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  • Ange önskad avgångsflygplats och resedatum i sökfältet ovan för att låsa upp de senaste flygerbjudandena för Santa Cruz de Teneriffa
  • Flyg till Teneriffa under vinterhalvåret då ön har sin högsäsong. Vädret på ön ligger på härliga och behagliga temperaturer året om men är särskilt populärt under vintern då många resenärer från norra Europa längtar efter varmare väder. Under högsäsongen är det svårare att hitta biljetter i sista minuten.
  • När du flyger till Teneriffa kan du landa på en av två flygplatser. På öns norra del ligger Tenerife North Airport och på öns södra del ligger Tenerife South Airport. Vilken flygplats du ska välja beror på vilken ort på Teneriffa du ska till.
  • Teneriffa är den största av Kanarieöarna men det går ändå relativt lätt att ta sig runt ön så även om du landar på en mer avlägsen flygplats kan du ändå hitta transportmedel till ditt bokade hotell.
  • Om du ska flyga till populära Santa Cruz som är en av de större semesterorterna på ön ska du välja Tenerife North Airport som ligger bara 11 kilometer från orten. Du tar dig till centrum på 20 minuter med lokalbuss.
  • Om du ska till Costa Adeje eller Los Cristianos är det Tenerife South Airport, öns största flygplats, som gäller. Det finns även transportmöjligheter för att ta dig till öns norra delar.
  • Växla pengar i valutaväxlingen som finns inne på flygplatserna om du inte gjort detta innan din resa. Du kan behöva kontanter till transporten till hotellet. Du behöver inte dricksa chauffören.
  • Du behöver inte ansöka om inresetillstånd för att resa till Kanarieöarna.
  • En flygresa till Teneriffa tar ungefär 8 och en halv timme så det är svårt att göra en weekendresa till ön, boka istället en lite längre vistelse.

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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
IberiaGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 6670 recensioner
7,4Gå ombord

Flight was delayed more than 2 hours. Was made to check carry-on bag.

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Flight was delayed more than 2 hours. Was made to check carry-on bag.

Choice of meals was very limited. Chicken or Pasta ??

More food and drink services for a 12 hour flight.

Long delays in Frankfurt without communication or care much for passenger comfort. Once inside the plane, everything was good and the staff was very friendly. Due to delay, lost connecting flight to Lisbon. Iberia staff in Madrid were courteous and helpful and book me on the next flight available in the morning and arranged a hotel. They did their best and the experience could have been much worse, but it still had these negative experiences.

Had to fly standby with 15 other passengers from JFK to Madrid because flight from JFK left late. Charged me 4 euro for a cup of coffee! Bad customer service!

There was delays on my departure flight and return flight both due to mechanical issues. The flight crew has us fill out re-entry documents on the return trip from Portugal to US that were unnecessary since the airport has kiosk to take the information. This made the disembarking very stressful.

The flight was fine and the crew was very professional. The long lines at the Iberia check-in counter were a bit much. Not enough counters. I purchased on-board Wi-Fi - it never worked. Also, be aware that claiming checked in luggage takes a long while to arrive at the carrousel (Barajas is slow that way).

It was very stressful not being able to use Iberia/American Airlines apps for checking in, adding TSA Pre, or using mobile boarding passes.

