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24 jan — 31 jan1
Tur & retur
1 vuxen
0 väskor
mån 24/1
mån 31/1

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138 kr

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2 464 kr

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861 kr

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568 kr
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Betyg baserat på kundrecensioner från KAYAK
LufthansaGenomsnittsbetyg baserat på 28173 recensioner
8,0Gå ombord

en väldigt dålig ombordstigning. Alla skulle vänta på alla och en som organiserade ombordstigningen som inte kunde använda mikrofonen. Var väldigt mycket otydligheter och alla grymtade bak i kön.

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en väldigt dålig ombordstigning. Alla skulle vänta på alla och en som organiserade ombordstigningen som inte kunde använda mikrofonen. Var väldigt mycket otydligheter och alla grymtade bak i kön.

ombordstigningen är ju väldigt komplicerad och inte speciellt effektivt. Har de gott om tid är det ok men inte annars

The crew is really friendly

Plus: "Bra anslutning"
Minus: "Försrnad start från Arlanda gjorde att man knappt han med nästa flyg. Det som inte funkar då är att bagaget kom inte med andra flyg. Sitter man här i Prague utan ombyte och vinterjacka som checkades in med väskan eftersom man blev ombed at på grund av fullsatt plan checka in sitt handbagage vid gaten innan man skulle kliva ombord. Ingen direkt ursäkt och inte det minsta fundering om att erbjudas möjlighet att anskaffa någon vinter jacka. Inte bra."
Plus: "Trevlig och proffsig besättning"
Minus: "En timmes försening."
Minus: "Great"
Plus: "Inte mycket"
Minus: "Hårda stolar, riktigt dålig mat, torra bröd, dålig ombordstigning"
Plus: "Crew was kind and helpful. The flight left on time and was smooth."
Minus: "The food could have been better! Also, the entertainment options could have been more current."
Plus: "The crew was good."
Minus: "Poor planning on having the connection in terminals far apart from each other."
Plus: "Great crew"
Minus: "Uncomfortable seating"
Minus: "The plane is still on the run way waiting for a gate & I’ll miss my shuttle bus to my next stop. Darn..."
Minus: "We missed our connection due to the delay and they could only rebook us on flights that made us miss an entire day or our vacation."
Plus: "very on time (before time actually), great crew - professional but also very friendly and you could see they liked their journey that day."
Minus: "for that flight really nothing - great."
Plus: "The food and complementary drinks were perfect. The staff was kind and attentive. There were many movie and television options."
Minus: "The seats reclined too far making me uncomfortable."
Minus: "Dem måste ändra tiden"
Minus: "Flyg stå still gör an och half timma I Frankfurt"
Minus: "We were unable to fly this trip due to United cancelling our flight."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Totally chaos and personal unprofessional and with very poor behavior."
Plus: "I flew in the A380 bulkhead at row 50 from Munich to Hong Kong. Have flown premium economy with Lufthansa before, it was no different from before. The service is efficient. Entertainment was fine and had an interesting selection in their world cinema section."
Minus: "A pretty standard experience and nothing which makes you feel special. Other airlines might offer an upgraded meal in premium economy or a special cocktail, but not on Lufthansa."
Plus: "Got moved to an earlier flight which gave us more time to catch the connection in Germany."
Minus: "We did not request an earlier flight, so we had no idea to expect it when we checked in the day before departure. The flight was changed from 813 to 811. Upon arrival at airport we were sent to gate for flight 813 when printed the tickets (for 811). VERY confusing. No notice from Kayak on the change, and Kayak still showed us on the 813."
Minus: "We only had 45 minutes between flights. We almost missed our flight to Naples due to having to go through security again in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt airport was very congested. I wouldn’t have booked a flight with such a short layover had I known how far apart the gates were and that we’d have to go through security again. I would suggest not offering flights with such short layovers."
Minus: "No volume on entertainment system for our row. But the crew were excellent - very professional, courteous and apologetic."
Minus: "I havent gotten on a flight yet."
Plus: "Did not make this flight due to lines at Frankfurt security. Customer service has been awful, had to wait two hours to speak to anyone and ended up purchasing another flight because they sold out of all decent connections."
Minus: "This has been the worst customer service experience of my life. Never flying Lufthansa again."
Minus: "Nothing"
Plus: "We were greeted by cookies upon entering the flight. I liked this experience. for a 45min flight everything else was as expected."
Minus: "having to climb up 6 stories with carry on luggage isn't fun. Some elderly people were struggling, caused everyone to slow down. I'd have taken the elevator if I had known we had to walk all the way up. Regardless, my expectation of German airports and German engineering is high, but things we take granted in US like escalators are a luxury in Germany and clear directions are missing... on the oncoming flight we had to wait for a door to be unlocked while everyone was stuck in the aisle way and stairs.."
Minus: "Flight delay due to connecting flight"
Plus: "The various entertainment choices, movies, tv and games to while away the time."
Minus: "food was mediocre"
Minus: "Didn’t like the breakfast at all"
Plus: "Our next trip we may use the airline again but try a different series aircraft. The flight was smooth and on time. The crew was friendly and helpful."
Plus: "The flight attendants were very helpful and the good was quite good."
Minus: "Nothing that can be changed. It was a long flight."
Plus: "All was good."
Minus: "All was good."
Plus: "The Asian man speaking English (had a badge with the Korean flag as well as the one representing Hong Hong - HE is First Class!!!"
Minus: "The passengers from China behaving like animals"
Minus: "Very uncomfortable seats too close together. Boarding was late and plane was full. People had to out roller boards understand seats that were too close together. Seemed very unsafe. Stuffy and hot. Terrible turbulence."
Minus: "Charged $200 for extra bag after a phone customer service representative confirmed it was only $100 at the airport"
Minus: "2 hours delay on a 1 hour flight."
Plus: "Quiet comfortable flight"
Minus: "Unorganized biarding and no labeling on hallway what direction to take."
Plus: "Flight went smoothly boarding was a little delayed."
Minus: "Getting to gate 10 minutes after boarding time and no one had boarded yet."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Not making the flight dinto issues caused by the airline."
Minus: "All good."
Plus: "Fast boarding, friendly crew"
Plus: "The crew was friendly. The seats were comfortable. The pilot was fantastic and explained things we were passing as we flew over them"
Minus: "Boarding was very disorganized in the gate area. Two lines just kind of smooshed together. Boarding at the plane was also a hot mess because you could enter from the front or back of the plane and people in the very back that entered at the front had to shove past people entering from the back moving toward the center of the plane."
Plus: "The honesty of the staff and the constant updates"
Minus: "Flight was delayed and overall the flight wasn't comfortable."
Plus: "The flight was right in time and the crew was good."
Minus: "I couldn't get my phone to connect to the wifi."
Plus: "They welcome you on the plane."
Minus: "They tried to make me pay for my laptop bag, telling me it was a handbag. NEVER pay for a laptop bag!!!"
Plus: "See comments above."
Plus: "The crew moved as quickly as possible, and this made bathroom access easier."
Minus: "The small size of the plane made the long-lasting turbulence near the point of landing impossible to ignore. I don't consider this the fault of the pilot, more the size of the plane."
Plus: "Arrived on time, crew was friendly, was pleasentelly surprised that they are serving food on such a short flights in Europe."
Minus: "Boarding was bad. Gates werechanget multiple times (morethan twice) had to walk back and force, back and force thtoughehole terminal B"
Plus: "Crew was good."
Minus: "Not on time. Lost luggage."
Plus: "The check in process was fast"
Minus: "All the flight were bumping and landing felt very dangerous"

