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29 maj — 5 jun1
Tur & retur
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845 kr

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4 085 kr

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5 358 kr

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2 308 kr
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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
SWISSGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 9195 recensioner
8,2Gå ombord
Minus: "Better choice of movies and classical music"
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Minus: "Better choice of movies and classical music"
Plus: "Food was really hot and good customer service"
Plus: "Great service in 1st class"
Minus: "All good"
Plus: "None"
Minus: "None hate the experience"
Plus: "Crew was amazing. Good movie selection. Pretty comfortable."
Minus: "Six hour delay. They gave us $20 Franc voucher for food but in the airport a latte is 7.50 so 20 did not even buy a bowl of soup."
Plus: "Nope"
Minus: "The service could have been so much better. Food was not offered according to seating arrangements and so meal choices were not enough"
Plus: "Crew was attentive to passenger needs in a quiet way: without fanfare, did all possible to make it a pleasant, comfortable trip. In fact, went out of their way to get me a wheelchair ride to next flight, which I dearly needed"
Minus: "First flight was delayed due to circumstances outside of airline’s control. They managed to get us there and help me with wheelchair, etc to make flight. Great service and kindness"
Minus: "Legspace in economy class was probably good back in 1975, but in 2019 not acceptable anymore"
Plus: "Cabin cleanliness isgood"
Minus: "Food is bad"
Minus: "Pleasant overall experience"
Plus: "Reliable, modern cabin, nice crew"
Minus: "Some more music choices would be nice"
Minus: "The temperature on this overnight flight was sweltering Legroom was poor"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Nothonh"
Plus: "I was very pleased at the flight crew, the food and entertainment. We had a really fast connection in Zurich and our luggage made the connection, which was a big relief."
Plus: "Excellent service all around and great flight timing with delays and awaiting for transfer flights to land"
Minus: "I travel a least 5 times a year and Kayak is always my option."
Plus: "Flights attendant proficinal , food was great , first time experience ice cream on airplane served. Seats are comfy and wide , much space between seats compare with other airlines."
Minus: "Nothing"
Minus: "It was delayed"
Plus: "Missed this flight because the first one was late"
Plus: "The Plane was modern, they had food / drinks for us, and overall the flight experience was excellent."
Minus: "Extremely crowded no place to wait, Split Airport has too many planes coming in/out and not much space for passengers."
Plus: "Loved the warm and very delicious quiche, thank you!"
Minus: "Kayak sold me a “lite” ticket on Swiss, but never mentioned that it didn’t include baggage. Even though Swiss is Star Alliance they didng count my Star Alliance Gold status for free bags and didn’t offer an upgrade. Zurich was incredibly hot and the airport didn’t have air conditoning anywhere. The boarding was worse than Ryan Air. The plane was okd and super uncomfortable. staff was rude and not at all helpful. Swiss is definitely a budget air line!!!!"
Plus: "Great seat, wide enough for an adult and a 2 year old to sit in. Food was nice, but didn’t make you go wow."
Minus: "TV was a bit small"
Plus: "Nothing remarkable"
Minus: "I got up to use the bathroom and I was seated in the 10th row. When I was trying to make my way back to my seat, the beverage service had started. They were at the 12th row and after bumping into me, the flight attendant asked me to back up and wait until the beverage service was over to go back to my seat. This was a flight from Frankfurt to Zurich, only about an hour long, and I would have easily spent half of it standing up had I complied with their request. I had to be pushy and ask them to just back up the cart 2 feet so I could get to my seat, which only took them 5 seconds. This was a very rude, illogical, and unreasonable request from the Swiss Air crew."
Plus: "Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They were all multi-lingual and ready to help foreign travelers. The food was good. The plain wasn’t overstuffed with people - actually there were enough open seats that everyone could have a little extra space. Will always check Swiss Air first for international travel."
Plus: "The staff was courteous and effective. The pilots made up time after waiting for a few connecting passengers."
Minus: "The food was edible but not up to the usual Swiss Air standard."
Plus: "I am a frequent flyer with swiss airline. Amazing crew, boarding, taking off and landing is on time if not a little earlier. However, I was quite disappointed with the enertainment package and food."
Minus: "I am a frequent flyer with swiss airline. Amazing crew, boarding, taking off and landing is on time if not a little earlier. However, I was quite disappointed with the enertainment package and food."
Plus: "Smiley all the time flight attendants and generous with food and drink and responded quickly if need help. The person who performed the flight announcement from swiss to lax had nice sense of humor while announcement :)"
Minus: "Warm and excellent customer service :)"
Minus: "Despite its reputation, Swiss is always late. Their Sunday evening flights always from Stockholm always depart 20-45m late."
Plus: "My partner and I loved our first flight with Swiss from JFK to Zurich the chairs was amazing, we enjoyed the full bed and the entertainmnet screen was amazing to enjoy. The food was delicious and the service was amazing."
Minus: "My Partner and I was dissatisfied with our connecting from Zurich to Cairo. We expected the same flight but we were in basically in coach with little more leg room. The chairs barely reclined to a comfortable position. There was no entertainment, just a three and a half hour flight at the flight plan on a small tv hanging over. their was no differentiation between the economy behind us. just the food that was brought to us, other felt the same as well who were traveling in business with us."
Plus: "I liked everything except my luggage"