Plus: "On time"
Minus: "The boarding"
Minus: "When you book BA and end up with Iberia, that’s definitely not what you want..."
Plus: "The price was right!"
Minus: "I know the saying “you get what you pay for”, but good service from the flight attendants should be expected in the price. It was hard to get a greeting or a smile from them, far from prompt delivery of food or coffee ordered. We were traveling with two kids under 5, but there was no help offered. You are expected to pay for any and all food or drinks, including water. The airline could at least offer free water. The meal quality was mediocre for the price paid, and their stock ran out pretty fast."
Minus: "They lost my bag and I still haven't heard from them"
Minus: "The airline accepted our checked baggage, although they already knew that it would not make it to our final destination (Marrakech) on the same day that we would arrive. We had to pay, out of our own pockets, for the inconvenience. Apparently this happens a lot, and it happened to our entire plane"
Plus: "Nothing. Iberia wouldn’t let me on the plane."
Minus: "Iberia could have checked us in and if we had been unable to get on that particular flight could have put us on a different flight instead of just telling us we were out of $360 and we would have to pay full price for a new ticket."
Minus: "Det var försenat så jag missade connection föight"
Plus: "Prisvärt. Punktligt"
Minus: "Skrikande barn. Gjorde besättningen något för att informera modern om smärta i öronen hos småbarn? Dyr mat. Inget ätbart utan betalning. Ingen åtkomst till wi-fi."
Plus: "Dreamliner is great. So we’re the crew"
Minus: "Please serve water at the very least."
Minus: "Missed connection and this delayed by 20 hours to final destination."
Plus: "In time boarding"
Minus: "Free refreshments. Early travelers need at least coffee or tea. Especially when they have connecting flights and no time to stop and get a proper meal."
Minus: "Good connection in Madrid and nice flight to Malaga. It was a long walk to get to the connection"
Plus: "Perks of being emerald"
Minus: "Kayak did not send me my booking reference in the email. kayak has no customer service number"
Plus: "Nothing, it was awful"
Minus: "They were late with boarding to begin with and the process was extremely unorganized and slow. The Air France flight that was boarding next to ours at gate 9 got everybody onto the plane before our flight did and their plane was scheduled to take off 10 minutes AFTER us. The boarding attendant didn’t do a good job of announcing the group number for boarding. After priority and no baggage passengers, it was just one big mob. Our boarding passes were in group 1 but my mom ended up being one of the last people let through. The 2 attendants made her wait because they needed to tag her luggage. I guess they felt it was too big for carrying on. Which is fine. But they literally made her stand there while they let almost everyone else in line through. They even tagged other luggages and she was still waiting. And when she asked them about it, they told her to wait and they have to assist other people. What’s the point of being group 1 for boarding then? We still had to wait til pretty much everyone else went in. And the fact that our seats were in row 29 which is at the tail end of the plane made it even worse. Now we need to squeeze by 28 rows of people when we could’ve been in our seats and out of the way a long time ago. Terrible service!"
Plus: "The food was nice."
Minus: "There was no water in business class toilets. The staff are not polite."
Minus: "The plane was too cold. It doesn't matter they give you a blanket it's uncomfortable and a waste of energy"
Plus: "Once again, my minor child (5 years old) was not seated with me. I don’t understand. Her birthday is listed with her ticket. Why ask the age of children under 11 if they’ll be seated with strangers? Moreover, we were loaded onto the plane from both ends, irrespective of our seats, so there was mass confusion as two sets of passengers were crossing over each other, looking for seats. Using hand signals to communicate, as it was an international flight with passengers speaking several languages. The crew stood at the entrances to the plane, watching."
Minus: "My experience."
Minus: "Few minutes late. Which caused us to miss our main flight. Still have no luggage. Why would flight like that be scheduled so close together. Impossible to accomplish after going thru customs."
Minus: "Horrible flight; no complimentary soft drinks are served, not even better. The baggage did not arrive and Iberia does not even deliver the baggage, even though the fault was theirs. You have to go to the airport to recover the baggage. I would NOT RECOMMEND this airline to anyone. The plane was quite old and there are no screens on the seats. One of my worst experiences flying in the last 40 years."
Plus: "on time"
Minus: "business class is the same as eco...very poor...LH aslo have regional line, much much better."
Minus: "In flight entertainment didn't work and crew wasn't concerned and didn't do anything about it."
Plus: "Got me where I needed to go, on time. Reasonably comfortable."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Flight from Iberia, operated by AA and finaly no flight!!!!!"
Plus: "Our flight to Bologna via Madrid on Iberia Airlines was wonderful from take off to landing! Friendly, courteous staff. Good food and entertainment."
Plus: "The entertainment is great, I always appreciate a good movie selection for long haul flights. The space is ok and the seats recline well. The blankets and pillows were warm and comfortable too. Food was remarkably edible."
Minus: "The beverage services should come around more often. Two cups of water during a 9 hour flight just aren't adequate."
Minus: "We were in JFK for over 24 hours being lied to and being promised that our flight to Madrid although late would leave that day. We were changed from boarding door to boarding door, we were told that there were no hotel rooms available in New York that they could place us in and told that they were testing a plane and as soon as it was confirmed it could fly we would be on it. At approx. 1am or a little after we (the passengers) from the flight were located at boarding door 7 and they brought an Iberia plane right by the windows in hopes that we would be put at ease at the sight of a possible flight only to find out that there are no flights out of JFK after 1am. The lies they told and or lack of truths was very frustrating"