Service and kindness of crew could be improved substantially!!

Minus: "They lost my suitcase"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Staff with bad attitude and willingness to help..."
Plus: "The crew was good and the seats were fine."
Minus: "It was a short flight but it would have been nice to have a glass of water."
Plus: "Crew was good from Rime to Madrid, however my connection from Madrid to JFK, service was not good, i felt ignore when asking for water"
Minus: "Took to long to service, and customer service was lacking"
Minus: "Business area crew needs to better service from Bogota to san salvador."
Plus: "Crew was friendly"
Minus: "Service was slow and sparse"
Minus: "The crew was very unpleasant . I boarded the plane - was not even greeted. This was not like business class at all . I felt like I just wasted money and did not get even close the service I expected. Flight attendants were ignoring my requests - no blankets no cocktails ... very bad ."
Plus: "Loved the retrofitting work done on the 777-200 for atmosphere and head room. The flight crew were among the most accommodating I’ve experienced."
Minus: "Hanging flown on several wide bodied aircraft, it’s been my experience that the A330 has a much better coach experience than the 777 aircraft models. For me, it’s a matter of legroom. Fortunately, I didn’t have anyone next to me on the flight and was able to spread out a bit (I’m 6’5”!!) My only other complaint was that while this was booked as an Iberia flight, the flights were all serviced by American Airlines. Check-in, seat selection were all handled by American. It was a little confusing in the online check-in process, because for months, the AA app wouldn’t recognize anything but the return legs of the trip using the record locator provided by Expedia."
Minus: "More leg room"
Minus: "Det var försenat så jag missade connection föight"
Plus: "Good seat"
Minus: "Check in counter service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. On board, not all menus were available so I ended up eating the leftovers..."
Plus: "Prisvärt. Punktligt"
Minus: "Skrikande barn. Gjorde besättningen något för att informera modern om smärta i öronen hos småbarn? Dyr mat. Inget ätbart utan betalning. Ingen åtkomst till wi-fi."
Minus: "Sat on runway for 45 min"
Minus: "Being put in standby after we booked 3 months in advance and loosing our luggage"
Minus: "more comfortable seats and space, better food"
Minus: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well"
Plus: "So many movies!"
Plus: "Not a lot."
Minus: "Arriving at the gate whilst the flight was still boarding, with a boarding pass in my hand, and being told that my seat had been given to someone else because the Airline unilaterally decided that my connecting flight from Bogotá would not arrive in time. Followed by two hours of Iberia staff being surly, not looking me in they eye and doing absolutely nothing about getting me home. I have now been travelling for nearly 30 hours without sleep, am stuck in Madrid with no certainty of when or how I will get home or see my luggage again, and am seriously seriously pissed off. I do accept that things can sometimes go wrong and that it is nobody’s fault. This is definitely somebody’s fault."
Minus: "We we’re delayed 3 1/2 hours causing us to miss our flight to San Sebastian. That, in turn, caused us to miss our check in for our hotel that we had already paid for so we ended up spending $300 on nothing."
Minus: "We booked flights with more than 75 mins connection time in Madrid but then the airline changed their schedule which reduced our connection to less than 55 mins. I was traveling alone with my 5 & 7 year old and we had to run non-stop from our 1st domestic flight to the international one, changing terminals, passing passport control (huge lines), and another security. No help from Iberia at all in terms of providing any assistance like a shuttle bus, quick passage thru passport or security. And they were nonchalant in terms of “if you miss your connecting flight, it’s your problem...”. Come on, we paid $4,500 for 3 tickets, and deserve better customer service than this, specially when you changed the flight schedule for your operational reasons!"
Plus: "Iberias actual flights are always excellent from the crew, entertainment, food, and all the way up to the pilots smooth landings."
Plus: "Movie selection. Decent room in each seat. 2x4x2 setup is nice."
Minus: "Bad service. Attitude from flight attendants. Food just okay."
Minus: "Lost luggage and missed my flight to Jacksonville hand to rent a car and drive 6 hrs home"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Iberia allows kids to abuse other passengers. I asked a flight attendant to stop this abuse after I was bumped in head a number of times by a kid that was jumping across a row a seats in front of mine ,the flight attendant told me that I should tolerate this abuse because it was from a kid,then proceeded to tell me that if I did not want to go throughout this abuse ,I should fly in a private plane. I felt irate at such response from a flight attendant and responded that I will never fly Iberia again. I wanted the attendant to talk to the parents and ask them to control their kid from abusing the adjacent passengers.I felt the impulse to talk to the crew chief but decided against it simply because I would do them a favor if they listened. Truthfully I think carriers with such attitudes deserve to go bankrupt and I hope they do."
Minus: "My USB connector didn’t work"
Minus: "In flight entertainment didn't work and crew wasn't concerned and didn't do anything about it."
Minus: "In Chicago, again my carryon things and person were extensively searched, to the point that the explosives expert was called to examine my shoes and cell phone!! If anyone would have been trying to get away with something, they were certainly able to with the time and energy wasted on me as I was only anxious to get home to see my grandchildren!!"
Plus: "The flight was quick."
Minus: "It was incredibly close."
Plus: "Entertainment choices were ok."
