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21 jan — 28 jan1
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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 3914 recensioner
8,8Gå ombord
Plus: "It’s an old plane, so the seats are those older yet more comfortable type of seats!"
Minus: "Better service from the crews."
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Plus: "It’s an old plane, so the seats are those older yet more comfortable type of seats!"
Minus: "Better service from the crews."
Minus: "Time to renew the aircraft 777-300"
Plus: "Clean cabin and good service"
Minus: "Not every body is doing extra miles to make customer happy"
Plus: "crew was pushing , no time in an rush all the time"
Minus: "service level"
Minus: "In flight food service by cabin crew was spotty, sometimes they gave you coffee with dinner , sometime not, they are very forgetful. Please improve on this issue."
Plus: "Very comfortable; excellent service"
Minus: "Food"
Plus: "Nothing special."
Minus: "Meal was disappointing. Beef was overcook and hard. Service quality is just okay."
Minus: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Plus: "Wonderful trip, Super nice Crew , perfect meal , great entertainment system"
Minus: "Can not be topped up"
Minus: "Seats after 1st hr, will feel uncomfortable"
Plus: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Minus: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Plus: "SQ always the best service"
Plus: "Excelent"
Minus: "I recomended yo my friend"
Plus: "The food selection, there is several pre-order meal based on diet or your religion"
Minus: "The seat pitch at least 33""
Minus: "Change the food menu, boring with the same menu"
Minus: "Luggages did not arrive with the flight as it should be. It got lost in Sydney from Queenstown on flight SQ 6683 operated by Virgin Australia (VA 162)."
Minus: "Flight way too cold"
Minus: "The layover in Singapore was a nightmare with insufficient hotel accommodation, nothing but Asian food and overly officious security staff."
Minus: "Luggages weren’t transferred to Bali together with my flight. Gate check in stroller was sent to baggage claim without notification. I was waiting the whole time after exiting plane."
Plus: "USB and plug for every seat, reasonable leg space and leg rest, good food choice and very attentive crew."
Minus: "No negative points"
Plus: "Food, service"
Plus: "I will only use Singapore Air for anywhere they fly. They really care about their passangers, 2 checked bags 1 carryon no charge, no airline does that. They constantly feed u & alcoholic beverages all at no extra charge. Flight attendants always have a smile on their flight. In flight entertainment was great, touch screen and remote controller. They supply earbuds, socks, toothbrush and paste."
Minus: "Absolutely no complaints"
Plus: "Ok"
Minus: "Delayed"
Plus: "Spacious economy class seating and great service"
Minus: "Flight attendants were bot friendly, appearwd to be botheted when askes questions or requests were made."
Plus: "I haven’t flown Emirates, but SQ beats the many others I have flown by a significant margin—especially the Chinese airlines, but also all major US airlines, JAL, Korean, et al."
Plus: "Service by the crew was great"
Minus: "Food in the economy class was not so great Options provided were not tasty. Each meal tasted same. No kid option available. Tastier options available on other major international flights."
Plus: "friendly and attentive crew. connecting flight was a breeze. well worth the price."
Plus: "easy check in process and the crew was awesome. friendly and attentive to all passengers. great food as well."
Minus: "The flights were always late causing us to miss a connection. Also when purchasing the ticket I was not informed of two extra stops that only showed up when I checked in."
Plus: "Crew members were very friendly n helpful."
Plus: "Food and good service"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "Again very friendly and efficient service ."
Plus: "everything are okey"
Plus: "crew was very polite and cheerful."
Minus: "Flight delayed twice without informing us the reason, and after boarding, we waited for v long to take off also"
Plus: "Like the food"
Plus: "everything is perfect"
Minus: "the food on Silk Air can be better"
Plus: "Entertainment service is, really, second to none."
Minus: "Old plane, cramped seats, wrong tissue paper (unusabke) in bathrooms, instead of paper towels, unremarkable food, served almost cold, rushed staff which spilled water on me (offered S$75 voucher as compensation), however did not take thebtime to listen to requests from passengers who spoke poor English, etc."
Plus: "Is Singapore Airlines food quality slipping? First time I’ve been really unenthusiastic about it..."
