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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
Japan AirlinesGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 4534 recensioner
8,9Gå ombord
Plus: "The cabin crew was excellent -- friendly, always helpful, energetic."
Minus: "We requested a seafood special meal. The food quality was satisfactory, but most of the items tasted very bland. The accompanying dishes were unimaginative -- raw vegetables (salad), steamed vegetables, pickled vegetables. One exeption was a smoked salmon bit with capers -- this was the tastiest part among 8 meals over 4 flights."
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Plus: "The cabin crew was excellent -- friendly, always helpful, energetic."
Minus: "We requested a seafood special meal. The food quality was satisfactory, but most of the items tasted very bland. The accompanying dishes were unimaginative -- raw vegetables (salad), steamed vegetables, pickled vegetables. One exeption was a smoked salmon bit with capers -- this was the tastiest part among 8 meals over 4 flights."
Minus: "Electricity didn’t work in my pod"
Plus: "The crew was efficient and very helpful."
Minus: "Entertainment choices of selected movies were limited."
Plus: "Japan Airlines always, always, always takes such good care of us, especially with the kids. This flight was no exception. I had forgotten to reserve a kid's meal for our kids (don't forget, parents) and they went well out of their way to make sure that the kids had food that they would like."
Minus: "Nothing. This company deserves its reputation for excellence."
Minus: "Entertaining in English"
Plus: "Soo Much Food! Crew was very polite and helpful."
Minus: "They didn’t offer a vegetarian meal option in flight, but there was enough sides that it didn’t really matter."
Plus: "The crew was absolutely amazing!"
Minus: "I think everything was amazing"
Plus: "The food and legroom"
Minus: "More movies :)"
Plus: "the Level of service and the Japanese culture was evident at every moment of this flight. Our boarding process was delayed by almost an hour, and it felt like every 5-10 minutes we had an update as to what was going on and why, then passports were checked early, and service was top notch."
Minus: "In my perfect world, we would have updates way in advance if there are mechanical or airport issues but that is a slim to none chance. That is about it. Everything else was amazing!"
Plus: "Seat was spacious. Crew was nice."
Minus: "Lack of individual air vent make the flight uncomfortable. I was too warm and unable to sleep even though it was an overnight flight."
Minus: "The food and drinks were sub-par"
Minus: "Please contact me-I was in a car accident on way to airport and was in hospital-missed flight-too another flight next day-would like a refund"
Minus: "This was a JetStar flight, not JAL as the title says. I've only had good experiences with JAL. Despite paying for two pieces of baggage, I had to pay an extra charge. One of my pieces was a pair of light skis (5kg, well below the allowed 20kg) that were apparently too long for normal baggage. It is just another way to extract an extra fee. Seat spacing on Jet Star is dismal. Thankfully it was a short flight"
Plus: "Sturdest were very kind"
Minus: "There was 2 choices for food either pork or chicken But when I asked for chicken they told us no more chicken Then they took the pork from the tray and I had to eat the rest without the main course. Also all the seats were taken by the people who bought the tickets directly from JAL,but there was few seats left all in the middle for people who purchase tickets from travel agents."
Plus: "Standard JAL. No hassles, nice, clean, friendly. Makes Hawaiian airlines look so Bad!"
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "The flight attendant and staff was extremely nice and accommodating. Japan airport is updated with excellent facility and flight transferring was easy."
Plus: "Great crew. I easy transfer!"
Minus: "Food was not great."
Plus: "I have flied to and from Japan many times with many different airlines. This flight was my favorite."
Plus: "While many other airlines are cutting down on their service quality and amount of food on their flights, Japan Airlines has done the reverse: offer excellent food and great service at every tier, including economy. We took a flight from NY to Tokyo and felt like it was one of the best long haul flights we have taken."
Plus: "The food was good the crew was trying to accommodate"
Minus: "I have a slight gut and the food tray wouldn’t come out on the seat assigned to me. Could have changed my seat would have paid more for it but they said it that wasn’t an option."
Plus: "Flight crew was amazing. Respect for people at a level I haven’t seen on domestic US airlines. Seat configuration of 2-4-2 in economy was great. Food and entertainment was really good. Flight arrived on time with no issues."
Minus: "That the level of service on other airlines isn’t at this level. Don’t go to AA looking for a good example."
Plus: "Comfortable business class seat. Flight was on time. That’s what I wanted."
Plus: "Excellent service - delicious meals"
Plus: "The staff are very friendly and accommodating. The food is superb. Although, our trip is long it doesn't seem like because of the great service."
Minus: "None"
Plus: "I was randomly upgraded for the first 10 hours of my trip to Premium economy and it was amazing. Two big hot meals served throughout the flight and plenty of drink service. lots of leg room and could recline comfortably. Flight attendants were wonderful and very helpful. Lots of new movies to watch and games to keep you entertained."
