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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
Qatar AirwaysGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 10903 recensioner
8,3Gå ombord
Plus: "As always crew magnificent"
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Plus: "As always crew magnificent"
Plus: "Wifi !!!!"
Minus: "Bigger seats"
Plus: "Tripulación muy atenta"
Minus: "Crew needs more booster, perhaps? so they can share some smiles and warm gestures like what we experienced during flight from Singapore to Doha. Ability to choose kids' meal 24 hours before flight. we don't know the avail menu, hence we ordered on outbound only, unable to change afterwards."
Plus: "The A330, despite being an old plane, had really good recline."
Minus: "The entertainment was very outdated."
Plus: "Too crowded"
Minus: "One more staff will be better"
Plus: "The service as usual on Qatar is excellent"
Minus: "2-2-2 setup is old style for business class and while the seats were nice it means either you are stuck by the window or need to move to let others out in the aisle"
Plus: "All crews are helpful especially to parents traveling with young kid."
Minus: "More variety of food would be great"
Plus: "Nytt och fräscht"
Minus: "Maten kunde vart bättre. Och snabbhet i service"
Plus: "Good Service.Efficient"
Minus: "No Phone charging facilities on back of the seat unlike other Qatar aircraft."
Plus: "The Crew was amazing. The Seat were the best Selling point fort business class"
Minus: "More space for the arm rest ans legs space"
Plus: "Good service/Crew food quality and choice good."
Minus: "Need more choice of British TV Programmes rather than American"
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Non"
Plus: "The plane was Dreamliner. It was huge and nice. Great staff on board , very friendly ."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Good leg space, friendly crew, excellent plane."
Minus: "This is for ALL airlines: It takes so long to get off the plane!"
Plus: "Plane was very empty so it allowed us to spread out."
Minus: "Cabin noise was loud. There was a high pitched whine throughout the whole trip."
Plus: "Went out of their way to be helpful"
Plus: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Minus: "Flight length"
Plus: "Gave food vouchers due to extended layover. Marché food quality is average at best."
Minus: "Biggest problem was late arrival, missing connection. Lateness caused by them at first, then a departing passenger caused further delay. But they were late to begin with. Next problem was their REFUSAL to give me an aisle seat. I reserved an aisle seat originally, aisle seats were available when I tried to change, but agent REFUSED to accommodate me with either aisle or window. Sat in middle with huge guy next to me. Very uncomfortable. Food was mediocre on this leg. Oh, and late departing AGAIN. Will seriously look for other options on next trip."
Plus: "Plane was clean and modern. Staff was very courteous. An overall pleasant flight."
Plus: "Crew were good, food was decent"
Minus: "Equipment/electronics was a bit dated."
Plus: "Video on Demand at each seat in coach. Friendly staff. Also patient staff, what with the languages they have to cover with each flight. The airline goes everywhere so it’s impossible to say what anyone will be speaking."
Plus: "The visit to the lounge is always refreshing. The service at the shower area is great however policing of people using phones in the quiet zone should be enforced"
Minus: "The good got used a bus gate which is acceptable however this typically takes additional time if there is a connection flight"
Plus: "Seats were comfortable, they were aware of alternative meal requests, professional, comfortable temperature"
Minus: "When dropping my bag at check in counter, the employee at the counter asked, somewhat intrusively, what the extra fee I paid was for. When I told her it was for the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, her facial response and attitude came across as judgemental, and was not appropriate"
Plus: "Individual service, happy and natural looking crew, comfort and company aim."
Plus: "The flight attendants were very friendly. On the flight, snacks and drinks were bright by every hour or so and the meals were plenty of food and tasted good. I was given a bag with eye cover, earplugs, socks, face wipes and ear phones. Entertainment was good as well. Qatar is an amazing airline. Wish we had something like this in the States!"
Plus: "everything went smoothly, no delays, boarding was easy and quick"
Plus: "All around great airline. Comfortable for super long flights and completely accommodating."
Plus: "Flight attendants very nice"
Minus: "Boarding at JFK. PHONEY wheel chair users. Saw a woman with one leg who.REALLY needed one tough it out while others were just lazy. I saw them walking after wards. They just don't want to wait in.line. Handicapped should have wheelchairs but once they have them they should wait like everyone.else"
Plus: "Films Service"
Minus: "Not enough films"
Plus: "Heavenly for an airplane ride!"
Plus: "see above"
Minus: "see above"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Crew is meek and doesn’t smile or try very hard. Flight was FULL of nasty Russian tourists. Miserable experience"
Plus: "Good, drinks, service and entertainment system."