Minus: "no leg room."
Plus: "On time"
Minus: "No service on board. Not even water was offered."
Plus: "It was on time, very smooth flight. Price was great, bought last November, $365 round trip non stop"
Minus: "Seats too close together"
Plus: "The flight was smooth."
Minus: "They were very unhelpful in flight changes and schedule changes. I was very disappointed in all the travel agents we spoke with. They were all very unhelpful except for one lady who helped change our reservations. I will not be flying Iberia, British Airways, or Americans airlines ever again. My experience was terrible."
Minus: "They did not even serve water for a 4-hour flight. We did not know that this was a flight that you had to pay for everything."
Plus: "Food and movies were good."
Minus: "I was not allowed to check in online, so I had to go to the airport early to check in. Despite purchasing my flight months prior, and arriving at the airport with plenty of time to to check in, I was told that I was going to be bumped from my flight because it was overbooked, which would mean that I would miss my international connection. After waiting for everyone else to board on a tiny flight, there suddenly was a seat available and they let me board, but they managed to not put my bag on the flight, which means I have no luggage. Lastly, despite checking in more than 7 hours ahead of time for the international flight, I was given a middle seat and was told that I would have to pay $40 if I wanted to switch to an aisle/window. The middle seat was cramped and uncomfortable, particularly for 8 hours (after 7 hours of connections and waiting in airports). UGH."
Minus: "Seats are extremely uncomfortable for a long flight. The food was not good. I tried to upgrade and was told I needed to buy a new ticket. The were plenty of seats available for an upgrade. Will not be flying Iberia again!!!"
Minus: "4 hours too late"
Plus: "the food and the entertaiment"
Minus: "long trip"
Minus: "food"
Plus: "I did a up grade To bisnees an it was very disapointed"
Plus: "Very good food overall. Picking up utensils a little slow. Good coffee. Lavatories were accessible at all times. I was able to get aisle seat without a hassle. Good movie selection l. Movie quality itself was disappointing l."
Minus: "No beverage service. Flight was delayed two hours."
Plus: "Plane and crew"
Minus: "Good flight"
Minus: "I paid more to make sure I would have a shorter trip from Tucson to Paris, with only one connection and a less than 2 hour connection in Dallad. Yet, I was in Dallas from 3pm until 8:30pm with my 3 year old who was exhausted and hungry. I guess it was not worth paying more for a short connection."
Plus: "Nothing."
Minus: "They kept delaying the flight and then cancelled. I had to take uber to Penn Station and then AmTrack to Union Station. Otherwise I would not have gotten back until over 24 hours later the next day. So, in the end I had to spend over $200 more to get home. I really have never had a good experience flying Iberia."
Plus: "My family (four of us) flew FinnAir (Iberia) to Madrid and back and found the service outstanding. The flight crews were top notch, the takeoff and landings were smooth and even, as were both flights, the food was fine, the entertainment was great, and the seats were roomy and comfortable. Overall, a superior experience to any U.S. airline I have ever flown. I would fly them again any time. Five stars."
Minus: "On the return flight from Madrid, we ended up having to board the plane from the tarmac, which was interesting. I can remember decades ago when that was done, but it was a first for us. We checked our luggage, so it was no problem for us, but some passengers had to lug big carry-on suitcases up those staircases. I'm not sure what passengers with disabilities had to do to board. I don't think it was the airline's fault, but it was a little out-of-the ordinary."
Plus: "Everything. I made a mistake in thinking sandwich was for free and flight attendant did not hesitate to take it back without charging me for it"
Plus: "Good food, great crew and service. Enjoyed the entertainment options-- plenty of choices. Smooth, comfortable flight."
Plus: "Guests were boarded quickly. Crew was friendly."
Minus: "Food was tasteless and bland. Crew was not very attentive."
Plus: "Not muchl"
Minus: "Late Seats were not comfortable No entertainment"
Minus: "Super"
Plus: "I got there"
Minus: "My luggage did not"
Plus: "Early morning flight so left on time and arrived early. Staff excellent."
Minus: "Seats are grim like most European carriers in coach..."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Everything went wrong. The flight arrived 40 minutes late and I missed my connecting flight because they closed the gate before I could get there. As a result, when I asked both airlines involved (Brussels Air and Portugal Air (TAP) what to do, each airline blamed the other airline for the problem and each said it was my problem to fix. After speaking with ten people and begging them to make the problem right for a problem I did not create, they finally issued me a new ticket but I had to wait 24 hours for the new flight to leave. It was a total breakdown in communication and organization and customer support and problem resolution on the part of the airlines and the airport. I never want to fly these airlines again and never want to take a flight with connections."
Minus: "Not being able to choose my seat on a 500€ return flight is a joke."
Minus: "This airline is borderline budget airline even in business class."
Plus: "Pretty much nothing"
Minus: "A sealed blanket and a better customer service"
Minus: "Brussels Airlines skruvar upp värmen på bastu-nivå... varje gång. Helt galet :("
Minus: "Free coffee"
Plus: "too crowded , not organised enough"
Minus: "organisation"
Minus: "Hårda nersuttna stolar som inte heller gick att fälla bakåt"
Minus: "30 min delay !"
Minus: "Was really a great experience from start to finish."
Plus: "Very nice crew. I flew with my 6 months old baby and the crew was really helpful and took care of us."