Minus: "Flew economy for the 2nd part of my trip and the seat was very hard and was impossible to get comfy. Same meal service as premium economy and was once again delicious. Much colder on this flight and the thin blankets do very little to help."
Plus: "Great airline, roomy seats and they don't nickle and dime you like other airlines."
Plus: "Everything was wonderful. However, it was a little too warm on the flight for our liking. Other than that, we had a great experience."
Plus: "The staff helping to check in was amazing. There was an error which checking in at LAX, we didn’t have our seats assigned. Ali was able to get us seats together, and by a window at that! She was incredible and super helpful. I knew it would be a great flight just from her service at the beginning."
Minus: "I wish there was a paper that showed you options for food/drinks. The language barrier was a bit difficult at times but the crew was incredibly patience and made sure we got what we asked for."
Plus: "So much food, great leg room, very comfortable and clean, kind and attentive staff"
Plus: "Excellent food. Lots of food, drinks. Comfortable plane."
Plus: "Excellent crew,service and great food."
Minus: "It was little bit warm during flight. There were several other passengers that c/o the temperature being too warm."
Plus: "Very nice airplane with new technology"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "The Japanese know how to service their customers, five stars all the way. The food and drinks (beer) helped too"
Minus: "The video monitor for viewing movies was dated."
Plus: "The flight from Jakart to Japan, Japan to Chicago, was not a problem. Although thr food was typical plane food."
Minus: "My brother and his wife had to wait 12 hrs for plane delay,just to hear that AA canceled all flight for that date. The crew told my brother and his wife to wait for another12 hours which is the next morning, for next flight. My brother decided to just take a rental car to KZO, and was going to just take their luggage from the airline, but the AA crew would not let them did so, and was really rude. It was very traumatic experience for the both of them and other passangers of how bad they treated this plane delay/cancellation issue. One passenger with baby was having a panic attack, but nothing was done. So far, no compensation, or apology email has been sent. Will never take this airline anymore. We are done."
Plus: "best comfy seat! best food best service! I will use japan airline again!"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Flight Delayed for almost an hour Luggage got delayed in Japan not received in VN till 2 days later Small seat -uncomfortable"
Plus: "When I checked in for my connecting flight from Tokyo Narita to New York, the crew said there was no more seat on economy class. She was making sure that I got on the plane by placing me on the premium economy seat. I appreciate the effort and the courtesy of JAL."
Minus: "The meal and dessert were served at the same time. Too much food all at once."
Plus: "The flights were generally ok. Flying coach.."
Minus: "My round trip had a total of 5 legs.. I had to get my luggage at every stop. I only had one destination so I was not expecting to get my luggage at every stop."
Plus: "They will not let me board the plane and I checked the airline before.leaving USA to make sure my ticket is valid and it's OK but when I was to return to USA on april10 they inform me my ticket invalid,cost me alot of money and inconvenience ,God bless"
Minus: "They will not let me board the plane and I checked the airline before.leaving USA to make sure my ticket is valid and it's OK but when I was to return to USA on april10 they inform me my ticket invalid,cost me alot of money and inconvenience ,God bless"
Plus: "Went premium economy for such a long flight- NYC to Tokyo- to Sydney. Seats were great as was crew and everything!"
Minus: "No complaints!"
Plus: "Fast boarding and wonderful staff."
Minus: "A small complaint, but the entertainment system in the plane was very old and had poor quality screens."
Plus: "Cabin attendants were nice. I got sore throat so I asked some items, like water or candies. Then they served me them nicely."
Plus: "Staff was great and everything went according to schedule."
Minus: "The food was bad, but this is my first time having such bad food on JAL."
Plus: "fine food, the pilot handled a typhoon like a pro"
Plus: "I didn't die"
Minus: "Plane was a bit old, headphone jack barely worked and the screen was scratched to hell"
Plus: "I like the food they served during the flight. It very well-thought meal and delicious at the same time. I also like the latest movies on board. We also arrived 20 minutes early! It was absolutely smooth and relaxing flight."
Plus: "checking in at chicago ohare ord was a nightmare.there were only 12 of us in line yet the wait exceeded 1 hour , we watched as the airlines next to us processed well over 150 passenger's while the japan airline moved slower than snail sex. it was painfully beyond slow."
Plus: "Boarding!"
Minus: "Food was below standard."
Plus: "The entertainment package was the best ever encountered with seemingly endless choices, keeping us happy all fight long. The seating seemed a bit crowded, and the food was mediocre. We survived, however, without any problem and overall enjoyed our first Dreamliner flight."
Minus: "Windows were dimmed most of the flight."
Plus: "The first meal was awesome! The second one was so-so."
Plus: "Food was good."
Minus: "Not enough soft drinks and ice has to be asked for."
