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EurowingsGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 1033 recensioner
7,3Gå ombord

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Flyget var försenat

Good budget airline, comfortable seats and pleasant crew

Plus: "Seat was very comfortable. Crew was excellent"
Minus: "The warm sandwich with the snack was just OK; rest of food was pretty good"
Plus: "The flight was pretty smooth considering it was a small plane."
Minus: "I did not appreciate having to give my hand luggage into the hold which meant that I did not have any money to purchase any drinks on the flights and I was also sitting next to an overweight man which made it very tight for space."
Plus: "Boarding and getting off the plane was fast"
Minus: "Our luggage space was occupied with bags from passengers from other rows."
Plus: "Punctual"
Minus: "Seats"
Plus: "It was efficient"
Minus: "More comfortable"
Minus: "I missed my connection in Dusseldorf because none of the 12passport gates worked. Two border agents tried to handle the crowd, but I arrived at the gate 1 minute after flight close. Neither the agents at the gate nor at the transfer desk were willing to help me get to Manchester. Never fly EW again."
Plus: "The crew was very attentive and personable during the flight."
Minus: "Our departure was delayed 2 hours because an unaccompanied minor was placed on the wrong flight--UA's fault. That began a domino effect of missed connections. When the landed, We were given little information on how to re-book and had to wait in several long lines. All told, 12 hour delay to Milan"
Plus: "Smooth experience, no problem."
Plus: "Seats were comfortable"
Minus: "Change in gate was not anounce"
Plus: "The crew was nice, seats were comfortable."
Minus: "I didn’t appreciate the surprise of having to pay $50 Euros to bring my bike, which then required I leave the baggage drop off line, go to customer service to pay, return to the baggage line to pick up my bag and boarding pass, and then go to the special luggage handling line."
Minus: "More legroom. And not having to pay for a simple glass of water."
Plus: "I felt safe on board... the cabin crew members at least got that right. The toilets were clean."
Minus: "Better entertainment system... better food and more courteous cabin crew members....."
Plus: "I’ve flown with various airlines and must say that I was very impressed with this crew. I guess it was because they all were young and didn’t füdisplay burnout as so many other flight attendants show when dealing with their customers."
Minus: "On both flights the control forty didn’t work."
Plus: "Good view with the high winged propeller plane"
Minus: "Small overhead storage"
Plus: "The flight was 20 mins faster, boarding was OK. The ladies on board were doing a good job"
Minus: "Unfortunately the seal with extra legroom was comparable with a standard seat from other mid-distance airlines. The food & drink service was only from very limited quality. There was no entertainment on the seat, only with wi-fi oboard on your own handheld."
Plus: "Very speedily boarding, crew dealt with a passenger with a large bag well."
Minus: "Chair didn’t lean back, unclear that water wasn’t free"
Plus: "Good airport and nice crew"
Plus: "Staff super friendly. Comfortable sears. Food very good."
Minus: "The flight was delayed and we could not check in online from home."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Timing Food Service Entertainment"
Plus: "Attendants and counter staff all super friendly, seats were comfortable with decent leg room, nice beverage and snack offerings."
Minus: "Nothing of note."
Minus: "Missed flight because of another flight delay"
Minus: "Delayed, causing me to miss all other flights."
Plus: "Arrived to Seattle on time."
Minus: "I did not know what airline, crew flew me to Seattle."
Plus: "I arrived in Köln."
Minus: "Eurowings operated by Sun Express? I did not know what airline was flying me to Seattle."
Minus: "The seats are broken and the crew treats the passengers like they do not matter."
Minus: "My flight was delayed and because of that I lost my next flight in London , cost me money and time , having to go to another airport in a bus for 1 hour and 30 min ride to catch a new flight the same day that I had a pay. Thank you eurowings! Not"
Plus: "Everyone was nice."
Minus: "When we finally were able to board it went smoothly. The crew was nice, but nothing amazing. Not very comfortable but not surprised for a short flight. There was no “food”. There was no “entertainment”. Kayak was great for information and reminders!!!"
Plus: "I received a little meal. Pleasant manner of staff."
Minus: "No problem"
Plus: "legroom was ok but i paid for it"
Minus: "i somehow ended up having paid for a "meal" onboard, which consisted of half a sandwich (don't know why they thought mayonnaise went with cheddar), half a cup of coffee and a carton of water. Apparently that cost me 10 euros and it was something i should have unticked when reserving my seat. the flight was also delayed an hour with minimal apology."
Plus: "We arrived in Zagreb 10min early"
Plus: "N/A"
Minus: "Flight members were very rude, one didn't smile once. She also yelled at me when I was standing in an empty row stretching and waiting for the bathroom. She told me I was not allowed to stand up, even though I was in no one's way and we we're free to move about the cabin. Horribly rude during drink and food service as well."