Minus: "Staff was not friendly"
Plus: "The films are a bit old but ok."
Minus: "Delayed flight, attendants rude, boarding not organized, the plane has too many rows, only pasta left for the last 10 rows. The touch screen in the seat is not quite nice for the one that is sit on it, looks like you have a bird hitting your head."
Plus: "Nothing in particular"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "I liked the food and the fact that we could have wine with dinner."
Minus: "I didn't like the boarding procedure. There was an announcement for business class first, but then there wasn't enough said about the rest of the boarding i.e. "Group one can board now." Everyone was moving forward whether they were in group 1, 2, or 3. It was disorganized and not handled in a fair and efficient manner."
Plus: "This wa a short, one hour flight. it's hard to rate the experience with a flight this short."
Plus: "Boarding is quick and easy. Seating is comfortable enough for a one hour flight."
Minus: "No free beverage service . Snacks and drinks cart is wheeled through, but no one buys on such a short trip."
Plus: "Madrid airport was modern, clean & very welllaid out"
Plus: "Fast check in"
Plus: "I did a up grade To bisnees an it was very disapointed"
Plus: "Commuter flight. Got me where I needed to go."
Minus: "Small plane, no leg room, very little carry-on space. All I had is a small backpack and I almost did have a place to put it."
Plus: "Very comfortable and friendly crew."
Minus: "They start boarding on time, but inexplicably kept people waiting on the jetbridge and did not allow anyone to actually pass through the airplane doors."
Plus: "Considering my flight was from Tenerife to NY even though they stopped in Madrid they could have given us at least a bottle or glass of water without charging for it. No TV so not the greatest flight. Staff not very helpful at airport to accommodate a seat change to be able to sit with family."
Plus: "Good to eat on flight"
Minus: "Spacing was impossible for someone 6'2" or taller. It was incredibly tight for everyone. Extremely uncomfortable to fly for 3 hours like this."
Plus: "Crew was courteous and friendly. They provide great customer service."
Minus: "Food choices limited. Entertainment limited. Seats are very tight. Not very comfortable."
Plus: "Crew was friendly and accommodating."
Minus: "Seats were next to the bathroom in the middle of the plane and passengers have no regard for your comfort. They lean on your seats, leave the stinky bathroom door open constantly-causing me to get up and close it at least 4 times during a 9.5 hour flight."
Plus: "The flight was great. The crew was very attentive and helpful."
Minus: "We wasted 20 min. with the checkin machine. It should be written somewhere that if you fly to the US, you have to go to the traditional check in line. After entering all the info, the machine crashed. It was frustrating."
Minus: "Deplaned very orderly for distancing, but then on tarmac into crowded bids during COVID. Really?? What gives?? Lots of empty jetways! So sloppy, or something!"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "If my plane wasn’t overbooked and I actually got on it. Instead I missed my connection in Barcelona and had to buy a new ticket from Barcelona to the US."
Plus: "Excellent on time, quick turnaround with Canary Air"
Minus: "Air Europa...everything"
Plus: "The flight was with Canary Airways not Air Europa Next time I’ll book with Canary Air direct because Air Europa made a mess with the reservation and are hard to reach"
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Bathrooms not maintained, flight delayed after on plane, and only had water offered 1x on the flight even though we were on the plane for about 2 hours longer than planned."
Plus: "Seat in Business Class Dreamliner was excellent-very comfortable with great flexibility of use. Service was attentive, but challenged to understand English"
Minus: "Entertainment selection of movies and music was very poor and too limited. Food was of inferior quality for business class"
Plus: "Flight wa smooth, little to no turbulence."
Minus: "No notice of the delay. There were several adecúate attendants and one needs to be taken out of her misery. What an awful negative and rude person, I feel sad for her. The others were ok."
Plus: "All"
Minus: "No"
Plus: "Everything as expected!"
Minus: "Had to pay for food. not a single chip :("
Plus: "Crew was great, the rest was average"
Minus: "My checked luggage for which i paid an extra $100 has been damaged to a point where 2 out of the 4 weels are about to fall. I don't know in which of the two flights it happened since my luggage was transfered during the layover."
Plus: "All the way unti dinner everything went fine. Once dinner started all good things up to now everything went down the drain. The crew were rude, unprofessional and disgusting. Everything else was excellent. Arlindo Fernandez"
Plus: "Landed ahead of schedule. Left on time"
Minus: "There was nothing I didn't like"
Plus: "Not one thing."
Minus: "Delayed. Smelly. Overall love flying but the takeoff and landing were terrible! Service wasn’t great either- crew had major attitude problems."
Minus: "We paid for exit row seats that made all the difference. This also made us eligible for a lounge"
Minus: "Uncomfortable chairs. Long lines because I couldnt do online booking"
Minus: "Baggage policy misleading."
Minus: "Comfort"
Minus: "After 2 days at the airport I still waiting for the airline to give me a date and new time for another flight since the airport is having problems after the storms on Wednesday, they don’t have a counter or anything where travelers can ask questions and have problems solve. They keep making you come but with no guarantee of anything. No one knows nothing, it’s very bad the way they are managing the situation."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Not only did we board an hour late but we were basically held hostage for over 3 hours inside the airplane due to navigation difficulties. We were in the middle of the ramp and little information was given. Needless to say I missed my connecting flight. A total nightmare."