Minus: "I did not like the way Beatice of Swiss Air in Zurich completely rushed me at the gate without trying to talk to Mr. Mueller at checkin 1. I told her that He had starte an ardious process in recovering my luggage. She visibly tried to rush me through the process and told me there was othing that could be done. It felt really ugly to be lied to right to my face, when she diditn try to connect with someone from her own staff who had tried alot of heard to work to help me rectify the luggage question. For all we know, my luggage was in Zuruch, and her actions impeded the luggage from getting onto my plane."
Minus: "I could not obtain a refund."
Plus: "The seats on Swiss' A330-300 are so comfortable in economy. Easy to find a good position to sleep in. Embrear from Zurich to Oslo is tighter, but food and service like in the old days! Bravo!"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "When we landed"
Minus: "Everything else..."
Plus: "good stuff"
Minus: "HAving to walk across the Zurich airport to buy a business class upgrade was bad. I just wanted to buy the upgrade at the desk. No need to go from terminal 3 to terminal 1. total waste of 20-30 minutes. Ironic that this happens to people willing to spend $'s of dollars for convenience and comfort. should be able to purchase upgrade ASAP with a smile at check-in."
Minus: "We had almost 8 hours delay"
Minus: "Paucity of games that might appeal to non children."
Plus: "Over all I enjoyed flying with Swiss over the past 40 years. This was a first time my experience was not to my expectation."
Plus: "I had a super-short connection from Stockholm at Zurich (going to JFK), and I just assumed I'd have to be rebooted, but they held the plane for all of us! Entertainment was excellent, service was great - I really like the food, although I don't eat well on flights. Comfortable - I slept for a few hours. Really great experience (until I hit customs in JFK, but SwissAir has no influence on that :) )"
Plus: "I liked the service, the food, the entertainement, the super kind personel, would only fly with them :) Thank you!"
Minus: "Nothing to complain about"
Plus: "Attention to details from flight attendants"
Minus: "The food was not to my liking except for the crackers, ice cream and water!!"
Minus: "Have to take a bus to the plane for boarding. Terrible cold sandwich wrapped in a partly open loose paper bag wrap. Short flight I realize, but that was bad, especially in business class."
Plus: "We had two flights with Swiss and the first one left half an hour late, meaning we only had about 10 minutes to connect to the next one. Instead of sprinting through the airport, a man was waiting for us immediately outside the plane. He got our luggage right from the cargo, drove us to another man who stamped our passports, and then drove us to the plan just in time for takeoff. It was incredible service and everyone was super friendly. We so appreciated them making sure we caught our connecting flight!"
Plus: "Getting off the plane after 11 hours of turturous discomfort."
Minus: "I am not unusually large but it is clear that the seats on your planes are completely inadequate for anyone other than a child. There is no possible way for anyone who isn't seriously sedated to sleep or even sit for any extended period of time in what amount to slightly cushioned coffins. I literally spent an hour in the toilet trying to fall asleep because at least in there I had room to extend my legs. At least in there I could actually breathe (the ventilation system is totally inadequate for anyone sitting near the windows and results in horribly stuffy and uncomfortable air.)"
Plus: "The flight attendants were perfect and very professional. I had a toothache on both flights back and forth. And on both flights, the crew members were always keeping an eye on me. Thanks so much. And also the pilots did an amazing job on making the flight as smooth as possible, love the 777! Thank you Swiss. I'm flying again to Athens this summer, I'm going with Swiss :)"
Plus: "Food usually was very bad on SWISS flights' econ class, this was surprisingly better (just better, not good). Staff were professional and polite though they spoke very loud even when most people around were asleep."
Minus: "At check-in counters, staff managing the queues did not speak English at all, same thing at the security check queue, only Spanish speaking. There should be some clearer instructions of how and where to queue at boarding. Everyone just wanted to cut queue."
Plus: "The captain kept us informed of all the delays and changes to the flight. The food was excellent and served at appropriate times. The entertainment system proved enough variety for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves on the flight. The agent seated our entire family of four together in the middle section, which was convenient for all of us."
Minus: "The temperature in the airplane was very cold. Both myself and all my children struggled to stay warm, even with the blankets provided. Is there a way to increase the interior cabin temperature? I also wish they had allowed families with children to pre-board the flight."
Plus: "I like that this plane had more leg room then other airlines."
Plus: "Personal och Kapten var lugna och trevliga"
Minus: "Allt annat. Fick vänta 2 timmar ombord flyg utan AC (35 grader varmt?) innan besked kom att planet ej var flygdugligt. Sen fick vi vänta ytterligare 1 timme ombord i värmen helt ohyggligt när folk börjar oroa sig för konsekvenserna etc det var ju uppenbart ingen skulle komma ut amma kväll (efter midnatt). När väl ute fanns bara 1 service desk till hela planet, jag kunde åka hem och sova och skita i vouchers men de som behövde hotell lär ha väntat halva natten. Det enda som var ok var att de svarade snabbt på telefon följande morgon - men meddelade inte som man sagt den nya bokningen via sms eller mail!"
Plus: "The food was delivered fast. The meals were delicious, especially the chicken and polenta. I also appreciated the ice cream and I enjoyed the selection of movies and television. I also appreciated the map and trip information display."
Plus: "Seats are roomy"
Minus: "Selection of movies rather poor"

Pasta tog slut. Mer mat

Mycket bra

Allt bra tack

Great: service, food, embark, deplane Not great: constant, very long announcements Terrible: seat comfort

This was the worst meal I ever had on a flight. It was undercooked pasta with unflavored tomato paste. Horrible.