Minus: "Y in Geneva without clothes or meds. SwissPort at GVA doesn’t Java a clue."
Plus: "smooth flight"
Minus: "boarding took too long"
Minus: "- the staff member who was boarding patients at Glasgow airport (although not on the flight itself) was very rude and impatient. she seemed to be having a bad day - the light was delayed by approximately 45 mins"
Minus: "EW lost my suitcase in transit in Duesseldorf. Suitcase arrived in Berlin on next flight but then didn't get delivered until 24+ hours later. Hard to reach both EW and delivery service. Due to the delay and further travel plans the next day, I had to buy new clothes in Berlin to have something to wear."
Plus: "Efficient and reasonably comfortable."
Minus: "The drinks are absurdly overpriced. And I don't mean the alcoholic ones."
Plus: "Check in was easy, employee was pleasant."
Plus: "Overall accessibility, timing, response from check in attendants, and flight attendants, and comfort."
Minus: "The last minute gate change where I imagine may be necessary, there were no announcements or follow up info, save the alert I received from the app on my phone. This could've presented a big problem had my mobile not been charged."
Minus: "The service of the airline was horrible. They lost our bags and refused to show any empathy towards us or the multiple other passengers that also lost their bags from our flight. I will never fly Eurowings again."
Minus: "The service of the airline was horrible. They lost our bags and refused to show any empathy towards us or the multiple other passengers that also lost their bags from our flight. I will never fly Eurowings again."
Minus: "Once again,1,5 hours delayed !!! Not the first time !!! Not the first time. It's not funny with a5 month ago kid!"
Plus: "Service onboard was very efficient. Flight was short"
Minus: "Flight was delayed about 45 min due to aircraft late arrival. Our seats did not recline right behind emergency row."
Plus: "Overall good experience, flight was short and painless"
Minus: "Flight borded late and at a different gate"
Plus: "Flight attendants were very good"
Minus: "Two hours late. Check in and Gate attendants rude. Unprofessional. No updates on delay"
Plus: "Excellent service. Great food and drinks."
Minus: "Delayed. Our bags didn't make the connection."
Plus: "With this being my first flight to and from Europe from the USA I found the airline, overall, very comfortable and run by a friendly staff. The on flight meals and drinks were delicious and the entertainment selection was much larger than I expected. I hope to use this airline company again in the future."

There was a two hour delay because of incompetence in scheduling fuel truck. Further, upon arrival in Roanoke, hand baggage was sent to baggage claim. We carry hand baggage because it contains valuable or sensitive materials that we do not want going through the baggage system. This is very poor and United needs to perform better.

Plus: "It was wonderful"
Minus: "Best booking app ever"
Minus: "This airline is borderline budget airline even in business class."
Minus: "Don’t loose the luggage"
Minus: "Brussels Airlines skruvar upp värmen på bastu-nivå... varje gång. Helt galet :("
Minus: "Free coffee"
Minus: "Hårda nersuttna stolar som inte heller gick att fälla bakåt"
Plus: "Good movies."
Minus: "I called United to make sure there was a children’s meal for my 3 year old. There was not."
Minus: "Three hour delay. Shifted all our plans and reservations. Upsetting. Made short seven hour flight a ten hour flight with sitting and waiting for three hours. We were hungry and tired and stuck. Kept getting mixed signals: to wait longer."
Plus: "Nothing, they cancelled my flight and rebooked me to another city"
Minus: "Everything. I had to buy 2 new tickets because they cancelled my flight"
Minus: "Wasn’t given a blanket"
Plus: "Food and a good cabin crew on Brussels Air."
Minus: "No complaints"
Plus: "Helpful crew. They reset the screen, came around with blankets, headphones and generally tried to make the space habitable."
Minus: "When I am asked to book my seat, I am usually shown a map which has no reflection on the overall reality. The seat I select is normally allocated to me but if the plane is not full (unusual) I am told there are unavailable seats that would provide more choice."
Plus: "After our first flight had been cancelled, we needed to be comforted by Brussels Airlines that our return flight would be OK. And we were. Though there were slight delays due to technical checks at boarding time, everything else was on schedule and we even landed slightly ahead of time, never a bad thing. The flight was smooth and quite pleasurable. Now we are prepared to experience flying with Brussels Airlines again."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Terrible. Long delays caused me to miss connecting flight and a wedding. Lufthansa decided 12 hours of my day and the missed ceremony was worth a 5 euro voucher... Never flying german again."
Plus: "I don't think I liked anything about Brussels Airlines, compared to British Airways or American Airlines. The reason why I booked on Brussels Airlines was because American Airlines will only allow my family to check in luggage when we travelled to Accra in 2016. On our return flight on British Airways, we were allowed to check in bags and not 1"
Minus: "The flight was delayed and seating arrangements for my family was not well done."