Plus: "It was really comfortable and the food was great, the crew was really nice."
Minus: "There was only like 8 old movies and none of them loaded so I couldn't watch anything. And the Wi-Fi super expensive."
Plus: "Great service and good food"
Plus: "Vuelo de la excelencia"
Plus: "Imagine that I lost my flight and I had to rebook another flight that departed from Milan - Copenhagen and from Copenhagen - Miami... I paid $1,200 to get this flight... plus I lost my flight that they didn't want me to board in... plus imagine, the €150 for my luggage that they dropped it for me by the baggage claim in Malpensa airport, after I was rejected to board the aircraft... Believe me that I am not much concern about the loss of money that happened to me in this situation, as I am more concern about IS BEING AN ARABIC MUSLIM PERSON, was the reason to lose my flight??? Really guys??? Why really??? I am not a terrorist... I love everyone and I expect people to respect me for who I am, not for where I am coming from..to keep repeating same word (  Arabo Arabo ) ???..... I just need fair judgemental... I've been flying with Air Europa many times and love the company but now I will remain in shock the rest of my life with this experience, to be discriminated in that level from different representatives of this company in Malpensa, Milan... I felt that I need to speak and seek fair judgemental... may I really get an answer?? My name is Abdelrahman Morsy Flight# UX 1066 Confirmation# 073-807-352 Departure: Malpensa (MXP) Arrival: Barajas (MAD) Time: Thu Oct 26 2017 10:45 am CEST - Thu Oct 26 2017 1:05 pm CEST I will remain waiting for fair answer.... and if I am bad person as the lady called me, I will walk away with respect... Thank you.. Abdelrahman Morsy. An Arabic, Egyptian and Muslim HUMAN who loves everyone.. and will never hate anyone.. No To Racism...."
Plus: "Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a very comfortable piece of equipment and Air Europe is flying it on this route. Fast, quiet, stable. The AE staff was awesome. Departure and arrival timely and I prefer the "old" airport in Madrid to the new airport."
Plus: "Excelent !"
Minus: "T"
Plus: "Wide body aircraft."
Plus: "nothing"
Minus: "no service, bad food, no individual tv screens, no choice movies"
Plus: "Smooth, quiet overnight flight with few interruptions."
Minus: "Air Europa app let me down, generating boarding passes that didn't work at security. Sent unexpectedly to counter by passport agent."
Plus: "It was a cheap flight but I didn't feel like I was cattle."
Minus: "The boarding was inefficient. There weren't any zones called or anything."
Minus: "Website not working. I had to call and was sent a PDF boarding pass without a barcode. I ended queuing at the checkin counters again."
Plus: "I had heard some bad things typically associated with low-cost carriers, but that might only be on their shorter domestic/EU flights. In the bigger plane for the transatlantic flight, there was good service, two meals and drinks for free, and a decent in-flight entertainment system."
Minus: "The employee at check in in Italy was not nice"
Plus: "It was a short flight."
Minus: "Boarding process was awful and there was no beverage service that I knew of or saw."
Minus: "2h delay and missing connecting flight then another 1 h delay on the new flight that I waited 3 h in Madrid"
Minus: "Had to pay for baggage and boarding was a hassle, driven on a bus for about 10 mins, had to wait to board etc."
Plus: "The plane and technology were top notch"
Minus: "Food was not worthy for a food bank."
Plus: "The flight was great, had seen some negative reviews. But for me nothing negative to say about air Europa, wonderful seat, great flight crew, everything was on time. Just and overall great experience."
Plus: "The crew was great!"
Minus: "Meals not very healthy. Hardly and fruit or vegetables."
Plus: "Seats space"
Minus: "No enterteinment onboard, lack of service, food"
Plus: "Food was good."
Minus: "Not on par with competitors when it comes to the technology on the plane. No tv, no phone charger which is common now and this flight had neither."
Plus: "The staff was kind and courteous."
Minus: "The seat's audio didn't work."
Plus: "Food"
Minus: "No entertainment for long flight except mr bean. The way to Madrid was much more enjoyable. Same airline. Oh and wifi=30$ for 50 MB. I use that in 2 min so way too little data with each package."
Plus: "I arrived."
Minus: "The flight was 1 1/2 hours late. Large person in the seat in front of me and when she reclined I couldn't cross my legs. And I am only 5'2", I can't imagine a tall person coping. Not very clean aircraft (fork and wrappers from earlier flight lay at my feet). Cheap fair, but you get what you pay for. We did not receive the upgraded seats on any flight we booked. Poor customer service."
Minus: "Impossible to confirm flight online. Seat assignments split us up, including our children When we were finally able to be seated together it was 3 in last row an one in 2nd to last where attendants kept bumping into seats, making noise etc. 9 year old son's monitor didn't work after we bought headset. Took many hours and multiple requests for assistance and refund. Crew left 9 year old son off of flight manifest resulting in his detainment by homeland security st JFK."
Plus: "787 is awesome, comfortable seats"
Minus: "food was okay, alcohol is charge for seconds in transatlantic flights, all charge in medium haul trips, even water. is nice but is not Virgin or British good."
Plus: "Slept almost the entire flight over, from the middle seat."
Minus: "Only a 10kg weight limit, not described well during the ticket purchasing process."
Plus: "Went to Barcalona for a wedding, Air Europa was the best price by far. We didn't get delayed once and our checked luggage made the transfer in Madrid."
Plus: "Nothing negative to report"
Minus: "More TV/Monitors are needed preferably individual monitors for longer flights over 4 hours which would keep the flights from being too boring."