Plus: "Short and timely. Flight attendant was great with kids."
Plus: "It was Air Canada to Geneva and Swiss to Lisbon!"
Minus: "Leave on time Air Canada!!"
Plus: "Seats were fairly comfortable with decent leg room."
Minus: "My biggest complaint is for the exhorbitant baggage fees—€100 for two bags is ridiculous. Also, one of the crew was rather testy with us when we first boarded (unprovoked), then came to us a few minutes later to say something nice to sort of make up for it."
Plus: "The plane was clean and seats were comfortable considering 2.5. hour flight; all crew members were nice and friendly; there was some food available for purchase but we didn't buy it since we ate at the airport before the flight. I would definitely fly again."
Minus: "no TV or other entertainment options so make sure to bring your own device or a book."
Plus: "Helpful crew. They reset the screen, came around with blankets, headphones and generally tried to make the space habitable."
Minus: "When I am asked to book my seat, I am usually shown a map which has no reflection on the overall reality. The seat I select is normally allocated to me but if the plane is not full (unusual) I am told there are unavailable seats that would provide more choice."
Plus: "Kindliness of crew"
Minus: "Impossibility to by drinks or did with bank cards"
Minus: "Seat and cabin temperature was very uncomfortable."
Plus: "Excellent service. Friendly staff."
Plus: "Nice crew, old equipment"
Minus: "All food for purchase. Not even complimentary nuts. All drinks are for purchase. Including water!!! 4 hours flight not a glass of water unless you pay 3 euro. No entertainment. No USB or electric outlets. Thanks for not charging for use of bathroom."
Plus: "Everything was smooth"
Minus: "I was misinformed about the meal service in advance. But besides that I was satisfied with the flight."
Plus: "."
Minus: "."
Plus: "Inget"
Minus: "Planet gick sönder fastnde i Milano"
Plus: "Crew members were very friendly, plane was clean, seats were comfortable, and flight was much quicker than what I thought it was going to be. Boarding was a tiny bit unorganized, but overall flight was great."
Minus: "Boarding was a bit disorganized. I had brought my carry-on but the lady at the counter said I had to check it with baggage (which ended up getting delayed once we landed for an additional 15 minutes)"
Plus: "Crew. Entertainment. Food. Leg room was a bit longer than usual."
Minus: "Lack of complimentary food - not even a snack as far as I can remember - for almost 5 hours flight. Really?"
Plus: "Crew was very pleasant and friendly. Departure and arrival was on time."
Minus: "Very narrow and uncomfortable seats."
Plus: "Excellent feature that shows your current trip progress on the world map. Excellent selection of movies. Excellent employees."
Minus: "The seat was alittle uncomfortable."
Minus: "The flight was late. I was late for all my possible transport"
Minus: "Probably nothing to do with Brussels but the boarding out ot IAD was very unorganized."
Plus: "Crew was very friendly"
Minus: "No much choice of Movies in the entertainment program"
Plus: "Not much"
Minus: "Departing out of Brussels International Airport, the security line to LEAVE the country was 3+ hours long. Not sure what the logistical problem was, but it was a poorly handled experience. They also said it was a daily occurrence."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Called and made a reservation directly with Air Brussels to make sure we got a bassinet seat for our infant and that did not happen. Old airplane and very bad customer service all around. Took over 2 hours to check in at 4am in the morning."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Called and made a reservation directly with Air Brussels to make sure we got a bassinet seat for our infant and that did not happen. Old airplane and very bad customer service all around. Took over 2 hours to check in at 4am in the morning."
Plus: "Flight crew was great, service was excellent."
Minus: "Flight was very cold."
Plus: "Not too much"
Minus: "I'll begin with the order of sequence of all that went wrong: 1. A huge queu while we were waiting for checkin in Rome (waited for more than 30 minutes) 2. The steward didn't agree to take a gymnastics hoop to the aircraft, despite its being super light. By the way, the inbound flight the hoop was taken into the aircraft; 3. We (family of 3) were seated separately, what made a huge stress to our small daughter. 4. There were no AC socket in Brussels airport (there were, but not charging) during transfer. 5. Our baggage was not delivered, which is very unpleasant :("
Plus: "The space between the seats was good"
Minus: "No entertainment at al, no charger for the phone, nothing to drink unless payed! Not even water!! They were 1,5 h late"
Minus: "The flight was similar to a low-cost airline but I was not informed of this when booking. Uncomfortable seats with very little legroom, and food was only available by purchase. Not worth paying the cost of a regular flight for a 5 hour flight!"
Minus: "Many passengers with their shoes AND socks removed. Chairs were extremely uncomfortable."
Plus: "The chocolate was delicious!"
Minus: "The food was not that good but edible."
Plus: "On time Polite crew They gave an "express pass" for people with short connection"
Minus: "Unfriendly support at the airport when reporting my lost bag. No trace of the bag what so ever."
Plus: "Alles goed"
Minus: "The delay (due to weather) that caused me to miss the connection."
Plus: "pleasant fight..."
Minus: "long flight (it was far through no fault of Brussels Airline"
Plus: "great flight... great experience"
Minus: "...the girl in my row threw up in secret during landing"
Plus: "Leg room seemed above average. Food was very good."
Minus: "Having games on the monitor is not a good idea because people are constantly pushing on your headrest!"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Babies crying everywhere One couple fighting No food or drinks"
Minus: "Not allowing free seat selection when the ticket is purchased."