Minus: "No babies"
Minus: "Being notified in advance that the flight was going to be delayed 40 minutes instead of waiting until the scheduled boarding time to say there was a delay and the delay time was undetermined."
Minus: "I’ll use Korean Airlines again!"
Minus: "They should really Consider adding more movie options, in English without having to read subtitles. I had a 13 1/2 hour flight and an 18 hour flight. The movie options were awful and made for our own not so entertaining flight."
Plus: "Plane in excellent condition. Service outstanding."
Minus: "Nothing special about the food, but it's not a big deal. Would fly them again."
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "More water"
Plus: "They are always friendly and comfortable seating"
Plus: "The crew was awesome. They were attentive. The always said they were sorry as the went down the aisle with the cart. They made sure they didn’t disturb you while you were sleeping. The food was awesome. I can’t explain it you have to go on a trip with them and experience it."
Minus: "Seats could always be more comfortable."
Plus: "service/food excellent"
Minus: "old aircraft with outdated and worn 'cradle' seats that are hard to find these days. Unlike claimed it is not a flatbed type."
Plus: "Free food, 2 hot meals, including special kids meal that can be preorder. Free entertainment, blanket, hood service."
Minus: "My son's entertainment console had some issue."
Plus: "Clean comfortable"
Minus: "Vegan meal option needs more veggies"
Minus: "The only thing that brought my rating of this flight down was the fact that it was so hot in the plane! From the moment we boarded, this plane was, for reasons we couldn’t figure out, stuffy and uncomfortably hot. My pregnant girlfriend did not particularly enjoy this flight."
Plus: "Lots of room,good food,friendly staff"
Minus: "No complaints at all"
Plus: "Service was great. Food was good."
Plus: "Excellent service and food!"
Minus: "N/A"
Plus: "Entertainment"
Minus: "A little bit crowded"
Plus: "Comfortable flight with a nice crew. An overall good experience."
Minus: "After arriving, the waiting time for receiving a VISA was quite long for people staying longer than the regular 3 months."
Plus: "The crew was the best we’ve flown with bar none! We were in economy class but by the attention we received from the flight attendants , the food we were served & entertainment offered we felt like first class passengers! We highly recommend this airlines! We were very impressed and pleased from beginning to end!"
Plus: "Got exit row seat. No extra charge."
Minus: "Everything was great"
Plus: "Everything except the food option"
Minus: "No vegetarian option for the meal"
Plus: "Staff are friendly and accommodating. Service is prompt. Entertainment is somewhat limited compared to other airlines, such as Delta, but they have a good variety."
Minus: "food bad, poor selection"
Minus: "Only real complaint I have and I don't even know if it's a valid complaint but seats were small and the remote to control the in flight entertainment was broken."
Plus: "All the flight attendants were very nice and they had amazing attitudes--especially on my flight going TO Hawai'i. All the flight attendants had smiles on their faces and they were always ready and willing to assist passengers. Every time they delivered something, they were always smiling; even when passengers asked for more assistance, the flight attendants delivered service with a smile!! Amazing!! This was my first time flying Korean Air, but it will not be my last!! My experience with Korean Air was fantastic!! I will definitely fly Korean Air again!! Thank you!!"
Plus: "great flight attendants"
Minus: "Clean, great services, and good food"
Plus: "I thought the food was exceptional"
Plus: "Seats more comfortable than other planes"
Minus: "Staff were oddly unfriendly and I was awakened twice"
Minus: "I'm not happy about the condition of my luggage. When I received my luggage, the latch to close my suitcase was badly damaged. Half of one of the latches was broken off! My suitcase was not locked in the first place so there was no reason for anyone to be so forceful with it."
Plus: "I had a safe flight"
Minus: "The food selection was awful,and the crew was rude about altering if you didn't like what was available"
Plus: "I loved the aircraft and the great service. They offered great food and the service was fast"
Minus: "Everything ok"
Plus: "I took me to my destination."
Minus: "I bought a Korean Air flight but it was a flight with another airline Jin Air. I felt ripped off, i could have bought the same flight for a whole lot cheaper. Well, i learned another lesson about business and how bigger airline uses their name to sell flights. Never again for me."
Plus: "Nice in-flight movie options. Friendly staff. Plenty to drink and enough to eat."
Minus: "Meal was chicken and rice and plenty to drink: water, coffee, soda. There was also pickled vegetables and tofu, but I was satisfied not eating those. Numerous intermittent announcements: [The usual preflight safety briefing, the mid-flight seat-belt and arrival eta announcements, the mid-flight turbulence and temperature comments, the customs-forms hand-outs, the duty-free inflight shopping opportunity announcement, the eventual apologetic conclusion of the duty-free, inflight shopping opportunity] together spoiled my calculated chance of finishing a short movie."