We bought priority tickets which was supposed to give priority boarding before others so that we can get to our seats and easily place our luggage in the bins before others. However, the priority boarding is only into the bus. So we get off the bus we were in a crowd with everyone who did not purchase priority tickets. So the very purpose of purchasing priority tickets was gone.

URuselt på flygplatsen i Barcelona med transfer från Air Maroc och Tangier och hitta till Terminal 1z. INGEN att fråga. Otrevlig, stressad, okunnig personal som skrek vid gaten. Noll koll på att avgången var mer än en timme försenad. Otrevlig personal som pratade otydligt. Vueling har också gjort det helt omöjligt att komma i kontakt med dem för att få återbäring korrekt på tidigare missöden. Detta är synd då företaget har stor potential.

Dåligt då vi blev tvingade att betala extra för vårt handbagage och skicka det som vanligt bagage. Planets "over head compartment" var långt ifrån fullt och det var många väskor som var större. Vi känner oss extremt illa behandlade. AnnSofie & Per-Greger Sniwe

The worst check in and boarding process in airport


Because the scale includes two terminals, we almost lost our flights. That data was not referrenced to us. The check-in process was a pain too.

Plus: "Boarding and crew was ok. Aircraft also not bad. But five hour delay with little communication or compensation."
Minus: "5 hour delay. Communication"
Minus: "WIFI announcement which did not exist"
Plus: "The crew with neither rude nor particularly welcoming."
Minus: "When did vueling stop offering a free snack and drink. Not even a glass of water for your passengers is just plain inhospitable."
Plus: "The price was cheap"
Minus: "Barcelona airport was a mess. They lost my bag with half of the plane bags and they didn’t even update the bag status online or call me when it arrived"
Minus: "Nicer behaviour from crew, smile is easy."
Minus: "Was told I needed to check my bag when there was plenty of overhead space once we boarded the plane. The entire zone system seems to be fake, as they boarded zone 1 and then went to all zones, skipping 2 & 3."
Minus: "Amazing"
Minus: "Carry on policy is ridiculous"
Plus: "Inexpensive"
Minus: "We had to spend €50 to check a bag that we can carry on to other flights due to weight restriction. There was terrible communication about a gate change. The flight was late and no one seemed to care or acknowledge that. The seats were very uncomfortable."
Minus: "There was nothing about the trip to like. I still have not made it to Agadir. The flight in Denver was delayed two hours, causing my family to miss all connections. This I turn required me to fork out $1000 additional to make it to my final destination."
Minus: "I was informed upon arriving that I was on "standby" for a flight I'd booked weeks in advance, and told the reason was I had not paid the surcharge to reserve a specific seat, and Vueling oversold the flight by 10%. Not cool, Vueling. Also the flight was almost an hour late taking off."
Plus: "Det var medelbra, inte dåligt och inte bra."
Minus: "Något litet att äta och säten att fälla bakot något."
Plus: "Amazing and helpful crew"
Minus: "Long delay and inefficient boarding for people with digital boarding pass"
Plus: "They are always late not much room."
Plus: "The crew are so helpful and friendly"
Minus: "Our flight was ridiculously delayed due to fog no fault of the airline but the communication was terrible"
Plus: "Crew good"
Minus: "Booked extra legroom didn't get it."
Minus: "4 hours delayed :("
Plus: "at the check in. I've been asked to pay because my booking didn't show that I included 1 in cabin bag and 1 ship for each traveler. I had to pay because I wasn't going to lose my flight. I ask you to check my booking please."
Plus: "This was a standard flight.... there was nothing special about it...."
Plus: "Cheap"
Minus: "Check-in process was a nightmare not well coordinated and took forever"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "unorganised deaprture @ barcelona airport where everyone was allowed to board at the same time. Also our flight way delayed but Vueling did not text anyone on our flight to inform us."
Plus: "I give high marks to Vueling in all regards, except one. See below. Otherwise, they were efficient, courteous, and it was a very positive experience."