Positive: The flight was on time, which is quite a rarity, especially for low-cost carriers. The flight attendants "upgraded" me to an extra legroom seat (although it was more for practical reasons, as they needed someone by the emergency exit). Negative: In full Covid-19 pandemic wave, most of the passengers were checked for boarding, but instead of either being allowed to directly board the plane or at least to wait in front of the boarding gate at a relatively safe distance, everyone was crammed into a tiny space between the boarding desk and the actual gate. I'm not sure I wouldn't been comfortable being piled together with 150 other people in a little over 50sqm in "normal" times, let alone during a pandemic. Also, despite the plane only being at around 2/3 capacity and most of the extra legroom seats being unoccupied, the flight attendants were very reluctant to allow a fellow travel companion to sit in the same extra legroom row with me, because "these seats cost more than the regular seats", which I thought was very petty (regardless of whether it was company policy or the attendants' own rigid attitude towards the situation).

The one thing I must say is that the flight wasn't full at all, and in this case, I'm really unsure why they wouldn't sit people farther from each other.

Plus: "Plane on time, new plane, nice crew."
Minus: "Ability to move seats."
Plus: "The offert of 5 euro discount on Duty Free products when you buy some food over 6 euros."
Plus: "It was enough fast"
Minus: "Too much money for nothing service."
Plus: "Good flight, easy check-in, direct 4 hour flight"
Minus: "Seat not inclining."
Plus: "Nothing. Horrible experience overall, but what you pay is what you get."
Minus: "Pretty much everything..."
Plus: "Prices on in flight purchases"
Minus: "Boarding was ridiculous, check in lady had no idea what an infant is and how their own app works. Suggested us to use the e-gate with an infant and angrily put us at the back of the cue. The infant wanted to breastfeed..."
Minus: "The seats are cramped and you have to pay for snacks and water"
Minus: "Staff could of been friendlier. They would not give me a cup of water and said i had to buy a bottle."
Minus: "Better organization on the boarding process, i.e. separate lines for priority and normal."
Plus: "Flight left on time and arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule, staff was polite"
Minus: "Space between the seats."
Plus: "Clean"
Minus: "Claustrophobic"
Minus: "Application instruction on baggage hande king and que to boarding."
Plus: "The crew was really nice"
Minus: "1h30 delay for no specific reason is unacceptable"
Plus: "On time departure"
Minus: "We arrived at the airport 2.5 hours earlier than departure as suggested. They opened check in for Naples on the boards but the agents would not let anyone for Naples check in/bag drop. Once allowed it was chaos in the line. Once we got through security our flight posted as “boarding”. We got there in time but the unnecessary rush was uncomfortable and chaotic."
Plus: "Clean aircraft with good on board staff. Flight departed on time and arrived early. Overall they are good value for a low cost carrier."
Minus: "Wizz are a bit disorganised at bag check in, disorganised with overhead storage. Don't like the random seat assignment used if you don't want to pay the high price for assigned seats."
Plus: "We got to our destination."
Minus: "There was a problem with their website that was out of our control, that didn’t allow us to print boarding passes and we were charged at the airport even though we had proof we tried and were not able through no fault of our own"
Minus: "2 hrs late and we missed all our following connections as a result."
Plus: "Staff was nice and felt bad for their company’s policy."
Minus: "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! I’m used to only being able to check in 24 hours before my flight. I found out that I cannot print my boarding pass within 48 hours of my flight. I was monitarily RAPED and will be disputing these charges! Boo on you Wizz Air....aka f*ckwads."
Plus: "De gjorde absolut inget rätt"
Minus: "Det var total koas på incheckningen och efter 2h väntade så kom vi inte ens med flyget. De behandlade oss riktigt illa utan att vi hade gjort nått fel. Värst var att vi reste med barn."
Plus: "Good legroom and comfortable seats"
Plus: "Nothing really"
Minus: "The staff took ages boarding us because they were obsessed with trying to scalp people for exceeding baggage limits. Nothing free aboard, no entertainment, the seats were uncomfortable too."
Minus: "Had to stand in the sun for about 30 mins waiting to board. Had to buy a bottle of water for £2.5 why can’t they just pour a glass of water or even sell at a reasonable price."
Plus: "Cheap."
Minus: "Last minute boarding change & overall 1 hr delay"
Plus: "Nice crew"
Minus: "Both flights were Delaid. It was unorganized in every point, felt like chaos. Ryanair sells same services for cheaper price, so I thought it was overpriced."