Plus: "Although we flew economy, we received excellent service from an attendant from the Philippines."
Minus: "We have no complaints."
Plus: "Airplane crew was nice when they saw I was very upset over that my luggage was refused."
Minus: "My luggage was refused at the check-in due to several mistakes from the check-in and Customer service personbil from Qatar. It is now one week after my flight and my luggage is still not with me. I have spend lots of money and written 3 LONG mails to Qatar Customer Service - some have been teplied with a ”we will get back to You” note - but nobody has gotten back to me so far. Not 5 Stars. Actually One star is too good a Grade for this complete service failure from A-Z."
Plus: "i do like service in plane and at the counter no problem with baggage.all ok.thank for good service.sincerly vladimir hodan"
Plus: "Loved the food and entertainment."
Minus: "Not enough leg room and space between the chair in front."
Plus: "All"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "Stopover in Doha fun. The people are so friendly."
Plus: "Enterment"
Minus: "Crew nice alway take care customer"
Plus: "The flight attendants was nicer on this flight then the US to Doha flight"
Minus: "Seats were not comfortable"
Plus: "Could not be more impressed with the airline, absolutely would recommend to anyone!"
Plus: "Comfortable seat and good service"
Minus: "None"
Plus: "In-flight entertainment is excellent. Some of the grew also excellent. Had excellent seat 68d. Lots of leg room. Aircraft looked brand new."
Minus: "6 hour delay with no explanation. No apology. Stuck in transit with nothing to do. Not impressed at all. Boarding also delayed. Food on this flight was very poor."
Plus: "Comfortable, attractive, nice music, good food, nice crew, on time, easy takeoff and landing! What else could you ask for? ;-)"
Plus: "Nice and spacious aircraft."
Minus: "Some confusion on Hindu meal and vegetarian meals."
Plus: "Qatar airlines was awesome! Comfy seat, great headrest, lots of entertainment options and decent food all on a very short flight. Would definitely fly this airline again!"
Plus: "Overall, an excellent short flight. I was flying with oversize luggage (bicycle), which is offer a hassle. The ticket agent took care of it without issue, and it arrived safely. Food was OK. I would try Qatar for a long flight if the opportunity arises."
Minus: "Boarding was chaotic. Everyone just queued up instead of using zones, etc."
Plus: "I will fly Qatar again"

Som vegan , får man alltid lite mat. inget man kan välja emellan. Utan man får bara serverad något utan att veta vad det är. Jag är allergisk mot paprika, och detta finns i min profil när resebyrån bokar mina biljetter. Jag får tyvärr nästan alltid paprika serverad i mina måltider.

Allt var perfekt!

Plus: "The prompt service of the staff and comfort of the plane."
Minus: "Warm snacks instead of cold pastry."
Minus: "Flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours for tire change. Stuff happens."
Minus: "Had to wait for wine with The food..."
Minus: "Food."
Plus: "Service"
Minus: "Seats recline too much making difficult to get in or out because of the seat in front of you"
Plus: "Very happy travelling with this airline"
Minus: "Bay"
Plus: "comfortable flight"
Minus: "TV options and headphones"
Minus: "Better food choices. Better entertainment options."
Plus: "Professional crew"
Minus: "Not enough leg room"
Plus: "The lounge"
Minus: "It is no total flight old plane."
Minus: "The food quality was poor."
Plus: "The Crew was very Good and yes the seats were comfortable."
Minus: "I think they did the great Job"
Plus: "Everything was great"
Minus: "More choice of movies, and more choice of translations languages for movies. Because longs hauliers need a lot of entertainment. Thank you very much for asking for our comfort"
Plus: "The crew was super nice and informative."
Minus: "The food was just ok, but not really expecting a 5 star cuisine."
Plus: "Comfortable seat, good entertainment options"
Minus: "A specially hospitality and food which served in plane was excellent"
Minus: "Krabi airport is terrible. Cramped waiting area. Boarding gates too narrow for capacity. Aircon not coping. Worst flight information I have ever encountered."
Plus: "new plan and equipments are good"
Plus: "Crew were great"
Minus: "Food in economy could be more Thai and tasty but nicely served and efficient"
Plus: "Everyone was very nice and hospitality was great."
Minus: "a better selection of movies/entertainment."
Plus: "Good service"
Plus: "Food and service was great."
Minus: "Old plane, headset did not work well."
Plus: "All well arranged. Friendly and helpful crew. Food apprppriate for the trip. Logistics ok. Balue for money."
Plus: "Flight was full, but generous seat pitch and efficient crew made the difference!"
Plus: "Efficient and friendly staff."