Plus: "Loved the hot towels, socks & tooth brush set, flight attendants were always really helpful and friendly"
Minus: "Other airlines always offer free upgrades on a not go crowded flights, but had not experienced that from Singapore airline. I've already traveled twice this year with them."
Plus: "Crew were helpful. Food was good, pillows and blankets in every seat was great. Seats a little small."
Plus: "nothing"
Minus: "poor ground and inflight crews hospitality poor food quality poor food variation"
Plus: "service, good TV quality and good movie selection"
Minus: "sound quality with headphones was horrible"
Plus: "Crew and boarding were efficient"
Minus: "Choice to have meal immediately after takeoff or just before landing. I chose to have it just after take-off but didn't expect not to have any breakfast. Not fun leaving the plane hungry."
Plus: "Getting up at 4am on a Monday (post Singapore 7s) - couldn't have been a better timing for a free upgrade (as the plane was full). Travelling on Singapore Air is always a pleasure - but that made it even better....."
Plus: "Entertainment was great"
Minus: "The food is getting worse"
Plus: "The service was great! The entertainment was abundant. The food was tasty. No complaints at all!"
Plus: "I love flying by singapore airlines! Firstly because its direct flight from home plus service on sq is always impeccable. Plus i can easily order a singapore sling and a campari spritz, which is so nice while watching a movie :)"
Minus: "I didnt really like the food this time and entertainment on the way back was so sad! No new movies unlike on the way there :( dont really like being woken up for meals though, would be nice if they left a note to get a meal from them once ive gotten up. Coz i was trying to sleep so i dont get jetlagged back in sg. Which i did unfortunately :( not jetlag when i arrived in rome though :)"
Plus: "nothing"
Minus: "Flight was cancelled during peak season with little notice time Lack of service Lack of compensation"

unfortunately we were unable to travel at this time due to the ongoing Covid situation in Sri Lanka. we hope to go instead in March 2022.

Comfortable flight, very kind crew. Food was average. Good night use my headset to listen to movies and music which is typical for airlines. Why not offer a subtitles on All movies? I was told to be at the airport 3 1/2 hours before flight but boarding did not start until 2 1/2 hours before flight. In ability to check in online remains frustrating

Never let me on flight bc of Covid requiremrnts

For 13 hour flight seats were slightly uncomfortable, not much room. Otherwise, everything else was excellent, food, cervice, entertainment, very pleasant.

Plus: "Seats are wider apart than usual, leaving comfortable space for legs in economy class. The crew is really attentive and nice"
Plus: "yes. great travel and crew"
Plus: "Very courteous, friendly, professional flight crew and gate crew."
Minus: "Nothing to mention...very pleased"
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Plus: "crew was amazing.. seat are comfortable"
Minus: "if the food includes children meal ."
Plus: "Food"
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Plus: "Flight was 80% empty, but it was amazing anyway, slept through most of it"
Minus: "Staff constantly woke me up for snacks and drinks, which is good on one hand but I was sleeping so deep that it was a bit annoying."
Plus: "Stuff is Fantastic, food is delicious, a lot of leg room, got to love Qatar Airways. No wonder they’re number one."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "The crew, especially Martin and Imen, were fabulous!"
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Service basically. For such a long haul flight they did everything they could to make it comfortable."
Minus: "They could have checked the bathrooms more often as trash bins were very full."
Plus: "Snacks and the crews on board"
Minus: "The crews in the airport, not friendly. They dont even smile!"
Plus: "Good staff and service"
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "Great crew, as usual."
Minus: "Ugh, The seat in front of me had some box taking up 1/4 of my leg-room. I get that the box probably contains some crucial equipment, but can you at least round the edges so I can lay my leg against it without cutting off my circulation to my foot? Other than that, typical Qatar luxury (as much as you're gonna find in coach)."
Plus: "This flight failed its purpose of getting me there on time. The delay was not due to inclement weather. Paid more than other airlines charged to get a quick flight but ended taking longer than other flights."
Minus: "The flight left JFK almost an hour late so I missed my connecting flight to Kolkata. Was supposed to arrive Saturday morning for my Father’s funeral but would not make it on time now. A wasted and very disappointing trip! I bought a ticket which would get me there quickest but instead had an extra 8 or 9 hours with an extra stop in Mumbai and layover of 5hrs!"