Plus: "Everything was on time, no delays. Polite crue. Easy boarding."
Minus: "The seats are not comfortable at all"
Plus: "Flight was delayed. I missed my train home to Ipswich. Long journey home ver late at night"
Minus: "Very long queues at boating in Charleroi airport"
Minus: "long time wating in bus to get plane"
Plus: "Purchased priority boarding for a change which was nice to be able to not have to jump in the queue quickly. Boarding was fine and the crew were very friendly and professional. The extra legroom seats over the wing provided a good extra space."
Minus: "The cleanliness of the plane was not good, the carpets were fraying and the seats were old and tired. The seats were positioned too upright and there was no option to recline the seat so it was a very straight seat for 2hrs on the flight."
Plus: "Quickest in & out procedure at both BUD and LTN in a long time and a super pretty flight attendant."
Plus: "Flight was on schedule"
Minus: "No free drinking water"
Plus: "Price"
Minus: "-Crew were very rude, check in crew and flight attendants -Luggage and checking in fees not advertised enough. Too many people getting their money stolen by Wizz Air. - Boarding extremely chaotic and not organized."
Plus: "Comfortable seats. I chose premium price so no issues at check-in. Staff was fantastic! This was my first WIZZ Air flight. It will not be my last!"
Minus: "Boarding did not provide order as everyone crowded to the front. Needs better lines."
Minus: "the fact the crew arrived to the gate after the planned boarding time causing us to stand too long on the stairways. check in via the app (using iphone 6) was a failure. i was certain i booked with extra luggage - at the check in i was told i didn't. from the reservation confirmation it is not clear what i paid for & there are no means to contact you - email, on line chat - you know the regular things every company today use to proivde customer services which is not only "give us you money". too bad this is WIZZ Air"
Minus: "Terrible service and the fact that you can't check in st the airport without paying is absurd. Absolutely terrible. Implant policy"
Minus: "Before bording a man ask me to gollow him to mrsire my bag and let me pau 40 pound because its litle bit biger than he want and let others pass woth biger bag ."
Plus: "Facilities are terrible! It was like stepping back in time! To use this as a stopover, is a poor decision because this airport does NOT meet the brief and does NOT warrant being used for passengers. I’ve been very polite here, I have more choice words I could use"
Minus: "Nothing! To learn that Wizz Air ‘allowed’ cabin size is so tiny was really shocking! With All the other budget airlines, easyJet, Monarch & even Ryanair my cabin would’ve been fine. This is the same hand luggage I’ve been using using for many years."
Plus: "Well organised."
Minus: "Charging for light refreshments."
Plus: "Cost was ok but you get into the trap where every turn is a cost option. The cost can climb to the point where other scheduled flights compete."
Minus: "The web site is laborious. Checking in was 48hrs prior and frankly you should be able to choose what remaining seats are available as a no cost option. You can choose prior to the 48hrs at cost (i was never given option on a 3rd party site when i booked!) Checking in should be longer than 3 hrs! Because if you book a exec lounge which is air side you lose 1.5 hrs as a minimum in the process of checking in luggage and security checks. Lose .5 hr+ to go to gate and you get 1hr only when you pay for 3 hrs! Where is the sense in that? Its miss-selling at its worst as everyone is complicit. Flight left 20min late for no apparent reason Seats are a bit stone age and hard although only a short flight my ar*e went to sleep before I could"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Hidden fees"
Minus: "All was good"
Plus: "The weather was nice."
Minus: "The boarding was announced 30 minutes before the beginning of the procedure. All the passengers were standing in the queue, without any possibilities to sit down. At Luton there is no connection among the announcements and the actual status of the boarding of a particular plane."
Minus: "Because we booked through Kayak/lastminute it was impossible to add luggage - so cost of one suitcase was same as cost of flight!!!!"
Minus: "The bag policy with the airline makes the cheap flight not worth it. Only one carry on allowed and each checked bag is $50"
Plus: "Price"
Minus: "Despite long delay, there were no announcements by the staff about the delay until we were already almost 40 minutes past our original departure time. No water or food was distributed to the passengers despite the delay. Delay was not wizzair's fault but there was no customer service to speak off."
Plus: "I like the bubbly upbeat attitude of the flight attendants interacting excellently in English and other languages and also how they dealt with an angry passenger."
Plus: "Ombordstigning gick smidigt och trevlig personal."
Minus: "Alldeles för trångt och budgetsäten."