Minus: "there is little time for lay over in turkey going to Egypt one hours is not enough."
Plus: "The crew was attentive"
Plus: "Seat was not comfortable"
Minus: "Seats"
Minus: "I was in economy. But the legroom was very poor. The next leg of my trip was also in economy, but was much more comfortable with seats further apart and more room under seats. So, you're taking a chance."
Plus: "All the pieces to have provided an excellent experience were there, but they didn’t come together. It was nice to get some food, and the movie choices were pretty good."
Minus: "Hot, like super hot, in the aircraft. It was horrible."
Minus: "Connecting flight wss unreasonably late and they lied about luggage being loaded onto the flight. One of the bags is completely missing in the system. Waste of time and too much trouble"
Plus: "Entertainment was good."
Minus: "Seat was moved into a middle seat. I was very uncomfortable for the flight. Crew member granted someone else seat change before mine and i asked first. Very upsetting flight."
Plus: "Food and service in business class were exceptional."
Minus: "Lie-flat seats hard as plank boards!"
Minus: "The plane was too hot"
Minus: "It took over an hour for Business class bags to come out. Not sure why I paid for business class if they don't know to offload them first in Dubai. Really ruined the first experience with Turkish Air."
Plus: "The entertainment option was pretty good"
Minus: "There's very limited legroom on this plane."
Plus: "Food, service and free movies and amenities was like old times."
Minus: "In both 10 hour trips to and from US to Turkey my seats were broken and didn’t recline, which made for an uncomfortable trip."
Minus: "Istanbul Airport: Overcrowding at Arrival / Transit Terminal Way finding-poor signage for transit passengers"
Minus: "nothing"
Plus: "Never got the chance to actually try it."
Minus: "I was penalized because of a political issue between USA and Turkey. I couldn't get the visa to travel there, and despite that I couldn't get a refund. I am 1k with united air, and will never include THY in my plans."
Plus: "Good service everywhere"
Plus: "Food's always good and the staff friendly"
Minus: "The sound on the entertainment system is not good...it used to be good but not anymore"
Plus: "Food"
Plus: "Turkish airlines is the only airlines I fly with for many reasons. Their quaility is a lot better than most of the airlines out there. ( I've flown with many) Although it does tend to be a little bit more expensive it's deffinetly worth it in my opinion."
Minus: "However, unfortunately I have noticed a decline in their service. The food was not as great as it usually is. I had salmon and it was very dry. With the amount of money given to the flight they could have paid attention to it more. It also happened to be my birthday on the flight and my friend who was flying with me called the airlines to ask if there was anything special that can be done. Happily they said that they did do celebrate birthdays and anniversarys. Sadly though nothing was done. Overall was it horrible I would say no but they are starting to loose quality"
Plus: "All went well with security and boarding."
Minus: "Rough air and turbulence"
Plus: "Nice seats, and staff"
Minus: "The family behind us had kids, they were yelling, kicking my seat and had a cat they were holding. I am highly allergic to cats and at first couldn't understand why I was coughing so much. I was very disappointed the staff did not make sure this animal was contained at the back of the plane."
Minus: "Boarding took way too long - I waited in my seat with no air conditioner sweating so much."
Plus: "Almost everything but the checkin process at JFK with Turkish Air agent speaking poor English and casting doubt that everything is going to be fine with my trip. Instead she was reacting "the rules are changing every day" and didn't not weather I should need visa for my native country (?!) although I have showed I was born in that country (Macedonia) and the holders of US passports (which I am) -- do not need entry visa to that country. Everything else was good or excellent -- especially food and airplane crew."
Minus: "The checkin process at JFK with Turkish Air agent at JFK (New York) on May 24 - 2017."
Plus: "The seats reclined very far and were super comfortable! I never sleep on planes and I slept the whole 13 hour flight. The staff was so friendly and made sure you were as comfortable as could be. The food was delicious and they give you a menu so that you can make a selection."
Minus: "One of my meals they ran out of the pasta so I had to eat rice meal instead. Nothing too crazy but I was a little disappointed."
Plus: "Good food, very polite and attentive staff."
Minus: "Seat cushions lack comfort and the legroom is not sufficient for a average size person."
Plus: "Crew was friendly and interactive. Entertainment was preety good."
Minus: "long waiting queues for checkin even if you checked in online."
Minus: "Delayed yet again"
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "Price"
Minus: "Steward refused my wife beer or wine saying he was doing food while still serving other male customers alcoholic beverages, steward never told passenger in front of my wife to put up his seat at mealtime. Seat comfort and service in economy are below other airlines."
Plus: "Boarding procedure was not organized. Boarding of business class and special needs passengers was not prioritized and were boarded along with economy passengers. Good choice of movies."
Minus: "TV screen very far from the seat and could only interact with it via the remote control."
Minus: "My luggage just disappeared on a flight from VIE to Istanbul. Those lost baggage handlers are totally unmotivated also. No explanation at site, barely any email follow up. That's it????? Also on the way back they took away cameras. My professional camera and lens equipment was handled poorly, thrown around carelessly and the lens got damaged. I am quite unhappy with this airline"