Minus: "I would have appreciated more movie options and TV show options on the entertainment monitor."
Plus: "Lots of room, most space I have ever seen in an economy class. Nice attendants and good food."
Minus: "Every Korean flight I had this trip was delayed. Created problems when Korean Air gives you 1 hour to transfer at Incheon. When transferring, all passengers need to go through security again and there are long lines. Airport attendants were not nice and made us ask people to cut in line. After running through the airport, we then find out the plane was delayed an hour to accommodate other delayed connections! They could have told us this before but only rushed us off."
Plus: "Acceptable legroom. Appreciated the cups of water and juice served regularly. Very good breakfast."
Minus: "Hostesses could have redistributed passengers to empty seats so everyone could have been more comfortable, especially for an overnight flight."
Plus: "Air Korea continued to be awesome"
Minus: "Still no laptop plug"
Plus: "crew, entertainment, overall a great flight(s)"
Minus: "air so dry in cabin"
Plus: "Over all customer service."
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "screen contents very good"
Minus: "seat is smaller than other flight"
Plus: "KA broke handle in my luggage and it was difficult to make them pay back some reasonable amount of money for that (my suitcase was just one year old) but at the end they did a lot. Love their metal cutlery instead of plastic ones. It's not only better to eat with them but also better for environment."
Plus: "Boarding was like any other airline, but once you got on the plane everything was at least a step above the US Air flight I just got off of."
Plus: "Food and crew's profesional service and care"
Plus: "While I slept for part of the flight they placed a note telling me that they let me sleep and didn't want to disturb me."
Minus: "There were no outlets on the plane to charge my devices and it was very cramped in my seating area."
Plus: "Service, comfort, and seat room."
Minus: "Everything was enjoyable on return flight"
Plus: "Food n staffing"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "I loved the caring & attentiveness of all the flight attendants, the individual videos for each seat, the spaciousness between seats, & the complimentary wine service. My flying experience in Coach felt like other carriers First Class. Can't wait to fly again."
Plus: "everything"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "Amazing crew! Great food service!!"
Minus: "Cleanliness of tray table"
Minus: "On long flights, the seats need to be more comfortable and there needs to be more entertainment options. Also was not sure why we could not book seats even though we booked tickets in October."
Plus: "The attentions to the passangers are much more friendly than the ones offered today by the american and european airlines, which are today getting more and more cold and unfriendly."
Minus: "The second food service."
Minus: "The boarding was substantially late. There could have been better communication about the delay. However, the plane still landed on time and the flight was quite comfortable"
Minus: "Food was really unpleasant and entertainment all out of date movies"
Minus: "Seat padding - seat was a bit firm"
Plus: "Good"
Minus: "Good"
Minus: "Delay"
Plus: "japanese airlines food is always better than u.s. airlines. service is also very courteous."
Minus: "disliked their entertainment system. no varieties in movies, and interface was a bit annoying as you could not see a visual menu of all movies and had to keep scrolling line by line to get to the next movie."
Minus: "The way they board the passengers"
Plus: "The staff of ANA took superb care of us from the moment we entered the airport (both SEA and NRT); kindness, excellent food (choose the seafood diet, the food is excellent and you get served first!) and helpful directions in English whenever we looked the slightest bit confused. I will always look to fly ANA going forward. oh, and comfortable economy seats; enough room (I am 6'2") and no numb bum."
Plus: "Perhaps the most courteous airline I’ve experienced."
Plus: "Crew - excellent service orientation"
Minus: "No storage space for small personal items like phone, magazine etc International Food choice very limited size of seats small"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Service Staff Price Professionalism as the ticketing area Great in dealing with children"
Minus: "The lounge was somehow poor and noisy because of the airport constructions."
Plus: "Food was good and staff were very helpful. The boarding zone in economy class were easy , it started from the last to the front."
Minus: "Check in was a little bit confused, we arrived 5 hrs. Before our departure thinking that we can check in our luggage so we can rest in the gate area, but we had to wait 3 hrs to open the check in counter."
Plus: "Food, service"
Minus: "Great staff and food for a plane."
Plus: "The service...the food...the entertainmrnt....tq tq tq"
Plus: "Service, Cleanliness and Overall Quality"
Minus: "Seats could be better"
Plus: "service"
Minus: "food"
Plus: "Service is Stellar"
Minus: "Business class seats were a bit old"
Plus: "More space than usual between chairs. Crew is friendly."
Minus: "Food was too smelly. Good quality, but airplane food cannot be smelly or it get really unpleasant inside the cabin. Flight attendant need to learn and practice English. Very difficult to understand."
