra i det stora hela Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Ont om plats för handbagaget då det är fullbokat Framgörallt vart planet 30 minuter försenat"
Minus: "The reason I gave a two for overall experience was that we were more than one hour late and I missed my connection flight from Los Angeles and for this reason I had to spend the entire night in LA.I even bought a travel insurance and when I went back to Norwegian airline to tell them I was late for my connection flight which was two and a half hour later than our landing,they told me there was nothing they could do about it. There are a lot of people who have connection flight and it's hard to rebook especially at night.Punctuality should be the most important over everything else. Ildiko Balog"
Minus: "They forced me to check my bag leaving JFK. Charged me $250 to check it and then proceeded to lose my bag. They have since refused to refund my money. Don't ever fly this airline"
Minus: "Bara vatten,"
Plus: "Premium Economy was good."
Minus: "Not a very large entertainment selection and food didn't look too appetizing, but nothing out of the ordinary for an airline."
Plus: "Able to sleep most of the way"
Minus: "Delayed leaving. Delayed in the air. I missed my connection."
Plus: "Service was fine, but really wish that at a minimum water would be offered at regular intervals (at least every 3 hours) on long haul flights. Attendants do seem a little pissy if you ask otherwise you have to buy the $3 bottle from the snack bar. I know its not premium but 12 hours is a long time to only be offered two small cups of water. The passenger behind me was difficult the entire flight and kept hoisting himself up using my seat so it was hard to sleep the entire flight. The crew seemed to put up with him very well so I give them props for that."
Plus: "reasonable upgrade to business class"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "Staff were very helpful and thoughtful during the flight."
Minus: "Boarding handled poorly, stuff in standing-room-only and they boarded privileged members and families before disabled people, causing those of us who can't stand long to... stand a long time in line."
Plus: "We like the automated self-check in for checked bags so you don't have to stand in long check in lines when you already have a boarding pass. we also like that the boarding process is fast and uncomplicated. Often planes are boarded from both ends."
Minus: "Norwegian charges for everything food related including coffee, so I didn't have anything ( and gave a neutral rating on that item)"
Plus: "Norwegian is great, all the staff are easy going, helpful and respectful. They want to make it essy for you. It was a brearh of fresh air !! Besides the good flight itself , I like how KAYAK communicates with me, keeping me feel looled after ! I will deffinitelly use KAYAK again in the future, thank you !!"
Minus: "See above. I will not choose Norwegian again if another airline is flying that route due to the ridiculous buckle and dining for food, blankets etc. it makes it way to expensive to travel with a family"
Minus: "They charge extra for EVERYTHING, including water. And you can't even buy snacks or other food on board unless you have "pre-ordered" it. Movies are from the 90's ("classics" LOL). At the time of purchase and at check in, there was no way to select a seat."
Plus: "The crew was lovely and charming and attentive. The movie selection was great and well appreciated on the long flight back to the US"
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Vi köpte economy plus för att få mat, bagage och att bestämma plats. Vi fick ingen mat (förstår nu att man inte får det på kortresor, men det framgick inte alls under bokningen). Vi fick heller inte de platser vi bokade. Istället fick vi på både hem och ditvägen sitta längst bak vid toaletter som dessutom luktade urin till en grad jag inte varit med om på några andra flighter."
Plus: "The entertainment system is great!"
Minus: "The boarding process was really bad."
Plus: "I thought the food was good and the staff was nice"
Minus: "We boarded late, took off late then had to wait at JFK for almost an hour to get off the plane. Entertainment choices were not many and not much leg room"
Plus: "Clean, efficient, great entertainment options, friendly flight attendants, practical luggage checking or carry-on options"
Minus: "Boarding process at Arlanda airport in Sweden was a giant confusing mess. Everyone got herded into two different boarding areas and there was little explanation on what was going on."
Plus: "Entertainment and great aircraft."
Minus: "The crew had no personality and the food wasn't good. I went to order from the screen since it was hard to eat the dinner, they were out if everything. A few kinks that could be worked out. But start with the people! When I say thank you and your crew ignores me...its simply rude."

Information sharing by Kayak is excellent. Thanks

Crew did not seem to care about safe deplaning process and allowed unruly passengers jamming on plane isle before plane is completely stop which cause the deplaning process chaotic.

I used two Flights both of them suffered from a delay of 90 minutes . I the second segment we waited 99 minutes in lthe queue and even water was not offered . The crew provided disinformation in both flights and finally no entertainment was suggested

excellent all round and check in luggage included


Tack för allt, det var en fantastisk resa

Everything fine apart of the airport staff in Izmir ,about the airline nothing bad to say .

very bad

There wasn't much communication and reassurance in terms of delay of the flight. They offered water and some cake only after 3 hours as we were taking off. I ordered 1 noodle and lots of drinks, they charged me two, she said she needed to take a photo of my card which I said no to. Then I said OK we ll keep the 2nd noodle although we didn't need it, just to end the bad situation, she grabbed my bag as I was holding it to get the wallet out and she accidetantally hit the boiling noodles and spilled over my hand and really hurt me, a colleague Brought an ice bag thankfully. This made my journey even worse than it already was with the 3 hour delay of the flight.

Didn't enforce passengers to wear medical grade masks nor that they even properly wear their masks throughout the flight. So it was lots of people of unknown vaccination status all around me without masks on the whole flight.

Som vanligt lyfte 45min Sent!, överfull passagerare som hade massa baggage i cockpit.

Allt var bra

They want to charge 250 euros for an extra bag and made my sister miss her flight.