Plus: "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for the affordable luxury that your airline brings to the everyday traveler. Your food is delectable and your service unmatched."
Plus: "New and clean aircraft Kind cabin crew Ontime departure"
Plus: "Food, entertainment, and crew were great!"
Plus: "Missed my flight because the airport changed gates and didn't announce it. Was told I could pay a penalty o in excess of $450 to be placed on another flight, meanwhile same flights from Istanbul to Amsterdam were going for $213. I will avoid Turkish Airlines at all costs. Customer service is terrible. The most unprofessional, rude, ignorant, and disrespectful staff represent Turkish Airlines at IST. Furthermore, an email complaint has been ignored."
Plus: "The flight attendants were lovely, they worked smoothly and did their best to manage an unpleasant situation. The facilities are also excellent, and as always, the fresh flowers and hand lotion and such in the toilets was a nice touch."
Minus: "The food was not up to standard this flight, mostly passable, but our pasta inexplicably tasted chlorinated, as if the noodles had ben boiled in pool water. It's a mild complaint, though. Plane food isn't always sterling. The true problem, unfortunately, was in the form of other passengers. Despite having an excess of available space to stretch out, our seats were surrounded by utterly out-of-control children. Crying babies is understandable, it can't be helped, but if your children are running up and down the aisles [including during the landing], sitting on other passengers [myself in particular], and lying down in the aisle to sleep [and the flight attendant had to ask multiple people whose child that one was because no one wanted to own up, apparently] they have no business being on a plane. I don't even care about the annoyance at this point, their behaviour was inherently unsafe and the parents just didn't care."
Minus: "The worst customer service ever. Turkish airlines changes 6 hour transit time we purchased to more than 24 hours transit time and they refuse to help us when we try to change the flight to other day. Because of that we are forced to stay in terminal for morethan a day with out any hotel arrangment. I wouldn't recommend their service to any one. So sad"
Plus: "Brand new aircraft. Onboard wifi and live TV. Good food. This is one of the routes where Turkish feels need to compete."
Minus: "Chaotic boarding procedures in Istanbul airport."
Plus: "Same as above"
Minus: "Same as above"
Minus: "The flight attendant was kind of rude. They ignored what I would say when the drinks came around. Also, one of them would try to hurry me and always tap on my shoulder instead of just saying "excuse me""
Plus: "Crew were exceptionally warm and pleasant, and made me feel more than welcome onboard."
Minus: "This was one of the worst days of my life, health-wise, so it could be that my observation of the passage of time was somewhat distorted, but Turkish did everything either slowly, or more slowly on this day. First, name two things on a flight line that are wheeled, movable objects. Did you answer bus and plane? Well done. So if both bus AND plane are theoretically mobile, why then must I endure a long walk AND a long bus ride? Boarding was an hour-long event, probably due again to inefficient ground services. I fell asleep and woke up twice before it was over."
Plus: "The food was delicious. I have never had better airplane food. The movies were super new and interesting. I did not have time in the 11 hours of flying to watch all the movies I wanted to. The flight was also incredibly smooth."
Minus: "There were a few small things that could have been better (Which I'll mention), but the worst thing about the flight was the airport. Ataturk Airport is a mess. After the attempted coup, they really upped security, forcing all international flights to go through a second security screening after transferring from another airport. It's understandable but the line moved at a molasses-like speed when I had only 25 minutes to make my connecting flight. The security personnel were rude, as well. Also, when I went to make my connecting gate in Cairo, there was no one at the gate after the required boarding time (Because security had held us up), forcing some of us to board the plane without having anyone to show us onto the plane (Very scary). The flight boarding was chaotic, and no announcements were made about what we were supposed to do. Besides the lack of boarding gates, the only other serious complaint I had against Turkish Airlines (Because it really was great overall) was that the pilots and flight attendants were very hard to understand. I have taught ESL for the past 5 years, and I still had a hard time as an American understanding their English. Also, they frequently didn't understand or misunderstood questions that I would ask them. I've never had a hard time understanding flight attendants on an international flight, but I only understood about 20% of what anyone said over the loud speaker in the plane. And it's nice to be able to understand when the pilot says, "We are experiencing some turbulence and would like everyone to buckle their seatbelts until it passes." Two small things remain: 1. The bathroom trash cans were full on every flight (A small thing but makes everything feel "trashy"). 2. The flight attendants seemed unhappy, and they definitely seemed unhappy to be serving us. I can only assume they are that way because they aren't treated particularly well by their bosses."
Plus: "Wonderful service and amazing food."
Minus: "Beds weren't flat on business class. My feet were hanging all the trip."
Plus: "The food and crew service"
Minus: "The leg room is really limited in the economy cabin"
Plus: "Crew was nice and friendly."
Minus: "Food was not very good."