Plus: "Aircraft menu and service"
Minus: "Aircraft seat pitch"
Plus: "- Airfare Price - Ease of Checking In - Friendliness of Staffs - Aircraft is clean"
Minus: "- Entertainment options were limited - Food choices limited as well - Seats are a bit stiff and small"
Plus: "service..service..service and ontime performance"
Plus: "Great service."
Minus: "See subject line"
Plus: "Overall excellent"
Plus: "Everything was fine"
Minus: "The seats hurt my butt"
Plus: "Good food and cabin service. Accommodating in connecting flight arrangements."
Minus: "Left an hour late because of slow ground service and poor scheduling. Extremely uncomfortable seats."
Minus: "Width of the seat for me was bit tight when in a flat bed position."
Plus: "Staff was very courtaeous .they were very polite and helpful.Hindu veg. food was nice."
Minus: "Flight from Delhi toTokyo in plane leg space was not enough.But in other flight Tokyo to Sanfrancisco it was comfortable."
Plus: "The staff are friendly and helpful. The seat is very comfy"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Fantastic customer service, excellent food everything was best and clean."
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "Ordered Fruit Meal. It did not have a variety."
Plus: "Good service Soft landing Clean"
Minus: "Not really"
Plus: "Customer Service"
Plus: "The crew was very efficient and the food was also good"
Minus: "You should add some veg dishes"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Great layover options. Timely arrivals."
Minus: "Food options were poor. Wished there were more fresh alternatives, like salads and fruits only."
Plus: "Crew was very friendly. All observed interactions with passengers were pleasant and helpful."
Plus: "Very friendly staff, happy to explain and let us try the lemonade drink"
Minus: "would have preferred more asian food options"
Plus: "Food"
Plus: "I took flight Mexico-Narita on economy and it was comfortable enough for a 14 he trip. Food was great and entertainment was bast."
Minus: "Nothing in particular"
Plus: "Nice friendly staff in the plane. Nice friendly staff at the airport, although very slow and getting confused easily. Need more training."
Minus: "Check-in process at the airport was ridiculous ! One ANA staff sends us to wait to a certain counter after looking at our ENTIRE trip (all 3 segments), only to find out 20min later that we were supposed to go to ANOTHER counter, because our ultimate destination was International (USA). Also, boarding passes had to be REPRINTED in Tokyo for some reason. Note: on the way to Okinawa 2 weeks earlier, we had similar poor experience, but we only had to wait 5 min in the wrong lane. Overall ANA staff is very nice, friendly and smiling, but seems to get overwhelmed and confused very easily, and take FOREVER to do simple tasks that their US counterparts do 3x or 4x FASTER. --> do more regular TRAINING of your staff at airport counters !"
Plus: "Flight crew were amazing! Very hospitable and attentive."
Minus: "WiFi was not very good. Connection was very slow and they charge $20 per 100 MB used (instead of one flat fee)."
Plus: "The best service I have ever received. The stewardess ladies are incredible."
Minus: "Alternative movie options."
Plus: "I liked the crew both on the ground and in the plane. They were friendly, responsive, and skilled. I liked the seat which was comfortable. I liked the quilt and pillow for sleeping."
Minus: "There wasn't anything I can say I didn't like. The movie selection could have been better. The video or TV lacked high-end shows - HBO etc. The headphones could do a better job of blocking out background noise."
Plus: "We were the first to be there in line in wheelchair yet we were the last to be assisted."
Plus: "Price is good"
Minus: "The food can be more improve"
Plus: "Amazing crew, great seating area and tasty menu."
Plus: "Crew was amazing"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "I didn't like the trip much. After the trip we found out that our body was bitten by fleas. Our body is now full of rashes, every part of my body is so itchy. We was seated in 61A and 61C, seems like in the previous flight a dog was sitting there or some kind of animal that left fleas in the sit."
Minus: "Please clean better the seats. This is unacceptable, not a good way to start a trip in Japan. We only hope to get better sitting in our last flight with SQ, from Japan to LA."
Plus: "The crew was amazing. seats were comfortable. The seats will be super comfortable, if there are more leg space."
Plus: "Efficient"
Minus: "Better food, better selection movies"
Minus: "For better leg room in business class go for the bulkhead seats"
Minus: "Cramped seats, no leg room, horrible food, stupid COLD snack!"
Minus: "Singapore Airlines is so wildly overrated. The service is frequently poor, and the cabin environment dirty and old unless flying on their very latest planes. Even their A380s are now stale and musty. Not nice."
Plus: "Extra leg room, great service and good food."
Minus: "The entertainment system feels dated (no touch screen) manual rewinding of movies, selection of movies"
Plus: "Well organized boarding, friendliness of staff, food service"
Minus: "Flight was delayed by about an hour."
Plus: "Staff are great and on board service was good. Boarding is always well organised from Changi however it was a full flight and as always half the passengers exceeded their carry on allowance. Rather than addressing this bags were flung everywhere no nowhere within your actual reach during the flight. Very annoying when you are a passenger who does the right thing."