Be more flexible and resonable in these crazy pandemic times ... the only thing that matters to you is money money money ... so sad and pathetic

The lights in the inside of the plane were like strobe lights, poor functioning.


Jag missade flygplanen fast jag hade 55 mint tills den flyger

Otroligt dålig flygbolag , dolda avgifter man var tvungen att betala på flygplatsen och väldigt osmidig ombordstigning. Rekommenderar verkligen inte ryanair

Minus: "Priority check in isn’t really much of a priority since we all end up in the same place at the same time before boarding"
Minus: "Jag jar skrivit till er då delarcav min resa rill Madridcoch sedan resan från Berlin och hem till Stockholm inte gick. Men detcär ingen som komtaktat mig och jag har försökt på alla sätt att få pengarna tillbaka på den här resan då det var omöjligt att resa den här sträckan när de andra sträckorna försvunnit"
Plus: "Duktig besättning"
Minus: "Allt"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Worst airline"
Plus: "Personalen var mycket trevliga och snälla"
Plus: "I didn’t die in a fiery crash."
Minus: "Everything"
Minus: "More legroom but then I'm tall. Otherwise just what you would expect from a budget airline"
Minus: "Every thing was perfect . Thanks"
Plus: "Quick online check in"
Plus: "Priset på biljetten"
Minus: "Jag har säkert flygit med Ryanair 75-100 ggr. Priority boarding... de har aldrig någonsin lyckats att hantera det på ett bra sätt. Sorgligt."
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Ryanair’s app was down preventing me from check-in for my flight. When I went to the counter to get my boarding passes printed, the agent informed me that they where going to charge me 55€ per ticket. I think this is unfair! Never flying again with this airline!"
Minus: "Kommentar: åt ingen mat - underhållning"
Minus: "Planet var försenat på Malta och ingen information gick ut så vi stod i kö i en och en halv timme utan att få veta vad som var problemet. Avgåendetavlan visade hela tiden "on time" men ingen förklaring till varför vi inte fick gå ombord. Flygvärdinnorna på planet var trevliga men man hörde inte vad de sa i högtalarna för de pratade så sluddrigt och fort. Kaptenen sa något som man inte uppfattade i början av flighten men sedan ingen information alls på hela vägen till Göteborg."
Minus: "Allt var uruselt. Servicen ombord under all kritik. Väntade 15 minuter på en kopp kaffe efter beställningen. Beställningen av bagage online är vilseledande så jag hade tydligen bara beställt incheckad väska åt ena hållet och fick därför betala 400 kr för att ta hem den. Detta hände flera passagerare som var arga och jag undrar om ni sätter detta i system för att tjäna mer. Jag reste med Ryan Air för ett par år sedan och lovade mig själv aldrig mer, men ville gärna ge det en chans till men nu vet jag definitivt att jag aldrig reser med er igen och skall dessutom varna alla för detta och inte blir det billigare heller med alla extrakostnader som ni tar ut. Fy för uselt flygbolag!!"
Plus: "Excellent"
Minus: "All good"
Plus: "Ingenting"
Minus: "Långsam ombordstigning. Matbrickorna lutade så min dryck föll ner på mig. Fick ej glas till drycken. Drycken var ej väl kyld. Personalen gick in i mig med både armbågar och serveringsvagn När jag råkat somna lite mot gången."
Minus: "Flight could have been on time. Delay meant no public transport at London airport."
Plus: "Jag har tyckt att vällkömn. Och de har jätte gladt"
Plus: "We arrived in time."
Minus: "Crammed space - I had a middle seat. No entertainment sucks on a 4 1/2 hrs flight. Well well, you get what you pay for..."
Plus: "Direct connection"
Minus: "A 5 hour Ryanair flight is a terrible thing... Delayed 35 mins, kept the cabin lights on and sold fags for the whole flight, even though we took off at 8:30pm. They used the seatbelt light to keep people sat down during each trolley service - come on, it there’s turbulence, you don’t serve drinks. Oh and I don’t know why they are allowed to say “Low fares airline” as it clearly isn’t."
Plus: "Crew were friendly and did their best in a bad situation"
Minus: "Flight was delayed. Gate was disorganised, like hearding cats and the poor crew were missing essentials from their food and beverage carts. Like milk for their coffee."
Minus: "We missed our flight because ryanair had originally put gate A7 when we got there (we arrived about an hour and a half early). And then later, they changed the gate to A9. When we realized what had happened the plane had already boarded (although not yet taxied) and they would not allow us to board. We had to buy another immediate flight and spend 100 euros each unexpectedly. Terrible experience."
Minus: "Checking bags was a disorganized nightmare."
Plus: "The crew was working doing their service well, quick service and I got help at the airport from a very helpful gentleman in custom service."
Minus: "It was my fourth flight with Ryanair in one week and in all those flights it was super cold temperature in the cabin. I asked the flight attendants for a bit higher at every flight but they did not fix it. Crew said that the captain regulates it.. At each flight all passengers in the rows around me agreed that it was very cold and they said that its always cold and the crew never changes it anyway. They cannot expect anything getting warmer, it is always uncomfortable cold. The flights were horrible and uncomfortable because of just that detail. I have problem with my throat and breathing since then. It got irritated and soar. I am a regular flyer becuase of my job and tried Ryanair but it was the coldest trips ever."