Nice steady flight, on time, enjoyed the complementary snack and drink. Good work KLM

Det fanns Ingen veg mat eller våtservetter.. men fick sitta exit row och dricka vin så helt ok ändå men var rätt hungrig.

Wrote in the previous message. Poor. Delayed flight and lost working day. 4.5h together to rebook the flight, get the hotel voucher, get to the hotel and check in. Insanely slow.

Minus: "We got double charged for bags."
Plus: "Yes, Very good"
Minus: "I had paid for an upgrade to sit in the front of the cabin with extra legroom (row 14A). When I boarded a man sat it my seat. He had not paid for the upgrade, but the crew let him stay in my seat. I had asked him to social distance but he continued to sit right behind me bo matter which seat I moved to. He argued with the crew until they gave up and let him stay. They did not check his boarding pass or ask him to move to his assigned seat I found a different seat away from him but I don’t see the point in paying for extra legroom when the crew let’s people who haven’t paid for it sit it those seats. I felt harassed by the man and was very uncomfortable the whole flight. I am considering my next step, I think I should at least receive a refund for the upgrade I paid for."
Minus: "No internet available (2020). For the my previous flight, a month ago, was the same problem."
Minus: "KLM lost my suitcase and did not deliver it until three days later... They refused to compensate me for having delivered the bag with broken articles inside (A pair of Rayban Wayfarers!)"
Minus: "Seats in economy section are very close together . There is not enough room for knees...especially for such a long trip."
Minus: "Incheckningen var långsam och kaosartat och markpersonalen var inte kul vid ombordstigning men det är ju inte KMLs fel"
Plus: "Service and crew amazing friendly and went out of the way to Make u feel special even the pilots gave updates thru out the flight"
Minus: "Not being to help on the ground in Copenhagen with delta issues"
Minus: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."
Plus: "Onboard crew were nice and polite. Flight was on time (a rarity)."
Minus: "The boarding crew was rude and unpleasant, the plane was boiling hot."
Minus: "Don’t be late"
Plus: "Very friendly crew and on time with no problems."
Plus: "Very professional"
Minus: "Lost luggage"
Plus: "The seat was a little uncomfortable but the crew were amazing."
Plus: "General flight journey"
Plus: "Everything was smooth and effortless."
Minus: "Can’t think of anything."
Plus: "Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️"
Plus: "Nothing special, neither good nor bad."
Minus: "Despite not being cheap food/water only available for purchase."
Plus: "Nothing!"
Minus: "We were told they were holding our flight, we ran 3 terminals and they’d already left."
Plus: "Just the cabin crew being nice"
Minus: "Punctuality KLM is always late"
Minus: "Larger meals."
Minus: "Inflight was better than I expected. But needs upgrading air crafts."
Plus: "Cabin Crews was extremely good and hospital. Transfer point staff buggy / wheal Chair was good and second to none."
Minus: "Transfer point needs upgrade."
Plus: "Friendly and efficient crew. Flights were on time if not even early."
Plus: "They considered my reguest of vegiterian food."
Minus: "I have no complaints."
Plus: "Entertainment options."
Minus: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."
Plus: "The constant smile conferred by flight attendants through the entire flight."
Minus: "The boarding was a bit disorderly. Lanes for zones 3 and 4 were not clearly indicated."
Minus: "Trouble checking in regarding a visa issue?.. no other trouble at the other airports.."
Minus: "Nothing special"
Plus: "Great service"
Minus: "Services was pretty weird .. Perse or crew Leader was ok But the assistent Young one was Really bad.. aptitud and not friendly at all."
Plus: "Time and Good clean place.. in This case airpöane.."
Minus: "It was not entreteiment st all"
Plus: "Everything was clean and well organized."
Minus: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."
Plus: "The attention and service!! Excellent. It was my birthday and KLM the head purser surprised me with 2 bottles of bubbles and a handwritten birthday card KlM and the crew of this flight thank you very much !"
Minus: "Nothing to say"
Plus: "Great"
Minus: "Great"
Minus: "We did not get two of baggage at the destination."
Plus: "Smooth boarding, clean seats/plane, nice small aircraft (2 rows x 2 seats each), surprisingly spacious (more legroom than expected - and I’m 6’2”)."
Minus: "About 1h30min delay without an explanation. All other planes in the terminal seemed to take off on time without a problem, without exception (aside from this flight, of course)."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Super delayed. Could have fixed the issue BEFORE we were sitting on tha plane for TWO hours"
Plus: "All cabin crew were courteous. Refreshments were light. Check stuff were helpful, they did devise that the flight was full and due to space hand luggage would prefer to be put in hold free of charge. We did not have any problem with this. Plane was clean."
Minus: "Service was a little slow going through the gate, it seemed to take a while for everyone to get on board."