Minus: "See above. No in flight entertainment makes you feel like you're flying with the low cost carrier rather than a full service airline."
Plus: "Prompt boarding, friendly service, decent food, plentiful entertainment. Singapore Airlines was a great choice for my flight from Texas to England."
Plus: "Easy red eye flight, just slept the whole way"
Minus: "Singapore airline is always awesome. Crew professional and very caring"
Plus: "I do like Singapore airlines and all the rest of the airline stuff apart from the entertainment system was great!!! (Unfortunately since there was no USB or seat power my iPad fairly quickly ran out of juice...)"
Minus: "The entertainment system was soooo old. In our seats it was non-functional. The plane wasn't too full and so I scooted over to the isle seat next to mine but again the resolution on the screen was so bad I couldn't read the intro comments to the movie, etc. They desperately need to update the entertainment system on that plane."
Plus: "In general it was all very good - I flew Premium Economy but I didn’t see much difference at all between that and Economy. There was a bit more leg room but that was about it, Having said that Singapore Airlines overall is pretty good - toilets kept nice and clean and everyone well taken care of."
Plus: "The ability to pre-order food helped bud to intolerance of good types. Crew were helpful in getting us off the place first because they knew were were short on time for our connection."
Minus: "Delayed flight meant a stressful flight wondering if we would make our connection. Also the quality of the pilot on the intercom was poor - mumbled and unclear information."
Plus: "Everything from Ticketing, Checking in......"
Minus: "There was on flight attendance which I assume new. She was not able to manage to check with her colleagues whether there was still a food which I requested before giving me the answer. Also, to me little things like fold the cup holder before take off and landing is just a simple task to do without giving a lecture to the passenger when he or she might be tight up with kids."
Minus: "Hostesses not so pleasant"
Plus: "Service is always excellent"
Minus: "Food however was very disappointing. Surprising as Singapore Airlines pride themselves on quality and the food was poor :-("
Plus: "The seats are very comfortable. There was ample entertainment."
Minus: "No complaints at all. They are very professional and I would chose them again."
Plus: "Crew members were very friendly n helpful."
Plus: "Friendliness"
Plus: "Crew was good."
Minus: "Despite booking Hindu vegetarian meal, chicken was served. The seats were too uncomfortable and no space at all."
Plus: "Friendliness and efficiency of crew. Comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment."
Minus: "Not much. This airline is up there with the best."
Plus: "Excellent crew services"
Minus: "Entertainment system is rather tired for today’s standard for first tier airlines, in particular the headphone jacks which may not work from wear & tear. It’s a hit & miss whether the sound works or not. Obviously mine didn’t on one side this time. Very frustrating if you are on a long flight and there’s nothing you can do if the flight is full."
Plus: "The cabin crew are very helpful and friendly. I sat at the end of the row in the upper deck. After the gate door closed , they let me sit in the empty sit away from the toilets . During the flight they’re around with water and juices to make sure we’re dehydrated,"
Minus: "Flight delayed twice without informing us the reason, and after boarding, we waited for v long to take off also"
Plus: "Service was great."
Minus: "Bit on the cold side."
Plus: "Crew service"
Minus: "Very old entertainment system. Poor screen visibility. Cramped"
Plus: "We started taxing 15 minutes before the departure time. This is great !"
Minus: "not much"
Plus: "Very friendly crew & modern aircraft"
Plus: "1) Crew very personable and accommodating 2) Food was good 3) Arrival on schedule 4) Entertainment system provided lots of choices 5) Baggage arrived in reasonable amount of time"
Minus: "1) Economy seating was cramped (long-haul flights should have more spacious seating) 2) Crying babies made flight almost unbearable 3) Process of leaving the plane took too long because only one exit door was used 4) Departure delayed by 35-40 minutes (made up in flight)"
Plus: "The food is good. The service is excellent, always smiling and attentive."
Minus: "Not enough quantity of each type of food. I did not get the cold noodle I want and end up eating sandwiches."
Plus: "SQ always has top quality service and that came through today."
Plus: "Crew, plane, punctuality"
Plus: "Overall just a really great experience."
Minus: "Nothing negative to report."
Plus: "Personal TV"
Plus: "nothing"
Minus: "poor ground and inflight crews hospitality poor food quality poor food variation"
Plus: "Touch screen entertainment system with great variety of programs. Good food, clean cabin, friendly crews. I'd fly again on Singapore Air over other domestic airlines and Japanese airlines."
Minus: "Sound quality of ear buds was not good. No issues if you travel with your own."
Plus: "We did not die in a hellacious ball of flame Aviation incident!"