Plus: "We got warm washcloths to refresh our hands and face. A full bottle of water to save as we needed, followed immediately by a beverage service and pretzels. Dinner of either fish or chicken was delicious, and included bread, cheese, salad, and dessert. Followed by additional beverage services, a mushroom calzone and finally Belgium chocolates. The crew was friendly and entertainment on personal monitors was very good. This was the best overseas flight I have had in several years."
Minus: "Aisles were very narrow to access bathrooms."
Plus: "good"
Minus: "the fact I bought a new ticket"
Plus: "Not much. Flight was pleasant and smooth."
Minus: "They called us for boarding before anyone was at the gate and we all had to wait on a stairwell until they opened. It made no sense and seemed dangerous to have so many people waiting on the stairs. Nothing was served on an hour flight, not even water unless you paid for it. Never encountered that before on any other airlines."
Plus: "."
Minus: "."
Plus: "Inget"
Minus: "Planet gick sönder fastnde i Milano"
Plus: "Crew. Entertainment. Food. Leg room was a bit longer than usual."
Minus: "Lack of complimentary food - not even a snack as far as I can remember - for almost 5 hours flight. Really?"
Plus: "Excellent service and a safe flight."
Plus: "Everything was perfect, highly recommended"
Minus: "They did not even offer water to drink for free."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Flight delayed and waited over an hour at baagage claim .no one to speak to or help. Worker at baggage claim sitting on phone ."
Plus: "The crew was polite."
Minus: "Food was bad. Seats not very comfortable. Food was awful. Very few movies in English."
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "To small of a choice to choose from. More options and also newer movies would have been better"
Plus: "Every person was friendly."
Minus: "Our flight was delayed an hour."
Plus: "Everything was generally good. Food was slightly below average."
Minus: "Neither the JFK counter agents nor the flight attendants knew if I could transition in Brussels onto Bulgaria Air without exiting and re-entering. In fact, it is a simple process in the Brussels Airport transition zone, with the friendly help of Bulgaria Air agents. Breakfast is a box of sugar: shrink wrapped muffin, Toblerone bar, orange juice. These are all sugar delivery systems."
Plus: "Be on time"
Minus: "Food, no comfort, movies and music boring"
Plus: "Flight crew was great, service was excellent."
Minus: "Flight was very cold."
Plus: "They remembered my special meal requested."
Minus: "Not a very informative crew, service seemed rushed - I only got 2 small cups of choice of beverage offered on a 6.5 hour flight, which was disappointing as I was unable to purchase a bottle of water in the airport terminal prior to boarding as I was just there for a layover and did not have euros to buy one from the machine."
Minus: "Over 2 hour delay"
Minus: "Flught was delayed more than 45 min from Brussels and when we finally arrived to Lisabon they couldn't open a door to Airport building."
Minus: "The on flight entertainment and the very few meals. (In the second flight, there was not even offered coffee!)"
Plus: "On time boarding and the flight was in less time than expected."
Minus: "No leg room, my tray table was broken"
Plus: "Very hardworking crew, always offering extra food, snacks, water, patient with smiles and great attitude Very good food in economy, I was surprised"
Plus: "The fare, that's it."
Plus: "Crew was very nice"
Minus: "Food was fair. Movie selection was poor."
Plus: "Fast Boarding"
Minus: "Was waiting for a lagguage over 30min at Tegel airport"
Minus: "Unfriendly support at the airport when reporting my lost bag. No trace of the bag what so ever."
Plus: "Good seats."
Minus: "No infotainment screen."
Plus: "The seats in the plane were amazing. Maybe older but better than the new ones."
Minus: "No infotainment screen"
Plus: "The food served was wonderful, as well as service."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Terrible food, very small and crowded aircraft."
Plus: "I loved the crew and the ease of boarding"
Minus: "I had a full day of flying, and there weren't any snacks made available!"
Minus: "The flight was canceled. I found out the day before my departure - the airlines didn't even contact me to let me know - and I never got reimbursed for the canceled flight. I had to purchase a $1500 new ticket to get back home in time. I wrote to the Brussels Airlines and they never addressed these complains."
Plus: "Food was served often including an ice cream bar after the meal. The crew was very kind, especially Neils. They made us feel comfortable. The flight was smooth and the pilot made necessary announcement clearly."
Minus: "The first meal was not great. But it did have many components. The movie selection was sparse."
Plus: "Friendly staff."
Minus: "Chaotic airport and lost my luggage."
Plus: "Friendly flight crew. Good price point."
Minus: "Getting drinks right away when in premium class - and more periodic checks"
Plus: "The fact that the plane was newer"
Minus: "Perhaps offering water to passengers who didn’t select in flight meal option. Eight hour flight with no water is horrible. There is an option for buy bottled water for 4 Euros but I think basic customer service should include water. Terrible... I’ve never seen this before!!!!"