Plus: "Good leg room. Food was best airline food I've ever had....... By far"
Minus: "The added journey flying around Saudi Arabia. Adds extra time onto a very long flight. Would put me off flying Qatar again"
Plus: "very courteous flight crew"
Minus: "baggage took along time to come business class luggage came after economy"
Plus: "service, food and cleanness"
Plus: "Helpful crew"
Minus: "Food quality and quantity Cramped seating"
Plus: "Need to give people cheap access to wifi"
Plus: "the attention in general for me was excellent."
Minus: "may be the fact that it was the same kind of food in both of the flights I had, is not that it was bad just in my opinion they should have more option, especially for south american people, thank you"
Plus: "From Joburg to Doha, the plane was clean and the food was good. . From Doha to Washington, not so much. I went to 3 bathrooms and all the sinks were stopped up."
Minus: "The food from Doha to Washington was beyond awful!!! I wud scrap that whole menu PLEASE. I WAS SEVERELY DISAPPINTED. The previous Quatar flight, the food was different and very good. Please check on this. Also, the sinks were stopped up. Gross."
Plus: "Very friendly service!"
Plus: "The service was impeccable, flights on time and the transfer easy!"
Plus: "I have shifted from shortest routes by flying through kuwait airways or pia to lahore just for comfort i have been customer of emirates but not anymore .."
Minus: "flight onward from doha to lahore should b new ...everything is good i only felt had the aircraft been better and new latest then jurney would have been excellent."
Minus: "Everything was disappointing"
Minus: "Airport hotel costs around 350$ No entry visa for layovers exceeds 8 hours as they announced The answer they’re not giving entry visas is you bought a discounted ticket!!"
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Plus: "The lack of passengers on this flight gave me an amazing amount of room. Really makes the flights enjoyable when I can spread out."
Minus: "The food could use some work. The quantities are perfect. But the quality is definitely lacking"
Plus: "My steward, Gabriel, provided service that exceeded my expectations. He made the long haul more bearable."
Minus: "The shape of the seats was not optimal for my height/size."
Minus: "the wifi was average at best. I get that we there are limitations...but if the service is going to be this poor, make it free & unlimited."
Plus: "Doha airport is easy to move through; They put me in an exit row behind a bulkhead has plenty of legroom."
Minus: "Reading light wasn't aimed properly, and there was nowhere to put anything because of it being an exit row behind a bulkhead. That meant, that I had to hold anything I wanted during take-off, and landing, and the entertainment system had to be stowed during those times as well, so I couldn't even listen to music as the only controls were the touchscreen."
Plus: "I like the staff and the way they treat the passengers and foods too i like , was really good"
Minus: "I didn't like the comfortable part at the plane , it's not that good plane , the spoon ,& knife are not good , the chairs are not comfortable that much as the other planes of Qatar airways,"
Plus: "Clean. Friendly staff. Good food. Good entertainment."
Minus: "Small cramped seats."
Plus: "A shorter flight after long one and a short connection in Doha. Amazing crew, offering lots of help with my baby, again plenty of food, quite tasty, we have been offered seconds and flight wasn't full :) this time in a bassinette row which was a bliss for at least some of the time."
Minus: "The bassinette row seats were quite narrow and less comfortable, again the entertainment options dissapointing."
Minus: "We landed 30 minutes late, with no explanation - even though we took off on time. Even with a short dog leg over Iran, we should have been able to make up any delay over an 8 hour flight"
Plus: "this was very different nice service, crews with courtesy and ready to listen to any problem.Pauline."
Minus: "Flight delayed Stewards were rude"
Minus: "On the second leg, my first choice option was not available. Instead I was offered what appeared to be a lurid pink yogurt, coupled with fluorescent orange 'juice', together with the Indian vegetarian option. The accompanying 'muffin' appeared to consist of the following ingredients: flour, oil. Suffers from the "African flight's don't matter" syndrome when it comes to level of staff and entertainment. I was expecting better from Qatar - back to Emirates I go!"
Plus: "The hospitality of the crew in both flights from Atlanta to Doha and from Doha to Chennai"
Minus: "The seats were not that comfortable for a long flight and i had a very disturbed sleep"
Plus: "The service on this flight was not very good. We almost missed our flight whilst waiting for a wheelchair for mother. She had to finally walk to the boarding gate because the wheelchair we had requested did not come."