Minus: "Crowded seating, 20-year old video system, headphones that did not match the two-jack system, lackluster service in flight. Generally my experience with KLM has been good, but this was well below average."
Minus: "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight."
Plus: "Comfortable seats. Warm plane with happy staff."
Minus: "Maybe a second sandwich option for food, not everyone likes cheese."
Plus: "Just great crew."
Minus: "Not comfortable at all and will not book KLM again."
Plus: "Helpful and smiling cabin crew."
Plus: "My bagage broke"
Minus: "I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it"
Plus: "Inget speciellt positivt att anmärka"
Minus: "Att trots att dom visste exakt vems bagage som saknades så kunde ingen informera om detta förrän bagagebandet stängdes 30 minuter efter ankomst. Att KLM hade skickat ett mail till mig med informationen var ju en uppsida, men på ryska och 16 minuter efter ankomst."
Plus: "The supplied pack of toothpaste/toothbrush"
Plus: "yes. It was perfect."
Plus: "Helpful"
Minus: "Better reading material"
Plus: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."
Minus: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."
Minus: "Free water ! On a 2+ hours flight, it’s scandalous to have to pay for a glass of water. Also, your cabin crew was inexperienced (but trying hard, credit to them) and understaffed. And the flight was late."
Plus: "The crew, plane and procedure was all great."
Minus: "Part of out luggage was disassembled during transit and part was missing afterwards... part of the luggage was missing."
Minus: "Nothing in time"
Minus: "One Toilet for a full plane with 150 passengers...."
Plus: "Big space to front seat"
Minus: "offer drinking water"
Minus: "Om flyget var i tid!"
Minus: "No information was avSo pick a couple up listen to this device again also right now dictation right now"
Plus: "Good, friendly crew. Plane was quite clean, although not perfect. Smooth flight."
Minus: "No food included in the price of my very expensive ticket, and to make it worse, I was not informed. There was no info while booking, no info while buying the ticket, no email after buying, no email from the airline, nothing. I’ve never even heard of a transatlantic flight without a meal included."
Minus: "Flying with the same company from Vilnius, only on Riga they decided to weight the cabin bags. I understand the police, the limit weight, but they should apply it from the first flight, not just half way"
Plus: "everything was good enough"
Minus: "I would like a meal and drinks on the board"
Plus: "Food offered on flight even though short trip"
Minus: "Was delayed so being on time"
Minus: "Baggage was broken and two items inside also broken. Was overcharged for baggage."
Plus: "Small compliment from Air France was lovely and unexpected"
Plus: "It was a fairly ordinary flight"
Minus: "Our luggage never arrived at our destination, perhaps something to do with a connecting flight although there were 2 hrs 15 mins between connections. After informing Male Airport, a message was sent to Condor. No news all day. Next day lodged complaint replied they're investigating. Holiday ruined"
Plus: "Absolutely nothing"
Minus: "Everything"
Plus: "Instructions for connected flights at airpotr were clear"
Minus: "Connection time 10 minutes instead of planned 30"
Minus: "Flight was late"
Minus: "There was a sceen right before my eyes telling me how much time of the flight was left. Even if I wanted to be unaware of the information I could not because as I mensioned it was right before my eyes. I was aware of almost every minute of this flight....found it hard to let go and just let time pass"
Plus: "staff were polite, helpful, and efficient"
Minus: "super small plane... had to climb a very narrow staircase into the plane... overhead bins couldn't accommodate much of anything... we weren't warned this in advance"
Plus: "Nice new plane, on time."
Minus: "I pre-paid two checked bags (one each for my husband and myself). At check in we were told I had not done this and we had to go pay at another desk in the airport and come back to the check in line, 40 euros each. I showed the agent my paperwork that showed one bag each--it was not explicit on the paper whether this was the allowance or what I had paid--and she shrugged and said "Bad information. You have to pay now and you can take it up with the airline later." This will be a pain in the neck."
Minus: "The passage through Riga airport was terrifying. We arrived from St. Petersburg 6.35 and we left 7.20 to Paris (passengers in transit). We explained at the checkpoint that we had a few minutes, but they controlled us several times until we had to throw several liquid items. In St. Petersburg they had already controlled us, without problems. In short: a sad experience in Riga, which does not speak well of this country: Latvia."
Minus: "The passage through Riga airport was terrifying. We arrived from St. Petersburg 6.35 and we left 7.20 to Paris (passengers in transit). We explained at the checkpoint that we had a few minutes, but they controlled us several times until we had to throw several liquid items. In St. Petersburg they had already controlled us, without problems. In short: a sad experience in Riga, which does not speak well of this country: Latvia."