Plus: "Sätet var ok, men jag satt ju på första raden så det var väntat. Besättningen var trevliga."
Minus: "Jag flyger väldigt ofta och har sistone vart med om mycket förseningar. Tycker ni som flygbolag kunde bjuda resenärerna på en dricka eller något eftersom vi får vänta. Tycker det är rimligt när man inte levererar sin tjänst på utsatt tid."
Plus: "機材が新しい"
Minus: "機内食 35ユーロのコスパが全くない"
Plus: "Seat comfortable, easy and fast boarding"
Minus: "Offering at least water to travelers even if they didn’t pay for food would be a minimum to expect!"
Plus: "The aircraft was brand new and clean."
Minus: "The flight was delayed 5 hours for a total wait of 9+ hours without any contact for food vouchers, apologies or a compensation. We picked this flight for the convenience of the location and connection, but not sure if will ever do again in future. Also, no entertainment option in the flight at all."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I was forced to pay $93 for a carryon that I used with Norwegian 2 weeks before."
Minus: "We waited 4 hours on the plane, before the 7 hour flight. They couldn’t de- ice us. This was after the first flight was cancelled."
Plus: "Plane, fight time, boarding speed, efficiency all excellent"
Minus: "Departure was suddenly changed from 4 to 7 without clear announcement. On the Norwegian terminal nor on the departure boards nothing was indicated nor had anybody bothered to leave a note or sign on the Norwegian Terminal 4. I discovered at the last minute as I hearD a “last boarding call” announcement in the Knick of time"
Plus: "Helt okej allt var bra förutom det angiva i det dållga"
Minus: "Trycket dålig hantering av trycket"
Plus: "Price, new aircraft, good crew"
Minus: "Long layover, connecting flight was delayed over an hour without any explanation"
Plus: "Smooth , efficient and comfortable"
Minus: "Seats can be a little narrow , I’m a big giy"
Plus: "Was not clear that you had to order dinner in advance Not clear that my luggage would only go to Paris and not all the way to Lithuania"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "I had a long flight from LAX-Los to Barcelona and it was very uncomfortable, crew needs to be trained to service passengers. Your airplane was dirty, trash between seats. My husband had bug bites on his feet. I ordered a sandwich from online monitor and received a very different sandwich, when I asked flight attendant he said, the picture its just an illusion. Very unprofessional and misleading information to passengers."
Plus: "Modern plane, nice crew, good air, enough seat space, easy ordering and paying for food"
Minus: "It was pretty cool the whole time and I’m not somebody who freezes in airplanes"
Minus: "The plane was delayed for hours and there was no offer for water or any other assistance. The reasoning behind the delays were not communicated and being a midnight flight delayed to 2:30/3am was exceptionally painful."
Plus: "Modernt flygplan och WiFi på planet. Snabbt ombordstigning."
Minus: "Sätet var inte bekvämt alls. Flygplanet var smutsigt."
Plus: "The price was right ( for the flight) But then you had to pay for luggage and meals"
Minus: "No blankets Offered to buy one without succes Very good on board"
Plus: "The selection of movies in the on-board entertainment was nice, but available wi-fi on a long-haul trip would have been better."
Minus: "Condescending check-in clerk in Oslo and subjective application of carry-on rules ruined the trip and assured that I will look to other airlines for future international travel."
Plus: "No line at all at check in. Decent leg room for a 6'1" guy like me. Meal tasted good!"
Plus: "It was quick, took 20min off the expected time. Comfortable airplane, great crew."
Plus: "Easy check in, friendly staff"
Minus: "Terrible music before take off and after landing"
Plus: "Entertainment system"
Plus: "Allt funkade riktigt bra i det stora hela Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Ont om plats för handbagaget då det är fullbokat Framgörallt vart planet 30 minuter försenat"
Minus: "Bara vatten,"
Plus: "The price of the tickets was very good Aircraft looks new and fresh Movies on the plain was great"
Minus: "*Norwegian air charged 15 dollars per kilo extra for my bag that was heavy in my case it was 5 kilos so the total was 75 dollars. *The staff at the airport was not friendly at all, my daughter and I got the feeling that they (Check in staff) were looking to find ways to apply extra charges. *NYC Airports have some of the ugliest airports in the world, since I travel a lot I wish money would be invested on the airport to make a great first impression on travelers to NYC and the USA."
Plus: "Good movie selections"
Minus: "Each Norwegian Air flights play loud pop music during boarding. Neutral low volume music is preferable. Having been traveling for hours, loud pop music is a stressor."
Plus: "Rude/ non helpful crew spoiled this flight."
Minus: "Rude/ non helpful crew spoiled this flight."
Plus: "The price and the flight route without stops."
Minus: "Sometimes the staff is discourteous and maybe they have lack of training."
Plus: "The price of the flight was good, the boarding was easy and he crew was friendly."