Plus: "I got to my destination"
Minus: "No complimentary water Complex Boarding Expensive"
Minus: "Flight was late by 1 hr"
Minus: "The heat, insane air con not working"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "Bag policy is not clear. We had two guitars so we paid for two bags then i found out there is musical instruments charge which is 50 euro per instrument. It’s a discrimination against musicians. Huge sporting goods fee is cheaper than that. Also there is no phone number to call. I asked about refund at ryan air check in desk and nobody knows what we should do. Ryanair makes it so easy for customers to pay add on fees but they won’t refund you when you pay by mistake. Total non sense."
Minus: "Delyed flight for 1h30min"
Minus: "It was delayed"
Plus: "Planet var nästan 3h sent iväg från CRL TILL CPH. Ingen kom och erbjöd mat ett dryck och informerade heller inte oss om våra rättigheter som passagerare på plats."
Minus: "På planet sa personalen ingenting om förseningen och när man påpekade vad som skett på flygplatsen kunde de inte göra got för att kompensera. Jag bad om vatten och fick svaret att det inte fanns något vatten. Då tog en av värdinnorna fram sin privata vattenflaska och bjöd mig. Ett riktigt nonchalant beteende från Rya Airs sida vilket allvarligt talat gör så att jag aldrig mer kommer att välja att flyga med er, kommer heller inte att rekommendera er till nära och kära. Riktigt besviken!"
Plus: "Nothing !!"
Minus: "Had to pay for not checking in 2hrs before 55 euros per person, After booking information there isnt clear enough notification asking for prior check-in. Flight attendants allowed anyone and everyone change seats before takeoff .. simply seems like Ryanair has no procedures and rules to follow... flight attendants look like they are on life support.. no smiling or kindness whatsoever... Seats were really uncomfortable, cant even recline the seats. Landing was scary. Budget of all budget airlines.. simply a joke and a waste of money ... vueling or easyjet is a 100 times better"
Plus: "The flight was fine"
Minus: "Check-in on Stansted airport was completely messed up. Nothing was convenient. We almost missed the plane. They charge for everything. No good procedure in place"
Plus: "Nothing"
Minus: "As usual with ryan air it's all about the cash. Missed my flight because of lip balm and a baggage check and then when I asked for help. They basically did nothing. I will never fly with you again. Luckily managed to get a B.A flight for £95.00 the same day and Ryan air wanted £413.00"
Plus: "I like checking the carry on bag"
Minus: "I paid twice for 1 bag"
Plus: "Planet landade i tid. Bra flygning för ett lågprisbolag"
Minus: "Stolarna funkade i två av tre timmar."
Minus: "Customer service is really poor , the employees are not pleasant ,I got charge 3 times the price I booked my one trip flight from Santorini to Athens because I did not check in two hours before the flight, when I got to the airport in Santorini it was exactly 2 hours prior to my flight they would not accommodate because all they wanted was making money ,extra money. They saling products in the airplane throughout the flight which in my opinion is really cheap and disturbing ,especially I had a early morning flight. Overall the experience was bad ,maybe it was just with me ,but again that's my experience."
Plus: "The price of the ticket is really cheap and I keep that in mind when I review the flight"
Minus: "The boarding was tedious."
Minus: "My biggest complaint was the way they handle random seating. My husband and I were on the same record locator and had the same last name, yet he was in the middle seat in the front of the plane and I was in a middle seat in the back of the plane. What gives?"
Plus: "The staff was very professional"
Minus: "I was flying at night and they kept the plane lights on the entire flight. There was nonstop announcements being made which made it impossible to sleep unless I were to invest in noise cancelling headphones."
Plus: "price and schedule were very fine on time pleasant staff"
Minus: "they changed their onboard bag policy was changed several times between our purchase of tickets and flight date , poor policy and customer relations"
Minus: "They kept us boarding for 45 minutes without tell8ng us that we would be waiting 45 minutes after our plane was due to leave"
Plus: "the flight was comfortable"
Minus: "Long wait on the plane when we landed when we were standing and some people felt sick during the wait During the flight not even a free cup of water or tea"
Minus: "There were 3 queues, supposedly- one for priority boarding, one for back row seats and one for the rest of the passengers. But there was only one person at the boarding gate and she was accepting anyone with a boarding pass regardless of which queue they came from. This resulted in a lot of shoving and pushing and a complete bottleneck at the gate. It was uncivilised to put it mildly. Really poor experience. Next time I’ll try a different airline even if I need to pay a bit more."
Plus: "Staff were nice"
Minus: "Seating were narrow"
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