Plus: "Pleasant crew, efficient boarding, flight was on time"
Minus: "No in-flight service"
Plus: "Nice new propeller plane on time"
Minus: "No free water or coffee. Luggage fee not told about when I booked. No entertainment."
Plus: "Nice crew"
Minus: "Please give out water for free"
Plus: "If water was free it would be better. Other than that everything was fine"
Minus: "."
Plus: "Everything was excellent"
Minus: "Nothing. All was good"
Plus: "Flight was short and sweet, no problems to report."
Plus: "We went to Tallin by taxi 5 hour Air Baltic gave for voucher We are group of 8 frends"
Plus: "On time boarding and departure. Clean plane and friendly staff."
Minus: "Nothing, all was good."
Minus: "An extra fee is charged if you don't check-in online."
Plus: "We arrived safely. Bilingual staff."
Minus: "The seats are worn and creek with every movement. There is very limited leg room even for someone who is short. When the person in front of you leans back it is impossible to reach your hand baggage or do anything but lay back in your seat. The landing was safe but not at all comfortable."
Plus: "The helpful ground person at check-in."
Minus: "This airline company looks a like person who is begging for money. First time in my life I paid for the luggage. 40 Euros!!! what for? Apparently Air Baltic has no clue about how to run a service business. Somebody has to teach them this naked reality: IN SERVICE BUSINESS YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR MAJOR MARKETING ASSETS! They don't even serve a glass of water, apparently they could not manage to integrate it in the ticket price. But they dare to get thirsty and unhappy customers on the plane. Anyways: This airline company is charging extra for luggage. And I could not see this anywhere when I was buying ticket online. If I knew I'd never buy the ticket from Airbaltic. "Not writing it clearly and visible at the time of ticket purchase" is certainly tricking and misleading us. This is a crime!"
Minus: "In Stockholm they denied my boarding to Riga and Moscow as they told me that I need Shengen visa. When I was buying ticket I wasn't informed that I need to have Visa. I always travel through Europe with layovers and never have this issue before. I had to buy another ticket straight to Moscow and wait in the airport for 8 hours. I ask to reimburse me half of the price of this ticket."
Plus: "good"
Minus: "good"
Plus: "Everything was very smooth and the crew was very attentive."
Plus: "Food was good, flight was on time, boarding quick"
Minus: "Aircraft was incredibly dirty."
Plus: "Brand new aircraft Wider seats as normal Good selection of food"
Minus: "We got disembarked from the aircraft for technical reasons, then they towed the same aircraft to the next gate and off we were. Delay almost two hours."
Minus: "No fee food or beverages at all. Attendants were very pleasant. Since this is an economy airline there reallly is no complaint. Our flight was full and boarding went smoothly."
Plus: "They did provide a 6 euro food voucher once it was clear the flight was going to be over 2 hours late. The flight and land crew did their best to keep everyone calm under bad circumstances."
Minus: "Flight was just under 3 hours late (long enough to kill most of the day, but just under what is needed to pay compensation). First they said it was problems in Amsterdam, then problems with the plane, then traffic in Amsterdam. It was hard to tell what was true and what was avoiding penalties (it is possible that equipment issues caused them to lose their spot, and get caught in traffic delays). I hate that they charge 2.5 euros for water on the flight. Their carryon rules only allow us to take the smallest of bags (smaller than other airlines) but when I got on the plane, lots of people had medium sized carryons."
Plus: "I was surprised by the professionalism of air Baltic employees. They dressed well."
Plus: "It was very easy to print boarding pass."
Minus: "The scanners did not accept my boarding pass. 40% of the passengers had to have boarding passes reprinted. It was chaotic."
Plus: "Flight was on time which was surprising given a late snow storm in Tallinn."
Minus: "The flight was fully booked, and the system re-assigned seats for a number of passengers. This created confusion as passengers arrived to their assigned seats to find other passengers in the seats. There also appeared to be a miscommunication between the crew as some crew members said to passengers whose seats were taken they should sit anywhere, whereas other crew members tried to get everyone back in their assigned seats. This was frustrating. Also the overhead bin lockers are very difficult to open"
Plus: "Moved up to First class section."
Minus: "No refreshments"
Plus: "New Planes, crew"
Minus: "Entertainment cost !!!"
Plus: "Booked on kayak and wasn't clear at all about check in or tickets, I looked many times. No way of checking in or getting boarding passes had to pay an arm and a leg at the gate. Also had to pay to check my bag on a half full flight. Have never had to check same bag with Ryanair on over 10 flights now. Will never use this airline again."
Plus: "Very efficient, quick"