Minus: "The food was inedible and served cold, for such a long flight this should be addressed. Also, the cabin lights werr not turned off for an overnight flight until about 3.5 hrs in when the flight left close to 10pm and when they were they werr only dimmed with the TV screens left on making it very hard to sleep. The temperature was also very hot. The flight was extremely uncomfortable"
Plus: "The crew was helpful and polite."
Minus: "Boarding was horrible. Food is way overpriced for what you get...even for airplane food."
Plus: "Boarding and crew were very good"
Minus: "Movie and TV selection was poor. Food was poor, selections I wanted were not available."
Plus: "Even though we were in the economy section we had a wonderful experience. Two good meals were served and there were plenty of options on the in flight entertainment system. All the flight attendants were very nice and attentive. I would definitely recommend Norwegian."
Plus: "Good entertainment and movies."
Minus: "Flight was delayed 2 hours. Passengers were all on board, plane had power outage and no AC for over an hour. It was a nightmare! you have to preorder meals PRIOR to day of flight...if not, you don't get a meal during the flight (but you can overpay for snacks)."
Plus: "The crew was great and the flight was comfortable."
Minus: "I believe it's an airport issue so I'm hesitant to put this but I was unable to check in until 2 hours prior to my flight. The rest of the party I was traveling with was on a different flight that left a bit sooner so I arrived with them at the airport only to be kept waiting as they were able to go through security upon arrival. Norwegian doesn't have a designated window or kiosk so I wasn't able to get any help on the matter."
Plus: "Trevlig personal"
Minus: "Vi köpte economy plus för att få mat, bagage och att bestämma plats. Vi fick ingen mat (förstår nu att man inte får det på kortresor, men det framgick inte alls under bokningen). Vi fick heller inte de platser vi bokade. Istället fick vi på både hem och ditvägen sitta längst bak vid toaletter som dessutom luktade urin till en grad jag inte varit med om på några andra flighter."
Plus: "Fantastic service and just wonderfully nice staff"
Plus: "That I had a whole row to myself...thanks for not overbooking?"
Minus: "Baggage fees No complementary meal(s) No instruction on having to recheck baggage at layover airport SERIOUSLY!?"
Plus: "The 787 dreamliner is a great aircraft, but being stuck with a middle seat still stinks."
Plus: "Inget. Allt är svindyrt. Kaffet smakade illa."
Minus: "Nonchalant besättning."
Plus: "Priset"
Minus: "Punktligheten."
Plus: "Bra pris, modernt och hyfsat bekvämt plan. Bra med egen skärm. Gillar att kunna följa var planet befinner sig på rutten."
Minus: "Boardingen tog lång tid, den wi-fi som Norwegian säljer på är obefintlig, filmutbudet är tunt för en atlantflygning. Frös man i planet får man k ö p a en filt."
Minus: "Ingen underhållning på en linje med 7 timmars flygtid."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Will never recommend"
Plus: "Trevlig personal, wi-fi på planet, modernt flygplan"
Minus: "Varför inga incheckningsterminaler och bagage drop i Edinburgh? Skulle snabba på processen. Hyrde en film för 5€ men när vi landade var den inte klar. Varför kan man inte se färdigt sin film man betalt för?"
Plus: "The crew were all friendly the seating was spacious the food was fantastic and the seats were comfortable."
Minus: "I have nothing negative to say. I will be flying with hem again in the future"
Plus: "Pretty comfy plane"
Minus: "I don't live the food; somewhat had cardboard taste. I would also recommend giving out more water on he flight. Easy to get dehydrated."
Plus: "Everything was great- Flight was clean and Comfortable even at economy class. New Dreamliner 787 Air Craft Friendly Crew Best Flight in a long time"
Minus: "Food was not great as they tried their minimum on this."
Plus: "The new plane"
Minus: "The food was very small portion"
Plus: "Det var inte Norwegian som flög då piloterna strejkade eller liknande. FlyHi körde istället. Personalen var mycket trevlig."
Minus: "Norwegians incheckningssystem hade på både ner och hemvägen delat på oss i vårt gäng. Vi var 5 vuxna och en bäbis. Personen med bäbisen blev båda gångerna satt på ett helt annat ställe i planet viljet resulterade att mamman och pappan inte fick sitta tillsammans med barnet. Detta trots att det uppenbarligen fanns platser ledigt både bredvid den som separerades från gruppen och i närheten av gruppen. Tack vare hjälpsamma medpassagerare löste det sig hyffsat, men inte utan strul och definitivt inte tack vare Norwegian. Mycket underligt. Och om de gör det med mening för att man skall betala mer för förbestämda platser för alla... Mycket puckat. Straffar barnen och medpassagerare mest.."

Too many hours of delay ( 4)

Plus: "I did not fly"
Plus: "Flight duration"
Minus: "Leg space, cabin bag allowance more than 5 kg. Water at least to be served onboard a long distance flight."