Minus: "Bad choice of in-flight entertainment."
Plus: "ARN to BKK: Good crew, good seat (Thai Premium Economy - available Scandinavian flights only), on time departure and early arrival BKK."
Minus: "Food was tasty enough, but not hot when served (a common problem with many airlines) and only two options for Premium Economy. Entertainment options also limited."
Plus: "Just like on previous domestic flight experience, I love how Thai Airways is able to promote and provide for customer comfort and service on such short flights - something that US airlines are so incapable of providing. Not only was the A350 comfortable and spacious, the fact that they also served a meal on such a short flight is so much appreciated."
Minus: "Food terrible"
Plus: "The staff were extremely helpful boarding me even when my previous domestic flight arrived late and I was able to board and check in my luggage half hour before take off time"
Plus: "All"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Whole experience was excellent"
Plus: "The cabin crew was helpful and excellent service. The food was exceptionally good."
Plus: "seats are comfortable, service is mediocre"
Minus: "Boarding in Brussels is always a hassle. The plane is never ready for boarding and one has to wait long time to access the plane. They start boarding but do not open the doors of the plane so everybody has to wait long in the tunnel to access the plane. It would be better not to start boarding."
Plus: "the crew was professional and friendly and you get alcohol on the flight."
Minus: "no issues"
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Crew was very service oriented!"
Minus: "The legroom was horrible."
Plus: "Stewards were very polite and helpful. Even offered me extra meal without request. Clean, comfortable aircraft unlike most South East Asian aeroplanes. I recommend THAI Airways."
Minus: "Seat wasn't spacious enough but that is the case with almost all airlines if you are flying economy class. Food was prepared for Asian taste only. I guess that is understandable."
Minus: "The service was the worst ever. For example, salt and pepper was not incl in the dinner kit. Asked for it twice, never got it."
Plus: "quick flight"
Minus: "na"
Plus: "great service"
Minus: "Tight seat space."
Plus: "Absolutely great"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Plane arrived on time and service was good!"
Minus: "Departure was delayed by 45 minutes so upon reaching Bangkok airport, I had to literally run to catch my connecting flight."
Plus: "I love the food especial Thai food. The air craft crew are very helpful."
Minus: "My friend request for extra ice cream and the crew rejected her with very loud tune."
Plus: "Flight staff friendly and helpful"
Minus: "Long wait at checkout in. Slow."
Plus: "Forgot my tablet in the pocket of my seat on my flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu and didn't notice until I was packing to return 5 days later. When I checked in to return to Bangkok, they had me flagged in the system for a lost item. Not only did they have my tablet but everyone from the airline staff to airport security knew about the incident and was happy to get my tablet back to me."

Trevligt 👍

Thy är alltid bäst

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Allt bra tack

Plus: "Very comfortable overall"
Minus: "Unrelated to the flight, the ground handling staff at Istanbul airport, especially the information desk, should be given a crash course in customer care."
Plus: "The food was finished by the time crew came to serve me and actually said sorry we have no food left for you. Due to flight delay missed connection and the Turkish airlines staff at Istanbul was extremely rude and downright unhelpful"
Minus: "Turkish airlines really needs to train crew in how to behave under difficult circumstances"
Plus: "We were told by terminal staff in Istanbul that the fkught was on Turkish Airlines.We waited in line at the first ticket counter and then we were sent to a second ticket counter where we waited in line again. We were sent to a 3rd counter where the Supervisor was chatting with a lady for 20 minutes. When we reached the counter we were told it was too late to board and we had missed our flight even though there were still 35 minutes to flight time. Turkish Airlines staff would not help us any further and we had to go purchase another ticket."
Plus: "Great service! Food was very good."
Minus: "That boarding. People who were not in line rushed to the front when boarding started."
Plus: "check in..Gatwick S."
Minus: "cramped, breakfast was a disgust.tasteless omelette,soggy sandwich. a disgrace."
Minus: "The are not nice at all"
Plus: "Smooth flight. Food was better than flight out of NY. Very tasty. Terrific crew."
Minus: "Seat was a bit cramped but this was a coach seat so my expectations were not high. Aircraft was smaller than first flight so seats were also smaller."
Plus: "This flight on an A330 had big touch screens which worked well. Seats were spaced apart with good room and were fairly comfortable. Nice, friendly crew."
Plus: "Food and service in business class were splendid."
Minus: "Absolutely nothing"
Plus: "Everything! Food was amazing!"
Minus: "The plane was too hot"
Plus: "I like the crew , and new movies."