Plus: "Qatar Airways was very cooperative and kind enough to switch my flight 4 hours earlier with alternative flight free when I asked them to change it if that possible. They did so with kind and smile within 10 minutes while it was very difficult due to boarding time and luggage switching Boarding was okay Crew also was kind, responsive, Food was great Entertsinment was the issue due to airplane size and airplane facilities like Internet and entertainment tv screen was not in your seat Thank you so much Qatar Airways"
Plus: "Qatar has the most comfortable business class seats. Only Cathay are equally good. Food and drinks are first class. No doubt one of the best business class today."
Minus: "Bus from the gate to the aircraft. Although for business class it was a special comfortable bus."
Plus: "First class on a 45 minute trip doesn't give you time to enjoy the first class service of this flight. It has all the luxury of a long haul, including the full flat seat"
Plus: "The seat was comfortable enough."
Minus: "Boarding is disorganized. Food wasn’t heated properly so the fish just had coagulated oil coating it."
Plus: "Crew is professional"
Minus: "The interior in the air craft need seriously to be refreshed."
Minus: "Nona"
Plus: "Crew was great"
Minus: "Flight departed one hour late due to late arrival. There should have been more information updates provided to waiting passengers at the airport."
Plus: "Crew was better"
Minus: "Improve food quality. Garuda is moving backward in quality of food."
Plus: "Food was nice"
Minus: "Small plane, crew did not help with trouble lifting putting bag in overhead compartpent (almost fell on heads), passengers with children and elderlies were not boarded first though blasted on speakers at start of boarding at gate."
Plus: "Crew was good on flight and food was delicious."
Minus: "Weather delays but worst was that crew staff couldn’t notify us of times. Caused me to miss work today and had 2 major delays to and from"
Plus: "The snacks, staffs and the seat were amazing. Garuda never fail me."
Minus: "Flight was rescheduled 2 1/2 hours later at last minute, with no opportunity to reschedule to an earlier flight. I needed to catch an early morning flight from Jakarta the next morning, meaning I got only 3 hours of sleep at my hotel instead of over 5 hours."
Minus: "Keep going with the excellent job, Garuda"
Plus: "Excellent cabin service"
Minus: "All seats need to be renewed urgently"
Minus: "No TV on cjr1000"
Plus: "Cabin crew services very friendly"
Minus: "Mediocre food, old movie list mostly. The biggest complain is both duiring the CGK T3 international outbound and inbound flight makes you walk the whole length of t3 from the departure gate as the plane for this international flight was parked at the most corner part of domestic terminal. No travellator, no buggy. Terrible for the elders.and bi assistance can be seen"
Plus: "Quick boarding, good entertainment"
Minus: "n/a"
Minus: "I didn't like your time tables where you use only 12 hrs. It's okay to go all the way to 24 instead of 12/12 I had to rebook my ticket at additional expenses"
Plus: "The female air crews. Indonesian female air stewardess are simply beautiful and shapely!"
Minus: "My entertainment set’s headphone plug doesn’t work at all. So I’m watching movie with no sound throughout the whole flight."
Plus: "Although not asked, I was reseated to a front row seat, which has more space."
Minus: "Delay of 30 minutes without any explanation. Contrary to other times, the food was tasteless."
Minus: "Delayed"
Minus: "i didnt like the fact that the flight was cancelled and i was not notified the staff there were no help at all , overall pathetic by then having to take a later flight i then missed my connecting flight to Melbourne which in turn caused me to delay my return by a day then causing me to miss my transport back to my home which is three hours from the airport , i was told in Jakarta that someone would meet me in Melbourne on my arrival to make arrangment for my travel home but no one was there so i had to make my own way home costing me extra money . Overall my exsperience with your airline was a disaster for a so called international airline and i would never recomend to my friends to fly with you ."
Minus: "Garuda played loud “music” on arrival so we couldn’t watch the entertainment system. Getting onto the flight was horrid with long long long wait on the bus to go from terminal to airplane. Food was ultra salty and dreadful."
Plus: "Excellent and plentiful food."