Plus: "The offert of 5 euro discount on Duty Free products when you buy some food over 6 euros."
Plus: "Fast and smoothy check in"
Minus: "After arrival to budapest not platformy ready and waiting over 10minutes"
Plus: "Stewards"
Minus: "Uncomfortable seats"
Minus: "Larger leg room"
Plus: "Nothing. Horrible experience overall, but what you pay is what you get."
Minus: "Pretty much everything..."
Plus: "Absolutely nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "I was at the gate. Before the door to enter the airplane. The Hungarian crew wasn’t telling me that they are closing the gate or going to close it. They completely ignore me and let me stand there and at the end I see the door close in front of me, 2 meter from me and they told me I mised flight."
Minus: "I lost my money and I had to buy new flight with other company. Wizzair crew at budapest was very rude and didn’t take responsibility for the mistake they did. They could just say they are closing the door but nobody did. 2 meters from me and after I passed all security they ignored me completely."
Plus: "We landed"
Minus: "Customer service, communication between check in and boarding agents, clear rules. On time departure as opposed to 60 minute delay on the runway"
Plus: "Once boarding started it was very fast and flight left shortly after"
Minus: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Plus: "Flight left on time and arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule, staff was polite"
Minus: "Space between the seats."
Plus: "The flight was on time, even though it left with almost 30 mins' delay (despite the fact that boarding was complete with a few minutes before the schedule take off time)."
Minus: "Seat comfort - the seats are tied with Ryanair for worst comfort (rigid and very cramped). Worst of all, though, as with Ryanair - seat allocation. Please, stop this "even though you're travelling together, you may be seated separately unless you pay to choose your seats" nonsense. It's ridiculous!"
Plus: "Price of ticket"
Minus: "Seats are terrible."
Plus: "The crew was very friendly and helpful."
Minus: "The boarding process took far too long. We were standing at the gate for what seemed like an hour. I'm not sure exactly why we were delayed in boarding the plane. There was no explanation."
Plus: "Service, smiling and attention to details."
Minus: "No kosher food."
Minus: "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."
Plus: "The price"
Minus: "The check in was not opened on time The bordibg was not possible on time"
Minus: "2 hrs late and we missed all our following connections as a result."
Plus: "The crew was very nice. The flight was ok"
Minus: "Not much of a food choice.."
Plus: "Staff was nice and felt bad for their company’s policy."
Minus: "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! I’m used to only being able to check in 24 hours before my flight. I found out that I cannot print my boarding pass within 48 hours of my flight. I was monitarily RAPED and will be disputing these charges! Boo on you Wizz Air....aka f*ckwads."
Plus: "The crew was really nice"
Minus: "They are not organized. This company doesn’t have a transparent policy. Because I didn’t checked in on time I had to pay 35 euros. I was there 2 1/2 hours early and I almost missed the flight. I’m extremely upset"
Plus: "De gjorde absolut inget rätt"
Minus: "Det var total koas på incheckningen och efter 2h väntade så kom vi inte ens med flyget. De behandlade oss riktigt illa utan att vi hade gjort nått fel. Värst var att vi reste med barn."
Plus: "I asked for a cup of water for my child and they gave me a bottled water. Then they charged me 2.50 euros. Their credit card processing machine was not working properly, which was frustrating: the flight attendant got frustrated and had to come back again until she can process my payment."
Minus: "Man at the checkin did not have a clue that WIZZAIR flight was delayed at 05/04/2018. I missed meeting with my family. Waited for a long time at boarding gate."
Minus: "Very long queues at boating in Charleroi airport"
Plus: "Quickest in & out procedure at both BUD and LTN in a long time and a super pretty flight attendant."
Plus: "Flight was on schedule"
Minus: "No free drinking water"
Plus: "Price"
Minus: "-Crew were very rude, check in crew and flight attendants -Luggage and checking in fees not advertised enough. Too many people getting their money stolen by Wizz Air. - Boarding extremely chaotic and not organized."
Plus: "Super easy online check-in, comfortable plane, lovely crew"
Minus: "Waited a bit in a long hallway waiting for the last flightload of passengers to deplane."
Minus: "Don't forget to print a damn boarding pass. Cost me 100$ at the airport just for that... What a rip off. First time traveling to Europe so, I guess that's a part of the learning curve."
Minus: "There was a mix up and the Wizz Air website did not work. Therefore, I couldn't check in a get my seats booked. I also could not prepay for my luggage so they overcharged me at the airport and had an attitude about it. My luggage was given three different prices quotes. I am very upset their website didn't work and they ripped me off at the airport."
Minus: "Was delayed on tarmac due to security error, not their error, but they seemed unwilling to at least give people complimentary water or coffee. Cheap airline they are!"