Minus: "When we arrived at our seats 29E and 29F the seats were taken. The flight attendant asked if I would like to move to row 32, the last (and worst) row of the plane, which has no window, so that the people in my seats could sit together. I thought she had to be joking, but she wasn't. These people need to get a SERIOUS reality check. It's like going to a restaurant, ordering a filet mignon steak, and then waiter comes out and says "we gave your filet mignon to that person sitting over there, but here's a MacDonalds hamburger for you. And you will still be paying for the filet. Will that be ok?" No. It's not ok. Only an airline would try something like that. This behavior is unacceptable in every other business. Stop doing this now!"
Plus: "Boarding"
Minus: "No bags"
Plus: "nice enough plane. clean, full. pleasant crew."
Minus: "two hours late, because of earlier weather, there was never an acknowledgement or apology until a recorded announcement at the end of the fkight. after changing departure gates (again no sorry) the boarding was chaos, led by silly giggling wonen who had no decorum and no sense of safety. then a 45 minute wait onboard, no explanation. food for sale looks terrible. bumpy (not their fault) it all might have been far more humanely done."
Plus: "There were assistants guiding me through the check in process."
Plus: "Muy bueno y tranquilo el viaje"
Plus: "Early take off and arrival."
Minus: "As with any other budget airlines, tight spaces."
Minus: "Left late (and therefore arrived late) due to starting the boarding process late and slow boarding. I wouldn't go so far as to say the attendants were rude, but they were not friendly, either. Could not check in online ahead of time due to flying with a US passport (which was not a problem with, for example, British Airways, flying from London to Rome)."
Plus: "It was affordable and the seats were comfortable enough. Can't recline, but I was only on the flight for an hour."
Minus: "Baggage fee, seat fee (if you want to choose your seat), and food wasn't free."
Minus: "No entertainment, seats did not recline, minimal leg room"
Plus: "Even though the flight was delayed they made up time in the air."
Minus: "Seats are very close together so not good for long haul flights. Not entirely comfortable. ."
Plus: "No"
Minus: "The people at the check in desk were not friendly"
Minus: "Seats were so small we could hardly fit. Airplane was extremely hot inside. No leg room at all for 5he middle seat and window seat passengers."
Plus: "Nothing good"
Minus: "Flight was delayed which meant I missed the event I was travelling for. No help from airline or any expression of sympathy for the situation, very awkward to deal with and no flexibility, no offer of refund or change of flight as no other was available with the airline, wouldn't book again"
Plus: "Quick boarding"
Minus: "very less leg space which doesn't even permit to head down on front tray."
Minus: "seats were awful-- very thin cushioning"
Plus: "Nice short flight! Nice crew!"
Minus: "N/a"
Plus: "All of it"
Plus: "Not one thing"
Minus: "The airline staff from check-in to dismissal were a big mess. No info, no help upon cancellation....Nothing."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Was not what I expected when booking with British Airways. This low budget airline did not continue the level of service expected when I booked the trip. It was like riding a bus in the sky. #NoComplimentaryAnything"
Plus: "The airline decided to change the plane so everyone could not fit. As a result, we have been changed to a new flight but a different airport. This is an incredibly poor airline and this type of service should not be allowed nor acceptable."
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Incheckning, ombordstigning och flygresan i sig. Trodde att det var ett bolag som easyjet,Ryanair, eller liknande, detta var mycket bättre."
Minus: "Inte ens vatten fick man. Lite sniket kan tyckas, men det vet man M-förslag nästa resa. Solarna är så klena att varje gång passageraren bakom rör stolen känns det i ryggen. Vi hade ett gäng barn bakom oss..."
Minus: "flight delayed 12 hours"
Plus: "On time, friendly staff at the airport and on board."
Minus: "Too hot on the ground after boarding, waiting for so long and no one explain what's going on. Captain on tbe spesker was too loud."