Minus: "Limited storage in business class seat"
Minus: "I purchased 3 legs of a trip on-line and tried daily for 50+ days to make a seat reservation. Occasionally, a screen would appear that stated a fee would be charged. I had no problem with that and was prepared with my credit card to make payment only to be told "oops there was an error" and the transaction could not be completed. I called the Garuda contact number in the U.S. twice and was told there was nothing that could be done from the US and I would have to take care of it when I arrived in Bangkok. I probably will never fly Garuda again so it really will not be a problem."
Minus: "Jakarta Terminal 3 directions are not properly set up. Confusing"
Plus: "All excellent, including service and food."
Minus: "Boarding time is not punctual."
Plus: "I loved the food and the headrest bit."
Minus: "nothing really!"
Plus: "new plane list of movies"
Minus: "food quality is not good to and fro flights"
Minus: "Flight was delayed and more assistance could be provided to passenger on transit as most are not familiar with the new huge airport"
Plus: "Penerbangan lebih cepat dari jadwal"
Minus: "Penerbangan lebih cepat 15 menit dari jadwl"
Minus: "Waited for over an hour for the last bags to be loaded to the baggage carousel at LAX, only to find out that a CZ employee standing two feet away from me had a sheet of paper with the owner names of four pieces of luggage known to be "stuck" in China. Bah humbug!"
Plus: "Pretty smooth flight!"
Minus: "Very rough landing!!"
Plus: "I loved that I got upgraded to Business. It made an exhausting journey home more relaxing. And the crew were lovely, kind, and helpful!"
Plus: "Warm crew and comfortable flight,take off and landing."
Minus: "Nothing much."
Minus: "Flight was delayed by more than one hour."
Plus: "Crew always courteous"
Minus: "Operational Delay? 75 min?! Unacceptable for a country flagship carrier.. The explanation Operational issue is lack of respect to Garuda customers.. It say nothing at all."
Plus: "Flight was good, easy to board, friendly service, reasonably comfortable. On time."
Minus: "Having to change my ticket was a nightmare. I had to call Garuda in the U.S. and after 45 minutes, was told I had to call Indonesia who took another 45 minutes to process the change. All of this cost time and money, not only for the ticket change but for the calls."
Plus: "Organised, well turned out, polite and efficient, a refreshing change to British Airways"
Plus: "I met with a best friend whom I didn't meet for a decades, and he was I the same GA flight but not a member of GFF. Lounge Team give me a courtesy access so we can have a quite discussion in GA Lounge"
Minus: "This was my mother in law traveling. Upon arrival in Jakarta, no Garuda staff assisted her in changing terminals for connecting flight. Security would not let her in to China Airlines entrance, because her boarding pass was from Garuda. They were telling her to go back to Garuda terminal. My wife had to contact someone at China Airlines to go find her, get her through security, and escort her to the plane which had already boarded!!"
Plus: "Garuda Indonesia is just a very good airline."
Minus: "The bad things is the luggage handling at smaller airports."
Plus: "Nice to have food and good entertainment on an affordable flight"
Plus: "Pretty on time"
Minus: "The food is bad"
Plus: "On time boarding"
Plus: "Cabin was in good size, crew was friendly and professional, in flight entertainment was top notch."
Minus: "Boarding was late. When we got to Soekarno Hatta, it took a while before they could open the door of the plane and let everyone out because they were waiting for some equipment (the stairs i'm guessing). Then they put us in a bus which took a loooong time to get to the right terminal. I was sick at that time so this was very inconvenient."
Plus: "The crew were very friendly and professional"
Minus: "Plane was a bit old and Didn't have USB port to charge my phone. I always like it when I can charge my devices on board so I know I have full battery once I get off."
Plus: "Everything"
Plus: "That it was all trouble free very simple to book and everyone was very helpful."
Minus: "All good!"
Plus: "Service on board as usual friendly and professional"
Minus: "Flight was delayed for 30 minutes due to late arrival of the same aircraft from Jakarta"
Plus: "Professional Crew and Excellent Customer Service"
Minus: "One hour delay"
Plus: "My two flights , round trip Jakarta / Malang were perfect in every way. Service was impeccable and the planes were the cleanest I've ever flown. I thought it was sweet that kids received a small gift."
Minus: "There was nothing I didn't like."
Plus: "High end crew"
Minus: "Food and spaces between seats"
Plus: "Seat was ok."