Minus: "Bulkhead seating (required for bassinet) Row 41, my seat was practically in the aisle. No where to put my feet without getting trodden on by everyone! Broken entertainment screen, would not stay upright, due to several hundred thousand past passengers bashing into it after having first trodden on the unfortunate passengers feet! Crew unresponsive with drink and food requests, I had to ask for services multiple times on several occasions. Pressing my 'attendant button' my light was lit for 10 minutes before a crew member noticed. My first trip on Singapore, my expectations were not met. Shame"
Plus: "The flight attendants are professional, attentive, efficient. One suggestion, they didn't know to offer a nauseous passenger ginger ale. I let them know to give her some and she was very grateful. Also too much food! It's so much better than any other airline but very abundant and I feel bad when I only eat a small portion of the items on each tray. Otherwise great crew, plane, boarding, etc."
Plus: "No fuss flight but lacking that something extra"
Minus: "Crew rarely walked aisles with water. Gluten free meal was mediocre. Seat was old and uncomfortable. Entertainment options were mediocre."
Minus: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold"
Plus: "Best economy experience I've ever had. The cabin crew is very attentive, constantly coming around with drinks and water refills. They also had decent light snacks in case you were hungry between meals. I also loved the chairback setup and the entertainment unit. If flying economy, Singapore will be my airline of choice."
Minus: "Food was meh. Above average, but still not amazing."
Plus: "Onboard Crew was great. I sympathize that they have to rush a service on a 1hr 20min flight with turbulance."
Minus: "I have started taking SQ instead of budget airlines hoping for good service and on time travel. However, both times travelling from SQ from jakarta was delayed. Yesterday, I got home 1.5hrs later than I should have. I have also to pay for additional surcharge due to midnight cab fare. Further, when I wsa travelling to Jakarta - none of the inflight entertainment was working. So it has been disappointing."
Plus: "Flight on time"
Minus: "The in flight service was not as good as I remember the last few times I flew with Singapore. ."
Plus: "Leg room in economy is good, even for tall people. Food was actually quite good."
Minus: "Two of our family's seats would not recline, although they were not near an exit row."
Plus: "Amazing crew, super hospitality, conformable sit"
Minus: "non for now, may later after much observations, other than that.. it was a great experience flying with Qatar airways.."
Plus: "Flight attendants were excellent, food service very good. If the service is so good in economy, I can't imagine how nice it would be to fly in business class. I would fly Qatar Airlines all the time if the price is right."
Minus: "Economy row seats don't give you enough space for your legs between rows, but this is a systemic problem among airlines. You have to live with it or move up to business class."
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Minus: "Qatar airline is one of the best ways to fly!"
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Plus: "Crew was friendly and seating arrangement was great traveling with 2 small children. Food was great and very tasty."
Minus: "more leg room and headphones that worked."
Minus: "I didn't like that my Amex was used fraudulently to purchase 3 tickets to a place I would never visit with Ahmed and Mohammed and respectfully request, while I am disputing this with Amex that you credit me the 3 tickets purchased. Thanks!"
Minus: "Doha to Washington plane was an old plane where entertainment system did not function properly, seats did not recline etc. Emirates A380 is a lot more comfortable plane."
Plus: "Service and entertainment."
Minus: "Food."
Plus: "Legroom was great Staff were great Bathrooms were very clean and cleaned often in the flight"
Plus: "The staff was very helpful went above and beyond to help. Everything was smooth from boarding to landing plus everything in between."
Plus: "Own entertainment device"
Minus: "No snacks"
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Thank you for a very good flight experience both from Philadelphia to Doha and Doha to Johannesburg."
Minus: "The breakfast options could have been better, but I was fed and happy, and the flight attendant was kind enough to bring me green tea when it wasn’t readily available on the cart."
Plus: "all are nice"
Minus: "nothing but avoid bread"
Plus: "Qatar airways is the best company"
Minus: "They claimed they have free WiFi, but this is not true. Passengers has to pay if they want access to WiFi. Uncomfortable sitting and you cannot adjust it to a comfortable level. Crew keeps demanding sit need to be upright."
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "I was already travelling 5000km so I didn't notice anything"
Minus: "Turbulences ... but it's ok."
Plus: "On time flights, orderly boarding, plenty of room for carry on luggage, no overcrowding, connection through Doha airport was nice as it is not crowded and has plenty of shopping options."
Minus: "Too many crying babies on board, food was just okay, crew were also just okay, entertainment system didn’t always work, cut out well before landing and took forever to reset."
Plus: "Flight was on time"
Minus: "Small single aisle plane No wifi, no power ports, no individual screens Qatar is great about serving water but not other drinks -- I bought drinks inside security but there was another round of security at the gate -- they confiscated all of the drinks I bought"
Plus: "the flight was empty and lots of room to get comfortable snacks and food were good boarding was easy"
Minus: "Delayed"
Plus: "Flight was without any hitches, could have done better with boarding after the previous mishap of a 5 hour delayed flight and being forced to stay in Doha for a night which put everyone's schedules off by a day. Still, I would book another flight with Qatar airways for their efforts and overall good service."