I wish my seat existed. I had to wait uncomfortably and nervously to find out if there was any free space for me. A horrible situation, that should not happen. Finally, with other companies, even without knowing where we sit, they always put us together. This has never existed such a coincidence or case.

allt var toppen.

Benutrymme längst fram

Bra personal


Mat delas inte ut på Ryanair så det bör finnas ett alternativ för detta i frågeställningen. Värsta med ryanair är väl egentligen merkostnaderna som uppstår. Jag ska resa med 2 barn. gratis incheckningen öppnar någon timme innan flyget. Alternativen jag har är att betala för tidig incheck och val av platser eller köra på gratis incheck och få slumpmässigt valda platser. Chanserna att jag får sitta med mina små pojkar är ganska slim. Att resa ensam är inga problem men med sällskap bör man välja bort Ryanair

Köpte till fast track vilket var kanon

The seats 💺 should be changed

Reduce the waiting hours please, this is sooooo annoying

An hour to drop bags, just not enough staff on. Security fine. Another 20 minutes for outgoing passports.

Två timmar försenat flyg, besättningen var arga

pga av en av våra resenärer var under 17 kunde hon inte checka in via nätet och när vi kom till flygplatsen måste vi betala för att få boarding kort, dåligt!!! Mycket försenat flyg och en person vid gaten, dåligt !!!

1h30 hour late with no infomraiotn in MAnshester Air port.very bad organisation

They really do what ever in their power to sqweeze out every euro they can. First the website had tagged my son incorrectly as an adult, and in that denying me the ability to check him in with his proper DOB. So we tought we could check in at the counter, we where there more than 2h before the flight but we came to the counter 1h and 59 min before the flight. The attendand then informed us that we where 1 min late and that she would require us to pay 30€ each to check in. If I hadn't disputed this with the service desk it would have cost us 120€ extra! I won´t be flying with Ryan Air again.

Be more flexible and resonable in these crazy pandemic times ... the only thing that matters to you is money money money ... so sad and pathetic


Jag missade flygplanen fast jag hade 55 mint tills den flyger

Otroligt dålig flygbolag , dolda avgifter man var tvungen att betala på flygplatsen och väldigt osmidig ombordstigning. Rekommenderar verkligen inte ryanair