Tack för allt, det var en fantastisk resa

Everything fine apart of the airport staff in Izmir ,about the airline nothing bad to say .

Didn't enforce passengers to wear medical grade masks nor that they even properly wear their masks throughout the flight. So it was lots of people of unknown vaccination status all around me without masks on the whole flight.

Som vanligt lyfte 45min Sent!, överfull passagerare som hade massa baggage i cockpit.

The price is great, but not even getting one check-in bag allowance is terrible, especially at over $50 per checked bag when purchased online ahead of time. The flight was late, and any food or drink you must pay for. Again, the price is great, but you get what you pay. I also feel that every Pegasus landing is so hard and fast that the pilot is trying to see how hard and far he can pound the plane into the runway!

Allt var bra

Plus: "Departure on time, arrival ahead of time."
Minus: "There is FAR TO MUCH chatter on the PA system. Cut the crap man! There are to many wining kids on board. DONT SELL TICKETS TO PARENTS WITH SMALL KIDS. They are VERY annoying."
Plus: "Seats were comfortable, crew courteous"
Minus: "Good value for money"
Minus: "4 hours late - no communication Rude flight attendants"
Plus: "nothing"
Minus: "i tried to cancel. as you can see i booked other tickets from IST to DXB but could not get a refund for these tickets"
Minus: "Because of health reasons, we wanted to cancel the flight but there was no such option. berkanbaykam@hotmail.con"
Plus: "The crew is good But the seats not comfortable .. it's like minibus .. no range of movement .."
Minus: "Toilet .. seats .. windows.. air conditioning must be stronger .."
Plus: "The crew was fine."
Minus: "Pegasus should upgrade the payment method through cards. They should accept more types of bank cards."
Minus: "We were really afraid from istanbul to beirut."
Minus: "The boarding Schdule"
Plus: "Checked luggage included, seat reservations are fairly priced, in flight meals and snacks are reasonable. Crew is professional."
Minus: "It was hot in the plane, probably cranked up the cabin heat to 25°C :)"
Plus: "Cheap price with basic seats but all in good order and plenty of leg room"
Minus: "The check in processes was very very slow"
Plus: "I may never travel with this airline"
Minus: "I hate traveling with this airline I couldnt sleep or rest During jurny the sttaff we were disturbing , there attention was how to purchase there meal and do there busines with out thinking about the thime and the passangers condation The tiolet was in abad condation and i couldnt use it"
Plus: "It was ok."
Minus: "They stole my money"
Minus: "I was unable to cancel the flight. I was on a work trip followed by a vacation, the vacation got cut short and I had to cancel the flight, unfortunately there was no way to cancel online and due to the nature of my job I cannot make phone calls to the states. I was not expecting a refund just an easy way to cancel the ticket online."
Plus: "Friendly crew."
Minus: "Not being able to check-in online."
Minus: "Late Irritably staff No food"
Plus: "Professional crew paying fit"
Minus: "Paying for drinks"
Plus: "Flight started late and even I was threatened not to be boarded and to be moved to a later flight (midnight) because "I had arrived late at the gate" which is twice absurd because: 1st I arrive slightly late - but still on time for the regular borading - only because the previous flight - operated by the same company was LATE 2nd the flight left 1h and 1/2 late, so my delay - if any - in coming at the gate was irrelevant"
Plus: "Not worse than any other low cost airline. planes are new and cabin personal was friendly."
Minus: "Boarding was delayed due to delay of other plane. Cabin was really hot"
Plus: "Everything was on time, crew was nice, a lot of empty seats"
Minus: "Noisy children..."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Airline stuff was bad in palne which not care about undisable boy was travel with me"
Plus: "Okay"
Minus: "Old plane"
Plus: "The flight itself went smoothly"
Minus: "I expected to atleast get a glass of water"
Plus: "Arrived 30 mins earlier"
Minus: "Nothing to dislike"
Plus: "The seats are comfortable and there was enough place in the overhead bins"
Minus: "The airport in Istanbul does not offer WiFi - which is unbelievable for 2017...."
Minus: "The seats were very tight. The crew at the airport was terrible. The security staff didnt know english. The bis to the plane was crammed which was quite dangerous"
Plus: "quick boarding at Sabiha Airport. At the airport, the free Wi-Fi connection didn't worked."
Plus: "Quick flights"
Minus: "Long layover in inexciting airport Long, congested lines to board planes"
Minus: "This experience was absolutely horrible for my wife and myself both. We understood that being among the more "budget friendly" airlines, we would have to sacrifice some comfort. But this airline is beyond atrocious to say the least. There is no terminal exit, but rather we had to walk down steps from the plane, walk in the rain to a stand-up bus, and ride it to the airport. How on earth are you supposed to make close connecting flights with those conditions? We barely made it only because they let us skip the line for security. Save yourself the misery; dig deeper in your pocket for a better airline."
Plus: "Nothing."
Minus: "Poor everything is poor, they are very bad specially the crew when u check in they will let u pay even for the hand baggage extras kg even if u did shopping from the duty free they will let you pay for the weight. The worst crew ever."
Minus: "Boarding was delayed and there were no announcements about when we would be boarding. Also the ticket check at the gate to board the buses was not the most well-organized/efficient."
Plus: "it's fine. It gets you from point A to point B."
Minus: "It's almost outrageous that they don't give water."
Plus: "Was first to check-in and received exit-row seat with its extra leg-room."
Minus: "Exit row seats do not recline .. so could not lie-back on this overnight flight."
Plus: "Price"
Minus: "Everything other than the price. Old plane, supremely uncomfortable. Delayed for an hour."
Minus: "The landing was so unstable I was scared to death. The flight was over 1 hour late. The staff's English was not understandable at all even for a native speaker."
Plus: "Although the previous flight was late, the boarding has waited for us to come."
Minus: "The staff's English was not understandable at all even for a native speaker."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "The flight was delayed and that's normal for them I guess .. worst cabin crew ever."
Minus: "It took me two hours in line just to print my boarding pass even though I checked in online. Many of us thought we would miss the flight. Terrible customer service. I'm never flying with them again"
Minus: "The flight got delayed. One of my loggage didnt got to bucharest only at the evening of my second day."
Minus: "Delay. No apologies not even one."
Plus: "nothing."
Minus: "The flight was canceled only after checking in and going through immigration. I am stuck in limbo due to visa expired and can not go back into Dubai. Had to remain inside departure terminal by gate for 18 hours. Ended up rebooking flight with another airline and delaying my arrival into Turkey by two days."
Plus: "Nothing"
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Flyg Stockholm Arlanda - Dubai


Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)Sverige


Dubai (DXB)Förenade Arabemiraterna

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Dubai - Stockholm Arlanda

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