Minus: "I missed my flight"
Plus: "Professional nice food"
Plus: "Istanbul Airport has good facilities and F&B options"
Minus: "Flight from Istanbul to Bangkok was delayed for 3.5 hours with no apology and no compensatory measures such as drinks and food or lounge access Power outlets in Istanbul airport are all round plug European with no USB terminals for phone recharging"
Minus: "Totally desorganized boarding, wrong door on ticket, no priority line....just not the way you expect things done by Turkish Airlines"
Plus: "E"
Minus: "The food was a far miss to my other flight from BBK to Istanbul . I know it was a different flight also being a bit tired after other flight did not help . Otherwise the were excellent ."
Plus: "Airplane crew was amazingly friendly and helpful"
Plus: "The Lounge at Istanbul airport is fantastic"
Minus: "Seating in Economy class is terrible. For tall persons like me it is a punshment to be squeazed in such a narrow space. Turkish airlines should add more space and comfort with their seating in Economy. Introduce a Premium Economy Class would solve that problem"
Minus: "No space"
Plus: "the food and staff were very good"
Minus: "the size of the seats were much too small. The plane waited for 45 minutes to park at JFK and when we deplaned the down escalator was stopped and the elevator didn't work so we had to carry our carry ons in our hands down 2 flights of steps-some people were elderly and could hardly do it."
Plus: "Great food! Loved that you get a menu to choose from"
Minus: "We were not asked or given the option to choose our seats on the plane."
Plus: "First time I've had a gift in economy! Very minimal, but nice! Food was very good - especially for airline food. Crew all very nice, and pre-flight in SFO was efficient and pleasant."
Minus: "I'm a wheelchair passenger, which was a DISASTER in Istanbul!. It took nearly an hour to get to off and to passport control. And on the plane, it was very uncomfortable because of so little leg room. To get out of the window seat to go to the toilet was as bad as it gets, because of row in front with reclined seats - only possible to scoot across in sitting position. Not easy....!"
Minus: "Two hours delay and lost baggage"
Plus: "Flight attendants need to be friendly."
Minus: "I will never use Turkish airlines again."
Plus: "Nothing."
Minus: "The fact that I missed my connection flight in Thailand because of a two hour delay. I was never informed why there was so much of a delay and in turn I had to pay triple of what I payed before for my flight. Very disappointed. Won't be flying this airline again. Service was rude. They should be more responsible when it comes to timing. We were on the flight waiting for two hours!!!"
Minus: "They have lost our luguage and up to this minute, we dont know where they are and when we are getting them. They are not even answering our calls or emails. Very bad airline with very unprofessional people. Will never fly aith this airline again."
Plus: "Great crew. Super nice to our 4 year old daughter. They were quick, extra polite and efficient. I'm usually quite picky but this leg was perfect."
Minus: "It was all good(which I rarely get to say these days on any carrier)"
Plus: "Comfort"
Minus: "Why does Turkish Air boarding always have to be so chaotic - pushing and shoving, etc. Why cant TK control their business class space - people from economy always coming up for bathrooms when there are plenty in the back....."
Plus: "food is always good..crew too"
Minus: "less and less space in economy class for passengers not very kind boaridng people no info on posibble complimentary upgrade for Gold Card passengers"
Minus: "Economy isn't supposed to be amazing but those seats need help"
Plus: "I normally always like flying with TK - this was a clear exception. Unfortunately what normally feels rather enjoyable was today some 18 hours of suffering."
Minus: "My headphone - outlet did not work - had to hold the connector manually the whole flight tonhear something of the movie. But the boarding procedure was far worse - it took almost 1 hour standing up due to new rules of technical equipment and all bags having to be opened. I understand safety goes above all - but off you know You have this time consuming process - do it in an area where people can have a seat while waiting!"
Plus: "Better food and service than other airlines on which I've traveled recently. Loading passengers was disciplined and speedy. Staff very helpful. Istanbul airport is great for a long wait. If you go to a gate waiting area with no flight soon, you can stretch out and sleep. Good English-language bookstore."
Plus: "Food is ok."
Minus: "The wait for checking hand carry luggage and purse was tooo long. You need more high tech machines to use for checking . Just like United States. So irritating to see how Turkish people checked your bags. There shld be a better way of doing things, like checking hand carry bags , laptops ,, iPods. I was surprises even cameras were withheld and you need to get it in San Francisco"
Plus: "Overall it was a smooth flight except for few minor issues."
Minus: "I noticed there were one or two times where the host had a list of food specifications but the trolley itself didn't have the kosher or vegetarian meals as requested by the passengers."
Plus: "Everything was great."