Minus: "It would have been nice if Qatar Airlines also provided Priority Boarding for everyone on the flight that got delayed as there was a long line just to get to the boarding area."
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Plus: "Very nice. Everything was great."
Plus: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."
Plus: "Service was on point. The crew was very helpful."
Plus: "Nice airlines"
Minus: "The flight departure from Dar was moved up an hour and the congestion at the airport made it close. Also I need a name tag on a checked piece of luggage. When I asked, I was told that none were available. The check in person was not pleasant or helpful. I also had to watch to make sure that the luggage labels were attached to be sure that they would make it to Chicago. Once on the plane there was an unrudy boy sitting in front of us jumping in his seat, never wearing his seat belt kicking the seat, turning on the light beating on the tray table, calling the flight attendant. The adult ignored the child through the flight. It was one of the worse experiences I have had on a plane. I would have to think very hard before I fly Qatar again."
Minus: "The seats could me more comfortable . The one that flew from Doha to Mumbai was way more comfortable than the one from Houston to Doha ."
Minus: "They flight was moved up about 1 hr earlier. But no email/SMS/call etc. I totally could have missed the flight as a result! Why would they change it and not let passengers know?"
Plus: "Over all it was a good experience"
Minus: "IEvery thing was fine."
Minus: "Food is not fresh and seats are not comfortable. Very little leg room."
Plus: "The food was the best airline food out there. Also, the regular economy seats recline more than other airlines."
Minus: "The boarding process was chaotic. There was. O system to the boarding and it made for a lot of pushing to get in line."
Plus: "Not much"
Minus: "One of bags was missing and I came to know this only after waiting until the last bag. The staff knew that my bag did not make it out of Doha. It would have been nice if I was informed as soon as I landed so I did not have to wait for an hour unnecessarily. And the paperwork to report the missing baggage was totally Chaotic. Whoever barged to the counter and was aggressive got priority and taking down the details and giving us a receipt. This is probably my 5 or 6 flight in Qatar and it seems that you guys are slipping up as Emirates had done. Hope you don't."
Plus: "We departed late and therefore missed the connection. The staff met me and made arrangement for hotel accommodations till the next available flight. No haggling was necessary. staff on ground and in air sought to be helpful. Price of ticket was very affordable. Seating comfortable."
Minus: "Comparing to Emirates airlines...Movie choices were very limited. Only 2 new movies available. Food was poor at best. This was my second trip with Qatar. First trip...my iPad was stolen from baggage. Airline have had no solution. I prefer Emirates."
Plus: "Good service, good entertainment options, modern aircraft"
Plus: "Flight was on-time, crew was very friendly. The entertainment was very good, the food was o.k."
Minus: "Everything overall was very good, the only issue was that we tended to sit with our dirty trays and empty cups for quite long periods of time."
Plus: "Excellent customer service, smooth boarding, good food."
Minus: ""Enhanced" screening at Doha airport not only was more invasive but also held up passengers until end of boarding."
Plus: "Great personnels!!"
Minus: "Overall nothing but great Service!!"
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "We sat on tarmac for 3 hours with no explanation from the crew or cockpit. Because of the delay, everyone missed their connections in Doha. The crews could have jet a couple of the flights a little longer for people to make their flights. The desk was filled with people and was very chaotic. There were so many people working there but no one could give you a straight answer so it was very confusing. I had to wait at the airport for 4 hours to get it sorted and was given a food voucher for $50 for the entire stop over. I asked about a flight voucher and they laughed and said they didn't do that even though they were the ones at fault. The crew was nice and the food was good but I will never fly quatar airways unless they remedy the situation."
Plus: "Qatar is not glitzy. Better than that, it was straightforward and relaxed and comfortable. Crew was pleasant and helpful."
Plus: "Once I made it to my seat, easily slipped back into a meditative trance."
Minus: "Unannounced delays. Waited in a line, then another one. Probably just different security protocol than I'm used to."
Plus: "Truly give star service for business class"
Plus: "Comfortable and easy"
Minus: "Departs in early morning"
Plus: "Liked the entertainment options with a large movie catalog."
Minus: "Customer service by phone, boarding process, width of seats, speed of cabin service."
Plus: "Please see above"
Minus: "Please see above"
Minus: "I am hard of hearing. It would be appreciated it you would offer more movies with English subtitles."
Plus: "Qatar has the most comfortable business class seats. Only Cathay are equally good. Food and drinks are first class. No doubt one of the best business class today."
Minus: "Bus from the gate to the aircraft. Although for business class it was a special comfortable bus."

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