Minus: "There was no food served at all! Just a plastic water container for the entire flight. Could’ve served a snack or two like JetBlue does in USA"
Plus: "our seats were bulkhead seat due to my mother cannot walk so we were told to move back and that was seriously horrible we had paid extra for the bulk seat and it was neglected."
Minus: "our seats were bulkhead seat due to my mother cannot walk so we were told to move back and that was seriously horrible we had paid extra for the bulk seat and it was neglected."
Plus: "Awesome cabin crew, amazing food, more leg room than European and American carriers. Amazing price. What else can you ask for in economy?"
Plus: "The staff was kind and well spoken on the flight."
Minus: "The gate staff was not forthcoming with information and both of my flights were delayed by an hour and no one shared info with passengers."
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Not enough leg room"
Plus: "Check in process, helpful ground crew and airplane"
Minus: "Comfort of seats are horrible for a trip so far, they need more cushion."
Plus: "Great entertainment, good seat comfort (even in economy seat), good food and friendly service."
Plus: "That I arrived at my destination alive."
Minus: "Every staff person we had contact with made us feel as though we were not a priority in any way. We were constantly given misinformation. Our flight was two hours out when it was returned to our departure city due to a passenger health issue. It was not properly explained to us and we were in no way compensated for the inconvenience. Once back at our departure city (Miami) we sat there for an hour or more. They chose to feed us during that delay. Due to this we missed our connecting flight in Istanbul to Rome. This also caused us to miss our transportation from Rome to Compania, Italy. We were told by airline staff on the plane that we would be put up in a hotel over night. When we arrived at the terminal we had no idea where we should go or who we should see. Every representative we spoke to told us to go somewhere else. Truth is it felt like no one we spoke to knew what to tell us or really cared at all. One representative told us we were not entitled to overnight accommodations. We insisted we were told we were and it literally took hours on the ground to straighten the problem out and get to a hotel. By then it was so late that we only got a couple hours of sleep and had to be back at the airport for our next flight. The second flight from Istanbul to Naples, Italy was better. I do not think I would use this airline again. My entire party got an overall sense that people were untrained and lacking in any form of customer service. Not the flight attendants but all the people we had to deal with on the ground. My age plus health issues and walking problems made everything more difficult. We were sent al over the massive airlines terminal with all our carry on luggage only to find when we got to where we were going we had been sent to the wrong place. On top of all this each of us had to pay a VISA fee to get out of the terminal and to the hotel. Just a total nightmare. Prior to taking this flight I contacted Turkish Airlines and spoke to a customer service person and explained that I needed to take with me a small portable oxygen concentrator that I would need to use while in Italy. I needed to know the procedure for bringing that equipment on the airline. I was told that although he could not answer that question He would pass it on to his supervisors and I would receive an answer via email prior to my flight. I never received a response and as a result did not have my needed oxygen while abroad."
Minus: "Had a layover in Toronto. From Toronto we flew to Istanbul and then Venice. While waiting in line to board in Toronto, I was told my carry-on luggage was too big and needed to be put under. I asked MULTIPLE times where my luggage would be- either Istanbul or Venice (final destination) and EVERY time I asked, I was told my luggage would be waiting for me in Venice. Once we arrived in Istanbul I asked AGAIN if my carry-on luggage was here or if it would be in Venice and I was told it would be in Venice. Once we arrived in Venice, my luggage was nowhere to be found. The lost luggage crew (and 90% of the people in Venice) were completely rude and acted like we were a huge inconvenience for them. (I've heard that many Europeans cannot stand Americans, but we were not being rude or obnoxious at all to anyone- we just wanted a quiet, romantic vacation.) So safe to say that it was an extremely rough start. We were in Venice for the Glass Art Society Conference in Murano and due to my luggage being lost, had missed the first day and a half, therefore wasting hundreds of dollars. Luckily my boyfriend's phone worked in order to spend our first two days of vacation (not to mention the amount of money spent on international calling costs) tracking down my luggage, but again dealt with completely rude people who barely helped us with any answers and even hung up on us multiple times (and I'd like to add that despite my frustration, I made sure that I was not speaking rudely one bit). The best answers we received were from the people at the Istanbul airport who told us that Venice received my luggage hours before I even called Istanbul- which I do not understand why the Venice airport did not tell me this because I spent all day speaking with them. Once I called back the Venice airport to confirm what the Istanbul airport told us, they said (once again rudely) that they called me on my phone but did not answer (which I already told them that my phone did not have any service and to call my boyfriend's phone number). So to sum up: I will never be flying to Venice ever again."