Minus: "na"
Plus: "Everything was great , food, crew , fly, time..... thank you for a great experience ...."
Plus: "Great service and food onboard."
Minus: "4 flights with turkish air. All used silly buses upon arrival/departure. Also had fo reschedule a flight due to geece air strike that caused TA to cancel my flighf 24 hours in advance. Never recvd a txt, email or call from them. BOO. Had to go to airport to change resvtn as they werent answering resvtns phone. Booo"
Minus: "The plane was dirty. It smelled, The food was not up to par."
Plus: "Crew, plane, entertainment."
Minus: "That it took 4 day's to get my luggage. I deserve to be compensated."
Plus: "The food was delicious. I have never had better airplane food. The movies were super new and interesting. I did not have time in the 11 hours of flying to watch all the movies I wanted to. The flight was also incredibly smooth."
Minus: "There were a few small things that could have been better (Which I'll mention), but the worst thing about the flight was the airport. Ataturk Airport is a mess. After the attempted coup, they really upped security, forcing all international flights to go through a second security screening after transferring from another airport. It's understandable but the line moved at a molasses-like speed when I had only 25 minutes to make my connecting flight. The security personnel were rude, as well. Also, when I went to make my connecting gate in Cairo, there was no one at the gate after the required boarding time (Because security had held us up), forcing some of us to board the plane without having anyone to show us onto the plane (Very scary). The flight boarding was chaotic, and no announcements were made about what we were supposed to do. Besides the lack of boarding gates, the only other serious complaint I had against Turkish Airlines (Because it really was great overall) was that the pilots and flight attendants were very hard to understand. I have taught ESL for the past 5 years, and I still had a hard time as an American understanding their English. Also, they frequently didn't understand or misunderstood questions that I would ask them. I've never had a hard time understanding flight attendants on an international flight, but I only understood about 20% of what anyone said over the loud speaker in the plane. And it's nice to be able to understand when the pilot says, "We are experiencing some turbulence and would like everyone to buckle their seatbelts until it passes." Two small things remain: 1. The bathroom trash cans were full on every flight (A small thing but makes everything feel "trashy"). 2. The flight attendants seemed unhappy, and they definitely seemed unhappy to be serving us. I can only assume they are that way because they aren't treated particularly well by their bosses."
Plus: "You were fed."
Plus: "Service from the flight attendants were fantastic. The food was delicious and the entertainment included plenty of movie options. I'm also glad that my bags were never lost throughout all of my flights this summer on Turkish Airlines."
Minus: "I know seats in the 777-300 recline but do not disrupt the next row's space. That was not the case on the Airbus A330-300. It would be nice if the same seats were on the Airbus aircraft I flew from Istanbul to Bangkok."
Plus: "Crew was nice and friendly."
Minus: "Food was not very good."
Plus: "Security at the Ataturk airport. Airtight and curious. No wonder terrorists could only strike outside."
Minus: "Departure time is always ten tative with Turkish. Even though they clearly were expecting a late departure, passengers weren't notified. When boarding time was pushed back 30 minutes, it was already 22 minutes overdue (and it started much later then eve n the pushed back time). Terrible standards/"
Minus: "The flight from DXB was delayed, causing us to miss the connection to LIS in IST. 2 hours after standing at the transfer desk they put us on a flight to LIS via CDG. Luggage was kept in IST. Now we are in LIS with no luggage and no confirmation on its whereabouts. Lost and found staff at LIS (Portway) showed total confusion in claiming luggage was in CDG. Today two planes arrived in LIS from IST, none of them with our luggage. Screen shows my name with mention "Not loaded" regarding the luggage. This incompetence is unacceptable from "Europe's best airline". This title is misleading advertising and should not be allowed."
Minus: "We got double charged for bags."
Plus: "Terrific hot breakfast in bus. class"
Minus: "Window did not darken like the others."
Plus: "Comfort"
Minus: "Wifi on klm"
Plus: "Usual faultless KLM experience"
Minus: "Nothing."
Plus: "Pleasant crew. Appropriate and efficiently served snack."
Minus: "Boarding and disembarkation were slow."
Plus: "Flight and the crew!"
Minus: "Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra 130 euros ridiculous airfrance stuff! I should have flown all the way to NYC first class!!!"
Minus: "Everything was OK"
Plus: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"
Minus: "Incheckningen var långsam och kaosartat och markpersonalen var inte kul vid ombordstigning men det är ju inte KMLs fel"
Plus: "The crew were excellent and seats were comfy."
Minus: "Headphones for the entertainment centre.could have been better. Sound quality not great."