Minus: "Airport team ask me to pay for 1kg and I have Already pay in Dubai as I was have 30 kg + 8 hand bag and 3 personal still she don’t like to talk and ask me to go and pay it’s will be my last fly with guys"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The seats more comfortable."
Plus: "Nothing no drinks, food entertainment nothing"
Minus: "No services and not polite"
Plus: "Crew was good, cheap price"
Minus: "Rough landing, and very poor luggage service upon arrival"
Plus: "Seats were comfortable, crew courteous"
Minus: "Good value for money"
Plus: "The crew is good But the seats not comfortable .. it's like minibus .. no range of movement .."
Minus: "Toilet .. seats .. windows.. air conditioning must be stronger .."
Plus: "Good value/price ratio."
Plus: "The crew was fine."
Minus: "Pegasus should upgrade the payment method through cards. They should accept more types of bank cards."
Plus: "No different than other airlines as far as airplane goes. Crew was OK."
Minus: "Ticketing process was little bit chaos. I had 5 different names on my e-tickets, but one person name was missing and there were duplicate names.I showed my e-tickets and a ticketing agent took care of it."
Plus: "The crew doesn’t smile! The economy seats are narrow, with the same ticket price I can fly with a plane with infotainment"
Minus: "Though it was a one hour flight At least you could offer passengers water or coffee plus a smile would do make us feel relaxed."
Plus: "The flight was very uncomfortable and dirty"
Minus: "Check IN desk, unprofessional and rude employees. Felt discriminated. Never again will travel with this company."
Minus: "I went to ataturk airport be mistake then I went directly to sabiha airport before the flight 45 min they gegusos stuff did not allow me to get in the plane!!!"
Plus: "Punctuality"
Minus: "Comfort and food"
Plus: "Easy; fair prices; budget rates"
Minus: "no entertainment (N/A)"
Plus: "Checked luggage included, seat reservations are fairly priced, in flight meals and snacks are reasonable. Crew is professional."
Minus: "It was hot in the plane, probably cranked up the cabin heat to 25°C :)"
Plus: "Cheap price with basic seats but all in good order and plenty of leg room"
Minus: "The check in processes was very very slow"
Plus: "They delivered me my order sanwhich and flight was on time"
Minus: "The seats doesn’t have a jacket hanging hook.. so I had to hold my suit jacket all the way . And the seats didn’t have proper head rest so couldn’t sleep as well on the plane but the seat was not congested and was comfortable if day flight"
Plus: "Comfortable flight"
Minus: "No food"
Plus: "I arrived alive!"
Minus: "Service was poor, plane was hot, not my best flight experience by far"
Plus: "Cheap price"
Minus: "Uncomfortable seats. Race car type no recline, no food included, overnight flight yet lights on board remained fully illuminated."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Typical Pegasus. One of the worst airlines of the world. I typicall try to avoid Pegasus, but sometimes I dont have other choice."
Plus: "It was ok."
Minus: "Wait time, customer service"
Plus: "The plan arrived on time and landed on schedule. It was clean and there were no issues on this very short flight."
Plus: "Easy flight and friendly staff."
Plus: "I like to travel always travel with KAKA"
Plus: "From clealininess of the planes to the professional and sincere approach of the cabin crew, Pegasus is by far the best budget airline I have ever flown in the world. Their in flight menu prices are much affordable compared to most European airports (water is cheaper on the flight, compared to Berlin airport for example) For these prices, and this quality, they are uncompeted. I really hope they can maintain these cheap prices all the time."
Plus: "Cheap Air ticket"
Minus: "Seats are not comfortable."
Minus: "Checkin takes à long time"
Plus: "The air conditioning wasn't worked good"
Minus: "No thing"
Plus: "I'm actually surprised about the flight. The pilot was good and I think he was a pro. For a budget airline, Pegasus was good."
Minus: "We had only problems with the delayed luggages. The boarding was not on time but I don't think it's a big deal because we arrived almost as scheduled. No entertainment at all and comfort was not a priority but it's okay since it's a budget airline after all. But it would be better if they consider comfort of flyers even if it is a budget flight because flying is a serious thing and can cuase a lot of anxieties to begin with."
Plus: "clean"
Minus: "baggage allowance is 20kg and no free drinks and food and very expensive if you want to buy.. ie.. 35 euro for a sandwich and cola"
Plus: "Everything was on time, crew was nice, a lot of empty seats"
Minus: "Noisy children..."
Minus: "The none sense of explaining why I cant go on the plane ... according to there website I should have 2 stamps from the lebaniese authority on my passport one for going in and one for going out which I gladly provide them with... the responsoable for the check in at Frankfurt Airport and according to him was communicating with "pegasus Airline" in Istanbul by WhatsApp and just kept saying "those can't fly today" the funny thing he was writing in german and refuse to give me there number so I can explain the situation now the main reason why i couldn't go on the plane because I wasn't once in my life in Turkei which makes none sense according to there website I contacted them with Emails and they answered me that I should have the 2 stamps if i want to fly from Instanboul to Beirut which I already have but the haven't notice that i didnt even got ob the plane at the 1st place .... the huge amount of nobe sense, stupidity, the lying that there is no Pegasus airline office ath the airport and the 0 responsibility for there actions can provide you guys with a picture of how they behave with the customers"
Plus: "This was a domestic flight, only hour and 30 min. Same aircraft as from London to Istanbul, nice and comfortable seats with plenty of leg room."
Minus: "The flight was only hour and 30 min, so I have no criticism for this flight"
Plus: "Liked their flexibility and welcome agent was serving us."

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