Plus: "Same as before"
Minus: "Same as before"
Plus: "Always excellent"
Plus: "It was on time and we got there safely, otherwise not memorable in any way."
Minus: "The staff...not very outgoing....they clearly wish that they were somewhere else."
Plus: "The flight itself was comfortable and pleasant and the crew helpful. Customer Service dept in Chicago was helpful when the flight arrived late and we had to be rescheduled."
Minus: "Flight was late leaving which means I and many others missed out connecting flights. However, Turkish put us up in Chicago overnight and provided us with food vouchers."
Minus: "I'm very angry because the trip late more than an hour, which caused me to delay the trip Riyadh to Abha and lost the value of tickets. I think this is last flight of me for Turkish airlines."
Plus: "The security and service throughout the flight was very good for the price we paid."
Minus: "The transit time was a bit short for my trip from NYC to DAC."
Plus: "Quality of Service"
Minus: "-"
Plus: "Planes are very clean, food is excellent, there is plenty of alcohol, and the crew treats economy passengers as if they were royalty. Flying attendants clean toilette each hour, There is also a flower pasted on the mirror in the toilette. All details of the flight have been take care of."
Minus: "1) The safety record is not superb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Airlines#Incidents_and_accidents 2) Political situation in Turkey is unstable. 3) Most of Europe is west of Istanbul - the flights to Europe are longer. BUT ANYWAY: THE AIRLINES ARE WORKING HARD TO OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES AND PRICES ARE GREAT."
Plus: "They tried to put us with other planes. They weren't successful"
Minus: "They canceled our first flight ( not knowing the reason)from then our trip been ruined, going and coming. We had to buy a return tickets ourselves to get back to Portland. Not happy with them at all. Never were able to go with our original flights."
Plus: "Smooth ride"
Minus: "Lack of air conditioning made it hard to breathe coupled with cramp seating made it unbearable"
Plus: "the food is good - staff are generally friendly but not great with English if you have a problem"
Minus: "Why does Turkish Air boarding always have to be so chaotic - pushing and shoving, etc. Why cant TK control their business class space - people from economy always coming up for bathrooms when there are plenty in the back....."
Plus: "Smaller aircraft but better seats, comfortable"
Minus: "The air conditioner stopped working it was in incredibly hot on the aircraft cabin"
Plus: "The quality of service on Turkish Airlines is really good. I appreciated the friendly and pleasant attitude of all the flight attendants that I came in contact with during the flight."
Minus: "It was such a long trip, a little more than 12 hours and my legs get really stiff after sitting for long periods of time. That is not the fault of the airline, just something I have to deal with after having both knee joints replaced."
Plus: "they fed us on both flights and offered drinks"
Minus: "my knees were pressed into the seat in front of me. Im 5/8"
Plus: "Free wifi for business class HD movies + good quality DENON headseat"
Minus: "Terrible foods taste Zero hospitality crews Lack of food and deink service during 13hour flight No airconditiiner at gate 230 and queue like hell!"
Minus: "It was an hour late arriving!"
Plus: "The crew was very helpful in getting the Wi-Fi to work on my phone. The food was delicious."
Minus: "Not enough leg room for me at 6'3"ans the guy in front of me reclined his seat for the whole 12 hour flight!"
Minus: "Their audio system is very bad."
Plus: "Friendly Cabin crew Entertainment was above average."