Minus: ""Wizard of Oz Airlines" I'm surprised the pilots didn't ask for another hidden fee! Please book a full fair on a major carrier instead of hidden fee fiasco at the airport. headaches before a flight. Keep in mind no wizz staff to talk to before flight or in Budapest. Private contractors from airport do all the check in process and departures."
Plus: "cheap, on time"
Minus: "no reclining chairs, no free water"
Minus: "Extra prices. Should have took a better airline and pay more. Came out the same. Make sure you tell guest to check in online or they will. Hangs you $50 to check in at the airport"
Plus: "Staff aboard the aircraft were very nice and so was the passengers."
Minus: "Bought a ticket two weeks ago to travel to Romania. Didn't have internet to check in, so I went to the airport to check in. When I got there because I was within 3 hours of boarding they had given away my ticket and made me a last priority boarder. I happened to get really lucky otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to fly on a flight I had previously paid for and was on time to."
Plus: "The crew in the plane"
Minus: "The quality of service in the boarding, Modified types of cabine bags, practically you have to bring one change of clothes an nothing else in order to fit for the standards of the "small cabine luggage" . The boarding crew was very rude"
Plus: "Friendly staff members"
Minus: "They didn't have blanket and it was very cold.."
Minus: "Basic flight. Rude crew and late flight"
Plus: "The weather was nice."
Minus: "The boarding was announced 30 minutes before the beginning of the procedure. All the passengers were standing in the queue, without any possibilities to sit down. At Luton there is no connection among the announcements and the actual status of the boarding of a particular plane."
Minus: "The application doesn't allow to add carrier bag check in and we paid high fee in the airport"
Minus: "The bag policy with the airline makes the cheap flight not worth it. Only one carry on allowed and each checked bag is $50"
Plus: "Ombordstigning gick smidigt och trevlig personal."
Minus: "Alldeles för trångt och budgetsäten."
Plus: "Nothing at all... They were unfriendly and I missed my flight because of them. Lot money and time is gone"
Minus: "How they organized everything in this day!!!! 4th of July 2017 TERRIBLY Terrible"
Plus: "only good for short flights....the price.."
Minus: "not comfortable seats"
Plus: "The seats are big enough even though they do not lay back BETTER than British Airways it really is !"
Minus: "The flight attendant needs to be more friendly and clear speaking in English language"
Minus: "on the flight back we waited in the bus for a very long time before we were taken to the plane."

URuselt på flygplatsen i Barcelona med transfer från Air Maroc och Tangier och hitta till Terminal 1z. INGEN att fråga. Otrevlig, stressad, okunnig personal som skrek vid gaten. Noll koll på att avgången var mer än en timme försenad. Otrevlig personal som pratade otydligt. Vueling har också gjort det helt omöjligt att komma i kontakt med dem för att få återbäring korrekt på tidigare missöden. Detta är synd då företaget har stor potential.

Plus: "Helpful crew. Quick flight."
Minus: "No gate assignment until right before boarding. Chaotic,especially when you don’t know the airport or airline."
Plus: "Staff was friendly and happy."
Minus: "Seats are not the most comfortable."
Plus: "Seat was comfortable and we landed on time, even after leaving late."
Minus: "Crew needed better attitude."
Plus: "we landed safely"
Minus: "need entertainment system. need complimentary drinks and snacks need comfortable seats"
Plus: "The worst crew I’ve ever experienced on a flight, and I’m a frequent flyer, both domestically and internationally."
Minus: "To have not flown with Norwegian"
Plus: "The crew was nice and friendly."
Minus: "The plane was extremely dirty, almost disgusting!"
Minus: "I missed the flight and was not allowed to board even though there was time"
Plus: "Cheaper"
Minus: "Less delays"
Minus: "This is a budget airline. It was a decent plane, the crew was very friendly. Being a budget airline, food on board has to be purchased separately. There is no entertainment on board. The seats didn’t recline. Overall it was good value for your money."
Plus: "the plane was not bad, the personal monitor was very advanced."
Minus: "offer at least one meal, offer at least something to drink, a blanket ... in 8 hours of flight ... after hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a ticket. shame."
Plus: "The crew tried well enough"
Minus: "The main course"
Plus: "The crew is great"
Minus: "The seats doesn’t move forward nor backwards"
Plus: "Great value. Spacious overhead compartment for bags - no issue being near last to board with larger carry on bags. On time departure and even early arrival."
Plus: "Plane looks new and clean."
Minus: "Boarding process, included checked in luggage and limit hand carry to 15 kg."
Plus: "Det var medelbra, inte dåligt och inte bra."
Minus: "Något litet att äta och säten att fälla bakot något."
Plus: "Flight delayed, staff provided no info and was generally nasty."