Minus: "Jag jar skrivit till er då delarcav min resa rill Madridcoch sedan resan från Berlin och hem till Stockholm inte gick. Men detcär ingen som komtaktat mig och jag har försökt på alla sätt att få pengarna tillbaka på den här resan då det var omöjligt att resa den här sträckan när de andra sträckorna försvunnit"
Plus: "Nothing amazing its opposite, ryanair.com its the worst airline in Europe or maybe on the world. EU parliament should closings this airlane"
Minus: "no chance to be better, I think its all Passenger should expect only its will be worse"
Plus: "Duktig besättning"
Minus: "Allt"
Plus: "Personalen var mycket trevliga och snälla"
Plus: "I didn’t die in a fiery crash."
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Politeness of the staff"
Plus: "Fast boarding, crew was able to help"
Plus: "Staff on Ryanair always pleasant and good good, flight smooth and always on time"
Minus: "Nothing about this Flught I didn’t like"
Plus: "On time, Professional crew."
Minus: "Leaving from Reus Airport even though we had paid extra for priority boarding as we went through the boarding gate then asked to stop outside the Airport building waiting to be directed to the plane, All passengers where directed through the gate and where mixed with the priority paying passengers."
Minus: "Long queue to check in bags Only one guy at the desk to do it... Plane delayed hour and a half. Minimal communication."
Plus: "Crew was very pleasant and helpful."
Minus: "The seats are very small, but that’s what you get for flying Ryan Air"
Plus: "Priset på biljetten"
Minus: "Jag har säkert flygit med Ryanair 75-100 ggr. Priority boarding... de har aldrig någonsin lyckats att hantera det på ett bra sätt. Sorgligt."
Minus: "Kommentar: åt ingen mat - underhållning"
Minus: "I was there 10 minutes from my flight because of a lot problems from airline doesnt matter and they supposed to take a flight at 15:30 my flight was delay but we arrived at 15:40 and i was thinking i lost but suddenly i saw that it was missing 10 people more and i was running like hell on it and at the gate they didnt let us to take a bus ... The funny was that the plane departure at 16:20 that was freaking out and Im never gona take that airline ! I always chose Norwegian but i was thinkkng that they have change little bit ° , in Norwegian one time they wait for me 20 minutes 20 minutes ! Ryanair is the most Bad and i feel sad if i m writing for them as well !"
Minus: "Planet var försenat på Malta och ingen information gick ut så vi stod i kö i en och en halv timme utan att få veta vad som var problemet. Avgåendetavlan visade hela tiden "on time" men ingen förklaring till varför vi inte fick gå ombord. Flygvärdinnorna på planet var trevliga men man hörde inte vad de sa i högtalarna för de pratade så sluddrigt och fort. Kaptenen sa något som man inte uppfattade i början av flighten men sedan ingen information alls på hela vägen till Göteborg."
Minus: "Allt var uruselt. Servicen ombord under all kritik. Väntade 15 minuter på en kopp kaffe efter beställningen. Beställningen av bagage online är vilseledande så jag hade tydligen bara beställt incheckad väska åt ena hållet och fick därför betala 400 kr för att ta hem den. Detta hände flera passagerare som var arga och jag undrar om ni sätter detta i system för att tjäna mer. Jag reste med Ryan Air för ett par år sedan och lovade mig själv aldrig mer, men ville gärna ge det en chans till men nu vet jag definitivt att jag aldrig reser med er igen och skall dessutom varna alla för detta och inte blir det billigare heller med alla extrakostnader som ni tar ut. Fy för uselt flygbolag!!"
Plus: "Cheap"
Minus: "It was what you would expect for a cheap flight"
Plus: "Ingenting"
Minus: "Långsam ombordstigning. Matbrickorna lutade så min dryck föll ner på mig. Fick ej glas till drycken. Drycken var ej väl kyld. Personalen gick in i mig med både armbågar och serveringsvagn När jag råkat somna lite mot gången."
Plus: "Very nice staff"
Minus: "Avoid walking in the rain to get to the plane."
Plus: "Jag har tyckt att vällkömn. Och de har jätte gladt"
Plus: "We arrived in time."
Minus: "Crammed space - I had a middle seat. No entertainment sucks on a 4 1/2 hrs flight. Well well, you get what you pay for..."
Minus: "Great and happy"
Plus: "Good flight and cabin service - on time."
Minus: "Long walk to gate. Boarding was like herding cattle. Far too few seats in departure lounge."
Plus: "The flight was fine, we arrived safely."
Minus: "All the “sales pitches.” Hard landing."
Minus: "Checking opened 20 minutes late and lengthy queues through security meantwe had no time to grab food/shopping as we had to rush to gate as no notifications that our flight was actually delayed by an hour. Everyone was herded onto buses to wait there for some reason rather than at gate"
Minus: "Flight was late by 1 hr"
Plus: "None"
Minus: "Delay of the flight"
Minus: "Mucho desorden, poco puntuales"
Plus: "Planet var nästan 3h sent iväg från CRL TILL CPH. Ingen kom och erbjöd mat ett dryck och informerade heller inte oss om våra rättigheter som passagerare på plats."
Minus: "På planet sa personalen ingenting om förseningen och när man påpekade vad som skett på flygplatsen kunde de inte göra got för att kompensera. Jag bad om vatten och fick svaret att det inte fanns något vatten. Då tog en av värdinnorna fram sin privata vattenflaska och bjöd mig. Ett riktigt nonchalant beteende från Rya Airs sida vilket allvarligt talat gör så att jag aldrig mer kommer att välja att flyga med er, kommer heller inte att rekommendera er till nära och kära. Riktigt besviken!"
Minus: "Dishonest airline. Never taking it again."
Minus: "Poor customer service, no information on or apology for delay. Then 1.5 hrs after landing our baggage finally came on the baggage carousel. Again no explanation or info. Very poor experience."
Plus: "Nothing, except we did not crash."
Minus: "They made me check a bag. I had measured it art home, but they didn't like it. The seats were cramped. There was no complementary coffee or soft drink or even a bag of peanuts."

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