Plus: "Newer plane, crew was amazing, seats were adjustable"
Minus: "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna!"
Plus: "Onboard crew were nice and polite. Flight was on time (a rarity)."
Minus: "The boarding crew was rude and unpleasant, the plane was boiling hot."
Minus: "Flight 2 hours delayed, started boarding but had to wait on line 10 more minutes on boarding ramp for plane door to be opened, upon landing in Dublin had to wait on tarmac for anther 15 minutes for stairs to arrive and be connected to airplane. Then had to wait another hour for checked luggage...."
Plus: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."
Plus: "Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️"
Plus: "Nothing special, neither good nor bad."
Minus: "Despite not being cheap food/water only available for purchase."
Plus: "Crew was fantastic."
Minus: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Plus: "Just the cabin crew being nice"
Minus: "Punctuality KLM is always late"
Plus: "KLM was a great experience compared to Airitalia. The food was good, the flight attendants were very helpful."
Plus: "Food provided, staff kind"
Minus: "Was several hours delayed and check in took 45 minutes because they somehow lost my reservation."
Minus: "Turn the lights on early making it hard to sleep"
Plus: "Best airline in the business quick efficient and outstanding service What else can you say"
Plus: "Very good service, teh flight attendants made it as pleasant as possible, plane left on time"
Minus: "tough to sit on a plane for 9.5 hours"
Plus: "Gaps between seats are very narrow."
Minus: "when serving drinks, cabin crew limited to serve liquor only once and it was poor service."
Plus: "Friendly crew! More legroom, good entertainment and food was great! Smooth landings pretty much on time."
Minus: "Boarding could be better"
Plus: "Friendly hostesses"
Minus: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"
Minus: "Nothing special"
Plus: "Time and Good clean place.. in This case airpöane.."
Minus: "It was not entreteiment st all"
Plus: "Easy flight; loved the crew and their friendly customer service. Great food, kept everyone hydrated and fed."
Minus: "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. There were no electrical outlets."
Plus: "The flight to Gdansk took off and arrived on-time and the staff were professional."
Minus: "The flight to Amsterdam from Gdansk was late and I had to RUN to the connecting gate. 50 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to go through passport control."
Minus: "Didn’t happen."
Plus: "Food and staff behaviour"
Minus: "Entertainment"
Plus: "We were fed a nice pasta meal and offered drinks twice. They also gave a muffin for desert. The flight attendants were very nice and attentive with cheerful smiles. I wish every airline had service this good!"
Plus: "Food was excellent, frequent and filling"
Minus: "The seat was not comfortable compared to my prior leg of the journey. Unfortunately the bathrooms were not clean, I understand that it's not the sole responsibility of the crew and passengers need to be mindful too."
Minus: "Boarding was confusing and disorganized"
Plus: "Sound was broken on my TV set!"
Minus: "Called stewardess twice to assist. No response!"
Plus: "Crew"
Minus: "N/a"
Plus: "Boarding was as expected, crew & food were ok. Nothing else positive to extract out of this flight."
Minus: "Delayed flight, horrible baggae policy when the flight is actually operated by a partner of the company you bought the ticket from and not the actual company. Dirty seats, no in-flight entertainment whatsoever (not even a magazine)."
Plus: "Entertainment"
Minus: "Food and one bathroom out of service makes an awful flight"
Minus: "... ear plugs, masks, good food or even picking seats? I remember when it was all complementary and standard on overnight flights. Oh, and the vegetarian breakfast was unfortunately poor as well. I know you can do better, because you used to."
Plus: "Friendly attendants. Decent food, and frequent snacks and beverages."
Minus: "No charging ports for electronic devices."
Plus: "We are guessing they either overbooked or they didn't have sufficient passengers on a Tuesday afternoon who's final stop was Glasgow. They rebooked him for 1200 the next day. DFW to MN, St Paul to Schipole, Amsterdam to final destination, Glasgow. So he ends up having to pay for another Lyft back to our apartment in Dallas, then another additional one for the 12 noon flight the next morning. If he didn't have family living in Dallas, he would've incurred a hotel fee too."
Minus: "He was bumped to the next day due to his flight being cancelled. Then re-booked the next day, with an additional layover. Then due to a 32 minute layover that left 3 minutes sooner..."
Minus: "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight."
Plus: "Helpful and smiling cabin crew."
Plus: "Everything"
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I don’t like the limited choice of drinks on these short KLM flights."
Plus: "Inget speciellt positivt att anmärka"
Minus: "Att trots att dom visste exakt vems bagage som saknades så kunde ingen informera om detta förrän bagagebandet stängdes 30 minuter efter ankomst. Att KLM hade skickat ett mail till mig med informationen var ju en uppsida, men på ryska och 16 minuter efter ankomst."