Minus: "First of all I have tons of complaints regarding the airport at Istanbul. They have a poorly managed airport and it was so crowded. The cafeteria and places to eat around in the airport were horrendously expensive and they didn't have services like wifi(had to buy it for $8 an hour and it sucked) and drinking water. As per Turkish airlines, the staff in the airport were poorly equipped to deal with emergency situations such as snow. I was flying during the snowstorm and wasn't expecting my journey to be easy. But they should have increased their resources to help people out in such cases.Their help desk was crowded with almost 500+ of people all the time and they only had 2 people to answer their queries. Also, the staff couldn't understand English properly and seemed irritated when I was trying to explain things in English. I had to stand an hour on a line to get my temporary visa issued only to be referred to another line (yes! i waited for an hour to get to the desk and was told to go and sit in another effing line). It was also because most of the signs/boards in the area were written in Turkish only and I didn't know what they were saying. I had to pay for my own hotel during my transit because the line for the hotels was almost two miles long. And when I arrived at my destination, both my luggage went missing. The crew on board were nice and helping people. I do not blame my bad travel experience entirely on Turkish airlines however, the airport and airlines both are not prepared to deal with situations that are unexpected. I also realize the snow storm was the main factor behind everything however any airlines that boasts itself to be a top class international airlines should have means and resources to manage(at least try) their passengers and airport during any situation. No matter what I am never flying with Turkish airlines again."
Minus: "Less variety of food and entertainment options compared with other airlines I traced to USaa but service was exceptional."
Minus: "Well our flight wasn't until 4:30 am and we couldn't go into the airport until 1am. So we were sitting outside in the heat for 8 hours until they would let us in."
Plus: "Muy buena aerolínea. Todo estuvo bien. 100% recomendada."
Plus: "Flight Service, meals on board, entertainment system, comfort, kits. Service on board is great."
Minus: "Service at Ataturk Airport, this place needs to be improved, also booking system that will sell tickets with more than 24 hour layover without mentioning on the site, tricks passengers to idea that they are leaving on the same day. I got stuck in Istanbul for 24 hours, just because tickets didn't mentioned date of second departure."
Minus: "The seat Screen did not work."
Plus: "Excellent price, food, staff, and accommodations! Highly recommend Turkish Airlines!!!"
Plus: "Onboard service was good. Ben Gurion airport services were excellent."
Minus: "Departure was late by an hour which made me miss my connection. Because of this: I had to purchase a visa @$70 US Airport service in Istanbul was very bad. It took 2 hours before anyone would actually help me to organize my next flight to Milan. By the time I arrived in Milan, my family had left worried sick not knowing what happened to me. I then had to find a bus to take me to Lugano, another 25 Euros, and not to mention all the stress to me and my family. I then decided not to put myself through the same situation on my way back to Tel Aviv and purchased new ticket with another Airline company. Overall, the whole experience was a nightmare."
Plus: "Food is always great on Turkish airlines. Entertainment was also great."
Minus: "My flight experience was ruined because TK02 flight was significantly delayed to Istanbul and therefore 25 oassengers did not make it to their flights. The way crew handled this was terrible, they did not care at all! We ended up all waiting for 9 hour at Ataturk Airport."
Plus: "Space inside the plane. There were empty seats that increased the comfort."
Minus: "Lack of courtesy inside the airport and in the plane. Countless passport checkups, poor communication during the flight."
Plus: "Great!"
Minus: "Did not update food preferences after the flight was changed due to cancellation by Turkish airlines"
Plus: "The"
Minus: "The staff at Istanbul offices are mostly very rude and disrespectful. They don't care much about the customers and gave me and others a hard time. Racism also came out strongly and I wish they would assess situations before jumping into conclusions."
Plus: "THe plane left on time and arrive on time"
Minus: "You canceled our flight and didn't bother to email us about it. Had I not had a friend with me who spoke Turkish fluently I would have been unable to communicate with you enough to figure this out. The desk services were incredibly rude and disrespectful."
Plus: "I liked the food and the vegetarian options. Also the the movies were updated and it had a lot to choose from"
Minus: "Security going from venice to Istanbul then israel could have been better"
Plus: "Good food, comfortable seat."
Minus: "Our bag arrived without the walking poles attached to it. So far (more than a week after the flight) we haven't heard from Turkish Airlines anything about our complaint regarding this loss of baggage."
Plus: "The food and service"
Plus: "Turkish airlines is a nice airline company and as I always had wonderful experinces, this time i purchased their tickets. The pilots are wonderful - u never feel any uneasiness when the plain takes off or lands; the crew is always attentive and the food is good :)"
Minus: "The plain crew did well and the plain was on time in Istambul."
Minus: "Entwrtainment Audio was noisy"
Plus: "Flying crew very helpful extremely nice."
Minus: "They charge me $170.00 without telling me! Very upsetting . People who check us in not helpful at all ( especially managers)"
Plus: "By far the most comfortable Economy seats."
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