Minus: "Pague extra al hacer mi checking para elegir asientos en puerta de emergencia. Me enviaron hasta los recibos. Cuando llegue a mostrador en Florencia mis asientos habían sido revendidos a otros pasajeros. Una estafa"
Plus: "Punctuality and safety"
Minus: "Food options are very limited"
Plus: "at the check in. I've been asked to pay because my booking didn't show that I included 1 in cabin bag and 1 ship for each traveler. I had to pay because I wasn't going to lose my flight. I ask you to check my booking please."
Plus: "This was a standard flight.... there was nothing special about it...."
Plus: "Cheap"
Minus: "Check-in process was a nightmare not well coordinated and took forever"
Plus: "Aircraft cabin comfornand cleanliness"
Minus: "The whole booking experience and costs incurred in our 4PAX booking. Should cost €350 and went to almost €800 when we changed start of trip by one day even though we booked weeks in advance."
Plus: "Good aircraft and seats."
Minus: "Bad check-in by Vueling staff. They kept changing the time to check-in. At first the sign said "All Destinations" with no restriction on check-in. Nest, while we were in the line, they changed the sign to say you could only check-in 2 hours before the flight and then, when we got to the front of the line, they said it was 2 1/2 hours. Very rude in response to our questions."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "They made a mess with my bookinh"
Minus: "Flight was delayed 4 hours was unable to catch my connecting flight in London to Barcelona. Had to buy another flight ticket in London, wait another day, pay for a night a hotel to get to my destination in Barcelona. I was supposed to arrive in Barcelona on Saturday April 1st and did not get there until 2 the following day. Will not use this service again."
Plus: "On Time"
Minus: "They lost my suitcase"
Plus: "Got off the plane quickly"
Minus: "We were late boarding and departing but were not alerted before hand. Didnt matter for me however since i was there early."
Minus: "Flight delayed but not announced. Gate changed but not announced. Slow and painful boarding process."
Minus: "Flight was late. Lost my luggage"
Minus: "The check in line was too long with too few attendants checking people in."
Plus: "No"
Minus: "The people at the check in desk were not friendly"
Minus: "seats were awful-- very thin cushioning"
Plus: "Not one thing"
Minus: "The airline staff from check-in to dismissal were a big mess. No info, no help upon cancellation....Nothing."
Plus: "I liked the price."
Minus: "The flight was delayed by about 30 minutes, the boarding process is a cattle call worst than Southwest Airlines and upon requesting a food item and a drink, I was told the sandwich wasn't available only to see two of them on the other cart, and they had the nerve to offer me a warm €10 mini bottle of prosecco. And lastly, the crew was either aloof or extremely new. I've flown Vueling three times in my life. This was the worst. I guess you get what you pay for."
Plus: "No tv or entertainment system which makes more sitting space. I like this."
Plus: "The seats were comfortable and the flight attendants were courteous and polite."
Minus: "Our flight left 20 min late but we landed on time so it wasn't terrible."
Plus: "Incheckning, ombordstigning och flygresan i sig. Trodde att det var ett bolag som easyjet,Ryanair, eller liknande, detta var mycket bättre."
Minus: "Inte ens vatten fick man. Lite sniket kan tyckas, men det vet man M-förslag nästa resa. Solarna är så klena att varje gång passageraren bakom rör stolen känns det i ryggen. Vi hade ett gäng barn bakom oss..."
Plus: "Once the flight took off, everything was ok."
Minus: "3 door changes. Delay of flight was greater than flight duration. Information from crew was seriously inexact."
Plus: "The crew was polite and boarding was efficient"
Minus: "Security at the airport"
Plus: "Don't know I slept."
Minus: "They were get 6th disorganized at check in and boarding."
Plus: "Nothing. I am emerald and this was a hideous flight."
Minus: "It was late. It was packed. It needed busses at both airports. And it took 1.5 hours to get my luggage. Never again."
Plus: "Plane was comfortable, flight attendants friendly and professional. Departures and arrivals on time!"
Minus: "Cattle car boarding procedures were dehumanizing. Also, don't forget a book if you expect entertainment."
Plus: "Flight was delayed by more than 1 hour"
Plus: "Easy check in"
Minus: "Super tight seats"
Minus: "Booked online for British Airways. Wasn't clear that it was operated by Vueling a budget airline. I payed extra for British Airways specifically to avoid the budget carriers. Vueling charged for everything (nickel and dimed) as expected, line through ticketing was extremely long, and of course there wasn't any entertainment for the flight. I wish kayak would have been very clear that it was not a British Airways flight. Paid extra for nothing."
Minus: "They losed our laggage"
Plus: "Comfortable seats! Friendly crew from check-in to exit. Great experience."
Minus: "There was no meal service or entertainment so I didn't check those boxes, didn't apply. Short trip."
Plus: "I got on the flight"
Minus: "They overbooked more than 20 passengers. The flight was delayed. Expensive snacks on board."

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Alicante (ALC)Spanien

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Alicante - Stockholm

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