Plus: "Crew was courteous and polite! Entertainment system had some great movies at no additional cost."
Minus: "Poor communication between delta, KLM and Air France meant that I couldn’t check in online and get a digital boarding pass. Furthermore I couldn’t use the check-in kiosks because my name was listed as Reidmr instead of Reid, which meant that my boarding pass did not match my passport. Overall this caused unnecessary delays that were compounded by the fact that I couldn’t use my TSA precheck. My main problem on the plane was that I had to struggle to get water served to me. It’s always so dry on planes and I would have liked to be able to get more than one tiny glass of water at a time. Also, would have loved a window at my window seat. Plus no WIFI!?"
Plus: "From downloading the KLM app to the final touchdown of my final flight, everything was an ease, checking in, the option to change my seat, the service received was great."
Minus: "The ability to state a seat or meal preference within the app would be good but otherwise all was good."
Plus: "Need improvement - customer service"
Minus: "Courtesy"
Plus: "comfortable"
Plus: "Business Class Seats were comfortable"
Plus: "Quiet"
Minus: "Bathroom s were dirty"
Minus: "Foord service poor overall"
Plus: "Crew, food and beverage"
Minus: "Wifi"
Plus: "Good crew"
Minus: "Service could have been better"
Plus: "Helpful crew, great bathrooms"
Minus: "More organized boarding & more AC in the back of the flight"
Plus: "Overall service"
Minus: "I had to check in my cabin bag"
Plus: "they are quiet but not as roomy as i hoped. The food was okay.prices in Abu dhabi are extortionate though for a 5 hr stop."
Minus: "The plane to bangkok from Abu Dhabiis a bean tin cram as many on as you can . the seat sent my backside to sleep for 3 days and my ankles and legs are badly swollen. disappointed and not looking forward to return flights"
Plus: "Everything good"
Minus: "Nothing really"
Plus: "Comfort in the plane and hospitality from the crew"
Minus: "Food served during dinner"
Minus: "We lost an item and while we are in airport waiting for next flight even though we know it would have got recovered by airport staff there is no way of getting it back unless we download a form online , print , fill the form and sign , scan and send it in email to lost and found team. This is unlikely and complex process for anyone while in airport to get access to print, scan etc. we wish this was more simpler process Cabin was too cold and staff deny bluntly to make any adjustment saying some other set of passengers complained that cabin is warm.. I have not seen anyone who could sit around with out blanket on them and we had to get double blankets and wrap ourselves in there"
Plus: "Everything, the staff were very friendly and helpful, food, flight and boarding was excellent"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Food menu need to be modified."
Minus: "Add chicken biryani, chicken shawarma etc."
Plus: "Head rest helped me get sleep in economy section"
Plus: "Boarding, crew, food remained good. RR clean."
Minus: "Plane older, seats and entertainment worn."
Plus: "Overall very good The flight attendants were exceptionally professional. It went way beyond taken care of customers."
Minus: "Other customers on the flight were extremely rude, spread the dirty things all over the airplane! Need moreupdated movie selections."
Plus: "The flight attendants."
Minus: "There was a medical emergency on board, so bathrooms did not get the necessary attention. Had to ask for toilet paper for two different bathrooms. Transferring to this flight as a NIGHTMARE. The boarding gate was a long way from the arrival gate. Went through an endless maze. Went through two security check points. At both check points I was sent for pat down. At the first there were five other women who were waiting for pat down. All white women. Discrimination???? At the second security, I had not even passed through the detector and the officer was waving me to get a pat down. At that point I started laughing. Next automated preclearance for immigration, then had to wait in line to talk to immigration officer. It is a miracle that I made it to the flight on time. Passport and boarding pass checked minimum of 6 times in this process. On arrival in Los Angeles, there was a bus ride to the terminal for luggage pick up. My husband was at the terminal I normally come to, I had no way to contact him (Indian sim), no change for pay phone. A fellow passenger was merciful and let me use her phone send husband messages and eventually we met up. I would not use Eithad for India to USA for this reason only. The security and immigration preclearance sucks."
Plus: "service"
Minus: "meals could be improved"
Minus: "food was bad in taste ,they present us just like give to baggers there was no serving in trays .pictures show in add. are all falls we did not get that kind of food in our whole trip . for exps .in dinner they serve 2 small buns filled with 2 leave of spinch 1 bean barito 1small piece of chocolate for desert. for breakfast was lentel,with mashed patatos.when I asked for somthing else.reply was we do not have anything i did not have anything in my 15 houre flight."
Plus: "Smooth takeoff and landing."
Minus: "No free internet service. Only one meal. Late departure, disorganized boarding. Uncomfortable seats. Limited choices of new movies. For a business class ticket, one would expect more! Especially since other regional carriers are providing two meals, free internet & more comfortable seats!"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Plenty of spare seating. Cabin staff and crew very helpful."
Minus: "Entertainment was dreadful more than 50pc not working. Flight tracker not working. Back of end rear cabin seats some were loose. Dreading return legs of trip."
Plus: "Seats were comfortable."
Minus: "Service was a bit average. Attendants bumping into you... no apologies"
Plus: "Flight was smooth and quite roomy with seats; good and constant maintenance of toilets. Excellent and thoughtful e-entertainment"
Minus: "Flight attendants could be more friendly and attentive; seat and food sanitation could be improved more."
Plus: "Never flying with Etihad before, but it really impressed me with its roomy aircraft, friendly crew, well-rounded and creative e-entertainment and fine food for its amazingly affordable price. I was somehow selected by the airplane for an upgrade flying to Bangkok which even elevate all of my experiences above. A great layover program definitely recommended!!!"
Minus: "Flight attendants in the economy class could be more attentive and walk around more frequently to check up passengers needs and passing out waters. Need more care to the food sanitation especially open water because I had later diarrhea after drinking it. Could be more organized for lining up different seating zones onto the flight, also seat arrangement is a bit off because bothe times I was asked to switch seats for couples and families w kids."
Plus: "The crew were outstanding."
Minus: "They only had two choices of food: either vegetarian or chicken. The number of dishes were small as well. The “salad” was horrible."
Plus: "Entertainment system and flight condition"
Plus: "Etithad was amazing gorgeous happy staff, plane was comfortable and food outstanding"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Everything from chek in in LA to the Arrival in Abothbi"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "On time arrival and flooding"
Minus: "Crews"
Minus: "The seats we had were very hard to recline. For the first 8 hrs of the flight w my sister and I could not get the seats to recline The flight attendants would pass us by without asking we wanted anything to drink. We felt totally ignored particularly dine we were seat in the center two seats in the middle section."
Plus: "Entertainment was good"
Minus: "Staff is rude and food was horrible"
Plus: "Get entertainment options."
Minus: "Food was mediocre."
Plus: "It was such a long flight with almost 15 hours of travel. So, I was bit worried. But the flight crew was all set to make us comfortable. Their patience, attention to all requirements and efficiency really impressed me."
Plus: "As above"
Minus: "As above"
Plus: "I was upgraded to business class, so the flight was smooth and amazing. This gesture was really a class act, I'm staying with Etihad for life!"
Plus: "No one help me from beginning to end. They provided foood only if you ask 5 times"
Minus: "Lemo services"
Minus: "They didnt provide me Accomodation with the fact that I had more than 12 hours transit"
Plus: "More food option"
Minus: "Upgrade"
Plus: "Bording was fast"
Minus: "The frequent delays in departures The behavior of the canb staff was not good Specially with Arab and Asian people"
Plus: "Travel bag (with toothpaste, socks, etc) was given."
Minus: "2. Food choices from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok was Szechwan (spicy chicken), Indian (fish), or vegetarian pasta; no international or Thai food. 2. Entertainment was stopped 30 minutes before arrival."
Plus: "Travel bag (with toothpaste, socks, etc) was given."
Minus: "1. Food choices from NYC to Abu Dhabi were only lamb or Indian cuisine (chicken kofta or veg), no seafood option. Very few extras were given with the meal or between meals (no fruit, candy bars, peanuts, etc. on the flight). 2. Entertainment was stopped 30 minutes before arrival."
Plus: "Both ways not consistent in time When flight delayed in Abu Dhabi they treat you like Specially Etihad airways service is very poor. . Never again"
Plus: "Sichuan Chicken was the best airline food i have ever eaten in an airline. it was quite impressive. Might be too spicy for a lot of people but i love it. I would advise that you add "spicy" next to the name for those who can't handle spicy food."
Minus: "Since i was travelling alone, it was asked to change my seat from an aisle seat to a fairly packed seat in the middle of the plane. i did them a favor because a son wanted to sit next to his dad. i really shouldn't have change. the seat was very cramped. like wow, the plane was small. i do not think i would do it again. ever."
Plus: "Entertainment choices were good."
Minus: "Food was not up to par. It was quite dry. Like the curry served in vegetarian meal was very dry."
Minus: "Na"

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